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Monday, February 20, 2023

Every Kind of Deceit

 By Anna Von Reitz

Michael McKibben and Team recently revealed that there are no longer any living Hebrews and therefore, none of the people now practicing Judaism are Hebrews. None of those now speaking and writing Hebrew are Hebrews, none of those now studying Talmud and Noahide Law are Hebrews, none of those now attempting to obey Mosaic Law are Hebrews, none of those claiming possession of the Old Testament Covenant, none of those circumcising their sons.... are Hebrews. 

Actual Hebrews started disappearing 3100 years ago; they were set free from the wheel of karma, their debts were all paid, and the Law of Moses was fulfilled for them.  Their Savior came by the hardest road. 

Others have also found the Way out of karma, but on an individual basis, one by one. 

It is the height of inanity for anyone to talk about today's Zionist Jews as if they were inheritors of the Hebrews. The Hebrews certainly didn't leave any such Will behind, nor their bloodlines, either.

There is no basis to talk about "Jews" and "Hebrews" in the same breath, and it's for the same reason that there is no point in talking about "Americans" and "U.S. Citizens" in the same breath.  

There were Hebrews from the tribe of Judah (and nine other tribes) who converted to the foreign religion of Babylon and Egypt, and became known as Israelites --- "Is-Ra-Elites", as a result, and they took titles for themselves: Pharisees and Sadducees, and the Levites who were priests, followed after them.  They were "lost" -- -not geographically, but spiritually and mentally. And they were not Jews, either. 

Just recast that whole process of becoming "Pharisees" and "Sadducees" and "Levites" and "Kings" into becoming "Lords" and "MPs" and Bar Members and Kings.  It's the same process. Or, "Senators" and "Congressmen" and "Judges" and "Presidents".  It's the same process again. 

It's even the same roles to be played, using a different vocabulary!

Forgive us, Father, for being dim.  Forgive us for not looking upward. Forgive us for being unobservant and not watching, for not being aware, and for sinning unawares.  Forgive us for surrendering to what appeared to be authorities set over us.  Forgive us for not holding fast to your outstretched hand and the teachings of your Son. 

This is entirely synonymous with the process by which Disciples of Jesus were converted into "Christians" so that they followed other Masters and other gods and other laws, and hardly anyone was consciously aware of this conversion process as it happened.  One lie crept in, was accepted, and that was followed by another. And another. 

Now, the Sons of Satan are teaching The Doctrine of Trans-Substantiation, and passing off vampiric blood-drinking and cannibalism as a sacred rite. And nobody in a position of authority in the whole "Christian Church" stood up and called them on it.  Not one Pope objected. 

The insidious silent process of conversion resulted in people who were genetically and culturally Hebrews, leaving the religion of their Fathers, and joining the Synagogue of Satan--- yet outwardly appearing to be Hebrews, and still wearing the clothes and faces and carrying on the external traditions of the Hebrews. 

An outsider couldn't recognize them for what they were, but Yeshuah named them "the Synagogue of Satan". 

The Disciples soon became Apostles and then Popes -- breaking the very clear command that Yeshuah gave them "to call no man Father"-- while Yeshuah himself was transformed into a Romanized "Jesus" and then into a "Christ" --- a thing, in other words, cerebral spinal fluid --- and all based on what authority?   

Look at what happened with the Angels, the First Created.  They started out with one accord to be at peace and serve God, but a Liar appeared among them, and soon, he had carried away a third of the Angelic Host, who were deluded and fell into serving him instead.  They have been at war ever since.  

Here we are again, facing another such repetition --- where some Americans have been deceived into departing from their heritage and following after foreign masters, working as U.S. Citizens and even unknowingly being impersonated as Municipal citizens of the United States--- yet, they look like Americans, sound like Americans, and have their origin in one of the American States.  

Like the Fallen, they have been deluded and misdirected and left in a perpetual state of warfare.  

So how can you make a clear distinction?  Can you tell a man's nationality by looking at him?  No.  Can you discern his religious beliefs by looking at him? No.  And as is the case with the Satanists among us, can you discover them by their appearance or their words?  No.  They can look and sound as American as Apple Pie and John Denver. 

There is only one way to know them - and Yeshuah told you this a long time ago: you shall know them by their fruits.  You have to observe not only what they do, but the results.  

Does the path this country is on lead to health and wealth and freedom, or does it lead to death and poverty and slavery?  

I think it is self-evident that our beloved country has been led astray and suffered every kind of deceit and malfeasance and breach of trust and lie, much to the loss and detriment of all those who have remained part of the General Public and population of this country.  

We have been occupied and destroyed by our own Army, which has been immorally and illegally misdirected as a foreign corporate mercenary force for 160 years.   Yes, we have been pillaged, plundered, and robbed blind by our version of Levites -- the members of the Bar, acting --- and I do mean literally acting as in "members of the Actors Guild" -- as Jurists for Hire.  

We have suffered every injustice, indignity, and deceit.  We have been blamed and accused by the guilty among us.  We have trundled on unaware, until now.  

Go to:  Begin to find your feet and walk again as free men and women.  


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  1. of course there are still sons and daughters of Abram left on the
    earth.... Ref.:Gen 17:5 God changed his name to "Father of many Nations". and the Hebrews were dispersed, not destroyed.

    and, free from what KarmicWheel?... are you saying jesuis deth was un-necessary?

    besides "anna", Abram was naturalborn upon Ur of the Chaldees.
    so, how is Chaldean flesh, bone, and blood from Abram's sons and daugters to be distinguished from the sons and daughters of other man create-d from land known as the Chaldees anyway?
    this is il-logical.


    1. and NO, we have *NOT* just "trundled on unaware, until now".
      youre not The Big Hero "annainc".... what about all the hundreds of thousands, millions, of people who came way before you-- and after you too-- who have bravely stood up against these filthy merderring liars and have suffered irreparable harm for doing so?
      all the people who have tried to decently and honestly work out:
      paying a debt they dont owe?
      having their home taken from them?
      having their son or daughter wretched from their arms and home?
      being falsely accused and forced to "plead out" to something they didnt do or spend years imprisoned?
      had their loved ones "medically" maimed or merr dered?
      had their reputation soiled over false report of "suspicion activity"?
      falsely im-prisoned? tortured? experimented on?
      beaten, tazed, intimidated, followed, broken into?
      traumatized in Foreign War?
      shot in the back at home?
      had their family threatened or harmed or merderred?
      lost their job?
      made homeless?
      and so many more things, it would take me hours to list them all.

      and yet you get out here publishing that all these same good people --
      -- "just trundled on" - all stupid-like or something.

      i thank God every. single. day. for his faith-fullness to his promises:
      revel 18:6
      reward her even as she rewarded you
      and double unto her double
      according to her works:
      in the cup which she hath filled: FILL TO HER DOUBLE.

      ref.: revel 20:12 -15
      'and i saw the dead small and great stand before God and the books were opened: and another book was opened which is the book of life: AND THE DEAD WERE JUDGED out of those things which were written in the books, ACCORDING TO THEIR WORKS. and death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. this is the second death. And whosoever was not written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.. AND WHOSOEVER WAS NOT FOUND WRITTEN IN THE BOOK OF LIFE WAS CAST INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE' .
      and so it is ... the sooner the better.

  2. Talk a load of shit this time. Is Ra Elites is ENGLISH interpolation onto the Hebrew. B'Nai Yisroel in Hebrew the People of Israel in English does NOT lend itself to Is Ra Elites. Come on how much bull shit can anyone take. Am Yisroel Chai. Save you the trouble of misinterpreting that one, The Children of Israel Live.

  3. Jews are dispersed for over 2000 years but I personally know families that know their lineage back to era of David's reign.... You also have cause to know 6 months & a day makes one a national of whichever land because it has sustained more than 70% of one's body... You also have cause to know Judaism or any religion is more a spiritual commitment which is why sincere converts are welcome in every religion... I am surprised by why Judaism even matters to you Anna when true Americans have freedom of religion....Please respect all benevolent religions that increase wisdom kindness ethics good deeds & Creator's glory....

    1. DNA testing already proved Israel was full of mutts and not Hebrews. It was the Palestinians, some 80% or higher that were of Hebrew descent. Israel was something like 1 or 2%. It was a peer review study. John Hopkins University if I remember correctly.

    2. I have a book from 1800's mentioned King Louie & Queen went to holy land & named it Palestine.

    3. Bible mentioned when Pharaoh gave Joseph reign of his land the pharaoh mentioned that the people in Jerusalem were not the original inhabitants that they were forced out.

  4. I do agree with everything else you have said regarding zionist, corrupt politicians & corrupt military because globally we have ALL witnessed the fruits of their poisoned trees....
    I will willingly discuss the zionist vs. Judaism with historical references along with even biblical reference... Godspeed Anna.... So much to clarify for at least 5 generations unawares of true history.....

  5. Jacob is yiś·rā·’êl [Israel] and his direct descendants are ‘Israelites’, no different than naming Benjamites and Judahites.

    This "Is-Ra-Elites" nonsense is just that.

    It is easy to understand that those who call themselves ‘Jews’ are neither Shemites, Hebrews, Israelites or Judahites by tracing biblical lineage and prophecy.

    The word 'jew' may mistakenly be used to identify a Judahite, however, the same word then cannot be used to identify those of other Hebrew Ancient Near East Tribes / Houses. Do the people who call themselves ‘Jews’ claim the House of Judah exclusively? If not, what/who can they be?

    Do the blessings foretold to Abraham about his progeny match up with the history of those who call themselves 'Jews'?

    They shall be:

    A Great Nation

    A blessing to other Nations

    An agricultural Nation

    A seagoing people

    A great military people

    A Royal Dynasty

    A people who would forget their true identity

    A people who would witness and spread the faith/word/gospel

    The fact remains that there were no "Jews" in biblical times prior to the Edomite/Idumean conversion/infiltration. The progeny of Esau/Edom were a mixed breed (son of Isaac and Canaanite wives) which was forbidden by God’s Law. When these were 'accepted' into the fold by John Hycranus (wrongfully, against God's Law) and were circumcised, that is when the first 'jew' appears on the scene.

    These were the ones (Antipater, Herod I and Herod II, et al) who ultimately usurped the position and authority of the Houses of Judah and Israel in Judea and practiced an amalgam religion mixing the faith of true Torah observant Ancient Hebrews and the Canaanite/Babylonian rituals, idol worship, etc. which resulted in the formation of what we know today as 'Judaism' - the tradition of the elders.

    This religion is what was practiced and instituted by the Pharisees/Sadducees leading up to and during the time of Yehoshua the Messiah; Joshua [Jesus] of Nazareth. Why else would he call them a den of vipers, sons of the Devil and the Synagogue of Satan? He knew they were imposters – not backsliding children of the promises of God.

    These are the people that can be called 'Jews' since they are the only ones that fit the TRUE definition of that word.

  6. Not good, SCOTUS did not accept Brunson Brothers #22-380

    Dear Almighty TrueLivingGod, present in our DNA, Make America Free of BabilonianDogma andHealthy, and Prosperous and the rest of the world will follow. m

  7. "We are in view of some steps we will be taking. Most importantly right now go to and allow us to send a letter for you to SCOTUS. Every single letter helps in getting a favorable decision from SCOTUS which we will continue to pursue until we get one. And if you have already sent one, allow us to send another one for you.

    -Deron Brunson


    Dear Almighty TrueLivingGod, present in our DNA, MakeAmericaFree of BabilonianDogma andHealthy, and Prosperous and the rest of the world will follow. m

    1. Brunson Bros, Deron, Loy etc. I sent a letter to SCOTUS and to you and did not receive a reply from either, so I hope they reached their destinations. You must be super busy working this effort. Please keep going. SCOTUS must listen to We The People or eventually be moved out of their seats and replaced with someone willing to listen to the people. SCOTUS was never meant to rule but to interpret the law. Soooo much has been compromised that alot of effort makes little progress. But we must continue. Remember our ancestors that took immense abuse from King George and did everything kind they could think of and finally they had to force him to sign the Magna Carta. We are in a similar situation where all our pleas go unheard and unheeded. Evil does not sleep and never stops. But good will always triumph. THank you for your efforts and for coming up with new ideas to continue.

  8. "you start letting the "government" tell you when you can stay in your house, no that's not gonna fly again."

  9. Why cant we just remove scotus?

  10. I know this is just a spin job and the author don’t have the ears to hear but I have to set the record straight.
    The northern tribes and 5/6 th of southern tribes went into Assyrian captivity. That left only a fragment that really got overrun by immigrants mainly the neighbors the Canaanite clan. The final Babylonian captivity was an amalgamation into the culture there and of little importance.
    We now have archaeological evidence located in Sargons library of the (millions) of Israelites .
    The Assyrians merrily called them genera exactly we’re the Bible last put them
    A Rosetta Stone in Persia had the Gimera as Sacca the Greeks call them Schypen. All with the sk sound . The Israelites last called themselves the house of Issac . What did Jesus say ? I came only to the lost sheep of the house of Issac.
    That Saxon for Issac’s son’s

    1. Shed's some light as to why "jews" do not claim to be white and are at the forefront of anti-white sentiments and policies.

  11. [of-c”OUR”se:dear]


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