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Monday, April 15, 2024

International Public Notice: Reposting For the Military Lab Rats

 By Anna Von Reitz

It's no secret that the Evil Ones experiment on you and risk your health, and think that that is their right to do, while you are "in service" --- meaning, indentured servitude. 

After all, you have a time slot wherein you are obligated to serve called a Tour of Duty, and during that time, you have no Constitutional Guarantees or protections at all.  

But they never tell you that, do they? 

(You won't have any protections afterward, either, if you don't write to your branch commander telling them that you have returned "home" to your original birthright political status once you have your DD214.)

During that time, your Tour of Duty,  you are considered to be owned as property by your Masters and whatever they want you to do is what you have to do --- or die trying.

If they want to open your veins and contaminate your blood with experimental drugs and foreign untested biological materials, they think they have the right to order you to do it to yourself.  

Are you going to tell them that the right to experiment on you didn't come with your employment contract?  

The initial reports have come out about Excess Deaths and Disease Incidence in the American Military thanks to being subourned to take the experimental Covid shots. 

Brief Analysis of DMED Data (2021): Excess Symptoms in U.S Military Personnel Since Rollout of Covid Shots

Almost 40% have suffered neurological injuries, and 5% have been taken out with cancer or cardiac issues

Cancer ~ Excess = 74,000

Nervous ~ Excess = 780,000

Cardiovascular ~Excess = 87,943

Infertility and Reproductive Dysfunction ~Excess =12,124


Excess cancer alone affected 3.5% of the entire military population

Excess diseases of the nervous system affected 37% of the entire military population

Excess cardiac and blood disorders affected 4.1% of the entire military population

It is conservative to say that 5% of the entire military force has just been taken out by cancer and cardiac alone.

Up to 30+% have been weakened by nervous system diseases – the majority of which involve destruction of the myelin sheath surrounding nerve fibers

- Craig Paardekooper

Source: hchildcovidvaccineinjuriesuk

Three-quarters of a million military service members are suffering from the degradation of the myelin sheath surrounding their nerve fibers.  That's an "excess" number.

They were, in effect, used as Lab Rats and damaged by their own excuse for a government; they will most likely live the rest of their shortened and miserable lives in horrendous pain.  

That happened on Mr. Trump's watch.  Right under his big, beaky nose and with his approval.  And it continued under Biden, too.  

They are both guilty as sin and deserve to be hung as traitors for this.  And if they were misinformed and ill-advised, as some people believe, then the men and women who lied to the politicians need to be strung up, instead.

Someone needs to pay for this.  Big time. 

Remember how the U.S. Congress gave the pharmaceutical companies carte blanche to produce "vaccines" and suffer no accountability for what went into those vaccines?  

What you might not remember is that the U.S. Congress accepted the liability for those big pharmaceutical companies.  Congress, Inc., is on the hook for it, and since they opted to descend to the level of an incorporated entity, you can sue not only the Congress, Incorporated, you can sue each and every one of their Officers.  

They have no state immunity.  They have no public oath and no public bond.  They are just shills in suits, operating two foreign, for-profit corporations in the business of providing "essential government services". 

That doesn't include messing with your health or any other aspect of your private life. 

Imagine a town of almost 75,000 people stricken with "excess" cancers?   

These numbers boggle the brain, and this is just the members of the military betrayed by these buffoons. 

It doesn't count the civilian losses. 

I just sent a letter to Ben Fulford, and I am hoping for an answer.  It basically asks: 

How is it possible that the whole world is being held hostage and abused by a handful of Old White Men? 

Given the known scope and immensity of their crimes --- IF there are really any Dragon Societies or organized White Hats out there --- why are people like Klaus Schwab and the Rothschild bankers and Justin Trudeau still walking around? 

Why aren't they simply gone? 

The Sicilian Mafia, all by itself, could do a far better job cleaning up this mess, than the entirety of our police, military, and security apparatus.  And faster, too. 

Why aren't all the law enforcement and peacekeeping forces, all the worthless "intelligence agencies" doing the job that the General Public pays for? 

At the very least, they all deserve to be fired and off our payroll, not eligible for rehire. 

Why haven't all the top CEOs of all these pharmaceutical companies and the members of the U.S. Congress responsible for this, been arrested, tried, and hung? 

This is what is called for.  This is what the Public Law requires.  

The members of these "Congresses" went into business for themselves, acted in Breach of Trust, and in violation of their Service Contracts. They have no Oaths of Public Office.  No Public Bonds.  They've committed Crimes of State, here and all over the world. 

What more are the "Good Guys" waiting for? A blessing from Father Christmas

Why aren't the managers of the SEC and DTTC who are in receipt of "securities" representing "deposits" of impersonated living flesh (inflicting both peonage and slavery on the American people) in a dungeon somewhere, awaiting execution?  

Both peonage and slavery have been outlawed worldwide since 1926.  Why in the name of God are we still dealing with these crimes against humanity and those promoting it? 

Why hasn't SERCO been taken out?  They and the phony Federal Reserve and JPMorgan and Chase Bank are the ones paying for all these "services". 

I certainly didn't authorize it.  

None of the actual owners of the actual assets on deposit with any of the central banks authorized any of this, and we didn't authorize any federal subcontractors to impersonate us or commit crimes against us, either. 

We have a million service members who are now the Walking Dead. 

It's the borders of the District of Columbia that need to be erased.  Not the borders of Texas. 

It's the District of Columbia that's the Rogue State festering in America, a Rogue State in league with the similarly criminal Government of Westminster. 

It's the Brits, again, still and always.  

British elitism.  British Caste System.  British Raj replicated like a disease.  British lies.  British meddling.  British divide and conquer schemes. British control of the media.  British eugenists. British guile and deceit.  British propaganda.  

So, let's get down to it and finish what should have been finished a long time ago.  

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

April 15th 2024


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