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Monday, February 20, 2023

Letter Sent to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti

By Anna Von Reitz

The following is a copy of a letter sent to His Eminence Cardinal Dominique Mamberti at the Vatican Chancery Court to underscore our private as well as our public displeasure with the performance of the Holy See and the Vatican apparatus --- and to demand action under Ecclesiastical Law to force the liquidation of the offending corporations.  

February 20th, 2023
Dear Cardinal Mamberti, 

Our lawful Government has sent our objections to the continuance of the Municipal United States corporations and the British Crown corporations that have participated in the vaccination genocide and made their obscene private claims to own the vaccinated victims of this fraud. 

This is all an outrage against God and against Humanity and can only result in the most dire and unimaginable consequences for the Church, for the people supporting the Church, and for all aspects of Catholicism worldwide, if you do not stand up and exercise the authority to liquidate these unnatural THINGS that have been created under the auspices of the Roman Curia, the entire world will know that you failed your duty to God.     

These corporations must be involuntarily liquidated under International and Ecclesiastical Law -- immediately. 

By secretly inserting their scrap of patented DNA into the human genome, these morons propose to steal the entire apparatus of creation and God's claim to own the far larger invention--- in effect, to overturn God's Eternal Patent. 

Only an insane person could come up with something this deluded and think that they will get away with it, yet it is clear the British Crown is acting with collaboration from some elements in the Church to attempt to do exactly that--- a commercial claim against God's Creation, and a bid to own Creation as a commercial corporation.  

The entire idea is profoundly arrogant and repugnant and will not be allowed.  As of yesterday, our cured counterclaim protecting all people in America from commercial claims based on this coerced "vaccination" has been issued and an emergency communication has been sent to the proper delegations.  

Whatever and whoever has encouraged this madness must now be disavowed, and both the secular and sacred sides of the Church be placed on Notice that this horrific premeditated scheme is a fraud-for-profit aiming at no less than stealing the Creation from the Creator, and also, therefore, disinheriting the Son. 

We see this as the last gasp of Satan as he claws at the edge of the Abyss, his short time coming to an end, and we note that the prison ships are already here awaiting his capture and return.  Make haste in your deliberations and take haste in your actions.  

We request immediate action to liquidate all of these guilty corporations on a worldwide basis, and an end to all war for profit being promoted by incorporated entities. 

The Ecclesiastical Law which we are owed demands that all these erring corporations, whether Municipal or British Crown, be involuntarily liquidated for cause, and promptly, too.  They have engaged in unlawful activities resulting in death and disease and disability.  Every single one of the responsible corporations --- be they for profit or for non-profit purposes, whether for business or for charity.  

We are not telling you anything that you don't know.  

James Clinton
Anna Maria 


  1. again,
    ALL POLITICS, RELIGION, AND MONEY ARE IMAGINATIONS, just like The United States Incorporated is imaginary. it doesnt actually exist except on 2 Dimensional Papers. neither do politics, religions, or money.

    Ecclesiastical Law is FICTION; Contract Law, Military Law, Public Law, Congressional Law, WalMart Law, Federal Law, Church/ Denominational Law, Law of the Sea, International Law, Constitutional Law, Merchant Law, Equity Law, Corporate Law, Municipal Law, all others are ALL MAN-MADE.
    NO man IS REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE because theyre man-imagined fictions, just like the Birth Certificates/ "Money".


    1. "Imagine stealing Creation from God?"

      Just business as usual, as is noted here:

      Special Edition Copyright 1999
      The Legal Classics Library
      -- Publications of the
      Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
      Division of International Law

      The Spanish Origin of International Law
      Francisco De Vitoria
      His Law of Nations 1532
      By James Brown Scott

      Oxford :At The Clarendon Press
      London : Humphrey Milford

      Chapter 1
      The Era of Discoveries

      We live in an age of anniversaries. We recognize that the present is but an outgrowth if it be not a mere prolongation of the past.

      The birth of States and nations, if we can compare their artificial creation to the natural process of creation, makes an especial appeal.
      - - - - - - - - - - -
      Birth of States & nations . .
      Artificial Creation compared to natural.
      Ah, is that what all law is about?
      Is it all fiction/fraud, which vitiates everything

      vitiate vĭsh′ē-āt″
      transitive verb
      To reduce the value or quality of; impair or spoil.To corrupt morally; debase: synonym: corrupt.To make ineffective (a contract or legal stipulation, for example); invalidate.
      The meaning of VITIATE is to make faulty or defective : impair.
      To destroy or damage something

      Anyone wanting to observe the beginning of International Law, this is the book to read. . .

    2. International Law is an inferior LawForm.

      it is inferior to both:
      1. the laws of nature and nature's create-r
      2. common law for man on land according to each society, tribe, nation, state
      and it is required that both be satisfied in every Inferior LawForm or the Inferior LawForm causes harm to man and is not law-full.

  2. comments are not allowed on the Article published after this one about Biden not being prosecuted because hes (in) a Corporation:

    man AND man-CREATED *THINGS* ARE *ALL* REQUIRED TO FULL-FILL THE laws of nature and nature's create-r.

    to me this just proves that the Persons/ Corps(es) they set up were for the purpose of hiding behind them while they break the law of God, cause harm to man/land.

    i:woman say THEYRE NOT EXCUSED
    and it is so.

  3. Yet more hierarchical process via red robe whose serves the old guy.

  4. Let's see Pope Francis participated in and all Cardinals knew about selling our country to the Chinese and now I'm supposed to sit and wait for one of them to liquidate criminal corporations? LOL.......THE FOX IS NEVER GOING TO POLICE OTHER FOXES........ GIVE IT UP!!!

    1. the Popes and Cardinals all had to know that man was being bought and sold /traffickked if the Popes gave the British Monarchy/ other Imaginary "Crowns" "Ecclesiastical Authorization" to "Convert" man/land into "Things" owned by his Minions.
      And in present looks like what was done.

      its shocking, because of all people, those men should know refs.: Revelation 18:13...selling the souls of men!
      and Rev 18:23, 24:
      and the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee;
      and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee;
      for thy merchants were the great men of the earh;

    2. Absolutely they knew. And have known all along. Or they wouldn't be Popes. It's the Super Adventure Club after all. One big old frat party for satanists, deviants, thugs and general assorted shitbags.

    DOD Whistleblower, Green Beret Surgeon, Dr. Pete Chambers has been on the ground in East Palestine Ohio where the train derailment and forced vinyl chloride detonation occurred, there is nowhere near the devastation and injuries first reported. Local residents and midlevel stakeholders reported to him that this is an attempted land grab by intentional damage to the environment as a pretext for U.S. agencies like EPA to confiscate this rich land in the country’s breadbasket region, some of the most fertile farmlands.

    1. also, its coming out there are man saying the railcars carrying biohazards looked like they were oddly positioned right in the right spot for a "dump" into the waters.
      some are also saying there was a movie or simpsons episode, something like that, where the details were very similar.

    2. Netflix movie titled White Noise. Interesting title , no? 70% of the town voted for Trump. There's your white noise. Anyway, the movie was predictive programming and yes, they even used East Palestine locals as film extras. And still people can't seem to put two and two together. Some people actually do believe this is just coincidence. My people is dumb!!

    3. Although I agree with the 5G squeeze "White Noise" description, I still think that title was a dig at all the Trump supporters. 70% is a big number. That was payback. Now it's time for their payback. All those towers that are dressed up to look like trees are RF grabbers and were put there with no contract on the table. Which means they are illegal and fair game to destroy.

  6. Have a read

    All of it put together at the same time as the 'new deal' and their so called UN and all these other syndicated outfits

    The transition or transformation will ultimately lead to these asshats presenting the Earth CONstitution and World Parliament which is in operation in parallel with the shit shew they putting on for us all around the world today
    Now you read through these documents and then look at CORE Operated by the same crooks and this is the 'education' your children are getting

    And the Montana Governor well hell he basically saying the same shit here
    and belongs to the NGA
    Interesting to note the last statement
    The Winter Meeting is one of the two marquee annual convenings of the National Governors Association, the bipartisan organization representing governors from the 55 states and territories.

    The sindicate
    It is important to note here that this syndicate was formed at the inception of the United States. And while it was not so technologically organized as it is today, the confederation and then constitution of this nation created a virtually unlimited potential for the central syndicate to grow and expand; a nest of red tape and protections from which the syndicate was berthed into America (the states). Each state of the “Union” of this confederation we call the United States was literally and by force required to confirm the fraudulent constitution of the United States central federal government in their own constitutions. States had no choice in the matter, for without confirmation of the supreme and sovereign authority of the central federal syndicate, they would not be allowed to even become states of that union. You can verify this in your own state constitution and enabling acts. For states are nothing more than acts of congress, confirmed by the president of the syndicate.

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  8. Thank You Anna and Team for the Great Awakening....
    Daniel 7:25


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