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Tuesday, October 24, 2023

The Problem With Hate and the Justice Paradigm

 By Anna Von Reitz

When we experience hate and contempt directed toward us, we naturally curl up in self-defense.  

Science tells us that even our DNA curls up in exactly this manner, like a cat curling up in a tight little ball with tail tucked in.  

We try to survive in this defensive mode, until we are convinced that we have to go on the offense to survive.  

We do whatever seems to offer the best chance of survival in either case. 

The problem is that whether we react defensively or offensively, we are still reacting instead of acting.

We are still coiled up, still restricted, still fearful. And this is a negative state of being in either case. 

As we know from studying negative numbers, a negative plus a negative just results in a larger negative. 

So it is with our natural instinctive response to hate and contempt. No matter what we do, the end result is negative -- whether we flee or we fight.  

You may ask, what other choice do we have? 

We can decide. 

The enemies of mankind, selfish, sick, small-minded individuals who fear punishment for their crimes, wish to destroy the Earth.  They wish to provoke the rest of us into helping them do this. 

So they run "False Flags" and they hire mercenaries to do evil, and they manipulate stock markets and currency markets and they promote race baiting and victimhood and religious strife. 

They promote conflict and poverty and ignorance as a means to empowering themselves. 

They do anything and everything to keep our attention centered on their narratives and their agenda as in "Agenda 2030" instead of focusing our attention on them and the corporations they are using to do all this destruction. 

We, however, are not so limited.  We can see through the smokescreen of all their staged events and all their rhetoric.  We can perceive them and the corporations that they use like sock puppets to do their dirty work. 

When we do this, we realize that these are all "legal fictions" with no natural right to exist, and that the evil men behind these corporations are, for the most part, using our own money and our own resources to harm us.  

They are our employees. Most of them are on our payroll.  

Technically, we even own their corporations. 

I have said since the beginning of this effort that despite all appearances otherwise, this current struggle is a spiritual war.  It is decided by discernment and determination and nothing else. 

It is not a matter of race or politics, poverty or wealth, religion or anything else of the kind. 

What we are facing on a planetary basis is crime, and despite the complexity of the mechanisms used, it is plain old garden-variety crime.   

It's impersonation and enslavement, false claims in commerce, fraud, illegal securitization, inland piracy, embezzlement, racketeering, extortion, and a myriad of other crimes including genocide -- but still, only crime. 

We have plenty of laws on the books already, in all jurisdictions, to deal with these crimes and these criminals.  We don't have to re-invent any wheels, we just have to apply and enforce the laws we already have. 

The real problem arises, when those entrusted to enforce the laws have become criminals themselves. 

And then, we decide.  We start firing employees. We start using Citizen's Arrest procedures. We start shutting down entire corporations.  Entire "government" programs.   

In a sense, we have created this problem, by giving too much power to men who are not worthy to wield it.  

So, we don't need any extraordinary actions.  No wars to end all wars.  No blowing up the planet. 

We need to keep our attention focused on who, exactly, is causing the problems, and the instruments (the corporations) and the means (finances) they are using to carry out these crimes. 

And then, we shut down their corporations and bring the boards of trustees and the rogue managers to justice.  

It's not that hard, people.  Man up.  Join your State Assemblies. Set up your courts of general jurisdiction. And clean your house. 

And clean your hearts.  No need to be afraid. In the end, love is the answer.  It is the great positive that overcomes all the negatives.  Let your love shine like a beacon in the night. 


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