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Friday, April 15, 2022

"Dajjal" -- A Union From Hell

 By Anna Von Reitz

This is not the first time I have heard about Dajjal --- a word from the land of nightmares, but this thread from medical services worker in Britain gives a solid (and typical) personal account of the way these criminal organizations work and the part that predictive programming and hypnosis and blackmail and payoffs play in these so-called Unions and Societies and Associations. 

They pick you and target you, according to your skills and position and even your IQ.  They have, for example, over 7 million pages of data on me, and several people who are experts on the subject of me.  When I was young, they targeted me, too, but like my husband, they ultimately labelled me "Unadaptable" ----which means that we are not susceptible to hypnosis. 

And tend to be rowdy when provoked. 

Must've been wild Angels, wild Angels.... Honey, what else could it be? 

Here's an unintentional Four Corners synopsis clipped from Bernard Nolan's tweetings: 

"Dajjal is an informally organized group of people (Terrorist Organization, Crime Syndicate) with a top down structure. Many media workers are involved; it was Kay Burley who tried to recruit me twenty or so years ago, to implement their four point plan.  It also compromises politicians from all parties, financiers..... and is ultimately a US Military Plan." 

And don't forget doctors and healthcare workers.  

Read Bernard's on the ground account of the way these Terror Cells recruit, operate, and grow behind an illusion of being important and special and promise-threats of recruits becoming part of the in-crowd and receiving special perks and protections.  

Like any gang or mob, these Terror Cells are operating in small towns as well as large cities, scooping up the ignorant, disenfranchised, impoverished, and alienated people and using them to gain a foothold.....get the dirty work done, and then, will blame their early supporters and execute them as scapegoats, because, well, that's all they are in the minds of these elitist criminals.  

Just like the political Brown Shirts were done in by Hitler's military SS, this is a pattern that repeats and repeats and repeats itself. The Persians who supported Alexander were the first to be murdered.  

The Clueless Left, the braindead Progressives, have been easy pickings for these cads.  Parroting their pitiful taglines, these pathetic hacks who couldn't run real life grocery stores (and admitted it on national television) were placed in position as playing pieces.  And now, they are set up to pay with their lives for going along with it, because their deaths will allow the actual treasonous monsters to survive, unrecognized as the Source of the Problem, because they appear as the heroes with the Solution to the Problem they created and caused. 

Hegelian Dialectic in High Dudgeon. 

Bankers and journalists and doctors and teachers and nurses and politicians down to the school board level will be accused of treason by the very men responsible -- the ones who plotted the crimes and implemented and funded them behind the scenes --- will sit in judgement over their victims, who will be confused and say, "But, I thought this was a US Military plan.....?" on their way to the guillotines already lined up by the thousands. 

Of course, DOD planned all this, and of course, DOD has to have a boatload of handy, clueless scapegoats ready to hang --- because otherwise, it would be a lot of high level  DOD necks stretching the nooses, instead of Trina, the Night Nurse at Bumefford Hospital, who was doing as she was told, "just following orders". 

Where have we heard that before, people?  Wasn't it from the concentration camp capos and Hitler's Lesser Guard?  "Just following orders...." 

And they were scapegoats, too, left to hang at Nuremberg for the sins of the squalid Pretenders lounging about at Balmoral, sipping tea and organizing "Hunting Parties" where they slaughtered innocent animals by the thousands and the "Queen" stood in blood up to her knees. 

All you Dajjal Members out there, grow a brain.  The word is out, the door cannot be shut.  DOD has planned all this many years in advance, mobilized the murder, done all these evil, criminal things to millions of people ---- and now, guess who gets to swing for it? 

There are other mindless drudges out there "just following orders" who are going to pick you up and take you to some awful place offshore and brag about hanging you --- for the crimes of their Masters.  

Your deaths will create a smokescreen to deflect suspicion away from the far more purposeful Perpetrators who supplied you with the poisons, who profited from their sale, who collected the Life Force Value Annuities, who plied you with donations and cash, drugs and whores and rebates and unearned "career accelerations" and who fed you the lead stories and the grants and kickbacks and professional awards and glowing Peer Reviews and contracts galore. 

You took the bait. You are in the trap.  Fauci's Code Name is Fatted Calf.  


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    dnajlion7 on rumble: bombshell DOD Khooovid-19 Ukraine... via ashley everly, "toxicologist"

    ...says the "snake venom" is the sPLA2-IIA enzyme that is actually very important, beneficial, and critical for the immune system to function properly! and helps kill pathogenic bacteria!!
    "we literally have genes that produce this enzyme"!!! ashley writes.
    it becomes elevated in people with chronic illness.... chronic pathogenic infections, chronic toxicity, cancer!!
    its expression increases during a "cytokine storm" when the INNATE immune system responds too strongly and cannot start up the ADAPTIVE immune system to balance it....


    woman:janmarieApril 13, 2022 at 9:56 PM
    which one is true?



    1. The enzymes are almost identical. "Almost" being the key word. The snake venom narrative will fall by the wayside sooner or later. I don't believe it's grounded in reality. Time will tell. I'm definitely not buying the venom in the water narrative.

    the fullerton informer's take on this
    maybe we are being lied to; from both directions; i do not know

    1. thats what my gut feeling about it is: that neither are completely true.

      thanks for the link. listened to first 10 -- will finish tonight.

    2. Blumenthal aka Ronnie Howard

  3. Whatever true in this:
    Pope Paul III in 1540. The society is engaged in evangelization and apostolic ministry in 112 nations. Jesuits work in education, research, and cultural pursuits. Jesuits also give retreats....

    Jesuits **** Still has nothing to do with this 1915-2016 era:
    GREAT Gold-Au.Ag.Thefts-Fraud-Loop of the last 87+ years. The w.Brigands confused the norm, by associating their new era Great-Au.Theft~FRAUD with their old non-sense story's to get people STUCK, like their Fraudulent Juris-diction {= Law-Choice}, that belong not to the living people.


    2. And I've told you about Medici Ventures and their Ministry of Land and Natural Resources come on people they stole your land in entering your information in that LRS blockchain bullshit and Anna is their accomplice

  4. Now I ask in this article written by Miles it has the following Page 13
    So, I now think you understand how things were. Same as it ever was. Which is why I know the story about the Jesuits purging themselves of Jews in 1593 is the usual bollocks. This is what they do and have always done: they get caught at something and create a fake purge, to make it look like they are
    mending their ways. A few scapegoats are rounded up and fed to the pretend wolves, they stage a couple of fake hangings or beheadings, and go on as before, taking a little more care to hide. Same thing I think we are about to see to get them out of this current Covid/vaccine mess.

    Now does that not sound/look almost exactly like what Anna wrote?

    I'm sure they'll put on a mighty fine shew

    1. Be sure and keep reading on page 13 as Habsburg is spelled out for you who the hell they are and Anna is one

      They never ever go against their tribe folks NEVER

  5. BLOCKCHAIN and your UBI

    Yep by all means enter your land records in that there LRS BLOCKCHAIN system provided to you
    They promise they will be safe and secure
    MY ASS

    Medici Ventures and the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources is salivating at the mouth waiting for you to comply and consent


      The web of deceit cast all over the fucking place
      First Net their private internet

    2. I suggest you visit some of the links he provides and you will find out just how fucking invasive of a species this internet web is

      Broadband grants and the leaders of tribal lands working to reenslave the tribes on tribal lands

      Anyone and everyone working in or on any of these projects most likely hasn't a clue what they hell they are working towards
      And I can guarantee you it is not Heaven on Earth nor Gods Kingdom unless of course you consider the government, state, city, county or other as your God

  6. This is a good article to read

    So while you donate and sign on the dotted line and build these so called blue dot love banks and 'unincorporated' states with their friggin fiat fake money what in the hell does that tell you
    copyrighted currency

    Same thing when buying this so called gold and silver with that very
    copyrighted currency

    When you give a corporation your hard earned wages to pay for “sales tax”, for which you legally contracted with the United States to receive as legal tender for payment of your “employment”; the services you provide for a wage paid in legal tender U.S. Dollars – you are giving that corporation what is left over from the income and other taxation that was automatically withheld from your paycheck by government for your convenience. You are charged this income tax because you are receiving this copyrighted currency belonging to government as “income” instead of some non-taxable thing like walnuts or coal, whereas the person or corporation paying you that legal tender pays nothing for the privilege of using those U.S. Dollars

  7. And check out this watch the water BS and the snake oil salesman shit he's selling along with his pal Mikey

  8. Data data data and they have been capturing it all for decades

    1. FirstNet, CHARTERED IN 2012? By Who?

      Meet the board
      A well known judge on that board too
      I wonder with his judges pay and pay from being on this board how much Garland aka Judd Nelson is raking in using an alias

  9. The fake history and abandoned hollywood movie sets along with unlimited access to all the lands and the minerals in the ground they they make huge profits from

    Hollywood and the birth of Wells Fargo?

  10. Very interesting analysis folks about your search results and the narrative