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Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Eric Coppolino and the Health Ranger call for the TOTAL EVACUATION of East Palestine due to extremely toxic “dioxin fallout” that will poison the land and crops for GENERATIONS

URGENT: Today we join Eric Coppolino in calling for the immediate, total evacuation of East Palestine, Ohio due to the dioxin fallout now taking place there. The full interview with Eric Coppolino is now available at the bottom of this article. The interview also appears at the HR Report channel page on

The toxic cloud event that’s dropping extremely toxic dioxins across a large area of residential housing and farmland was deliberately generated by the open burning of vinyl chloride, creating combustion byproducts of dioxins which are many orders of magnitude more toxic and dangerous than the original substance.

Understand that the combustion of chlorinated compounds always results in the formation of dioxins. This simple fact is known by all competent chemists and is openly admitted by the EPA itself on its dioxins warning page, which states:

Studies have shown that only small amounts of chlorinated materials in waste are required to support dioxin formation when burning waste… Much of the dioxins created and released into the air through backyard burning settle on plants. These plants are, in turn, eaten by meat and dairy animals, which store the dioxins in their fatty tissue. People are exposed to dioxins primarily by eating meat, fish, and dairy products, especially those high in fat. Backyard burning occurs most commonly in rural farming areas where dioxin emissions can more easily be deposited on animal feed crops and grazing lands. These dioxins then accumulate in the fats of dairy cows, beef, poultry, and swine, making human consumption of these harmful chemicals difficult to avoid.

Read the entire article here:

DIOXINS GALORE: How to BLOCK toxic chemical exposure fallout in the food, water and air


  1. oh, of course they do... however, people ALL OVER the blog comment sections are saying they believe this is just a pre-planned landgrab.

    1. speaking of landgrabs/ "Finance":
      is it a coincidence that they Named their NewFinanceSystem BLOCK[and]CHAIN after Naming their OldFinanceSystem STOCKS[and]BONDS,... both being Instruments of Torture used by one man to hold another man he has abducted immobile, while he takes/ robs the man hes Captured of his labor and land?

    2. ....made all the more suspicious since Irish and African and other men who were abducted and held as Political Prisoners /Slaves were brought to WALL STREET, put Up for Sale/ TRAFFICKKED on the BLOCK while CHAINed to the WALL, in STOCKS and/or BONDS.
      yeh, i agree with shelby, they think this shit is funny.

  2. The cloud we have all seen is black. Burning vinyl chloride produces white smoke. See p. 11 here.

    Land grab?
    Mayors, city council and the lot of them in the regional planning associations to put the finishing touches on the rezoning etc etc etc to secure the deal?

    And oh by the way, Erin Brokovitch is enroute

    The fradulent EPA plays a big role in the subversion of the populace for their Earth CONstitution and World Parliament initiatives
    After all the EPA is a sindicate creation and they will do as their masters tell them to do

    1. Yes it is a land grab. This is 1933 revisited. They'll snatch it all up for pennies just like they've always done.

    2. Here's Erin

      If I didn't know any better and didn't have eyes to see, I'd swear that it's Bruce Jenner in drag

      Was the Erin Brockovitch movie about the poisined water and the medical ramifications to the 'community' pre programming?

      Erin to the rescue, she'll help us win this fight?
      Wonder Woman and it's a man hidden in plain sight
      Meanwhile they steal all your shit as the lawsuits and the rest of the shit shew plays out?

      Surely Erin and the EPA can help the village idiots out!

      Hmm what is an ILB?
      Did you not get assigned an ILB when you were background checked and verified by the unicorporated state coordinators?

      Living being in a ZOO brought to you by AMAZON

      ZOO – word-forming element meaning “animal, living being,” from comb. form of Greek zoion “an animal,” literally “a living being,” from PIE root *gwei- “to live, life” (source also of Greek bios “life,” Old English cwicu “living;” see bio-).

  3. ShelbyOctober 5, 2022 at 9:37 AM
    Hey all you Kentucky Nationals / Coordinators


    What do ya know
    Page 11 shows a chart that has the entire state mapped out in REGIONS just like all the other states
    8 Regions no doubt that are all represented by COG's

    MOLINA has been in this game a very long time folks, I used to work for them too

    OKI Regional Councils of Government
    The Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments (OKI)
    Formed in 1964, OKI has spent 50 years cultivating partnerships and alliances that range from the federal government to local councils.
    Its 118 members represent governmental, social and civic groups from nearly 200 communities in the eight-county, three-state region.


    On to 2050 plan

    About the (TRANCE)PORTATION Plan
    The 2050 Transportation Plan is a comprehensive blueprint projecting the transportation needs of the OKI region area for the next 30 years.


    June 11 2020 —The OKI board votes on the 2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan during the scheduled Virtual June board meeting.

    The plan will be adopted and in place for four years. The Plan may be amended as warranted — subject to public review and OKI Board
    approval. An update to the Plan will occur in 2024.

    So tell me all you UNINCORPORATED state coordinators for
    Ohio - Kentucy - Indiana
    who by the way I assume are working for 'free' and donating your fiat dollars to the cause
    What say you about these projected 30 year planning sessions going on and just what the hell is it that you are doing or stopping as it pertains to the roll out and implementation of these plans?
    I tell ya what, you are the bottom rung of the ladder and you're being kept busy, working for free while all these other schmucks are paid well for their treason to everyone on the planet

    The 'incident' is no coincidence and I am sure the OKI regional planning folks know full well the intentions of the so called 'climate change' disaster train wreck and what the financial ramifications and the land grabs entail

  4. Setting the stage for disarmament

    They've been working this for decades since fake ass kennedy signed in 1961 the Arms Control and Disarmament ACT

    And depending on who you listen to ARMS is your COAT OF ARMS (your surname) or as per that their CONstitution, it mean the right to keep and bare firearms/weapons?

    Does that there CONstitution specify firearms?

    The SINdicate


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