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Friday, April 15, 2022


 By Anna Von Reitz

High School Students in several States are being told through their school affiliations that they "must" sign up for "Selective Service" now and that they can get in trouble if they don't. 

This is a lie and if they follow these instructions, their own action will be taken as volunteering and applying to serve in the U.S. Armed Forces.  

They are being asked to provide name, address, and "Social Security Number" --- which would be used against them as evidence that they were "voluntarily" acting as Municipal United States citizens. 

We will fight to defend America, but we will not fight to defend criminals.  Not anymore. 

Our High School Students aren't being illegally press-ganged and sent to their deaths to defend criminals again.  It's over. 

The Pentagon and CIA have gone rogue, as have elements in the United Nations.  

International Arrest Warrants are being issued. 

These entities have no authority whatsoever to impose any kind of Selective Service, Draft, or to engage in any press-ganging or conscription activity on our shores.  

Please inform all High School Principals in your area and take Witnesses to confirm that you have delivered this information to them in person or via Registered Mail.  Nail them and your city officials all across this country with unequivocal refusal to obey any more illegal, foreign edicts issued by corporations of any kind.  

Get off your rumps now, and protect our young people!  Educate the Educators.  And hold them 100% personally and commercially liable for spreading false and misleading information.  


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  1. Arrest warrants by WHO ? Details... Details....

    Hold them to Account Commercially by doing What... Details... Details...

  2. Is there a form document that was attached to this email to print and send or do we need to write our own affadavit.

  3. I would think that at a minimum, congressional action by the would be required before any such mandatory selective service could be attempted. They seem to be in violation of even the territorial and municipal constitutions.

  4. a couple of my good friends homeschooled their sons and daughters. Got them connected into intramural sports too; also art and music.
    they were only "in class" about 3-5 hours a day. made A's and B's. had no distractions... and they were smart, as most sons and daughters are if not indoctrinated and "socialized" out of their natural love for learning.

  5. Look at and note the wording, i.e. "citizen of the United States". Also note definition of 'UNITED STATES' - "the several States" does NOT mean the fifty States of the Union. In Title 26 they used to make the distinction very clear and called them that. Not anymore - you have to 'know' about it from previous use. I encourage friends with kids to get them papered.

    1. Thank you Jake!

      It's important to include this cite plus to clarify that: "duty" has no obligation as it does not mean "must" or "required". More importantly is the fact that the four "Organic Laws" printed in the front pages of USC volume I precede the whole entire code! High School students must know this!

  6. Warrants are being issued! Who will enforce them and lock the prosecute these rascals? NO one! We can only complain!

  7. We Have Been Far Beyond Rogue For A Very Long Time In Referencing America's Illegitimate Government. Again I've Only Found Out About This Electromagnetic Pulse Torture Program Within The past Two Years. I Am Now Out Of The Country To Fight These Criminals By Any And Every Means Necessary. While Supporting The Real Humans Who Are Fighting Them From Within The United States. 99% Of These Demon Slaves, Masquerading Around As Humans, Have Never Served Our Country In Any Military Capacity. We Are Dealing With An International Satanic Cult, Led By The Fake American Coward Government. They Have No Problem Sending Others To Fight Their Illegal Wars. But For Them, They Would Bite Off Their Own Hands And Feet To Avoid Any Battle Fields. These Murdering Criminals, Their Enforcers And Supporters Must All Be Dealt With Immediately. They Continue To Bragg About Torturing And Killing Thousands Of So-Called TI's. But The True Numbers Are Well Into The Millions. For Over 30 Years I Served These Murdering Bastards In Their Fancy Private Clubs And Restaurants. For 30 Plus Years I Worked In Private Clubs Like The Harvard Club, The Yale Club, The Lotos Club Including Private Events In Places Like The Rainbow Room And Windows On The World (Before They Blew It Up Intentionally As An Excuse For Yet Another Series Of Illegal Wars. 9/11 Truth) I Served Food And Drinks To Almost All Of Them Over The Years. We're Talking The Bushes, The Clinton's, Mike Pence, Donald Trump, Barrack Obama, Justice Ginsburg, Al Gore, Many Of The Military Joint Chiefs Of Staff, Rockefeller And Many Others I Didn't Recognize. And At Almost Every Event The FBI, CIA, Secret Service And All Of The Usual Government Security Forces Were Always Present. Now, I Ain't Saying All Of These Folks Are Necessarily Bad People. However, The System That They Are All A Part Of Is Evil As All Hell. I Had No Idea What Electromagnetic Pulse Torture Was, All That Time, But All Of Them Were fully Aware. Where The Hell Is The True Law ?? I've Been In This Program For Over 40 Years They Claim. Now, If I Where Any Of The Things They Claim That I Am, Then Why Would They Allow Me Near All Of Their Top People ?? And Let Me Tell You Something About The Private Club Members Only Networks For These People. These Clubs Are In Almost Every Country Under Various Names. This Is Why I'm Telling You That We Are Dealing With An International Satanic Cult At The Highest Levels. At One Club In Particular The Lotos Club Where I worked for 4 Years. The Employees Who Have Been There For Over 20 Years Would Talk About How There Use To Be High Levels Of Sexual Activities Between The Employees On And Off The Job. And To This Day In Their Cellar Restaurant The walls are Filled With Pictures Of Ex- Presidents, And High Level Politicians. And So-Called Tastefully Done Are Pictures Of Naked Women, Some With Snakes, And Some With The Faces Of Skeletons Facing The Naked Women. Now I Worked Many Events Where Some Of The Members Held Private Parties For Their Young Kids, And Many Other Events Where Young Kids Were In Attendance. No One Ever Bothered To Remove Or Cover Up Any Of The Pictures Of Naked Women. And Vice President Pence And Many Other High Level Dignitaries Have Held Events At This Club. This Fake Government Is Part Of A International Satanic Cult. And They Will Not Allow You Are Anyone Else To Prosecute Them. They Even Claim That This Electromagnetic Pulse Program Can Also Give Them Many Great Benefits Like Fake Euphoria, And A Fake Sense Of Overall Well Being, And Enhanced Sexual Pleasures. They Have Tried This Crap On Me Constantly Along With The Fake Pain, Which Is Very Much Real. All Of This Crap Is 100% Evil. And When They Try Their Fake Good Feelings I Reject It All Including The Pain. I've Been Bread To Kill Them All.



    1. auston,
      probably people would have had difficulty understanding the possibilities of what you are saying before covie, but i think most people would at least be able to hear what you have to say now.
      with the (faked?) Church Committee,
      the fairly recent CIA Torture Report -- 500+ pages
      all of the Veterans declarations
      so many others, it is not hard at all to consider that directed energy weapons are being used on GOOD PEOPLE!!
      especially when looking at:

      "The Space Preservation Act of 2001". 2002 also. Neither one passed.

      Section 3: The President shall--
      (2) immediately order the permanent termination of research and development, testing, manufacturing, production, AND DEPLOYMENT....

      Section 7(2)(A)(ii):
      Inflicting death or injury on, or damaging or destroying, a person (or the biological life, bodily health, mental health, or physical and economic well-being of a person)--
      ...through... using radiation, electromagnetic, PSYCHOTRONIC, sonic, laser, or other energies DIRECTED AT INDIVIDUAL PERSONS OR TARGETED POPULATIONS for the purpose of
      OR *** MIND CONTROL ***
      of such PERSONS OR POPULATIONS; or

      Section 7 (2) (B):
      ultrasonic WEAPONS
      laser weapons systems,
      tactical.... weapons
      or tectonic WEAPONS.

      Section 7 (C) The term 'exotic weapons systems' includes.... with the purpose of inducing damage or destruction upon a TARGET POPULATION OR REGION ON EARTH OR IN SPACE.

      That was 21 years ago that Dennis Kucinich wanted The President to STOP DEPLOYING THESE WEAPONS ON PEOPLE AND POPULATIONS.
      Its imporant that people understand that these WEAPONS were already being DEPLOYED in 2001 and HJR2977 was to STOP IT!
      And that the "Resolution" didnt pass either year.

      So no Auston, its not at all hard to believe people have been harmed.
      that together with the gruesome CIA TORTURE REPORT, its very very easy to believe.
      the men who were tortured were generally turned in because there was a REWARD OFFERED.
      And even when the CIA and FBI Agents reported that the men didnt know anything, or had already told them everything, the torturing continued AT THE HANDS OF "DOCTORS". one man WHO KNEW NOTHING and they knew he knew nothing was TORTURED FOR 14 YEARS.
      There were CIA and FBI Agents who could not eat or sleep because of what they were seeing. they transferred out.

      then: where are all these little sons and daughters going? there was one video this past week saying that almost 6000 "migrant children" in Austria(??) cannot be found.
      theyre "missing".

      no theyre not.
      there are people who know EXACTLY where they are.

    2. Thank You Janmarie, Always Keeping In Mind That These Fake Humans Who Claim To Be America's Government And Protectors, Are Always Monitoring And Sabotaging Everything We Do. This Is Where The Majority Of These Mass Shootings Are Coming From, Along With Many Disturbing Acts And Actions Of Various Criminal Behaviors. Obviously We Can't Blame Every Criminal Act On This Program. But, Walking Into A School Filled With Little Children And Shooting Them Is Just Not A Normal Criminal Act. There Is Something More Sinister Happening, Especially When We Know This Program Exists. And The History Of The Government And It's Agencies Prior And Current Sick Sadistic Atrocities. We Also Know The Experiments For This Technology Started In Nazi Concentration Camp Laboratories. And Many Of The Scientists From Those Experiments Were Later Brought To The US By The Same Illegitimate Government System We Have Today. What Kind Of A Government Does This Type Of Evil To It's Own Military Members And Civilians. My Father Was A Decorated Sargent From The Korean War And They Attacked My Entire Immediate Family Including My Uncles Who Were Also Military Members With Children Who Also Were Military Members. And They Attacked Them As Well. My Ex-Wife's Father Was In WWII And They Attacked All Of My In-Laws Also. This Illegal Program Has And Continues To Affect More People Than Most Are Willing To Admit. And It Continues To Be Proven That This Program Is Directly Connected To The Trillions Of Dollars Murdering Pharmaceutical Markets. For Most People When They Start Feeling Pain, They Are Going To The Doctor, Weather The Pain Is Real Or Caused By This Illegal Program. How Can They Tell The Difference ?? And The Pharmaceutical Companies Are Still Paying Doctors Commission's Based On Prescribing Their Poison Medications.

      Thank You And Everyone Else For All Of Your Well Informed Information.

      GOD BLESS,

      Auston Matthews