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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

FBI Rumors

By Anna Von Reitz

I want to make this absolutely clear to everyone: rumors that the FBI contacted me, interviewed me, asked me questions, etc., are totally false.  Rumors that I refused to answer these non-existent questions are also, obviously, untrue.     

Not only have I not been contacted by the FBI,  but if I were, I am not afraid of my own employees, much less am I afraid of the subcontractors of my  employees --- which is what the FBI is.

Now that we have that straight, I want you to note that the people spreading these rumors are liars.

And who is the Father of All Lies? 


So now you have a clue as to who and what I am up against, and also you are forewarned. 

If they would lie and mislead you about these petty things, they will also lie and mislead you about other things, because the Truth is not in them. 

And without the Truth, nothing that they say, do, or build will stand.


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  1. A stone is heavy, and the sand weighty; but a fool's vexation is heavier than them both. (Proverbs 27:3 [Darby])

    I know we all tend to see our current day as being, well, special. And I guess perhaps in one sense it is. But we all know the lessons about repeating history, and a time for everything, and nothing new under the sun, so why are we so very often made faint of heart because of our brothers/sisters who provoke us with their unfaithfulness and contempt? Because it wears on us. I think it would be foolish to think that Jesus was not oppressed by his own family and disciples at times. In fact, I believe he said something to the effect of a prophet being only without honor in his own town, among his own people, and with his own kin. I also believe he said this right before he seems to have disappeared from the region for a period of time. Even Jesus became weary of fools.
    Fear not, brothers and sisters. The Americans are here.

  2. I hope you all realize that this disinformation campaign aimed at Anna has been going on since the beginning. By the grace of God I have hung in there. Something always told me "Grandma" was telling the truth. Its not that I didn't have my moments of doubt , its because when I had a question I sought the answer. Through all the bs we have endured with the doubters , the arrests and the detractors, here we are.
    Any questions ?

    We need to correct our status, plain and simple.
    To do this we start at step 1
    I am not an expert, a lawyer, or offering legal advise. I am doing thjs partially because I know in my head and heart its the way...and from Anna's challenge for me to do this almost 2 years ago( #519,520)...I guess now is the time.

    You can stay a slave or get free and be back on the land and stop being chattel for the globalists , Federal Reserve and the Father of all Lies.

    We use step 1 documents..

    Sundays 8pm est

    Participant Instructions
    Call your dial-in number: (605) 313-4198
    Enter the access code: 443602

    Kevin , just a living soul
    845 987 0084

  3. I know what anna speaks is the truth, How do I know this? Years ago before I discoverd all this corruptness. My wife worked for some lawyers.
    So with what I know now from the readings and the puzzle pieces getting put back together. I contacted one of those lawyers to see if he would talk. To my amazement he went againt his oath and answered the questions I asked him in regards to the BC. And the Processes of claiming BC and how the Corruptness came about. Then after my Last question he says Be careful that I will be on homeland security radar, by correcting my status. I made a comment. then He says You would be scared if you know what I know. I and our family thanks you for presenting the truths. You are a remarkable women..