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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

We Haven't Forgotten

 By Anna Von Reitz

Just about a year ago, Joe Biden held a press conference and he very indiscreetly and openly threatened the Nordstream 2 Pipeline: 

To jog your memories: 

He basically said that if Russia invaded Ukraine, the Nordstream Pipeline would be toast; Russia invaded Ukraine, and a couple weeks later, the Nordstream 2 Pipeline was sabotaged. 

Now, I wish to draw everyone's attention to a little-known fact.  The Swedes are the ones who have the undersea intelligence contracts and let me tell you, those resources are top of the line.
You couldn't spit in the Baltic Sea or any body of water connected to it without the Swedes knowing about it.  

So the Swedes do know who was responsible for the sabotage and the out of control energy prices in Europe right now, but they are wimping out.  

"Ten thousand Swedes chased through the weeds and just by one Norwegian."  

No doubt any one of the four countries whose infrastructure was ruined by this and whose coastal waters were violated by the trespassers could sue the Swedish Government for disclosure, but they won't, because all their governments are "under Occupation" --- still, from WWII, by the same ones responsible for this gross, irresponsible destruction. 

Chuffer Joe really is China's puppet since the Pope and the US Trustees gave the UNITED STATES, INC. assets to China under the mistaken idea that China was owed trillions of dollars and was the Priority Creditor --- when it isn't and wasn't.  

And they had reason to know that, but the criminality has gone so far that they will pretend that Limburger Cheese smells like a tulip.  

So here we go with another conundrum caused by criminality.  The Swedes know, but they aren't telling, making them accomplices to the crime.  The German Government, such as it is, knows, but they aren't telling.  Ditto.  Ditto.  

And we all know, because we know that China and Big Oil are doing the 10-40 Two Step. Or is it a tango, with a lot of leg showing?  

Joe irrationally (unless you know that "China Joe" isn't just a nickname) sells our Strategic Oil Reserves to China.  

Joe orders the hit on Nordstream 2, thinking that the Europeans will then be forced to pay sky-high prices for American oil products.  

Instead, the Europeans break out their old coal burning dynamoes.  To hell with green anything and double on Sundays. Hypocrisy and guile have their limits, after all.  

If these people had the common sense of a hedgehog in heat, it would be different.  At least mildly entertaining.  They might display some intelligence and creativity as they attempt to avoid the obvious conclusions.  

As it is, it's just plain sickening.  It was bad enough having Americans blamed for things "the US" did, but now on top of it, "the US, Inc." is owned and operated by China, and we are getting blamed for all their little dirt piles, too.  

People in Europe want to know what's happening?  Why would "America" their good friend do this to them?  

Well, "America" didn't do it.  China did it to capitalize on US, Inc. oil refining capacity, while sucking up our crude oil reserves for itself.  And Russia?  Well, Russia had better know that its Allies, the Chinese, are the ones who -- at the end of the day --  used Chuffer Joe and his Pals in Crime to take out their Nordstream 2 Pipeline.

Here's a little one year later update from the folks at Global Research: 


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  1. Isaiah 66
    Transition to real values Gods
    plan for Utopia will be fulfilled
    because it is stated thus as his

  2. If there are 50 states in assembly, put your actions where your mouths reside or just wave it around a lot. 🤷‍♂️

    1. If you haven't changed your status and joined an Assembly to help rectify the problem, your not going to know shit about what's going on, as your STILL one of their CITIZENS!

    2. Revoke the charters. 50 states each bring it to the floor for role call vote... same as they've done already.

  3. If this site and its contributors can’t substantiate any of the information it provides or take action rather than useless words this isn’t a blog this is a blowg.

    1. Do your own research, its not any messengers job to source the info for you, its yours!

    2. I myself, rise up to the floor for a role call vote: We vote to replace the dollar with 'g' for gratitude.... new smartcards that begin with 1 quadrillion gratitudes for every one on earth, men, women, children. Need something? Buy it and pay it in full. Start with the criminal monetary system. Our lives can become worth more than gold.

    3. maybe the people who just tell everyone who asks a question to "Do your own research" actually dont know themselves what the answer is or even how to actually find it :):):).

    4. That is definitely the case a lot of the time. Though there are times when the answer(s) are so obvious that you deserve to be told to do your own research. And it's good practice anyway. You don't want to hang yourself on someone else's words. Better to hang on your own.

  4. The buck stops with bidet, blinker & nogland....period....


  5. The new buck can start in the assembly.

    1. Let's be rid of money all together. Let's outlaw commerce and money. Oh! Oh! Let's get rid of government too. Nah...most of you couldn't handle that. You'd have to hunt, fish, farm and survive on your own skills.


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