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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

History Lesson for Marilyn of Minnesota

By Anna Von Reitz

Nobody should feel bad about not knowing things that have been purposefully hidden from them, right? 

We aren't stupid.  We aren't at fault for the deceit of others.  But now that we are learning new things we can't just go on under the old assumptions.

All three Constitutions very clearly reference the form of government we are owed as "a republican form of government".   Not Republics.  Not Democracies.

Our Founders knew all about Republics and Democracies, and if they had meant either one, they would have said so -- but instead, they said "a republican form". 

This means, quite literally, that we are to sit around the kitchen table and decide what happens in our country, in our state, and also, ultimately, how we are represented globally.  We are meant to be self-governing at a grassroots level. Literally.

Now, I could wax on about all that, but there would be nay-sayers who have been indoctrinated in the British system of "constitutional democracy" and there would be Papists who promote the "municipal republics" --- none of which are American --- hurling insults and bad-mouthing me personally as my repayment for bringing forward these facts. 

Thankfully, you don't have to hear it just from me.  Go get yourselves a copy of Ricardo Johansson's book, Emergence from Illusion -- Nation Building Should Begin at Home, and read pages 77-91. 

We, Americans, have our own form of government --- and it is neither a constitutional democracy --- which is the government of the British Territorial United States, nor a Roman-style municipal Republic --- which is the form of government adopted by the Municipal Oligarchy running Washington, DC.

So all of you who are out there promoting "Republics" are wrong. And you are playing into the hands of the Papist Oligarchy.  Is that what you intend to do? If not, it's time to stop, pause, and get your directions straight. 

Likewise, all of you who are out promoting "Constitutional Democracy" are also miles off target.  That's not American.  That's British. 

In both cases, the groups promoting either "Republics" or "Democracies" are not promoting anything American, and can't therefore represent our States of the Union. 

So there is that part of it. 

All those groups out there who are struggling to come to grips with the situation and trying to assemble "States" must first and foremost admit what kind of "States" they are assembling.

"United States Citizens" are British Territorial Citizens and they may very well want to band together and form States-of-States for the Queen, but if so, they must clearly state who they are and what they are doing and not try to deceive anyone about it. 

"Citizens of the United States" are Municipal Citizens of the Holy Roman Empire, and they may want to create more "States-of-States" for the Pope, and run them as "Municipal States" --- but if so, they, too, need to forthrightly admit what they are doing and not try to deceive anyone about it. 

We, "American State Citizens", are the natural population of the States of our Union, doing business as The United States of America, the unincorporated version, and we are being very upfront about who we are and what we are doing. 

We are forming our American republican States of the Union, which are not any form of "States of States", not incorporated, not "Republics" and not Constitutional Democracies, either.

It is a sad day when so many Americans are left so uneducated about their own history and their own government that when it comes time to sit down at their kitchen tables and govern, they take reference to foreign governments instead.

Our organization, The American States Assembly, is assembling the American States and we are using the republican form of government we are heir to, and we are properly assembling as American State Citizens. 

The end result of this proper understanding and construction is that we are assembling the actual People and the actual States of the Union that are party to the Constitutions and owed all Good Faith Service and Guarantees and Treaties from both the Pope and the British Monarch. 

So, there it is, the Facts, Ma'am. 

Now, it's up to all of you to decide what you want and intend to do. 

Choice A:  Act as British Territorial "United States Citizens" and form States-of-States that are Constitutional Democracies.

Choice B:  Act as "Citizens of the United States" and form States-of-States that are Municipal Republics. 

Choice C:  Act as "American State Citizens" and form actual republican States that are sovereign entities.

-- And don't think for a moment that you will be allowed to pass off foreign State-of-States as one of our States of the Union, because that will not in any case pass muster. 

One final word: as you can see, the foreign governments, both the constitutional democracies of the Brits and the municipal republics of the Papists, are populated by US Citizens. 

US Citizens of either kind are not allowed to participate in the American State Governments. 

The American States are each separate nations in much the same way that France is a separate nation from Belgium, even though they both speak French (more or less).  As a result, and to prevent conflict of interest, all the American States require that their People hold one and only one citizenship allegiance --- their State Citizenship. 

You cannot hold a Dual Citizenship of any kind and be a member of an American State Assembly. 

I am sorry that this is the fact, but it is, and you can readily see why.  We have fifty States which are fifty separate nations here.  If we allowed Dual Citizenship, can you imagine the confusion and the skulduggery that would go on? 

It would be impossible to hold a State Election. And once you did hold a State Election, it would be impossible to be sure that the results reflected the will of the People actually living in that State.

So Americans who wish to participate in State Government need to be singularly committed to that State and to that State Government alone, without any commitment to any other foreign government.

Go ahead and assemble the kind of "State" --- or in the case of US Citizens, "State of State"--- you want to assemble, but be clear among yourselves and with the Public about what you are doing, what form of government you are operating, and in what capacity you are acting.

Don't confuse the kinds of citizenship required, or the kind of government that results.  Don't call "Republics" American.  Don't call "Constitutional Democracies" America.  And don't call "States of States" American States.

Be clear and honest about what you are doing and who and what you are assembling, and we won't have any problems. 

Try to foist off a foreign State-of-State as one of our States and we will have you in international court and strung out as insurrectionists acting in conspiracy against the Constitutions. 

In the confusion following the Civil War, a Scottish Commercial Corporation foisted off British Territorial States of States "as" American States and we paid the price for it.  There won't be any more substitutions like that.  Ever.


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  1. WOW Anna, that was magnificent, it didn't appear that you stopped to take a breath. I just hope someday I can do as good a job in one breath and defend the concept. Thank you for being such a straight arrow and great patriot. Scott

  2. Clarity on all concepts in all these arenas is absolutely essential! If any "US Citizens of either kind" form "States-of-States" then the jurisdictions thereof must also be "clear ... with the Public." Those jurisdictions will have to be either upon the sea or in the air because all of our land and soil jurisdiction is already claimed for the American People. Isn't that right, Anna? .........

    1. 138 page e-Book of "Emergence From Illusion" is available at:

    2. Thank you Paul for your efforts and labor of love, to bring us "Manna From Anna"-- Teamwork Makes The Dream Work...

  3. Thomas Williams said that the Scots were not was the Dutch...!! One more LIE..!!

    I do not want to follow a bunch of arrogant feckless, irresponsible, traitorist attorneys to make up a contract so convoluted no one but them knew what it meant...!!
    You are still pushing that incredibly deceiving piece of trash called the "CONSTITION"....!! Can you explain exactly what a constitution is Anna...!! You can't demand a contract, then deny you wanted it...!!

    Screw the 50 states....its time every state became a country again, with no Federal oversite and no constitution...!!
    The American experiment has proven to be the biggest mistake we ever made....!! You can remove the Brit from his country, but you can't remove the American from the Brit....!!

    If everyone here still insist on defending the constitution, than consider that I was never your countrymen....You can't have it both ways...So you "Assembles" don't think for a minute you can tell me what to do...!! I'll be armed and ready for you...!!

    All you want Anna is another form of govt, when you know damn well that it will only be corrupt to...its the nature of the beast for govt to be fraudulent and corrupt...!!
    There is only one form of govt that will stand the test of time....a theocracy...!! But only if God himself runs it...!!

    1. Wow, someday you will tell us how you really feel about it. careful what you wish for. I do however hope you get whatever you want from it in the end. Peace be with you brother.

    2. James, you seem to forget we are peaceful by nature. Your passion for your version of government is commendable. And Yes, we are looking to run our own government, maybe you could be part of the department that forces transparency?
      And being a man of the land I will still call you brother.

  4. Yes agreed that Anna is very skilled in the art of clarity in the presentation of the situation. At the risk of opening a can of worms perhaps too early in this process, I finding my self wondering...

    1) Will the Roman styled District of Columbia shrink back into its own footprint as was intended originally? There was a story awhile back that Italy annexed the Vatican city-state, Anna mentioned it briefly too. Can that happen to D.C., who charters such a construct as a city-state to begin with? I recall reading that the land for D.C. was donated but could another one pop up in...I don't know, Iowa let's say? Westminster supposedly morphed into the inner city-state of London apparently. Who knows how that works?

    2) If the reconstruction of the states after the Civil War is completed, will it require international approval and recognition the way Trump just recognized the annexing of the Golan Heights?

    3) Since the corporate service providers are interlopers posing as a de-facto government unlawfully, will they fold their tents or still rampage around the world waging unlawful wars that they are waging around the world with their also unlawfully militaries?

    4) Will they still try to retain control after a lawful government emerges from reconstruction? I think the obvious answer is yes but right now they will (and are by the sound of it) try to PREVENT the de-jure proper governance from emerging at all so as to avoid the possibility of a conflict of interest between the two and keep the racket going.

    5) When I look around at the people I see I find it very difficult to imagine too many folks that have a similar approach and emotional stability as Anna to sit around the kitchen table and make the big decisions. I think it would likely be a bumpy ride until the maturity levels of the people involved are elevated to allow this situation to stabilize.

    6) Will we face the Sampson option whereby the ruling class simply starts hurling nuclear and other WMD devices around to signal their displeasure with a change to their status quo?

    7) Some kind of re-education system would need to be in place to educate the public with regard to the fact that criminals are no longer running the asylum. There will have to be additional resources in place to assist with the fact that some folks will experience severe cognitive dissonance issues, their heads will start rotating when they realize that their entire world view has just exploded. And if their government was a lie, then what ELSE is a lie too? There are all sorts of pessimists around to speculate that everything will fall apart and it will be mayhem. It doesn't have to be, but the criminals who want things to stay the way they are will not want to play nice. Apparently the Queen Bee in London is making plans to head for the hills in underground bunkers when Brexit is unleashed and that is nothing compared to what would happen if the Royals are all exposed for the pikers that they all really are.

    But...all of this DOES have to happen to balance the universal energy laws of ascension of mankind and indeed the planet.

    As George W. infamously said...bring it on!

  5. How does a “republican form of government” differ from a “Republic?”

    1. Anna just explained it as best possible, re read again to comprehend this stuff takes multiple reads to grasp

  6. First of all I couldn't agree more regarding self-government, yes, yes, yes!!! And I love the simple truth of the message in this History Lesson for Marilyn. And... I love the dialog that ensues in your 'proposals'. And... frankly 'in reality' I am spending a lot of time lately doing just that and @ the kitchen table! LMAO!
    However, in light of how EVERYONE in the 20th century has been first in print and then by TV, programmed by the MSM to buy into America being a democracy (and it has become a socialist democracy for sure!) ... First, let's look at history before defining the 2 diametrical and political forms of government. Haven't we heard Benjamin Franklin quoted as saying 'they' gave us a republic not a democracy? And the corner stone of the Texas Republic contract agreement to enter the Union in 1845 was: It must ALWAYS remain a republic! That exact verbage is in the Texas Constitution of 1845! And wasn't Lincoln quoted as having a great concern about and desire to: restore the unity of the 'republic' after the civil war? And based upon my research JFK, was the last president to publicly mention and refer to America as: 'a republic'. And more recently the Republic of united States of America convention in what…. July 2010 was presented as a Continental Congress to re-inhabit the 'republic' that has been vacant since 12/1859? IDK, I wasn't there, but Anna weren't you there?

    I like this, but it remains vague regarding 'individual rights'...
    The key difference between a democracy and a republic lies in the limits placed on government by the law, which has implications for minority rights. Both forms of government tend to use a representational system, i.e., citizens vote to elect politicians to represent their interests and form the government.

    OK, now my favorite definition is in a parable: In a democracy majority rules, and so in a democracy: we have 3 wolves and a sheep, so guess what and 'who' is for supper! However, in a republic, individual rights are paramount, and it is not only the right, but the duty of the 3 wolves to protect the rights of life, liberty and property of the 1 sheep. So where do you want to live?

    In a democracy or a republic?

    Both the above definition in parable theory, and the quote of Benjamin Franklin were presented to me almost 15 years ago in this John Birch Society Youtube video:

    Anna, my bottom line is: You are ABSOLUTELY right about self-government, but... can the masses ever understand and apply that?
    You and I, my dear, are a rare, self-educated breed in these politically 'correct' times. And why? Because we are readers, and WRITERS! Praise the Lord!

    "Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty." ~ Thomas Jefferson

  7. Marcus...and therein lays the problem....the people aren't ready for that much responsibility....I can't find one person who actually wants to read...!! And as far as text books, they are the only way to memorize something important and good for highlighting certain passages that are critical facts...!! This generation doesn t read, not even on a computer or phone...!! All that knowledge at your fingertips, and people use it to look for the funniest animal tubes, or something just as stupid...!!

    And to be quite honest, this generation is a loss...!! They are still trying to find out if they are a boy or girl or something in between...!!
    That's what is important to them...!!

    Will Smith...I guess my comment was a little over the top, but I see this now as an equation..


    It's the nature of the beast...!! Then throw in a totally esoteric concept like money or currency (using commercial DEBT Instraments...negotiable and non- negotiable), and people are lost....!!

    If Trump can't finish this, no one will be able to replace him...!!
    It's now or never...!!

    But the generation just starting has to be taught the true history of this country and be experts when it comes to money and law....!! Most people aren't interested in either ....and that's why we keep repeating this same scenario over and over, because the CABAL doesn't think about anything else, while Americans only thing about the next football season...!! How many of you have kids..?? And how much time do you spend with them on those two subjects...?? If you don't teach them , no one will....!!

    1. James you called it very well on this issue. I was trying to be more politically correct but I was thinking the same things you wrote. Anybody who really thinks about it should come to the same conclusion. It doesn't have to be a deal breaker in the big picture but very few people want to think anymore. Or even READ as you pointed out, I agree. I wrote a long post earlier proposing some points for discussion but I don't really think this blog is suited to that so I will stop doing it.

  8. The 7 Noahide Laws watch this
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  9. James you are confusing the trust indenture with your unalienable Rights. You never took an oath to their contract/constitution that is for them you just enforce it. You have unalienable Rights granted to you by your creator, very different. You still have a very hard time understanding this after so many years. Make it sink in...

  10. Thanks so much for that Anna. :) Many, many blessings to you and Paul. :)

    1. Just a quick note... I don't know that came up anonymous as it was not my intention.

  11. Unfortunately, you actually have to make a law that forces people to take accountability, like Missouri did just recently.....they made a law that makes it a crime NOT TO OWN an AK-47...!!

    But a better idea would be to force everyone in a state to "open carry", so everyone has everyone else's back in an emergency....everyone between the ages of 21 and 65 and physically capable of using it...!!

    And it's up to govt to fund the use of it paying for all the ammo and training that all officers get too...!!

    One incident in New Zealand and already they want to take all the guns away from the people...!!

    People will never do the right thing unless forced under criminal penalties....!!! Than at least if they never use it, at least the patriot will without going to jail if a crime is being witnessed...!!

    1. James, this is a bit confusing ... You don't want anyb
      government, but you also want governments to force people to do what YOU would like them to do, under criminal penalties?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. No Marc..maybe it came off that way but what I really meant is that I have always said that the #1 crime (And it is a crime), is FRAUD...!!
      But if you go to the police about it, all of a sudden they tell you that is a civil matter sir....what you reallyean Mr officer, is your fat ass doesn t know the first thing about law or the constitution and it's too much work for you when all you have to do is catch someone with a joint and make an easy arrest...!!

      Anna doesn't give a shit about FRAUD...!! IT all has to be legally correct to challenge crime these days by filing everything in reverse that they did it..!!

      If this was a math problem it would be black and always reduce to the lowest common denominator....FRAUD and MONEY...!!
      Instead , everyone is being charged with sexual harassment or worse...just looking at a woman or children ....!!

      Your all focused on the wrong thing...first and foremost we need to get rid of the IRS completely and put all of them in GITMO as a reminder that if anyone every WORKS for a taxing agency again, they will immediately face GITMO....!! That's the first and most Paramount issue causing all the other problems we have in life...!! This has to happen before we even consider talking about "assembles"...!!

      If law enforcement will not consider FRAUD as a class A felony, than what good is govt or the law...!!

      The real TRUTH is there is NO RULE OF LAW IN stop talking about it...!! At the end of the day, after reducing the equation to the lowest common denominator....FRAUD and MONEY...!!

      So give me one good reason why we need them....!! I dont, and never will...!!

      But one thing is for sure.....if we don't eliminate "sexual harassment laws" or just have the police tell women the same thing to me when I bring up fraud....that is a civil matter mam, then I will not allow woman to be in control of assembles....sorry ladies but fair is fair...!!
      Now watch Anna just skip over what I just suggested and go right back to harping on "assembles"...!!

  12. Penny....I know that but 90% of America has no clue....the fact is that I can never be free until that 90% knows what you just suggested to me...Do you have a RAPID solution for that....until then, I don't even have God given really need to look at this as a complicated calculus problem, with many variables to deal with...!! And forget about the Constitution...that is only for US CITIZENS, right from the start...!!

  13. C Johnson...judge not or you will be judged too...!!

  14. Turtle...You are all my brothers and sisters in faith....God bless..!!

  15. C Johnson....everyone on earth has been judged already and found other words, everyone has fallen short of the glory of God...EVERYONE..!! I was just to nice to realize that everyone is a LIER beneath the skin..especially since we are using the same monitary and legal system that destroyed ROME....!!
    JESUS only targeted on group of people during his ministry...."The money changers", and not only did he talk like I do to them, he actually threw over all their tables and money went flying everywhere...You guys still don't get it...he never said his ministry was only for true patriots willing to be thrown to the lions, just to prove their faith...!! The bible was actually meant for people, the 90% I'm talking about, and not patriots because at least I was willing to put my life and fortune on the line to correct the injustices I see in law enforcement and their corrupt courts...!!

    And another thing...when did Jesus every endorse any man made govt...wheres the scripture for that...!!
    And no where in the bible does it mention "Commercial DEPT Instraments " as a way of trading...!! You don't even have to love this form of money to be sinning, because it is intrinsically evil all by itself...!! And it causes everyone you deal with to go along with theft...!!

    With Jesus, it was never about money, but lived by every word of God...!!
    He never needed money because he had enough faith that all his needs would be taken care of just by asking for it...unselfishly !!

    You don't owe me anything, but you do owe our "FATHER" an apology for that comment, miss HIGH AND MIGHTY...!!

    This is the thing about all Christians...they tend to take everything out of context just to win an arguement...!! A lot of people, according to an honest pastor are going to be very surprised to see what they assumed were terrible people right in heaven, next to you...!!

    I'll stop harping when I see a show of faith by standing hand and hand against the courts and govt in general...Instead all I ever hear is this is every ones personal battle....LIERS, COWARDS, FEAR MONGERS...!! Even Jesus had the benefit of 12 apolstiles behind him...!!The only govt Jesus ever endorsed was a theocracy...period..!!

    Like Moses said to the Hewbrews...


    It's money that causes all the problems of the world....why are we still insisting on it...!!

  16. C Johnson...all you are doing or trying to do is create another system of you like controlling other people....that is all govt is good for..!! I complain because your too blind to see that govt do not, nor will they ever work....give me one good reason why we need govt when all they do is immediately take control and tell people what to do....I just want to be left alone by everyone, including all govt and law enforcement agencies...I don't even want a letter in the mail from any of them which I consider a criminal offense....they always want money, but I have never benefited from being nice to them because all they care about is money....or can't you see that...!! You say I always complain but I have never used 911 to call on anyone...but I bet you have...!! People who use 911 to get people in trouble are the worst cowards of all...You tell us that we all have to fight our own battles, but then you turn right around and call 911 at the drop of a hat..!! If you have a problem with neighbors or anyone else, just take them to court instead of calling in the troops for your benefit...!! If you want govt fine, but don't expect me or anyone else to respond to force just to get your perfect world...!! When you can do that I won't complain anymore....Capish...!!

  17. C Johnson.....I cannot or will not respect people like you who has never done time in jail for nothing with no injured party or never having committed fraud in my don't know me at all and with that attitude you never will....You as a woman, always tell men we do not or cannot understand what's it's like to be pregnant....Well it goes both will never understand anything about men because the cops treat you with kit gloves....totally are afraid of you and a lawsuit....all you have to say is "harassment and some man goes to jail...I hope your proud of must feel very empowering to just call 911 and have some guy arrested...!! But God forbid if I call saying a girl is harassing me...!!

    Your whole problem is you don't live in my shoes or any other guys either...Anna is a woman and sees things from strictly a womans point of view...!!
    If you don't think there is total inequity against men, let me show you around the penal system for awhile....there are at least 10 times more men in jail than woman, and trust me your kind is just as evil and conniving as any man...!! But of course that's fair isn t it in your eyes...!! All I have to say is Hillary Clinton ....end of discussion...!!

    By the time your assembles get it together, this world will be history...!! I've had more education in one finger than you have had all your life....I was pre- med, and on the Dean's list a dozen times...I also have certifications in water and wastewater treatment and turned more valves in 4 years than you have in your entire life...and I've spent the last 35 years doing nothing but studying LAW while you were raising kids and married and I'll go toe to toe with you any day when it comes to law...!!
    Anna is not right about everything she says....and I And others have pointed it out many times...!! In fact with all the LIES shoved down our throats for the last 200 years, how can you be sure of anything...!!

    And I have personally witnessed many many times the injustice in courts when dealing with men than woman...!!

    You ALL have a chip on your shoulder...go to any courtroom and see who all the prosecutors are...all woman who can't wait to bury any man who cares to challenge them...!! Even for a simple traffic ticket..!! No common sense at all....just win at any cost...!!
    Quit complaining about sexual grow up little girl...!! It's time to put you big girl dress on and quit playing the victim constantly...!!
    If you don't like how men act, why dont you live on the moon, you misandrist...!!

    1. C Johnson...great that the best you have...!!
      I would rather have this system, as evil as it is, than have you on any jural assembly...thank you very much...!!

  18. C Johnson don't think like them, that's why you are going to thing they are smart enough to understand is without funding no one can win a war....!! Again , your concerned about everything except the most important thing that controls nations and worlds....a non ending supply of FUNDS...!! Enough money can turn anyone into a traitor...just ask Judas...!! And he didn't even get that much...!!

  19. By the way guys, if Trump is doing so good why is he sending me non- stop emails asking for donations and even tripling or quadrupling anything I give....!! He says the DEMS are raising unbelievable amount of funds from the liberal left...!! He wouldn't be asking me if he didn't need it...!! And it's not just from him...he has his wife asking , his children, his attorney (Gulianai), and other staff members all asking for my help with finances for his relection...!! He won't make it past 2020 if we don't start helping him....we can always go back to Anna's way, but he needs our support right now...!! It's better to back a horse that has a chance of winning than wasting it trying to break free of their system.....!! No one on this or any other site has as much chance of ending this than Trump....NO ONE...!! And this is our last chance to do something about it...!! Make up your minds...!! Who else is fighting for everyones rights, not just rights for a select few like the LBGT community, Abortion advocates, women's rights, black lives, immigrants, etc, etc...!!
    We all want freedom from the banks...dont we...!!

  20. C Johnson...I absouluty have faith in God and his son....what I don't have is faith in you at all...!! It must be lonely at the TOP, like you replaced God himself....should I call you...."YOUR HIENESS"...!!