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Monday, February 20, 2023

The American Peace Flag -- Who Has the Right to Fly It?

 By Anna Von Reitz

Any American who espouses the cause of peace and who stands against the idea of "perpetual war" is enabled to fly the Peace Flag.  It is an ample symbol of our demand for peace and our will to live in peace, and it is much needed in the current era. 

So even if someone in a different "patriot group" or someone who hasn't made and published their political status declaration, flies the peace flag, it is their right as an American to do so and the only possible harm done is potentially to them.  

Why?  Because you cannot "war" against the Territorial or Municipal governments and take recourse to any acts of war against them, if you expect your neutrality in the ongoing commercial mercenary conflict to be honored.  

That is, you cannot use a peace flag as a war flag or as a "cover" for ill-intent toward others. And if you are going to fly it, you should go all the way and declare and publish your political status, because that makes it clear who we are and where we are coming from. 

All the excuses and suppositions of the ongoing Mercenary Conflict can't be invoked or supported in the eyes of the rest of the world when we do that.  There is no longer any basis for it. 

And it is at that point, when we all stand up and say, "Peace!" that peace comes, because the land and soil belong to us, when we stand together and enforce it. It is only because we have been unaware of what these thugs have been pulling behind our backs that this has gone on so long. 

Our own military has been occupying the country and forcing us to use military scrip for "money" and indulging in war-for-profit schemes on our shores while claiming a custodial interest in us and our assets. 

When we declare peace all that ends, so, let everyone fly the peace flag, but bring your brothers and sisters along.  Explain the history and the Public Law.  And let love prevail. 


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