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Monday, February 20, 2023

The REASON Joe Biden Isn't Being Prosecuted

 By Anna Von Reitz

It's the same reason Lincoln wasn't prosecuted.  

It's because Pfabulous Joe is just the "President" of a Corporation calling itself "the" United States, Incorporated, or, more recently, the White House Office, Incorporated. 

As the President of a Commercial Corporation, Joe (or Abe) can tell his employees to put on a clown suit and stand on their heads.  If they are willing to do that for a paycheck, guess what?  

Strictly speaking, it's not a crime.  

It's not a crime for Joe to give the World Health Organization (WHO) permission to set all public health "policy" for his corporation and his employees.  

That's no different than hiring a Fancy Dan accounting firm and putting them in charge of accounting practices and policies for a large corporation. 

Think of it like GM or IBM or Ford Motor Company and listen to the language.  Countries don't have "policies" --- corporations do.  

So, once again, you have reason to know for certain that I have been telling you all the truth and it's right in front of your face.  That thing in Washington, DC, masquerading as "your" Government is nothing but a foreign commercial corporation acting under color of law. 

That corporation used to be directly owned by the Holy See, but they ran it into the ground (on purpose) and finagled to turn it over to red China as part of a bankruptcy settlement that excluded the actual Priority Creditors and Principals.  Us. 

Francis is a communist so that suited him, but he had "cause to know" that the actual owners and Priority Creditors were alive and present and that he committed fraud against them to procure the handover of the US. Corporation assets to the Chinese.

The only reason that anything Biden says or does has anything to do with you or your family, is if you knowingly and voluntarily accept Municipal United States citizenship.  

And the Hand of God is still on Pope Francis, because under Ecclesiastical Law, it's his right and duty to pull the plug on any corporation that is caught engaged in unlawful activities that result in injury to living people or their property --- including CHINA, which has participated in fraud against this country and its people to our detriment and has also been part of the entire worldwide genocide-for-profit scheme. 

Pope Francis knows this.  The Vatican Chancery Court knows this.  But, their excuse is that nobody has brought a complaint (since the last time I did) so, folks, I sent my Nasty-gram last night, and I invite all the rest of you worldwide, especially all Catholics, to do the same.  

Put it down on paper.  Flood the Archdiocese and Vatican with letters and make use of their email addresses, too.  

Then go to the American States Assembly website at www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly,net website and use our Criminal Incident Report and your own written Testimony of how you or family members have been harmed by these corporations.  

Report it as crime.  Send copies to the Governor, the US Secretary of State, your State-of-State Secretary of State, and every Public Safety Officer and Provost Marshal you can find. 

Look up the statutes that cover liquidation of corporations for cause in every State of the Union served by a Territorial State of State or Municipal Commonwealth STATE OF STATE organization.  These statutes exist to protect you and your businesses from losses caused by commercial corporation crimes.  Use them. 

WHO, INC. is being used as a tool to exercise world dominion using "health concerns" as an excuse. 

WHO, CDC, NIH, and hundreds of other corporations, both Municipal and British Crown Corporations, have been used as part of a plot to redefine living people, unique Creations of God, as patented commercial chattel -- Genetically Modified Organisms -- purportedly as a result of the undisclosed bit of patented mRNA that they have put in their phony vaccines. 

So ride Pope Francis like a horse until he does his job, and do your own due diligence to prod State-of-State operators and Federal officials to do theirs.  

Joe Biden isn't at the end of a rope because he's just a private corporation "President" and all his Executive Orders don't matter to anyone who isn't employed by his corporation--- but in the same token, any corporation or corporation official who breaks the Public Law or who violates pre-standing statutory law or who causes "injurious harm" to the Public he is supposed to serve can be prosecuted for crimes and his corporation can be liquidated without any benefit of state immunity.  


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