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Friday, April 15, 2022

The Kingdom of Lies

 By Anna Von Reitz

It's almost funny.  Almost.  Where else can a monarchy exist for almost a thousand years, where no legitimate monarchy could be?  England, of course.   

I have many times commented on the fact that the Settlement of the Norman Conquest forever guaranteed that no true British Monarchy could ever again raise its head.  

William the Conqueror systematically inventoried every inch of England down to the last goat, surveyed the land out into small fiefdoms and distributed them to his faithful Norman Barons.  

Upon his death, William conferred "sovereignty in their own right" on these Barons in England and they all became "kings" at the same time.   So Britain went from one king to something like 150 kings overnight, and while those kings still owed fealty to William's heirs in France, they owed nothing at all in England. 

That's how the former Barons could lawfully and legally impose the Magna Carta on King John.  They were all kings equal to him on British soil.  

Many people have scratched their heads.  This part of British History isn't taught in England anymore, and hasn't been since before the First World War.  There is a reason for that. 

The British Overseer for the Pope's Commonwealth and Church properties in England, King George, didn't want it known that he wasn't actually and factually King of anything.  So the whole part about the Settlement of the Norman Conquest and the Magna Carta was quietly dropped from the standard school curriculum. 

This important history has been dropped from all our textbooks here in America, too, but the Magna Carta still exists and shoves the Truth in our faces after nearly a thousand years, and in his Last Will and Testament, Wilhelm II of Prussia did something astonishing.  He passed  the German Sovereignty (which is a separate issue apart from his own abdication as Kaiser) to the German people, with each man being "a sovereign in his own right".   

Kaiser Wilhelm used the  same words that William the Conqueror used to confer sovereignty on his Barons. 

This is also how William Belcher conferred sovereignty on all the American people born on our soil forever after The War of Independence.   

So, folks, you now have the facts.  There is no "Queen" in England.  All the Brits have been bowing down and paying taxes to a mirage. And the Bar Associations and Guilds and Unions have been the Enforcers of the fraud.  


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  1. America bar is a branch of the tree lawyers guild communist party actual name and hard copy bearing that name proudly.

    1. where is that? i have actually seen something like that before. is it a Registration? for their Corporation or something?

    2. "This is also how William Belcher conferred sovereignty on all the American people born on our soil forever after The War of Independence."

      • The American people declared THEMSELVES free and independent: under authority of their creator and did not require "Conferment" of any "Royal Title", including "Sovereign" from any man or other.
      "... one people to DISSOLVE THE POLITICAL BANDS which have connected the with another..."
      [Plus final paragraph, DeclofIndep.]

      • There was no War *OF* Independence...
      ....Making a slight change to the Name?.... like on the Birth Certificate, for DECEIT? to rob the people and genocide the American babies on paper?
      looks like it imo.

    3. the point is that all this added together with the "Pope"s Unum Sanctum" is ALL COMMUNISTIC and these are the VERY TYPES OF POLITICAL CONNECTIONS the American people DISSOLVED!!!

  2. The kingdom of Lies? Yes, the vermin stuffs in more lies and deceptions on purpose, to get people confused, so people would be able to track them, to get stuck instead. That's why you need your 3rd eye, to work for you.

    If you did the right things you will be able to get the Thieves and Robbers Stuck, instead.
    So did Anna VR get them Stuck or Not? Silent Answer: If the Robbers didn't care to chase Anna VR, that proves Anna got herself confused, stuck in her own mind.

    1. people confused, so people would be UNABLE to track them, to get stuck instead. That's why you need your 3rd eye, to work for you.

  3. I read that the Magna Carta was of void judgement because it was signed under duress? Sounds fair enough, but it sounds more like they make shit up as they go depending on the circumstances when it works in their favor versus when it doesn't which sounds like a duh moment on one level.

    Was "do no harm" hijacked by alien interlopers that polluted this planet, a free will planet? Was it ever not like this according to the wishes of the creator?

    It is an interesting time to be alive. But then again not that interesting...

    1. Didn't you sign that traffic ticket under duress when the state trooper pulled you over? Sounds fair enough right? Why don't we notify the judge in the court case and get all charges dismissed.

  4. All this, and if ai remember correctly the people's who had been on the land before the arrival of the England were also sovereign in accordance to the laws set by the holy Roman empire.. could be wrong though..

  5. List of wars of independence - Wikipedia;
    This was found within, very interesting.
    Rákóczi's War of Independence - Wikipediaákóczi's_War_of_Independence

    Ukraine sure shows up a lot, and look at all the colonies “Greece” had, and subjugated to where the people had to resort to “Revolutionary War” against the “Greeks”, right "Anna". How easy, and free it must feel to write and publish any tripe when the readership has no knowledge of “History”. Funny Little Girly Girl, using the pseudonym "Anna". It wouldn't surprise me if ewe also wear one of those high tech Hollywood style masks when ewe do an on air video interview to conceal ewer real identity. Once again "Anna" stick to the Law. It is starting to become more clearer by the progression of articles that this is a data mining operation. "They" need to know who are the ones that can't be hornswoggled, and are literally savvy enough to bring light on it for others to see. Well everyone enjoy this circle jerk Asta la Vista, Adios.