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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Think Hard

By Anna Von Reitz

Although you were never told this, and neither was I, we have lived our entire lives under the thrall of an international military protectorate.  

That protectorate has ultimately been under the control of the Pope, running a two-sided game, and making "war" with himself between the U.S. Territorial Government (which the British Queen oversees for him as a Commonwealth) and the US Municipal Government which he directly controls.  

So the "international military protectorate" appears to have two sides or faces to it, one the U.S. Military and the other the US Federal Civil Service, but in fact, both are ultimately owned and operated by the Pope.  

This has allowed for a geat deal of fraud and asset siphoning to occur, and also has allowed the Popes --- in the past --- to promote unrest and political take-overs and all sorts of other mischief, up to and including promotion of "civil war" as mercenary conflicts on our shores.  

It has also led to unwary Americans being conscripted into the military against their will (drafts) and used as cheap mercenaries in wars for profit and other abuses worldwide.  

We can and should blame the British Monarchs, but we must also bring the cows home to the "Holy Roman Empire" and the Popes. Big time. 

That is Lesson One and it deserves to be well-learned:  "Ancient" Rome --including Roman military power --  is still alive and still meddling in everything through the Roman Catholic Church and the United Nations. 

If we want to put them in their place, we have to step up and self-govern and put an end to their excuses for the existence of any such "international military protectorate". 

Our more immediate problem is that these swindlers are pretending to be broke, and bankrupting everything in sight.  

The Vatican may be broke, but the Holy See isn't, and our contracts are all with the Holy See.  

That is Lesson Two.  Just because the Vatican bank is all tapped out doesn't mean that the Queen and the Holy See are out of pocket.  

Prince Philip made off with $950 Trillion in "Life Force Value Annuities" owed to the Americans and Canadians in April 2017.   

Jamie Dimon stole $489 Trillion from the City of Rome (Urban) Trust --- that was supposed to go to the victims of this crime spree, but which was commandeered and redirected to various banks. 

The Guadalupe Hidalgo Trust -- 33 Trillion -- is supposed to pay for social services and education and water resource development and agriculture and infrastructure in seven of our western states.  Where's that money?  

Then there is the matter of the "US National Debt" which is supposed to be offset by our American National Credit.  Where did that money get siphoned to?  

And the US-China Trade Deficit, also --- we paid for the goods on our end of the pipeline, so who embezzled all that?  

There is no reason for any American or Canadian or Chinese to be suffering for lack of health care or anything else. 

The Rotten Apples had planned to stage another civil war on our shores, using the regular military against the Federal Civil Service and its Agencies --- with us conveniently stuck in the middle and being the actual targets. 

The reason for this?  We are in fact their Priority Creditors, and they don't want to pay us back.  Dead men can't collect. 

That plot was discovered and aborted --- narrowly.  So, next, they went to China. 

They owe both the American People and the Chinese People vast amounts of money.  They owe us the exact equivalent of the "US National Debt" and they owe the Chinese the entirety of the "US-China Trade Deficit".  

So, they have tried to gin up a war between America and China, hoping to get their two largest Priority Creditors to kill each other. 

How convenient. 

That plot was also discovered and torpedoed.  

Lesson Three --- these guys are con artists who use identity theft and impersonation to access credit and assets that don't belong to them.  They run up huge bills against the victim's assets, and then kill their creditors.

Now that everyone knows that's what they do and how they work, it is getting harder and harder for them to operate.  The targets they painted on their victims are getting shifted to their own backs for a change. 

Now, take a look in your wallets.  What do you see?  

I.O.U's. known as "Federal Reserve Notes"--- but what else do you notice? These notes are military script foisted off onto Federal workers as "legal tender".  The Federal Employees and Dependents have no choice but to use them, because that is the policy of the corporations employing them.  

The rest of us get entrapped into using military script in order to trade with our own U.S. Military and Federal Civil Service Employees.

This is similar to the current situation where everyone is inconvenienced by the Covid 19 "live exercise" ---- the rest of the population is adversely impacted and sucked into the drama caused by the military's "Simulated War".  

All the Federal Employees are obligated to go along with this farce and pretend that it is real. 

We, civilians,  don't actually have to shut down our businesses or wear masks--- it is all phony and Michael Pompeo came right out and admitted it ----  but the federal workers do, and because they do, everyone else gets inconvenienced and prodded into participating in this lunacy. 

For example, we find ourselves having to wear masks to get a haircut, because why?  Because in order to serve Federal Employees, salons have to be "licensed" and go along with whatever song Uncle Sam sings.  

There is no law requiring anyone to have a license to cut hair in America.  Unless you want to serve Federal Employees. 

No law requiring a license to practice law or medicine or..... 

All we have to do is hang a sign in the window or on the door of our unincorporated civilian businesses:  "Federal Employees and Dependents Denied Service" and see how long it takes "Congress" to change its tune. 

There is no reason for you to shut down your business.  There is no law requiring civilians to wear face masks or "hunker down", either. 

But, as long as you put up with being "imposed upon" like this, THEY will impose.  And impose.  And impose.  

That is Lesson Four.  You have an obligation to declare your political status and resist their "presumptions" and "impositions", or there will be no end to what they will try to foist off onto their employees, and by association, onto you, too. 

We have to refuse to serve them until they "voluntarily" adopt other corporate policies.

They are, after all, supposed to be serving you.  


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  1. Good point on trade deficit with China contracts are done quid pro quo something for something

  2. Please provide a link to what Michael Pompeo presented - re: "it is all phony and Michael Pompeo came right out and admitted it."

    1. It was a WH Press conf in the past couple weeks I believe, but Pomp was at podium and flat out sais "we are in a live exercise." Trump, standing to the side bowed his head and said as if cameras werent supposed to hear "You should've, you should've told us."

    2. Just google it...Mike Pompeo "Live Exercise"....

    3. Listen to Mike confusion:

  3. Anna you intro a subject here that deserves much more attention and pursuit. Everyone knows that when a business is stinking in its conduct, people boycott. Boycott is to openly refuse to participate, make noise, carry signs, gather other objectors and demonstrate...but above all, boycott: stop doing business with the stinking deed doer.

    I think we all should be boycotting every government services agency that operated contrary to constitutional restraints. Openly. Loudly. Visibly. Noisily.

    Starting with signs blazoning errant State of State governors who "order" with cleverly couched words to "encourage" people to stay at home, wear masks, and conduct ourselves as if a boogey man is lurking behind every masked face is plain stupid. And it reveals the person acting that way is a confused conformist, a social copy cat, a fear mongering idol worshiper doing obescience to the State of State.

    Just boycott every office, bureaucracy, politician, so called official who is devoted to the face mssk shuffle, the social distance dogma, the Covid -19 conspiracy. AND GET ON WITH REAL LIFE ...LIVING JOYOUSLY IN A VERY WONDERFUL NATURAL WORLD FASHIONED FOR US BY GOD. Have faith your immune system was so well designed by Him that you just need to take care of it, and stay very very well letting your own mind and heat inform you about what business you need to conduct each day.

  4. And also what about the 27, trillion the Bush's stole from the American people, Google Leo Wanta,,,

    1. It was $32 trillon, not 27..just correcting you..!! But it did take place and lee wanta went into hiding...!! After 8 years of this nonsence it was taken by poppy Bush in the end and the rest is history...its important to note that he was paid by dollars back by gold and silver....imagine how they hypothenticated that amount..!!

  5. Please watch this video...frightening
    Henry Makow@HenryMakow

  6. I found that phony stimulus check was directly deposited to my checking account today! I want nothing to do with it! Can someone tell me how to send that amount back.....Where, or to Whom!

    Or should I accept this only as a gift? And if so, to whom do I notify that it will only be considered a gift, not a benefit?

  7. You could do a screen shot of the check and amount in your checking account and paste it into a word processing program. Print it out and write accepted as a gift and send a copy of the print out to
    Steven T. Mnuchin
    U.S. Secretary of the Treasury
    1500 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20220

  8. Thanks Anna but this is nothing new, the vermin had played this game before, the 2-face-games to other nations, to confuse people, to get people fight each other, in turmoil forever. It's Very damaging, if the war going on too long.

    In the mean time the vermin Top Masters won, stealing people gold, while the two sides killing each others. It's very difficult to explain to the 2-side victims later on:
    So the "international military protectorate" appears to have two sides or faces to it, one the U.S. Military and the other the US Federal Civil Service, but in fact, both are ultimately owned and operated by the Pope.

  9. Anna,
    Regarding the "US Corporate Bankruptcy"

    There seems to be plenty of money to send out the "stimulus checks" and plenty of money paid out to out of work transsexuals. But somehow, there is no money to pay the people who signed up for the offset credit/debt relief program - go figure.

    Pope Francis financially bails out transsexual prostitutes struggling with no street ‘customers’

    "The group of transsexual prostitutes reached out to Pope Francis, through the Papal Almoner, Cardinal Konrad Krajewski.

    “Francis’ response was immediate,” the paper reported.

    The Papal Almoner is responsible for charitable works done in the name of the Holy Father."

  10. We have DEVIL running the country:

    here's why:
    This is worse than 300,000 Guillotines.

  11. A tad bit off topic but under the same umbrella. I rec'd a reminder to fill out the 2020 CENSUS, SINCE I do not work for the government, nor obligated to them, we American State Nationals, don't have to fill out a census, correct? Just thought I'd check. thanks. Anna? Anyone?

    1. Instruction were Name and number of occupants,, No More

  12. I don't know why folks can't see it..that Trump is a globalist and on the wrong side..after all..this is not just a One man or country's a global operation..with the Zionist at the helm..the synagogue of satan..the "sons of cain"..if people don't understand the beginning of the Word of God..Bible..Genesis..then they will not understand the ending 1986 Trump a zionist agent..received the highest award..The Kabb-Alah Tree of Life award..from the this video..proof that Trump is working with the Zionist Bill Gates to INJECT America..Trump is in charge of operation Warp Speed..The pope..the Queen are all working with..if not agents themselves..of the Zionist agenda..their one world Utopia under Lucifer..there are only 2 sides in this Spiritual War..Jesus or Satan..anyone with eyes to see will know what side these Globalist are on..Jesus called them..the sons of Cain..and that they were from their father the devil..WHO WAS A MURDERER FROM THE BEGINNING!! Who was the first to murder? CAIN! The sons of Cain..the synagogue of satan! the 7 Noahide Laws are being implemented worldwide..looking at the 7 Noahide Laws themselves don't look so's the hundreds of Sub-laws that are hidden.. that are destructive..