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Saturday, April 16, 2022

Need More Proof? Actual Documents, Anyone?

 By Anna Von Reitz

Attention: H.E. Cardinal Dominique Mambert, H.E. Joan E. Donoughue, H.E. Kiril Gevgorian, Lord High Steward Ivan Talbot,  Prosecutor Karim A.A. Kahn, QC, 

Special note to Secretary General Guterres and Cardinal Mamberti --- 1.5 Million Christians are surrounded in Lebanon, holding their own against Hammas and Murder, Incorporated.  They have less than ten (10) days of food left and they are under siege, cut off from any help or supplies of any kind.  An air drop is urgently needed.  Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary for The United States of America --- the unincorporated Federation of States.  

First, lookee here at what the Russians captured and released to the news agencies throughout the world, brought to you by VAX$$INE FULL DISCLOSURE,  #260, By Name! Proof of Americans Coordinating Bioweapons Research at Pentagon Bioweapons Labs in Ukraine

Need more  proof of Pentagon involvement and prior knowledge?  --- DOD awarded a contract for Covid 19 Research before Covid 19 was even named in public, courtesy of the Daily Expose :

The actual World Health Organization Memos about snake venom bioweapons? 

Want to know the overall scientific means that has belen used since the early 1900's to promote death by vaccination?  Here it is in a nutshell:  

Want a Timeline for all this %@^&^(!?   (Contains salty language, but you'll see why.) Read Patrick Jordan's Timeline -- a Brief History of Hell. 

And now, what to do about it?  Push back. Get Organized.  Tell everyone you know, whether or not they want to hear it.  We have to liquidate and defund these corporations before the madmen in charge kill every living thing on Earth.  


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