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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Land and Sea -- Peacekeepers and Law Enforcement, Continental Marshals and US Marshals.... ???

By Anna Von Reitz

Almost every country on Earth has land jurisdiction and sea jurisdiction related to it. The exceptions are a very few landlocked countries, and even they have agreements to use the ports of other countries and conduct business "at sea".
Land and Sea....two different jurisdictions. One that is unincorporated (land) and one that is incorporated (sea).
Peacekeeping Officers --- Sheriffs and Deputies of the unincorporated land and soil jurisdiction Counties operate in international and sovereign capacity, like their forefathers in the Old West. They enforce the Public Law within the borders of their Counties, including the guarantees of the Constitutions owed to the states and the people. They are the highest ranking Law Officers in the County by far. Like all land jurisdiction judges (properly called Justices of the Peace) they take a Public Oath of Office which does not include any reference to God. This is because under Constitutional Government, the separation of Church and State is observed in America. These men and women work directly for the people of this country and exercise the American Common Law in their behalf. They are elected by people who have reclaimed their birthright political status. The elections are conducted via paper balloting and advertised for at least 30 days prior to Election Day. Most actual Sheriffs serve a term of at least two years and many serve for four years. Land jurisdiction Sheriffs have the ability to deputize as many "deputies" as they need to accomplish the functions of their office.
Law Enforcement Officers -- Territorial and Municipal "Sheriffs" and "Deputies" work for incorporated Counties/COUNTIES occupying the civil maritime and admiralty jurisdictions of the sea, and are only supposed to deal with administration of Territorial and Municipal Government Corporations and their internal affairs and their citizens--that is, their own corporate officials, employees, and dependents. They enforce their private corporate "Public Policies" expressed as statutory laws, codes, and regulations. They take a private oath of office which often appears to be a Public Oath; these oaths typically include a reference to God, usually as "so help me God". This is because the corporations they work for are typically religious non-profit organizations. They are elected in restricted private corporate elections that only "registered Voters" can participate in. These people belong to political parties and are commonly elected using automated voting machines. Deputies are just additional hired staff and are not "deputized" as such. Because they don't hold actual Public Offices, they are not tasked with enforcing the Public Law or the Constitutional guarantees. There was in fact a controversy as to whether or not these individuals could enforce the Public Laws--- a question that was finally answered by Mack and Prinz v. USA, Inc.
The answer handed down by the [Territorial] United States Supreme Court was that yes, they could choose to honor and enforce the Public Law, including the Constitution, of their own volition, but were not obligated to.
This leads to the common phenomenon we observe across the country where these "corporate Sheriffs" sometimes enforce the Public Law and often do not. When the welfare of the corporation they work for is opposed to the Public Law, they conveniently choose not to enforce the Public Law.
The important thing for them and for you to know is that these men and women are functioning in a private capacity as hired security personnel akin to any other private corporate security guards. They have no general public authority, and the illusion that they do is caused by the Great Fraud, which has falsified the public records of millions of Americans and identified them as "citizens" subject to serve these foreign Territorial and Municipal corporations.
Once you correct the public record and return to your birthright political status, these Sheriffs-For-Hire have a very limited scope of authority and should normally never address you or presume upon you at all.
The situation is somewhat similar between the Continental Marshals Service and the US Marshals Service. The Continental Marshals occupy the international land jurisdiction owed this country and its people and the US Marshals occupy the international civil maritime and admiralty (territorial and municipal) jurisdictions. The Continental Marshals are here to protect the actual states and people. The US Marshals are here to protect the territorial and municipal corporations and the employees and dependents of those corporations.
As part of our effort to restore the lawful government owed to this country, The United States of America (Unincorporated) has replaced the vacated Federal Marshals Service with the Continental Marshals Service. We have sought to make their jurisdiction and role less ambiguous for everyone concerned: continental = international land jurisdiction. "US" = international sea jurisdiction.
Nearly every day, I get calls and emails from people who are complaining about "bad sheriffs" --- sheriffs who are thugs, sheriffs who ignore the Constitution and its guarantees, sheriffs who have no regard for private property rights, sheriffs who are, frankly, not operating like sheriffs are supposed to operate.
In every case, these are not actually the kind of "sheriff" that people are assuming they are. These are "Sea Sheriffs" -- basically private corporate security personnel working for the foreign Territorial and Municipal Government Corporations whose only business on our shores is supposed to be to provide our states with limited and strictly enumerated "essential government services".
Since they are calling themselves "Sheriffs" too, how can you tell the difference between a land sheriff and a sea sheriff? A peacekeeper versus a law enforcement officer?
It's easy. Do they work for an incorporated entity or not? Do they enforce the Public Law or the statutory law?
If they work for a "County" that has an EIN and a CAGE number and all the other trappings of a commercial corporation franchise, you may be sure that he or she is a Territorial or Municipal " Sea Sheriff" -- not the kind of Sheriff you need and expect and thought you were paying for.
To get the service that you need requires you to correct your own political status records and assemble your local unincorporated County and elect your own land jurisdiction County Sheriff. The actual Public Office has been vacant for many years thanks to the usurpation and deceit of these foreign "governmental services corporations". Once he's elected, he is in charge and can kick all the butt you need kicked to get these foreign corporations back in line and the Public Law enforced. And he can deputize as many Americans as necessary to make sure that it is.

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  1. ''the vacated Federal Marshall's Service'?? Really? Do the federal marshalls know this?
    See, this is what's wrong with all of this stuff......there is no evidence of any of it in real life. Its more like a theory, or 'just on paper somewhere'. So until you stop with the inuendoes, and give something genuine and concrete, how do you expect us to believe any of it.
    Didn't we all get into this sink hole we are in, by ''just taking somebody's word for everything"? And now we are expected to just take your word for it, with NO evidence out here in real life.?

    1. Vacated means just that, contact the Michigan General Jural Assembly as in Anna's previous post to get your answers. This recovery process has been a slow and long process. Re-read the "Federal" vs "Continental" Marshalls again.

    2. What evidence do you have?!

    3. Sorry, Dan, but you just gave an additional non-answer. You didn't even so much as give the date of When it was ''vacated'.
      Nah, nah, nah, you are not going to send me on another detailed Study Mission. Surely you have Cliff Notes, no?
      When y'all gonna realize most of us have very busy lives and do not have time 'to go back to school'. We aren't lazy, we are just short of real time.
      One of the reasons why teachers go to school, is so they can get rid of the chaff, and teach the nuts and bolts of things, and they only have a semester or Quarter in which to do so. Right? See?
      LOL, oh I know the little agenda here is to leave stuff out thinking it will 'force' us to have to study the whole damned thing for ourselves. Well, that ain't happening and what is the point of any of You learning it all, if you arent gonna teach the necessary nuts and bolts to others? Then you all wonder why ''it has been such a long and slow process'' ...and why people are confused about most of it??

      I'm not picking on anyone, but dang, how long does it take to get this point across in here?

      I used to take a 3 mo. course in Accounting, and students who had no clue at all what accounting even was, except confusing, in their mindset. And I made them experts in just 12 Lessons. They not only Knew their stuff, but they completely understood it through and through. So if I could do that, there's no reason why folks here can't do it now in this instance.

  2. This is in line with the new Cindy Kay Currier efforts?? I see she has come back, regrouped, and making orders left and right. They are positive actions!

    Anyone want to chime in on this?


  3. OMG, ARE you daff!!Abby, What Anna and the team are doing is nothing short of getting the information out!! And she's graciously done so, time and time again, for years, i might add. Its a lot of HISTORY from the very beginning to now, a lot to deliver, break down, and explain and could not be more difficult, even disturbing, to understand, in the beginning of this journey. So... you still do not get it? You want the cliff notes!~??? Are you kidding me? Come on. Go back to flying a kite or better yet, read and read until it does begin to click!

    This isn't something that is all laid out in one book, complete with sidenotes, (like your accounting class) in fact it seems when people do come forward, theyre threatened, arrested, harrased, or worse parish and/or simply disappear. Why do you think that is? This reality is DARK, dangerous and there seems to be a fine line between the fiction and reality because everything we've been taught, my entire life, is lies, ALL OF IT. Ever been in a house of mirrors, complete with a minefield below your feet, with quicksand, alligators and snakes up ahead? And you just know you were at the swing set, having a 'swing' just moments ago... Its a trip to wrap your mind around the game/matrix, mess that we are all in, but get past that part because guess what, its not only still going on but accelerated, as in, on course.

    The students you taught, Abby, I bet they had to do their homework. This is not one subject that Anna or anyone else has mastered and thus can deliver for you to master. Its inner and interwoven (know the diff?) It's one big game to 'them', (if you do not know who 'they are' by now....) It's all been planned centuries ahead of schedule. Right down to the manipulation of our DNA and they have the balls to patent each step.

    Of course we all work, and have other things that take up our time, but it must be 'studied', not handed out like bubblegum.(next piece please) To study this daily, hours upon hours, will be what it takes for most. Thats the truth!
    You seem to be missing that point, ABBY.

    And Danika, Cindy is a plant, literally, as in, house. As in MKL, gift of the UN in my opinion. IF YOU DID ANY KIND OF intelligent background study yourself, you would be able to deduce 1+2 does not= 1. The REAL Reason you are not getting it, still many dont, and are unable to connect the dots, IS the REAL reason we are in this mess. ANYONE unable to put this giant ugly puzzle together, to see the big picture, smell the burnt bacon and take the initiative to research more at this point, enough to see what the hell is going on....well, perhaps you never will.

    You want PROOF? you go as far as to second guess the very person volunteering her knowledge and time, all her time. Those who are on this truth movement, who actually speak the truth, are 'teaching' it for free, not plagiarizing and charging for it. That should be proof enough. Given all the documents, help and guidance, Ive seen, tried, did and participated in, Really? What have you done, Abby? How are you contributing?
    I have another question for you Abby. Are you watching tv or listening to the public radio station or reading the idiotic newspaper by chance? Because perhaps if you took that time wasted and invested even one hour of it toward doing your own research process, you would begin to wake the hell up. Im not even going to apologize for that one.

    The last thing this movement needs are 'fence straddlers', or doubting thomas's. please. Now THAT IS a waste of time! Which one are you?

  4. rene' Abby is not "daff" but apparently you have a problem comprehending English as she CLEARLY pointed out that "there is NO EVIDENCE OF THIS IN REAL LIFE" which is TRUE!!! This touted Michigan Jural Assembly, where are all of the arrests of crooked Politians, Corporate Judges, and corporate Police/sheriffs abusing the People in Michigan and overstepping their " sea jurisdiction" there!!!??? Yes, apparently Michigan is "heaven on earth" where the sea and land jurisdiction knows "their place" and everyone lives there happily ever after!!! REFUSE to do what a "corporate sheriff" or "corporate police officer" ORDERS you to do, and see if you don't get killed by them first, and if you are lucky enough to survive the shooting, then see if that "corporate judge" will "respect" your "land jurisdiction"!!! Bet it WON'T happen!!! And for all of you trolls out there that think everything published in this forum is the "gospel Truth" then maybe ann could write a article explaining where and how her hubby got the title of "hereditary Secretary of State"!!! STILL waiting for THAT information to be published here but maybe instead of calling informed people on this forum "daff" rene' YOU could give us the information on this "hereditary Secretary of State" since you know so much!!! Especially so since Queen Ann has REFUSED so far to state any FACTS to this matter that I have consistently been asking for!!! Her silence on the matter takes away everything else she states here, and some of the stuff she has stated has been pure stinky shinola, and I refer you to READ those articles that prove this, unless one is out flying "kites" with rene' instead of using their brain for a change!!!

  5. Couldn't get much clearer than this to SEE who this particular "unknown" character truly Is.....
    What supportive and meaningful fruits of spirit are EVER shared or expressed by this persona and size kick?
    Has their message of hateful condemnation, ungratefulness, bitterness and resentment toward Anna and everyone else that is actually knee deep in DOING the work needed to correct the record and get our ships of state back on proper course enough NOW for you to discern WHO their allegience is to and why they are always present here?

  6. Dear are a fool and apparently not doing YOUR reading. She has already explained, thoroughly. WHY MUST "YOU" be convinced, 'see the proof'? Its indignant to insist someone prove anything lest YOU prove otherwise. Good grief, stop drinking the koolaid, water, tubejuice...This is exactly where 'they' want you, believe nothing remain confused and bewildered. And that is why from both your comments, it is clear to me, you come here for knowledge and then you question the knowledge. Its all 'out', available. Have you even attended any meetings? Have you followed the trails? Not all lead to paradise, but this is meant for those who can deduce the truth and leave the rest. What 'they' want is to pollute the truth with BS and clutter the band waves so YOU do not know which end is up. I know nothing of your journey but obviously you either just arrived, or you snoozed along the way and fell asleep in the poppy fields and cannot recall where you are. Stop and think, listen to the rumble. These arrests you pine for will take some time, all of them, why? because it is DEEEEEEEP what part of that do you not understand? It is designed to be multi-layered, in an effort to buffer the real perps. Blackmail, threats of inhalation, death to family members, the whole nine yards...harm! serious harm...comes to anyone who challenges or gets close to these ass holes.
    WHy are you waiting for anything? Why are you questioning, asking, begging. Are you incapable of doing the research? reading? collecting the information yourself? Why question the messenger instead of listening to the message and taking action? Why are YOU not using your brain? The answer to that blatantly clear and obvious. good luck to you and all others who cannot pull your head out and see what is all around. Step out of the trees and see the forest. EXPAND YOUR MIND beyond who you think you are and realize who you really are. STOP WINING and maybe, just maybe I'll stop bitching. It is said that flys in a jar, if left long enough, will not exit the jar when the lid is lifted. There's your proof. Over and OUT.

  7. Just want to post my real world experience with police here where I live.

    I notified CA. DMV that the car in my possession was a gifted and now my property. I do not have any legal documentation other than my own personal ID that I made and had notarized. There is no longer any vehicle registration, insurance, or driver license associated with the car.

    The night I was pulled over (no cause was ever given) the officer requested Driver License, Registration, and proof of Insurance. I informed the officer I did not have any. He asked for my name. I told him my name. he asked for a last name. I told him I do not have a "last" name, but I do have a family name that belongs to the family. I told him my family name.

    He asked for a date of birth. I told him I do not know my date of birth. He was very perplexed and said "What do you mean you do not know your date of birth?" I asked him if he knew his date of birth. He replied "Of course I do" I said... "So you are telling me that at the time you slid out of your mother's womb you knew what day and time it was and that you remember the people who were there?" He stood there in silence for a few moments.

    I broke the silence and said that I had an ID in the trunk of the car and that he was welcome to see it.

    He had me exit the car and open the trunk. I handed him the ID and he told me to get back in my car. After about 15 minutes he returned to the window and asked if I knew a Sonia Dominguez. I told him no that I do not know any Sonia Dominguez.

    He informed me that she was the "owner" of the vehicle. I told him no, a "Sonia Bermudez" had gifted the car to me and that DMV had been properly notified of the transaction.

    He said "That's what I said". I said "Nooooo you said Dominguez not Bermudez".

    He apologized while handing back my ID and told me to have a good night. I drove off asking myself why he didn't arrest me or tow my car off.

    I am confident because he was unable to form a adjoiner to myself or my car that he found himself facing a felony charge of false arrest under color of law (which is a Title 18 felony) and decided it would be in his best interest to say sorry and let me go about my private life and the pursuit of happiness.

    I always tell people you cant build muscles unless you exercise them.
    The same can be said of our rights.

    The good lord has opened my eyes and I see the slight of hand they use in the administrative courts. If the law was the law and you broke it, why do they need your signature before you can leave the court? Proof of YOUR consent???

    The only laws that exist are the ones God created and no one among us can break any of them. Man simply does not have jurisdiction to create law in this realm.

    Treaties, Acts, Statutes,Ordinances, Policies and all the other forms of it are man's attempt to control his fellow man.

    God Bless you all that are in search of love and peace. Keep exercising your rights, or like your muscles you wont have them any longer.


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