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Friday, May 1, 2020

The Last Word on Covid 19 and Bill Gates

By Anna Von Reitz

The government of India has indicted Bill Gates for crimes against humanity, resulting from his crazy vaccination programs in their country which left almost half a million children crippled.  Numerous countries in Africa are expected to do the same, because of children crippled, sterilized, maimed, and killed by Bill Gates and his vaccination programs there.  

Now, Bill Gates is hoping to bring another such scandalous "health program" based on his vaccines home to America and the clueless idiots in Congress, bedazzled by corporate BS, think this is a good idea.  

Well, as usual, JC has the final word --- and exposure --- on exactly who is paying for all this crappola.  Thank God for our researchers.  

Those seeing this on Facebook will have to go to my website, to see the attachments, which we are sending and posting especially for the People of India, and the Peoples of Africa, who have already suffered at the hands of this monster in a suit.  

The attachments include information on the overall planning of the technological subjugation of the world population and specifics on the World Bank funding scheme that was commandeered in 2012 --- illegally, we might add.  

It's not light reading, but highly informative and will give great insight into the criminal mindset giving rise to this  reckless anti-human activity --- as well as exposing the parties principally responsible for it.  

This is a Gift Package to the International Law Team for India, with all our good wishes and fond hopes that they take care of "the problem" for the whole world and put an end to the World Bank crimes and the Bill Gates mental illness, too.

Please note that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) changed its rules to accommodate this scheme and is complicit in the financial crimes and acting in support of the repugnant political agenda --- AGAIN.  

Anything we can do to help..... 


Here are the links to the attachments:


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  2. Man, that's exact what I was going to post yesterday. That the Devils, (neg.Saturn) is about to flip neg.High energy May 8 - 10, 2020. In fact, some people maybe abused by them as early as May 6-8, 2020.

    Beware of astrologers’ wrong definition of "The neg.Saturn (Devils)" as authority, to cause fears in people. In reality, neg.Saturn also will suffer from their own unwise acts. Their affected energies occurred on two sides. Yes the Karma is or will be on "The Devils, (neg.Saturn)" as well. Especially on Scorpion Full moon May 7 – 10, 2020. Why? Vulkan has a much higher power than the "The neg.Saturn (Devils)". There are many neg.Saturn (false authorities) loving to control others, to live off of our energies. They are energy Vampire.

    Let's be clear, people are NOT fixed sign, we learned, and we changed over time. This is called the Progressive staging. Watch out for any sign born near Capricorn region. They became a Neg.Capricorn at older age, in 1/1000 cases. Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, Trump = GHB (Cancer) are a good example. Bill Gates & Dr. Fauci are Top Notich Evils. GHB has the very Highly-charged Energies, not too negative as dr. Fauci, both can harm poeple nevertheless, directly or indirectly.

    Bill Gates was a Scorpion, he became a Firesign today in his SUPER-Hi energies, charged in secrecies (12 twelve hs) against people. The Queen Elz2, cannot even measure up with the 4-top guys. Dr. Fauci is another Neg. Capricorn. His works, hs #6 is FULL of dark Evil energies (his amplified negative energies is seen fr 100-to-1,000,000X magnitude). As his worker said, he planted “animal disease” in Vaccine” to put on human, to cause people from not finding cure.

    Trump is a transcended (weak & naive ) Virgo, a delegated president (a foreign power agents). Not of America, evidences proved, their masters are aware. Mr. GWBush may be behind the ARMY, beware, not just Trump, and Gn. Flynn. All of these pre- planned 2020 events based on their inaccurate esoteric.

    Do not fall into their tricks ppl, refused or avoid to be arrested against their false authorities. You can avoid confrontation, by listening to, but beware of this: only 1 out of 15 Tarot readers can be accurate. Stick with the one more accurate to you, to save time.

  3. And pray of course. Have a good balance.

  4. Thanks Bellerian1, got it.

    Here’s a proof, in general Capricorn is a devil sign, indirectly or indirectly involved in impostering unlawful (governmental) acts, in many ways. Their under-taking risk at 11:35mn~ 13:52 < The devil, which is …who?

    Neg.Capricorns will face Galiath (Vulkan=people) ahead, if they’re not correcting their wrong:

  5. i am not questioning all of that info on that site, as good as intentioned as they may be

    but lots of problems with it.

    real militias are "the people" (state-level), not "usa citizens" (federal? what other interpretation of that is there? like "american citizen" it is not defined anywhere; only possibilities are federal and/or state )

    yes, perhaps as they point out, the "shot heard round the world" -- that was before "states" -- "texas" as a "state" and "usa citizens" didn't exist back then. apples and oranges.

    you cant protect the "constitution" per se if there are no actual states. you cant have actual states per se unless you have state citizens and/or nationals.

    bouviers 1856 "militia"

    "well-regulated" means the state gov. is supposed to train them. and court martial them e.g. if they fail to rendezvouz.

    it is a military position, not civilian. if they are out of line, or e.g. derelict of duty, they go to state-level military court.

    originally, waupentake (county level, common law, going back centuries)

    after "statehood" those are effectively supposed to be absorbed into the state militia

    one can argue if noone is running real state gov. those powers revert back to county-level waupentake "militias".

    point being: there is no "militia of usa citizens"

    maybe there is a pre-constitution pre-articles of confederation perhaps such thing -- but that has nothing to do with "texas"

    anything post-constitition IS supposed to be "state managed" -- because that is who is supposed to run the state-level "court martials" if they do something wrong, that is the trial they get.

    "right to bear arms" is effectively "right to wave a seal" -- i.e. they have to have some flag/seal they are protecting. e.g. a state flag.

    in america, it is open to everyone, because "we the people" are "king" -- but just like on the sea, you need some seal/flag else you are assumed to be a pirate or mercenary.

    again, actual "texas militia" would be protecting texas. actual waupentake would be protecting an unincorporated common law county.

    there is no "usa citizen" "militia" -- that is perhaps "national (read: federal) guard"

    as well-intentioned as they are -- with no "state management" -- it is basically "militaries roaming around with no check or balance on them, calling themselves texas militia, but composed of federal citizens" .....

    they may mean well, but i don't think they have done their homework -- and this is the situation probably near everywhere -- until actual state gov. is up and running, then the proper "state court martials" and whichever "state" training they are supposed to receieve, are apparently all vacant.


    The appointed Dr. Anthony Fauci said he touts results of trial examining experimental COVID-19 drug treatment | ABC News

    Fauci was aware of his toxic secret vaccines to kill, not to save life. That's why he uses the word "tout"

    1. To solicit customers, votes, or patronage, especially in a brazen way.
    2. To obtain and deal in information on racehorses.

    verb, transitive
    1. To solicit or importune: street vendors who were touting pedestrians.
    2. To obtain or sell information on (a racehorse or stable) for the guidance of bettors.
    3. To promote or praise energetically; publicize: "Projects for . . . construction of a deep-water route . . . to reach ports in the continent's industrial heartland had been widely touted" (Kenneth McNaught).

    George SOROS has very High-Negatively-charged energies in his House #12 (secrecies against people), BUT Gates has so much higher -Neg.Energies in his 12th hse of secrecies. Dr. A. Fauci secrecies are in his evil works. Their evil works checked, verified by me and others, their data received from the Angels and heaven, beamed to my antenna.

    Jg. Anna and her Group have their natural Instinct to detecting Good and Evil people. The databank of the alleged people can NOT be manipulated, it's not possible for human to touch, they came in like a 64-core CPU circuit, so complex to manipulate.

  7. NATO is preparing themself for a second Corona-Wave
    and Merkel is hoping to vaccinate all people of the wold.
    This is the content of the latest news.

  8. This is a shocking piece of news for me! Though I'm Indian and live here in my country, I've never come across this news here at home. So I'll be extremely grateful to you if you can point me to proper and reliable sources of information regarding this. I'll be much obliged. Thank you.