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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Covid 19 "S" and Covid 19 "L" Are Now Accounted For

By Anna Von Reitz

Oh, the things you find in the Patent Offices of the world....

So, we have the Patent issued to the British Pirbright Institute for one "novel" Coronavirus (that is, deliberately modified Common Cold Virus) -- Virus "L" presumably, Prince Philip's Filthy. Mean-Spirited Behest to the World,  and, here we have another, earlier version, patented to the US Government, presumably Virus "S" --- both identified in China as part of the current outbreak. 

Mere words do not express my irritation, could not possibly convey my ire.

These rotten-malignant-disgusting-deplorable-sick-pathetic-excuses-for-rat-shit-morons have done this to try to cover their tracks and find an excuse to send people pathetic little settlement "offers" for their claims against the UNITED STATES, INC., bankruptcy, disguised as "help" to offset the ravages of a "global pandemic" scare ginned up by the same-useless-stupid-corrupt-nasty-inexcusable-selfish-disloyal-dishonorable-maggots.

Take the bankers out and kick the ever-loving crap right out of them.  Now!

They've ridden us like donkeys for 150 years and its  time they got off and walked!

You can tell Mr. Rothschild I will go one-on-one with him any time he wants.

I didn't fear his Father and I sure as Hell won't fear him or his brothers or any of his whelps.

The Pirbright Institute Patent has already been "fully disclosed" and posted.  And now, hear this: 

See page-9, of this 72-page, 2007 US-Patent-Application #US007220852B1 for the "Invention of CoronaVirus/SARS-CoV"::


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  1. Please address the info on this link:

    "Patent with publication number US 7,220,852 B1
    Granted in the United States, although it is no longer in force."

    "Patent with publication number EP 3 172 319 B1
    Filed by The Pirbright Institute and granted by the European Patent Office. This patent actually protects an attenuated coronavirus comprising a variant of the replicase gene, obtained from the avian infectious bronchitis virus, belonging to the Gammacoronavirus genus, other than Wuhan’s coronavirus;"

    Let's be accurate and verify claims.

    1. What exactly are you saying in layman's terms, please?

  2. Every hospital I have called in southeast Emergency wait 5 minute wait 10 minute wait one time a twenty minute wait everything else less unreal.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Sorry to hear Skinnylegs. But wait to see the worse effects on people, when MARS retro-gated in Aries, Sept 9, and Nov 12. +/- 3 days. Affecting all souls.

      The (Nov-23, 1963) Retro-grated Jupiter (neg-guru, snipers) retro-grated in JFK 12th house of Secrecy in Aries (sign Aries is always about war, murder, bloody events). It's important to take notice At the two-end flipping of any Retro, Mercury-Retro means upset. Venus-Retro means value devalued, etc..

      The last retro-Jupiter affected JFK (12th house), and LBJ (2-hse, earnings). LBJ was hunger for moneys badly, charts say, LBJ had fears of his plan failure. LBJ wanted to attach to the Philippines president MARCOS, on the Bankers gold theft, for sharing opportunity. Because England revealed her stolen gold secrecy to LBJ, where the stolen gold came from. Seen on newspapers, Charts say the Philippines president MARCOS and his country had no gold, no earning at MARCOS era. Meanwhile charts say England earned so much, from 1939 - 1977+ explosively from other people resources, during WWII, and after.

      What does this tell us? It tells us that GOD wants the justification for victims.

      England charts say she was broke from 1928 – 1933 miserably. Then England 1934-1935 earnings went up, from American gold. The charts perfectly describe that England was involved in the 1930-31 Geneva commercial Conventions.

  3. Lionel@LionelMedia
    See how this works? During a time when citizens need self-protection the most the government swoops in to remove their ability to defend themselves.

    LA County Sheriff orders gun stores to close; adds 1,300 deputies to patrol

  4. Senate voting on $2 Trillion coronavirus bill. Follow that money.

  5. Just a thought: to control the amount and location of either strain but especially the more hazardous strain would it make sense if you were the bad guys to put it in this years flu vaccine? By putting the covid19 L or S strain in this years flu vaccine location and number of cases could be somewhat predicted. Who would have thunk it?

  6. I have been saying for a very long time. The longer you allow these TERRORIST to excite. They will continue to do this until they don't excist. They are pure evil. I believe that we are in the End Times. We have been given the opportunity to cleanse Satanic evil from our earth. Are we going to be successful or not ?

    Semper Fidelis
    Donald J Brickham

  7. Sintia!!! Именно она основа covid19, со смертельным исходом. Была разработана в США, одним Нобелевским лауреатом.


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