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Monday, February 20, 2023

More to the Point -- Dioxins in Vietnam and East Palestine, Ohio

 By Anna Von Reitz

Gee, just a few days before the train derailment, the unintentional Lab Rats in East Palestine, Ohio, were fitted out with wi-fi type "health monitors" as part of another one of the phony community preparedness exercises that always seem to take place a couple days to a few weeks before an actual disaster of the same exact kind takes place.  

Hosting a school shooting "preparedness exercise" in Your Town, USA?  Expect a school shooting in Your Town, USA.  

Arson preparedness?  Expect arson.  

Plague?  Check your local rats for infected fleas. 

Whatever they are planning for is what they are planning to deliver, and that should be obvious by now. This is another form of "mirroring" which  is their favorite excuse for disclosure. They show you what they are going to do, and then, they do it. 

If these Black Ops experts show up in your town, you look sharp, and you will observe them doing the prep work and scoping out how they are going to pull off the actual crime. 

Three of the trains that derailed last week including the wreck in East Palestine, Ohio, belonged to BlackRock.  Go figure.  And now, Larry Fink's buddy, Donald Trump, is being lured to go to Eastern Palestine just after a chemical pollution disaster in East Palestine, Ohio?  

I couldn't make this stuff up, if I tried. 

Most of you are too young to remember this, but during the Vietnam War, 
"we" -- that is the thug corporations and their franchises and subsidiaries, like Dow Chemical, Monsanto, and BASF -- polluted forests and farmland throughout Vietnam.  

Three generations of men, women, and children in Vietnam have suffered from the pollution of their environment by these monsters. Birth defects. Blindness. Nerve damage.  Stillbirths.  Crippled limbs.  Seizures. Early death.  Cancers.  Autoimmune diseases.  

Without tremendously sophisticated, intensive, and expensive ecological remediation, the death toll from the Vietnam War will continue for another 500 years from Dioxin pollution alone.   

Napalm was not enough for the Brain Dead, Heart Dead, Dead Dead Corporations intent on profiting themselves from war, war, war and more war---- and please note, that the American people were paying for all this, so while the Vietnamese were being poisoned "in our names", we were getting the bill for it.  

The only ones profiting were the corporations -- the "defense contractors" and the resource scavengers.   Nobody else. 

Now, ask yourselves why you never hear this discussed on CBS or NBC "News"?  Why doesn't this occupy center stage at all the environmental roundtables?  

Most of you don't know this, because like so many other things, you weren't told --- but the same corporations under the leadership of thugs like Harry Reid, decided to turn dangerous industrial wastes from the nuclear power industry into a valuable government contract.  

They sold all the "spent nuclear fuel" in the salt mines of Nevada and Utah and other western States to their parent corporation at a tremendous profit. 

Spent nuclear fuel?  A valuable product?  Valuable for what?  

Poisoning Iraq, Afghanistan, and most of Jordan and Lebanon and parts of Israel, including the Galilee area where Yeshuah lived during his ministry.  They packed the "spent" nuclear fuel into artillery shells and exploded them all over the Middle East, poisoning friend and foe alike. 

The radioactive pollutants got blown up into the high atmosphere and drifted for hundreds of miles and mixed with the dust of the Earth and the water of the sea, and these Evil Men didn't care.  

We're going to have to make them care, which involves dragging these white collar criminals out of their offices and boardrooms and laboratories and shutting them down.  

And if you are wondering why this is happening in America --- aside from the obvious answer that a lot of people around the world hate our guts because of the things that have been done "in our names" --- it's because the parasites have left and moved on to a new host, China. 

What should happen is for the Chinese to realize that they have swallowed a tapeworm, and cough it up.  

That's what should happen, if the human race wants to survive and have any dignity or freedom or quality of life.  

It's up to us to warn the Chinese and everyone else.  These are criminals and Flim-Flam artists with a long, long history and it always plays the same. They come, they cast their money-magic spell, they start their "legal" system, and before you know it, they are eating the core out of your country and stealing you blind.

Witness Babylon, Samaria,  Assyria, the Hittite Empire, Egypt, Crete, Troy, Mycenaean Greece, Persia, Carthage, Rome, Spain, Portugal, Cornwall, Ireland, Britain, Germany, and now, America.  Wherever for-profit corporations have been allowed to form, this is what they do. It's like a progressive and predictable disease.   

These miscreants and their mercenaries are good at selling ice to Eskimoes and pulling off grand illusions, but if you keep your head screwed on, they can't beat the truth. 


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  1. 18” Pipe bomb found Behind a church in Philly right next to railroad tracks this weekend.

    1. Operation Gladio, stay-behind armies using "Strategy of Tension", Italy.
      involved ceyea and p2 mason8c lodges, Order of the Solar Temple, churches, organized crime, other.
      "Italian neo-fascist terrorism".
      military-history.fandom datte cam
      ...fear, propaganda, disinformation, psychological warfare, agents provocateur, and false flag tear or ist actions.
      [... supposedly right-wing extremism... an inversion?].
      wikispooks datte cam
      "... longer term CAMPAIGNS of OPERATIONS BY GOVERNMENTS aimed at DESTABILIZING or unsettling TARGET POPULATIONS or states, for example a series of FALSE FLAG ATTACKS."...

  2. It’s a coordinated strategic attack on the river basin's around the country that supply everyone’s water. Wouldn’t be surprised if there already under ground in there cave systems. Where do you think all the food shortages came from?

    What about the money shortage? Hard to keep things under wraps if you don’t pay off the truckers that delivered the goods our economy was “shorted” they even showed videos of them delivering loads underground. honestly its a strategic collapse of the economic structure mainly the pensions and welfare recipients. They are attempting to “trim the fat” as it’s said.

    1. yes, look at all they owe!
      theyre the useless eaters... every damned one of them... living the rich life off of everybody elses land and labor... taking themselves a DAMNED LONG FREE LUNCH.
      LOOK AT THEM!!... secretively selling everybodys God-given stuff to one another!! mounding up piles and piles of everybody elses things.
      and what? now theyre going to say theyre BROKE? "BANKRUPT"?
      no theyre not.
      they have all the stuff they stole from the rest of us and they are going to give it all back i:woman say, and it is so.

  3. You left out the most impotent fact that all the criminals mentioned are the slaves of the Zionist money changer/bankers. The ones that cried crucify him, manipulating Pilate to do their dirty work as they have always done.
    John 18:6,12-13,15

    1. the most IMPORTANT fact. :)

    2. some are coming right out and naming them: "The Sanhedrin".