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Wednesday, April 13, 2022

A Tale of Two Islands and a Brief Explanation

 By Anna Von Reitz

By now anyone familiar with the so-called "Patriot Movement" --- it should be called the "American Movement" -- knows about Jekyll Island.  This is where the plot to form the Federal Reserve and issue Federal Reserve Notes, based on slave labor and indentured servitude, got its start. 

We all now know how that has played out.  Turns out that FRN's have been illegal since 1926. Turns out the IRS and the Internal Revenue Service have both been illegal this whole time. Everything they've done is criminal. Everything they've liened, everything they've stolen, all the lives they've ruined. 

Not everyone is as familiar with Jupiter Island, the HQ for what is more popularly known as "the Bush Cabal".   The Bush family has a long and varied history, some of it very good, some of it very bad, and Jupiter Island has figured in most of it. This is the nexus, the Think Tank.  

Recently, the remaining elements of the Jupiter Group have tried to figure a way of getting relief owed to U.S. Veterans delivered.  That's a worthy cause for many reasons.  Let me briefly cite a few:

Soldiers returning from WWII were supposed to receive their own stock portfolios, but those never got delivered because the soldiers were never told a word about this extra benefit.  The stocks were managed "for" them, instead, and the resulting money was Slush Funded by the War Department.  

Everyone who has served in any capacity since WWII is supposed to be getting two pensions, one from the British Territorial Government, and one from the Municipal United States Government, plus whatever additional services.  Do you know any vets who are getting both pensions? 

This has all come to light when many U.S. Veterans are struggling to survive. 

I have been one of the Principal Parties to bring this forward, so I am concerned and I do care for our veterans and their families, because whether the fight itself was wrong or right, they are owed what they are owed.  They should not be suffering and going without anything, including their freedom once their tours of duty are completed. 

The profits from the stock portfolios and the two pensions and extra perks and a good deal more are owed, but I can't negotiate that for them because I am not a U.S. Citizen.  

It takes a well-organized and connected team of people who are standing in the U.S. Citizen political status to go in and collect that debt and deploy the proceeds. Enter the Jupiter Group.  

We have asked them hard questions and we will continue to ask them hard questions --- and there is no doubt that they get their share out of the deal --- but so far, they are the only ones to step forward and claim the money and work out a plan to get the vast bulk of the funds where the funds belong ---- in the hands of U.S. Veterans and their families.

Especially for veterans who are retired, the solution being worked out by the Jupiter Group can make the difference between poverty and comfort. For those just out of the service, it can mean having a decent future and security on the way there.  

There is nothing stopping a U.S. Veteran from collecting on this, whether or not they choose to stay in U.S. Citizen political status.  It's like any other "federal retirement" --- once you retire from active duty, you are free to come home to America, declare your birthright political status, enjoy your Constitutional Guarantees, and collect your corporate pension.  If you are wise, that is exactly what you will do. 

Very soon now, the fiat dollar created by the Federal Reserve will collapse, because it's an illegal domestic currency fronted by the District of Columbia, based on the value of undisclosed contract labor: the enslavement of those merely "presumed to be" Municipal citizens/CITIZENS and the indentured servitude of British Territorial U.S. Citizens. 

That's a good thing.  It means that millions of Americans will be free again. It means that we will no longer live under the duress of the IRS or the Internal Revenue Service, either one.  We will all have lawful money instead of legal tender, and any presumption that we are paupers or wards of the state will be erased.  For everyone. 

I know that there are good reasons to hold the Jupiter Group at arm's length and to scrutinize what they do, because the heritage of the Bush Clan is a mixed bag, but so far they are the only ones organized and in the right standing to deliver relief that is owed to U.S. Veterans, and the debt is long overdue. 


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  1. There doesnt need to be a "Movement" at all.

    we were harmed.
    we have right to restor-ation.
    we have right to fair-ly try those men who we claim cause us harm:
    on our land
    using our law: American common law.

    its no more complicated than that.

    it will happen.


    1. "smoke and mirrors" phase is about over.

    2. notice the shills that theyve left in place.... maybe theyre the fallguys :)!--- looks to me like maybe theyre fixin' ta git skreued, "Royal-ly".

      we shall see.

    3. NEWS FLASH??

      dnajlion7 on rumble: bombshell DOD Khooovid-19 Ukraine... via ashley everly, "toxicologist"

      ...says the "snake venom" is the sPLA2-IIA enzyme that is actually very important, beneficial, and critical for the immune system to function properly! and helps kill pathogenic bacteria!!
      "we literally have genes that produce this enzyme"!!! ashley writes.
      it becomes elevated in people with chronic illness.... chronic pathogenic infections, chronic toxicity, cancer!!
      its expression increases during a "cytokine storm" when the INNATE immune system responds too strongly and cannot start up the ADAPTIVE immune system to balance it....
      and more.... very very interesting.
      _____so in other words, to me it sounds like these men, Stew and Ardus/ others are involved with, perhaps, selling a product that INHIBITS the expression of the snake-venom-like enzyme our bodies produce when we:re invaded by dangerous bacteria? the enzyme that also coordinates our two immune systems?.....

      and they are selling a product to INHIBIT it ... under the guise of "snake venom" being in our "water"???

      daaaay'EM, if true, then it sounds to me like their Snake Oil would be PREVENTING our body from having an adaptogenic response if one caught Khoovid!!

      damm! if thats true, these people are EVIL.

    4. You are the gibberish spewing"skanky" woman you speak of. Dumb-dumb.Faker.

    5. anonymous,

      well you finally gave us a break from your re-postings of the same wornout and inapplicable insults (from your Training Book? :)) after *'i'* had to alert you that the endless loop Thing you do is dreary and dull.

      now youre stealing my words? lol! not surprising :)... i would expect more.

    6. william d,

      YOUR: "...can you be more delusional Dumb-dumb:faker? You pulled your pants down, no underwear and its nothing any of us want to see. Go away..."

      *WHO* "pulled their pants down"?!!

      YOU? !!!

      well eeewwwweee! im sure i dont care!!!

      why do you think anyone on this blog cares about you pulling your pants down without having your underwear on?
      Thats pretty "mental".

  2. So where do we Vets start where is this Junpiter group located and how
    do we address the issue?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Wouldn't it be nice if a link were provided? It was given in the last webinar, but hard to understand, b/c f sounds like s. It seems to be jsggroup (.) com, but site is currently down, so not sure.

      Wouldn't it also be nice if we could edit our comments? Hmm?

    3. Go to Then tap “more”. It will take you to USVETBANK

  3. the Jupiter Group website is yet fairly vague.

  4. I want to become Anna's disciple.

  5. Me too, Please? Hope to see you Monday night!

  6. A Little Off Yet Another Important Subject, but Recently Covered. THE LATEST NYC SHOOTER.

    The minute they showed one of the alleged shooters posts Complaining about his lack of quality Mental Health Treatment. The bells and whistles begin to sound. As you all know. Yes, there are People who have Mental Issue's. So-called TI's do not fit into that category, Fact. Now, This Alleged Shooter sounds more and more lika A TI. In Reality there's Millions of us. However, many refuse to acknowledge The Facts. The Illegitimate Fake American Government Has Been Broken For Well Over 50 Years, And Continues To Operate Illegally Against International Law And Our Constitution, Fact. Again if in Fact The Alleged Recent NY Shooter Is A TI, Then What The Hell Other Choices Does He Are Any Of Us Have ??
    They Expect All Of Us To Die Like The Millions They Have Already Killed Over The Last 30 Years, In America Alone. And We Should Expect All Of Them To Die In Accordance To The Actual Law Of Record, Both Nationally And Internationally. We Are Not Guilty Of Millions Of Capital Murders. The Illegitimate Fake American Government Is Bragging To The World About This Illegal Program In Which They Have Killed Millions.

    Here I Sit On The Other Side Of The World. And I Am Still Being Attacked. This Requires Less Than A Pre-Kendergardnor's Level Of Understanding And Reasoning Skills.

    And On The Subject Of Russia. I Support Russia. This Same Illegitimate Illegal Broken American Government Is 100% Responsible For The Entire Situation In Ukraine. And There Are Many Like Oliver Stone, Judge Anna Von Reitz, Many High Ranking Military Personal And Millions Of Every Day Well Informed Real Americans Who Also Support Russia. And Their Remains So Many Others Like Iraq, Afghanistan, Haiti, Lybia, Liberia, Myanmar, Guinea, Uganda, Ethiopia, Darfur, Mali And So Many Other Places Who Have And Are Still Experiencing Hell On Earth Because Of This Same Illegitimate Broken Fake American Government.

    And Again On The Ukraine Issue Which Again The Illegitimate Broken American Government Is Responsible For, As Usual They Can Spend Trillions Of Dollars On Their Illegal Wars. But They Can't Send Our Tax Refunds And Stimulus Payments In A Timely Manor.
    And In My Case They Are Openly Trying To:
    Cut Off All Of My Funding, Keep Me From Reaching Iran, Afghanistan or Russia, Keep Me From Obtaining Corrective Treatments, Keep Me From Employment In The Proper Locations And They Continue To Have Me Stolen From And Sold Tainted And Spoiled Foods And Beverages Along With Many Other Illegal Acts.

    Yes, These Same Bastards Are Monitoring Everything I Do And Say. Tell Them To Meet Me In International Court, Or Any Court, Even On Their Own Turf !!!


    1. auston,
      have you checked out the American common law for the court rules for your upcoming claims for harm done to you, if any harm has been done and, if applicable?

    2. did you see ramola d's comment and article-link recently here on pauls blog?
      most people have at least heard of "Gangstalking" /"Targeted Individuals" by now even though practically NONE of ANY media will cover it. Its hush-hush apparently. It seems people believe or are afraid they will/might become a "Targeted Individual" too if they talk about it? idk. just guessing.

      if thats going on, and it looks to me right now like it certainly is, then its men and women who agree to cause harm to other man, and they are responsible to restore the man/woman they harm at the worth/"value" the man they cause harm to says its worth to him.
      --American common law.

    3. And from what ive read about it so far, im guessing you are:
      • noticably Above Average IQ
      • wont take questionable "offers" to enrich or promote yourself when they are offered to you
      • have higher than average moral standards
      • do not let fear run your life
      • and are probably
      a. a blonde with blue eyes
      b. a redhead with green eyes
      c. a strawberry blonde/dark blonde with blue, green, or hazel eyes.

    4. I guess its the SERCO entity thats often involved in the contracting/s; [Aim4Truth] along with other "British/ Crown/Vatican -Affiliated" men and women who, it seems, perhaps, maybe: if they cant control and use someone, they want to:
      • crush them and or their FAMILY MEMBERS!
      • destroy their reputation,
      • health,
      • family,
      • open their Postal packages and letters
      • shut down bank accounts,
      • poison their foods,
      • break into homes and cars,
      • spread rumors,
      • and much much more, including i GUESS(?)
      • interfering with their phones, computers, cameras. and on and on.
      Examples/ references:
      • Dennis Montgomery: The HAMR and SCORECARD
      • John Dodson: Whistleblower: Fast and Furious gun-walking> deth of Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry: to Chuck Grassley, Darryl Issa.
      • CeyeA: using Project DUMBO to take control of electronic devices -- wikileaks disclosed:2017; hacking tool
      • "Community Organized Policing"
      • InfraGuard: a "Public /Private PartnerSHIP" w/80000 members in 78 chapters. FBI w/businesses.
      • Depleted Uranium: Veterans
      • VA whistleblowers Katherine Mitchell, Samuel Foote.
      .. on and on seemingly endlessly.

    5. if what you are writing is true, (you never know anymore!) i hope you keep commenting here. let people know youre okay.