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Wednesday, April 13, 2022

"We" Are Not at War; THEY Are

 By Anna Von Reitz

There is a lot of misinformation circulating now, especially in the patriot community.  It is of great importance to everyone that this gets set straight. 

We are not at war.  Our feckless erstwhile commercial corporation subcontractors may be at "war" --- of some kind, or by some definition, but in order for Americans to be at war, there would have to be a formal Declaration of War coming from our own legitimate Congress --- not a "Congress" of British Territorial or Municipal United States citizens. 

All Americans are owed The Law of Peace, not The Law of War, and no American can be presumed to be allied with either Territorial or Municipal citizenry.  

We have issued our International Declaration of Peace and our Peace Treaty among the States of the Union.  Any Federal Subcontractor, dependent, official or employee caught violating the peace will be recognized as a criminal engaged in an illegal commercial conflict, and also acting in breach of trust. 

Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents; Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals. 

                                                          by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                                                           The United States of America


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  1. I tell you what Anna, If i were in reach of you i would give you a bear hug and a big ol sloppy kiss! lol

  2. our July 2(TWO), 1776 Declaration of Independence **is** the people of the united States of America's Declaration of Peace with all man living on all lands who formed all nations, for all time.
    unless we are attacked.
    then we will defend.

    our next to the last paragraph:
    "[We must, therefore, acquiesce in the necessity, which denounces our Seperation,] and hold them, as we hold the rest of mankind, Enemies in War, in Peace Friends."


    1. we will likely do so, but: we do not actually have to Declare "A War" since we, the true and living men and women who makeup 'the American people', already declared our intent to be at Peace with all mankind, unless they attack us: and we already declared that THEN we will defend; but we will never just attack anyone because we do declare that we regard all mankind to be our Friends, and we are their Friends also.
      thats how we live.
      at peace with all man unless they harm us -- American common law.

      our July 2(TWO), 1776 Declaration of Independence is an American common law declaration made by man before other man.

      it cannot be touched.

      except by man who made the declaration.

      my father:simon participated in the declaration and 'i':woman: janmarie:daughter am part of my father.
      and it is so.

    2. its all right there and stands [in effect]:
      and i:woman:janmarie: be-ing daughter from man:simon called by "Kenton": "Captain", American War for Independence; and also "Brigadier General", War of 1812; [along with other such originating families' descendants; along with all of our friends who have joined together with us in peace and law since]:
      do live; and do not separate from fathers and mothers labor; land; language; law; culture; traditions; promises concerning peace and friendliness with other peoples and nations; or from safety; or from happiness; or from several-ness/s; or from any other good, right, law-ful, peace-ful thing that belongs to 'i':woman and/or family:
      and there is no law that requires that 'i':woman do.
      and it is so.

      woman:janmarie:daughter and descendant from man:simon, called by "kenton".

    3. You are one strange woman and your written sentence structure is incomprehensible. Please take an English writing class so we can understand what you are saying. Sentences begin with capital letters! If Anna wrote like you no one would understand what she is communicating.

    4. and finally for now:

      our Declaration/s that concern/s our Separations:
      borne from our intent;
      made in good faith;
      before man and our creator;
      in law;
      in peace;
      from right;
      to all man[kind]:

      ****that we are separate/several from all other Flags, nations, peoples, man-made laws, customs, authorities, and agreements, and so forth:
      that does include all man/other who are Affiliated with the United British Colonies; the Vatican; all European and other Royalty and all Crowns; Chairs, Orders, and Empires; and their Statutes, Codes, Laws of any and all kinds;
      Religions, "ecclesias" and "Ecclesias"; together with all of their Laws, Customs, Traditions, Beliefs, Doctrines, Authorities, Offices, Officers, Circumscriptions, Scribes, sub-Scribers, Books and "Holy Books", "Accounts of Things", "Accounts", "Administers and Administrations", "Executors, Executives and Executions";
      Judges, Justices, Tribunals, Trials; Judgments, Decisions, Opinions, Whims, Wishes, Likes or Dislikes; Fines, Fees, Penalties, Punishments, Levi-es Taxes, Tributes;
      Wars, Attacks, Merc-enaries, Merc-hants, "Amerc"es, "Aust-er"ities, "Presumptions", "Suspicions", "Forfeitures", "Arrests", "Detainments", "Holdings", a "lien"/ lean/lean ons: (duresses); "Property"- "Assets", "Treasuries", Coffins/Coffers", "Custodies", "Custodian"-SHIPS; "Awards", "Bonds", "Bonded 'Claims'", "Bonded Claims in Admiralty"/ other", "Awards in Admiralty";
      "Witnesses", "Affidavits" and all "'Legal' 'Instruments'", all that is "Legal", "Testimonies"; "Playing Fields:Courts";
      Stories, Fables, Legends, Lore and all other common law; and so on and on and on and so forth "ad infinitum" and "ad nauseum" and more:

      was made through our Deputies to all other agreed upon law-ful, peaceful, and rightful International Authorities elected by man:
      through our Declaration declared to all mankind, paragraph One, DofI:
      "...a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation."

      we did that.
      it stands in effect.


    5. anonymous,

      i will keep repeating: i hope you/ your affiliates remain in your present state.

    6. Thank you Janmarie!

      The full true nature of "the Declaration" deserves to be underscored until all Americans clearly understand this as the First Organic Law and foundation for all American Law.

    7. no, theyre called "punctuation marks" -- they're all over the Bible, written long before your ParsnipSouffle was thunked up.

    8. @woman:janmarie... i've been following along in an attempt to make sense of all this... and it seems you're rather new to the scene... but i think i am picking up what you're putting down... (so to speak). i was wondering if you've ever heard of "tami pepperman"? by chance?

    9. youre most welcome Chef!
      it is my pleasure to share these facts. :)

    10. dillen,
      ive been digging into all this since 2011; amped it up after finding out about our precious men and women being mistreated at the VAs; and have been rolling, literally: full-steam and full-time on this craziness since May 2015.
      you must have put in some serious study-time yourself to be able to put the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together.

      and no, ive never heard of a "tami pepperman".

  3. Well then, when "they" start firing nukes at each other, may I suggest you wave your paperwork at them. Maybe it will keep you from being vaporized!

    We are WAY past "we" and "they". Look back on history. Criminals don't give a hoot about "we"and that "we" corrected our status and have all the "i's" dotted and "t's" crossed.

    There's a club and "we" ain't in it, and they're using the club on "we". ~George Carlin

  4. Does the following relate to what Anna refers to as "The Law of Peace"?:

    Sims, Rebecca, "How Do We Understand International Law and Peace?." Thesis, Georgia State University, 2018.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. In his September 3, 2021 article found at
    Edwin Vieira, Jr. wrote in part,
    Plainly enough, a State can “engage in War” without a “declar[ation of] War”, just as the United States has engaged on massive scales in undeclared wars in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. To “engage in War” means simply to employ operations and techniques justified by, suitable for, and familiar in “War” (although ....

    Have the State of State organizations along the border with Mexico the *authority* to wage war to defend us from invasion, or must that be done by properly constituted States of the Union directed by Americans as this likely does not count as Britain defending us on the water ?

    1. Article 6 of our Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union, paragraph 5:
      "No state shall engage in any war without the consent of the United States in Congress assembled, [the actual true United States' Confederation and Union's Congress that is still adjourned, "sine die": (without appointed day to resume)] unless such state be actually invaded by enemies... "
      each true American man and woman MUST read the rest of the Article for themselves; all of us -- men and women, both-- to determine what it means... and also because some of it is outdated now and we need to start becoming aware of what needs to be changed.
      my own present opinion about the question is:
      i have so much faith in the good people of this world in all nations that i, one woman, believe our most likely good outcome for all mankind (and the earth) will be to just use our God-given right to stand.
      and when we are standing quietly, say "no".
      and then peacefully go about the business of doing what we know is right to do according to our law, working quietly among ourselves to take care of what our creator has gifted us with.
      1. our "paperwork", the Declaration of Independence, is already done and has been accepted in International "Jurisdiction"; its an American common law paper that no man can change; its been published long ago; and our intent stands on the record, before man and God.
      2. Our confederacy is such that we entered into a firm league of friendship with each other for our common defense and other purposes. Article 3.

      1. the United British Colonies ceased to exist on July 2(TWO), 1776. we 'dissolved the political bands that had connected us to another and assumed among the powers of the earth the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and natures creator entitle us.' and it is so.
      2. all States that intend/ed to enter our Confederacy and Perpetual Union after the original 13 States, if admitted, were/are admitted using what is known as "The Doctrine of Equal Footing"/ or other Name: meaning that every one of them and their people have the exact same rights as the men and women and their descendants, who formed the Original 13 States of America.

      For clarity's sake i will say this:
      that, among the American people, just because my family is a pre-War for Independence family does not give me one iota more rights or privileges than someone else; however, it does give me right and authority to stand for what belongs to my father:simon, because what was his in this lifetime now belongs to i:woman, his daughter and descendant, janmarie; and i have not abandoned my fathers and mothers labors, lands, laws, language, or customs and traditions.
      we have harmed no man.
      we owe no man.
      we are at peace with all men and have been since 1815.

      our true American men and women [who are vetted by the Declaration of Independence] have authority to make lawful, rightful, peace-drive decisions.

      the infiltrators need to be removed immediately; and possibly tried. only my opinion.

      we are for peace for ALL mankind.
      we never attack.
      we have right to be safe.

      we secure our safety though being in accord with the laws of nature and natures creator.
      thats my opinion, but its just an opinion and i am only one American woman: the Declaration and Articles make it clear that it is all of the American people themselves who have the power and authority to decide all questions concerning their government.