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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Principles of Heaven

By Anna Von Reitz

1. The Central Banks belong to us, just like all the incorporated Territorial and Municipal Governments and their franchises belong to us. 
2.  This happened because the rats were abusing our delegated powers for their own benefit, not because they intended to benefit us or honor our interests.
3.  They intended to roll everything up in one big Ball of Wax and claim it all as abandoned property---thereby securing a permanent worldwide private hegemony owned and operated by them: a "new world government"---which would have been the old feudal monarchist system only ten times worse.
4.  We woke up in time and claimed it all back instead. This was not accomplished by the wisdom of men, but by the Holy Spirit working in us.
5.  We also located (and secured) the evidence to prove how this was done and identify the parties responsible.  
6.  Now the banks are more than ever motivated to wash their hands and avoid culpability for all this.
7.   The effort to "offset liability" has been ongoing for several decades and various means have been offered -- the appointment of various "M1s" like Ferdinand Marcos, the "Committee of 300", the "Spiritual White Boy Accounts", the Global Debt Facility, and more recently, the "Chinese Elders". 
8.   We have poo-poohed all of it because it is just more smoke and mirrors.
9.   Our opinion is important, because we literally own all of it, including the Central Banks.
10.  Now, instead of the Chinese Elders, they are offering to set up the American Indian Elders as the "Drop Box" --- that is, the Third Parties holding all our assets "in trust" and managing our business for us. 

Even though the bankers and politicians are Highly Motivated to off-load the responsibility and avoid the consequences of their guilt, they want to continue exercising behind-the-scenes control by rolling everything over into yet another trust, with them having the power of appointment over the Trustees controlling our assets. 

It hardly matters what "the New Trust" is called or who the Trustees are or where they are located, so long as the same old perpetrators have behind-the-scenes control--- which is always what they are aiming at.   

Justifying the creation of the "New Trust" and the appointment of the new Trustees always requires (at least in their minds) some kind of fanciful cover story.  In the present case, the cover story is that the American Indian Elders have some moth-eaten treaties with long-dead and long-conquered kings, and that makes them the inheritors of the Earth. 

We don't need to hear any more fanciful stories or justifications.  The Truth going back thousands of years is already stranger than fiction.

So let's cut to the chase and see if there can be a meeting of minds.

1.  We believe that the Earth was given to all Mankind as a home and a gift.
2.  We honor each living being as a sacred and whole creation.  
3.  We live in one ever-present moment called "now". 
4.  We see that we are surrounded by vast abundance.
5.  We interpret any lack as faulty stewardship.

We object when people propose that only their little group rightfully owns the land. This is a selfish, ungodly lie. The Earth and its bounty is a joint inheritance and we are all heirs to it.  In fact, any other teaching is against Native American tradition, which has always freely admitted and known that we do not own the land --- the land owns us.

We also object to group-ism, which ignores the supreme value of each individual. We all have families and a heritage. We all belong to tribes and have our races and religions; but, on a greater scale, we are all part of the Family Man, and when we forget that, we become fools who commit unspeakable crimes in the name of race and religion and political dogmas. It's time to grow up and hear the birds--- the actual birds--- sing.

Last week, I observed that the Aquarian Law has been declared. It is a very simple set of three laws, also known as The Law of Heaven:

1. Keep the peace.
2. Do unto others as you would have done to you.
3. Respect the freewill of others who do no harm.

So peace, reciprocity, and respect are the foundations of creating Heaven on Earth, and all those who would create Heaven must attune their ideas and actions accordingly. 

This is very difficult for those who have been deliberately lied to and defrauded and abused.  Both fear and reaction-- resulting in a natural desire to control everything (fear)  and pay back old injuries (reaction)-- get in the way, and so, we drag the past into the future. Literally.

Unreleased trauma is the reason that Mankind as a whole keeps recreating and re-experiencing all the bad things that people are unconsciously clinging to.   

If we truly want a better future, we have to both know the past and let it go. 

Think of it as a lesson.  Learn it, and move on.

We have learned over the last two thousand years that trusts and treaties don't work. Handing responsibility over to others--- kings, queens, priests, lawyers, politicians, BFFs, Chinese Elders or Indian Chiefs--- doesn't work. 

There's always a rat, always someone ready to make disastrous decisions "for" us, always somebody with an ax to grind, always someone who is weak or stupid or immoral ready to either take advantage or make advantage of the rest of us---- and as far as treaties with Kings go, haven't we all seen enough? 

Kings die and new Kings make other decisions.  Kings get distracted by other goals and objectives, take old associations for granted, and welch on their agreements and fail to pay their debts--- and forget about them honoring treaty agreements unless it suits the game they are playing. Kings fight with other Kings and leave their treaty partners hung out to dry-- which is what has happened with the Delaware and Lenape and Iroquois and Cherokee and Cheyenne and Lakota Sioux, and others I could name. 

"As long as the grass grows and the wind blows...."  Uh-huh.  Yep.  Sure....until gold or a gusher is discovered, then, of course, all bets are off. 

And I could also read charters given to the pilgrims and promises made to the colonists and later, treaties made with The United States of America. 

Treaties and trusts are how we got into this mess.  Proposing to cure the problems of the World Trust by creating another World Trust is like curing a lie with a fib.

We each have to be responsible for ourselves and for our world.  Each one. And after that, we have to be responsible for each other.

We all have to think about what we want, and create that, instead of mindlessly following templates that don't work, ideas that are false, practices that are crippling and assumptions that are just plain wrong.  

So, no, we aren't interested in any more trusts or treaties nor are we agreeable to having any new trustees appointed over us, because as we all have good reason to know, those systems have been tried for over 10,000 years, and they don't work.  

Mankind has to learn to govern itself, one man and one woman, at a time.

We are the lawful owners, returned "from over the sea", and we want our assets returned to us; we will happily return everyone else's purloined assets to them.  We are amenable to forgiving all odious debts and to settling things out, so that nobody is ever again burdened by inherited debt. It is our stated purpose and intent to create a credit based world economy.

In our article, "The Problem and the Solution", we have already demonstrated how we will handle the banking, internet, and currency issues.

We don't need any kings or queens.  We don't need any meritocracy, no trustees --instead, we all need to be our own meritocracy and earn our stripes in the struggle to be the best, highest, kindest, most fearless, and wisest version of ourselves that we can be. 

Learn the lessons. Move on.

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  1. Why don't we put all the control freaks on an island somewhere and let them fight it out amongst themselves about who owns which blade of grass on that island. The rest of us will keep the world. Anyone who does not honor anarchism will be sent to the island.

    1. Freedom of choice is what Jesus is all about and why HE died for our sins - in our place. We are to fear those who can kill the soul, not the body. Those who teach us to disobey the Ten Commandments found in Exodus 20:8-11 are of Satan and the true enemies of both God and His only begotten Son. 2 John 1:9.

    2. Sure, everybody can choose either the path to hell, or the path to eternal life.
      Nobody has ever kept all Ten of the commandments; if one has broken one of them, it is considered as having broken them all. And thats why He sent Jesus as a New Remedy; who died for Repented sin. He didn't die for people TO sin or to continue sinning or those who live IN sin.

  2. Anna and LLF team You are SO Loved and Appreciated for ALL you SEE and Do on ALL our Behalf!! Eternally Grateful and supportive in every moment!
    Much Love and Peace Always

  3. Only highly intelligent mind and beautiful soul can write like this.

  4. Only highly intelligent mind and beautiful soul can think and write like this.

  5. Sorry, but man is never going to ''create heaven on earth'. That is the thinking of a segment of 'christianity' called Reconstructionists, who believe that man has to make earth fit for Jesus to Return. But there is no scripture to substantiate that.
    Heaven on earth can only be done by Jesus when He returns, which will be After He has destroyed every single speck of evil, all evildoers including liars, and above all, a total lock down of the evil Spirit (satan) from the earth.

    As for the rest of this Article, I totally agree - NO deals, just return what they stole, and make things right......or else Jesus is gonna fry you to Charbroil done-ness, forever.

    Now for the Team, how long you gonna let them dilly dally you around with this stuff. Did you all give them a deadline date with the alternative being Gitmo? Or perhaps starting the build of a Hangman's Noose scaffold in Time Square?

  6. Hey Abby did you give the IRS a deadline and threaten them with "Gitmo" or a "hangman's noose in Time square" if they didn't pull your personal lifetime tax file info and return it to you asap?? You have a lot to personally gain by being patient and courteous with them right? How long will you give them?? As long as it takes to get it right and for you to get back what your after, and what is rightfully yours right? Good things come to those who are........
    Much Peace & Love Abby, much Peace and Love xoxoxo

  7. When I got on my knees, weeping silenty and asked God, admitted the truth of my predicament and accepted responsibility for it, totally a beautiful thing happened, forgiven totally for my nearly killing myself with booze, for having mountains of false imaginations based on faulty facts, the entire picture became clear. I knew it was my own powers that lead me in to the mess, and I got a clean start, to create another life. As just one example, my very first trip in to town at a Post Office, I held open a door for an elderly lady and got a genuine thank-you and a smile. Before I felt like a rabid dog, people sensing my evil drunken lying and Tom Foolery. Much more, too much to write, and since then Feb 4 1984 I have not taken even one drink of alcohol. My new found personal liability for my own actions and responsibility has over time led me along this path of truth, seeking the things that help us all, not destroy. Life is a beautiful and precious thing, lets hope everyone can experience it and actually live and personally know God, who is the best friend anyone could ever ask for simply by acknowledging God's home within us where quietly, in our hearts, God awaits or call, respecting our right to live and be ourself. Yes, respecting each other, caring, actually viewing others like one big family ( musta started small don't ya think) and living the Laws of Heaven. I too view groupism, divide and conquer as and enemy, a negative effect, special privileges incorrect balance of divine energies due to selfishness and greed. Hail to the age of Aquarius.

    1. Air, that was true repentance. However, we the people are only in the same boat as far as all being victims of tyranny. But otherwise, we are supposed to be 'divided' as God sent Jesus to bring Division; the good from the evil, the righteous from the unrighteous....much like trying to keep our children away from 'bad company' for their own protection.
      Neither are we to just automatically respect everyone; His word says we are to ''give honor where honor is DUE'. The same thing applies with our respecting of other. We don't go around being cruel to others, but respect must be earned.
      God is not living in any of us; He is in his heavenly domain and sits on the Throne; those who are repented and converted have the holy spirit of God residing in them; this is not true for all people.
      If you are going to serve God, as you seem to have a desire to do, then you should abandon words such as 'divine energy' etc. They are 'New Age' vocabulary and make one wonder just who do you really serve. A good guideline is to take note of what the Apostles did, spoke, and thought......and follow their pattern. ''If it ain't in there, then throw it out'.

  8. Great letter and thoughts. Now we need those responsible to fear an ultimatum.. return what was stolen, face your punishment aka prison, asset stripping/forfeiture (as they are so willing to do to all of us - globally) and maybe your descendants will survive. Or face the worst Military intervention ever seen. Sadly those who have passed on will not benefit. God bless.

    1. Mustang, exactly. Otherwise they will dance us all around for as much of another 150 years as 'we' let them, so its very important to keep the pressure on from minute to minute, let them know that their game playing is over with; Anna has arrived on her stairlift and she means business Lol. (get that?)

  9. He who has the gold makes the rules.


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