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Saturday, October 28, 2023

What Happens If You Don't Bring Forward Your State Assembly?

 By Anna Von Reitz

The most devastating thing that can and will happen is that your State of the Union will be annexed and merged into a neighboring State.  For example, Missouri could become Greater Kansas. 

The next most devastating thing that can happen is that you will lose your contracts, treaties, and other protections.  People in your State may no longer be owed their Constitutional Guarantees as a result of your inaction --- until you are officially annexed by another Union State. 

What some people and some States don't realize fully is the grave danger that they are in individually and personally.  

The right to self-govern has to be backed up by action.  If you don't bring your State Assembly into Session and do it correctly, your State will cease to exist.  It will be like Czechoslovakia -- no longer on the map. 

Your Forefathers died to give you the chance to self-govern and decide your own law, your own fate, and your own obligations, to own your own land and soil, to have no obligation to a king.  

It is up to you to seize upon that right and accept the responsibilities that go with it.  You have no choice but to educate yourselves and organize the actual State Assembly --- or else. 

This is a use it or lose it situation.  

We have preserved your rights for you thus far, as we have preserved our own --- but any continued inaction cannot be condoned and any inactive Assembly or Assembly without a Coordinator will be dissolved. 

The Federation does not, contrary to belief in some quadrants, provide Coordinators.  Coordinators must step up from each State, must be trained, and then take over the job of guiding the assembling process. 

Don't complain to me if you don't like your Coordinator(s).  We deal with what your State sends. 
And you always have the option of doing the job yourself. Contact TASA and volunteer. 

This is the part of self-governance that gets misunderstood.  You actually have to do things. 

You can't just sit on your butt and complain about what other people do or don't do, you have to take part and take action yourself.  

If you don't self-govern, you will be governed by the British King and the Pope.  And you already have a taste and foreshadowing of what that means. 


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