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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Notice and Information for the Bank of England and JPMorgan Chase and Co. Boards of Governors

 By Anna Von Reitz

Please find attached our Notice and Information addressed to the Bank of England and JPMorgan Chase and Co. Board of Governors. 

These communications are of utmost urgency and importance for the prevention of international crime including the overthrow of national governments by corporate interests.  

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

The United States of America

Document 1.  BOE and JPMC Notice of Fraud in Progress

Document 2.  Julius Federal Court Order

Document 3.  The Marshall Plan Part 2  Who is Owed the Return


  1. Reckon they've got plenty of tricks up the sleeve, we ain't seen nothing yet. Yet, if we are able to put some pressure on them, that's good. Let's be peaceful about this and let the public see what's been going on. United we stand, divided we fall.

  2. 2 hours and 2 or so minutes in
    Devise ways to get the populace to move in the direction you want them to go

    Behavior Analysis Modeling
    Check out bullet point number 4

    Obama's birth certificate bullshit planted the seed and off to the races
    2:21 in to the video how they LINK IR ALL TOGETHER using your online digital activity

    Your internet chains (block chain)

    And I say that so called revocation of that Act/Bill 5736 was all bullshit
    The press and media has been lying to us from the day they hit the airwaves

    It's a global crime sindicate


    Perhaps you’ve never noticed that there is no line item on a birth certificate that establishes paternity rights or ownership of the child itself? This is not a form filled out by a parent to declare property of the child, but is a certified abandonment of the illegitimate child and paternal rights to the nation state by an “informant” as its ward, usually the mother, while witnessed and signed by “doctors” like former congressman Ron Paul. The birth certificate has nothing to do with the actual child, and is not attached to the child in any way until the parents invoke that legal entity that is created thereof, the person (status) of a United States citizenship. Once this use of the name, number, signature, and other benefits is utilized by the parents until the age of consent, the child is then brainwashed into believing he or she actually is that person, that status, that legal name, and that he or she is in fact identified by a pension number called Social Security like a marked beast of burden, like cattle. Once adulthood is reached, the infant carries on in that false, legal identity so as to function in the false, legal realm of interstate commerce controlled and policed by the United States and its agencies and municipal corporations. We cannot know any better because our parents didn’t know any better. We become volunteers under the strict legal matrix code without even realizing it, aging from 17 to 18 in an unnoticeable moment upon the artificial Roman calendric timeline, and we simply continue using the name and number (mark) of citizenship to the United States as if it were perfectly natural and morally correct. We are even taught to believe this to be the sign of freedom, even as they call us subjects, tenants, consumers, taxpayers, and customers.

    1. great find shelby.


      look!! LOOK!! at what theyve done then:
      make their documents that say the son or daughter is Abandoned,
      THEN TURN RIGHT AROUND and make documents that say they made the "Abandon-er" the "Trustee" of the son or daughter they just said the "Now-Trustee" had abandoned. if exlained, it doesnt even make ANY sense.


  4. You need to read this
    All of it, very long but until you read it all then you will not get the jist of what the hell this crime sindicate is actually doing and have done


    2:53:22 look at the logo patch with the rainbow

    The light beam as described in the first link