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Wednesday, April 13, 2022

When I First Heard It....

 By Anna Von Reitz

When I first heard the "Big News" about viper venom being the cause of the illnesses now decimating entire countries, it came from a confused person who thought they were pouring viper venom into the Municipal water systems --- and I said, nah.... they are already poisoning the water with Chlorine and Fluoride and that is poison enough. 

Viper venom is far too costly to just dump in the city water main and hope for results.

But then, I sat down and watched Dr. Bryan Ardis' interview with Stew Peters, and a very different version of the story emerged.  They aren't dumping venom into water systems.  

They are dumping mRNA from poisonous snakes into our bodies --- if we let them --- and that scrap of snake mRNA is producing snake-based spike proteins that provoke immune responses and lock down on the same receptors as nicotine. 

They are polluting the human genome with snake genetic material. In ecclesiastical terms, they are polluting the blood and the souls of their victims. 

And they are monitoring their results by checking waste water for levels of snake proteins shed from those who were vaccinated.  That's where my friend got confused and thought they were putting snake venom into wells. 

These people--- if they can ever deserve the name--- have gone utterly, irreparably, insane.  And they have unleashed this plague on the rest of humanity without sense or pity, upon black and white, young and old, rich and poor, all alike. 

They use many excuses.  They claim that the Earth is overpopulated, yet we are facing a population collapse throughout the developed world.   They claim that human-caused increases in carbon dioxide are causing global warming, when in fact, we are losing oxygen and facing a grand solar minimum and a likely ice age.  

It's all nothing but lies, lies, and more lies, day after day, but the Truth has an odd way of asserting itself.  Try reading this article aloud and you will see for yourselves. The Truth will not be denied, because you can hear it, feel it, and sense it.  


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  1. Amen! its all lies the only truth is the discernment of he Holy Spirit. and maybe little common sense. its like smart pills you keep taking it until one day you wake up and realize its sheep shit pellets.

  2. "Plague" is the correct word. But not caused by a natural contagion, but by conspiring men.... formerly "trusted leaders".

    If everyone realizes this plot against the world's living beings I think the worlds population would seize and appropriatly eliminate the perpetrators and so-called leaders who promoted this plague overnight.

  3. P.S. In January I contracted some strange illness by exposure from a family member with flu-like symptoms. Within three days I could not breathe except by extreme effort, my body atrophied about 20 pounds of muscle, my diaphragm muscle weakened to where it was very laborious and FATIGUING to merely breathe, and oxygen levels of my blood was dipping to 90% and lower. After continuing to fatigue and struggle for breath for about 8 days at home, I went to a hospital and was given oxygen by tube at 5 liters per day for three days, when I began to have better oxygen readings in my blood, and quickly then recovered (over a couple of weeks of careful self care) my immune responses with the help of steroids and antibiotics. 6 days in a hospital is my life time record, and I have been in recovery mode since then with slow regaining of diaphragm muscle and breathing. Do not underestimate the killing power of this man made plague.

    This man made infection is more potent than pneumonia and any possible flu, so beware that it is very potentially a killer of weakened people in a matter of only a few days. Keep up you immune system and your body reserves of energy, not allowing fatigue to continue without restoring your rest and high energy levels by purposeful self care. And do not forget that a plague has been unleashed on fellow beings worldwide intentionally by insane perpetrators. We must destroy our would be destroyers.

    1. Watch the movie. Explains your symptoms. Probably the 'transmission' of spike proteins from someone near you who's been jabbed. Dr's who know (and are honest and willing to discuss this) are using that descriptive word to distinguish it from 'shedding' in real vaccine products and illnesses.

  4. Patents Prove Ardis Claims Of Global Envenomation, Serpent Family Connection To Fauci. Nicholas Stumphauzer, joins Stew to discuss the Fauci family snake crest, and the spiritual warfare he endured to deliver the hard hitting truth.

    Tuesday on the Stew Peters Show, Dr. Aryiana Love brings the patents and receipts PROVING Dr. Ardis’ claims in the Stew Peters Network exclusive documentary “Watch The Water”, exposing a long term plot to envenomate the world.

    Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

    US Military

    Janssen Pharmaceuticals

    Janssen Pharmaceuticals

    Biontech Us Inc.

    1. Correct Link:

  5. This documentary between dr artis and stew peters is incomplete, Overly dramatic and prone to confusion especially over the water part. Please watch Dr. Ardis interview with Mike Adams. Much much much more information and a more sane and professional presentation:
    Part 1 of 3
    Part 2 of 3:
    Still trying to find part three