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Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Nine Ranks of Angels

 By Anna Von Reitz

There are nine ranks of angels, three Orders, and each rank has its duty and function. 

The Highest Order which is closest to the Creator includes:

The Seraphim who maintain the throne (mercy seat) of God;
The Cherubim who  serve the will of God; and--- 
The Thrones are the celestial recordkeepers. 

The Middle Order is closer to our Earth and includes:

The Dominos are the means of movement through time and space.
The Virtues express the Will of God.
The Powers govern the Natural World and sustain it. 

The Lower Order is closest to the Earth in time and space:

The Principalities serve the Powers functioning on Earth. 
The Archangels guard the Earth.
The Guardians guard the people on Earth.

The Celestial Kingdom is unimaginably old in comparison to any Earth-bound government and so it is impossible for men to quickly or easily grasp the immutable and eternal nature of Creation and the Universal Laws and Powers that govern it all, but we must begin. 

We have to make a start toward conceptualizing the Creation we live in and that we are part of.  We have to become aware of our own powers and place in Eternity.  We have to progress, and can no longer be held back by the evil and power-hungry ones among us. 

As there is no school for this established on Earth and as there is no curriculum even beginning to explain all this, and as I have explained the first three General Jurisdictions that directly impact the lives of men, I must now forge onward and begin to teach you the Celestial Realms. 

As you can see if you study the Nine Ranks of Angels, the Celestial Kingdom functions on relays and algorithms and feedback systems that
are ordered so that each part interacts with the other parts through hierarchies, according to their functions.  

Seraphs don't normally interact directly with Archangels--- not because they can't interact directly, but because their duties don't normally require such interaction.  

Dominos interact on a regular basis with members of other Orders, both Lower and Higher Orders, because of their motive functions. Everyone needs transportation.  

And yes, each and every one of you has a Guardian.  They are with you from the moment your zygote forms until after your physical death.  These Guardians are there to answer your questions and to assist and protect you, but they cannot interfere with your free will.  

You can interact with your Guardian and ask for their help --- and should do so.  Otherwise, you are missing out on one of the most immediate sources of help, information, and protection made available to you by the Celestial Kingdom. 

Ask. Seek. Knock.  Your Guardian is the one most likely to answer your questions, lead you to destinations, and unlock doors for you, or will expedite your introduction to those who can provide access and answers.  

If you ask, your Guardian Angel will guide you safely through dark streets and hard times.  If you are lost, your Guardian will bring you home. In the midst of disaster, your Guardian can and will save you.  

This is how it is possible for it to be said that in spite of the great darkness and evil of these times, "not a hair on their heads shall be harmed".  

This is how an entire steel and concrete bunker can collapse on the shoulders of one Marine and he can stand there, completely unharmed, holding up the whole building until his companions are safe--- and then walk out of the collapsed bunker himself, completely unharmed. 

This is because that Marine learned to see what cannot be seen.  And he learned to humble himself and ask for Divine help.  

Nobody could explain the bunker collapse.  Nobody seeing my car after the recent roll over could explain how I walked away unscathed.  

But this is how an old great-grandma from a hodunk town in Alaska can give orders with authority in the highest realms of Heaven and have them obeyed.  

You must see what can't be seen with eyes of clay, and humble yourself before the eternal and living Creator, our Father, forever blessed.  

You must all grow into your inheritance. 

I and that Marine and Gideon's Army will stand over you as long as we have to, but you can help by calling on your own Guardian Angels and discovering the Celestial Kingdom for yourselves. 

It is not closed to you; it is, in fact, your true home. 


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  1. I am grateful for this at this time of great confusion and fear for many, it will bring solace.

    Our Guardians are nothing more than us, ourselves at a higher dimensional resonance. We must learn to trust our own higher self and remember who we truly are; miraculous and wonderful, creators and filled with resonant love frequency, standing in authority with the one true God and his son Yeshua.
    We've got this! Thankyou Anna

  2. I have a number of healing guides, in addition to my guardian, there are seven of them. If I am quiet and requesting they will commune with me and commune with my body, and lead me on fabulously odd meditations. I actually understand the connectivity of all, and the individual of myself. I prefer not to image that I am talking with higher versions of myself, rather with beings beyond me, who are there to guide and aid me. This link is to help those downstream of the Ohio Dioxin release.

  3. Godspeed!!! 🙏💕🙏💕🙏

  4. How many ranks for the deluded?

    The Have to let it happen to hold them to account types?

  5. Also its not Hodunk town, its podunk town.

    Hodunk: The Hodunk clan is a large extended family of rednecks primarily obsessed with fast cars, but also interested in moonshine liquor, procreation, heavy gauge weapons, and feuding with their arch enemies, the Zaford clan.

    Podunk: Po·dunk
    a hypothetical small town regarded as typically dull or insignificant.

  6. Awesome essey, " Nine Ranks of Angeles By Anna Von Reitz"
    everyone should read, reread and reread as many times as one needs to to learn and employ this knowlegde for benefit of oneself and for our Earthly Civilization sake and decorum. Thanks Anna, James and Paul

    DearAlmightySpiritualIntellegence, TrueLivingGod, present in our DNA, Make America Free of BabilonianDogma andHealthy, andProsperous and the rest of the world will follow. m

  7. Reference for that?


      DearAlmightySpiritusIntellegence TrueLivingGod, present in our DNA, MakeAmericaFree of BabilonianDogma andHealthy, and Prosperous and the rest of the world will follow. m

  8. plasma thats 99.99% of universe an array that is our chi / soul/plasma array is what continues long after the biology expires our boat through
    the underworld.
    We have to raise a Shem onto the lord a soul build edifice (Jedi) easier for a camel to pass through a needle .
    Luke Skywalker and get into nature were
    Can build your chi away from the radiating power lines.

  9. Your mind is not just interna it’s external
    Anna admitted our hemispheres have transmitters and that’s correct we fire longitudinal waves now only they can penetrate the nucleus of the atom .
    With that transmutation of elements chickens can do it all animals can do it a little bit .this is how metal bending party’s can when the mood gets right the kitchen utensils just lay over like a wet noodle.
    The nucleus is a chaos of charge but small organizing thought patterns via longitudinal waves can organize it and magic occurslucid dreaming including out of body travel, time travel ,anti gravity.
    The Hanibu other world flying machine that kicked Admiral Birds Ass worked counter rotating magnetic fields spun by Diesel engine
    For our low tech kitchen counter spinning hard water or rock powder in vortex the water vortex is an electric vortex like lord’s France miracle healing water the high energy plasma in the water is like the Peoria device that notoriously healed lab rats of terminal cancer it hits the golden ratio frequencies much like the opposing Egyptian vacuum tubes stand in the middle and like a super ion machine.
    New technology looks like headphones but just electric contacts that run a small direct current through the brain and dormant parts of come back alive.
    Bit much ,but look into structured water
    Harmless but effective.I use it daily and add seaweed minerals and pizo crystals.
    No negative effects only positive
    May the force be with you good soul.

  10. WOW
    "Great News!
    The Supreme Court has accepted the Brunson case 22-380 for Rehearing!"

    DearAlmightySpiritusIntellegence, present in our DNA, MakeAmericaFree of BabilonianDogma andHealthy, and Prosperous and the rest of the world will follow. m

    1. Who do you think created the supreme court?
      The same crooks!

      Common Core and the NGA, National Governors Association and it's implementation
      I suggest you listen to the video and link the shit together that I have provided for months, years about this being hidden in all kinds of stuff

  11. Im not sure how to contact Anna von r so im posting this here she is perhaps not aware of other things happening in N.H, perhaps she is ill post this here
    Thanks and Cheers

    1. That's a good one. About half way through it. Finish the rest tonight. Thanks for the link.

    2. Just finished. Outstanding. Mike Gill has been shut down financially. Should have gone straight to the web instead of fake DEA agent. I'm in that neck of woods and will do my part to get his name out there.


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