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Friday, February 1, 2019

Exactly Why You Must Return Home

By Anna Von Reitz

I know this sounds crazy to people who don't know that they ever left and went anywhere. I sympathize.

FDR told a whopper in 1933 that actually applied only to a small population of federal employees and dependents, knowing that "by presumption" the basic Lie would expand via a process of undisclosed and unconscionable (literally "not conscious of") contracts, to apply to all Americans.

As a result, virtually everyone in America is "presumed" to have "voluntarily" left America behind and to have set sail on the international jurisdiction of the sea, and disappeared over the horizon.
Your Good Names have been passed on (by them) to dead pieces of flesh, the afterbirths expelled when you were born, that have your same DNA, and which were (according to them) "knowingly abandoned" at the hospital, (as if a sane woman would want to keep them?) and "deemed to be" (by them, again) live "human persons".

Your Estate has also been probated (since the afterbirths all died) and you have been named the Registered Agent of the resulting Estate. Read that, you get to pay all the bills for it, but someone else (the perpetrators of this scheme) gets all the benefit of your labor and assets for free.

They are Liars on a scale only Satan could comprehend. It's all Bushwah concocted by their same little Liars Club. 

See 18 USC 1001, Subsections A and B where they "legalized lying" in 1996, just like they are trying to legalize infanticide now. 

The first reason you need to come home is simply to protect yourselves and your families from all this. 

They can kill, rape, defraud and victimize anyone who is considered a "person", but can't harm one of the people (State Nationals), much less one of the People--(State Citizens)-- who are their employers.

They can also harass and arrest you for any of 80 million statutory laws and infractions that their "legislatures" have passed, and sic the IRS on you, and cause all kinds of other misery and theft so long as you allow yourself to be classified as a "person". 

I should not have to further explain what an advantage it is to be one of the "People" instead.

And who are the "People"? The People are the Jurors of each State's Jural Assembly. 
Persons have no recognized "Natural and Unalienable Rights". 

Persons have no constitutional guarantees. But People do. 

Re-convey your Good Names and Estates. Go to:, scroll down to Article 928, and find out how you, too, can reclaim your status as an American again.

Then go to: or email: to get more information about your State's Jural Assembly.

You have to take action to rebut their "presumptions" against you and against your lawful government in no uncertain terms in order to preserve your country and your assets and your freedom. 

This is the only way short of anarchy to lawfully enforce the Public Law and the constitutional guarantees you are owed by these jackdaws.

You start with yourself, then your State --- not any "State of State". The horse has got to go in front of the carriage, folks. "Florida" has to form up before "The State of Florida" is reconstructed, and the only People who can do this work are the qualified members of each State Jural Assembly. 

So-- complete your own status correction, join your State Jural Assembly, reconstruct (or in the Western States create for the first time) your Federal State of States, dba "The State of ________", and forge forward. 

The longer people are confused by this and arguing among themselves, the longer it takes to get the job done and the more time, energy, and money is wasted. We know what the problem is and we know how to fix it and we know the order of the steps that have to be taken to back ourselves out of this mess. So come on and get moving--- "Daylight in the Swamps!"


See this article and over 1500 others on Anna's website here:

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  1. This may explain why the criminals, in the District of Criminals, can lie with impunity and, apparently, so can we!

  2. Anna- It has all come to pass. In five years time, he will stand among you again. So why are you not happy and making haste to prepare?
    Yes, preparing. Preparing Spiritually, would this not take precedence over preparing physically?(paperwork etc. filing and submitting our papers to a beast system.) "Returning home as the Bible tells us is a return to Yahuah and to the ways of his Son. His example.
    And relating to Christ and antichrist are you now saying that the entire pontifical system has been a lie from the beginning, much the same as Luther exposed?
    Are you saying pope and antipope is an oxymoron?

  3. This Bickering About Which Bible
    i have recently been led to re-read a book by Eric Metaxas, which in turn reminded me of Luther and the Reformation, how Germany received The Bible and when. Now this is not intended as a Got Ya moment. Simply Truth being exposed.
    Everyone can point at Luther in disgust. (So i am told, and by whom i often wonder, whos history?)Who wrote the History? And yet it was Luther that is accredited with the Translation of the Bible into German before King James and before the Douay Rheims.
    Search for yourselves, look at the years,(Luther-1522-1534,)
    The rest- 1582-1611, 1582-1609-1610....., do not rely on 'group.' As an individual ask of the Holy Spirit for discernment in all things.
    So once the Bible was released, it was on, there was no stopping the Word.
    The others followed,(releasing "their own Bible" many with added notes and commentary etc. possibly begrudgingly? Some with a New war plan?

    1. aFollower, yes, its getting to be a very old excuse from naysayers ''that the bible has been rewritten, making it untrue, and unreliable'. In reality, that is the laughable excuse that unbelievers use, for their unbelief, Lol.

      Sheesh, how many brains does it take to realize lots of unbelievers have take the Truth, and decided to change it to suit themselves and make their own 'New Bibles'. Ahh, so then that makes it ''untrue' because unbelievers have written new ones.
      Oh what funny people we have taking up space these days.

    2. 1Freeman.. Excellently explained...therefore I say... AMEN !!!

  4. In addition to Anna's expatriation paperwork, don't overlook the importance of securing a NCSN (non-citizen state national) passport which is the only document available that they have no choice but to recorgnize and honor because it was issued by their boss, the Department of State under the seal and signature of the Secretary of State who is the only person in the US who has the power to determine "nationality of a person not in the United States". Read it here:
    8 U.S. Code § 1104 (a) Powers and duties.
    The Secretary of State shall be charged with the administration and the enforcement of the provisions of this chapter and all other immigration and nationality laws relating to
    (3) the determination of nationality of a person not in the United States.

    1. Is the Messiah gonna check my passport? i have never had one. When i was in the military etc......
      Not trying to be difficult. Just pointing to the 'obvious?) Anna has just informed us He will be back within 5 years.
      1 freeman i do agree with much of what you say and post, and yet in the Grand scheme of all things how important is the physical world and its ways?

    2. Yes He is. He will check to make sure that you are indeed a Citizen of heaven and will double check it against the Book of Life whether your name is written there. It will be based on your declaration of your status in Christ by your confession and and acting accordingly. The physical world is so important to God because He so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever will believe in Him shall not perish but pass from death to life. If the physical world was not important to Him, He never would have bothered to send Jesus as the last Adam to restore its dominion to us. As such this physical world is our testing ground and we are commanded to walk this earth the same way Jesus did and to do the same works He did and greater as He so states in John 14:12.
      BTW: no one knows the day nor the hour but the Farther.

    3. 1FreeMan, true, no man knows the exact hour or the exact day but the Father. However, He has not left us ignorant; He tells us we WILL know that Time by the Signs of the Times, and even saying 'when we see all these things coming to pass, then look up for your redemption draws nigh'.
      That word ''all'' indicates all at the same time, simultaneously. And so there is much reason to believe that that ''hour and day'' could be at any Time now.
      Still, we are told to occupy till he comes (for his Bride), that is true. At the same time we are to follow His leading and listen to that small still voice of the holy Spirit in us. And that voice does not lead me at all to do paperwork. But that is just me. Others are free to do as they choose to do. I dont tell them TO do it, nor to not do it, and I expect the same in return.

      I do see your point; we dont know from one day to the next. But the Earth is just a place for us to put our feet; I think God's primary interest is - - 'what are people doing about Him'? And IMO Man has totally flopped; and THAT is the determining factor right there; not whether people have their earthly paperwork or not.
      As a temporary measure, I think only the passport is worth bothering with. IMO

    4. So your saying i must get a passport from the authority on earth to become a citizen of heaven?
      i believe we are warned of those who Love the world and we are told not to love the world.

    5. A follower, you are being facetious in misconstruing my statements.

    6. you guys always arguing the inarguable biblical teachings. unless you read Amharic/Aramaic, from right to left and in reverse order from back to front, well sorry but things might have been misinterpreted along the way. but what do i know??

      ifreeman be careful validating/promoting an expatriation process, i do not believe it is valid but rather places you back into their jurisdiction possibly.

    7. "In addition to Anna's expatriation paperwork" i meant from this above

    8. Penny, it is the Holy Spirit who guides you and leads you into all truth and as you walk in the spirit of divine revelation you have the mind of Christ and no need that any man should teach you.
      You are correct on the statutory expatriation process but that is not what Anna is advocating in her docs. There is no need to expatriate from the US of A Republic when you are already a NCSN by birth or naturalization. These docs and the passport simply confirm your NCSN status. You do however need to extract or "expatriate" yourself from their tentacles and jurisdiction as a presumed US 14th amendment corporate citizen and withholding agent. Their statutory definition of expatriation is leaving the global US/UN/Vatican corp US subdivision to move to another US/UN/Vatican corp subdivision like the EU Corporation or UK corporation for which you are required by them to pay an exit tax.

    9. correct in his comment about getting that passport first...if anything happens to you in the lengthy process of documenting your status as Anna suggest, at least you will have that to fight back can only help us, not harm us in anyway...!!
      I think it is important to note that during WW2, you could travel anywhere you wanted as long as you had proper "PAPERS"...!!! PAPERS PLEASE..!! A lot of people just hung them around their neck to make it easy for them to provide...!! No papers, no pass...!!

    10. much time do you think we have before the "deep state" tries a new strategy to complete their agenda...!!

    11. penny4, can you not recognize the historic event when king james of england gave permission for 70 language scholars to translate those 'right to left' writings/languages INTO english, so that the average person could read the bible? And that they all translated alone, and when completed, they all translated alike?
      So why do you go on and on trying to find excuses for not believing the Written Word; it is not going to change the fact that it is the Truth of God.

    12. This comment has been removed by the author.

    13. Halleluyah YES Freeman1 I like what you stated Glory and Peace to you always Brother onward we march for His Truth will carry us onward!! sorry for the double but there was a word not correct.

  5. They have The United States broken up in to 10 federal regions, each with their own little washington dc imbedded in it
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  6. How would one secure a NCSN passport?

    1. Hello jackwebb

    2. Kelli, it's actually or the LLF can help you now with this as well as all other issues. If anyone want a referral just post your email and I will send you contact info.

  7. Join us , we are starting a help group to do the status correction process. All are welcome .Anna if you read this your support would be appreciated.
    Anyone with ANY experience is urged to attend and help others.
    I am " Kevin", Anna wrote 2 articles addressed to me because the questions I asked and the situation we needed help with was a good example of answers to questions you all might have .Our purpose bere on Earth is to help one another, love thy brother. I made a promise to do so .

    Download "Zoom" id# 841 187 021
    Sunday evenings 8-9pm eastern standard time

    We may add a weeknight meeting on Talkshoe
    Any input is welcome

    Lets do this! They are murderimg babies !

    CM Kevin Cote'

    1. Empty threats. Paul, can you ban this guy for willful doxing? This is not the first time he has exposed himself as a disinformation agent.

    2. 1FreeMan, why should he ban ucadia, when he did not ban Sean deal for actually and openly threatening my very life in here? (even after I was not even addressing him directly or indirectly or even speaking about him)

    3. He should. Have you filed a criminal complaint?

    4. Leland, I hope this is true!

    5. So Leland, why would God have to have mercy on their souls if all souls go to heaven per your assumption above?

    6. Creates yes, redeems no. Only those who of their own free will surrender to Him. Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. John 14:6

    7. leeelannnd, I also thank God that you are not a Christian.

    8. They deserve no mercy at all, and will get no mercy at all. They will get the true Justice that they 'SO richly deserve' which is commensurate with their unspeakable actions.

  8. Comments are off on Christ - antichrist thread.i do wonder why?
    Abby, i disagree with your assertion that nothing after Rev.4 has happened.

    1. aFollower, what is it that you think has already happened then?

    2. For just one instance, look to Rev17. Can we, or many not see this?
      We have seen this playing out for some time now.
      Do you not see that the horsemen are riding?
      Do you not see that scorpions have been being released? (Not actual physical literal scorpions.)
      Do you not see that yes it is possible that several of the seals spoken of could already be broken? All of which are clear and present warning signs to get your affairs in order!!!?
      None of these things affect 100% of all the people yet as we look around the world can we not see it, or the beginning of it?

    3. aFollower, I see what you are talking about. And I do agree that horrific things are already happening, and have been happening since the beginning, actually. But I think the answer to your statement here is in 2 Thess 2 which tells us that the mystery of iniquity doth already work........until the holy spirit who is now here on earth, is removed (via rapture of the bride of Christ) v.7
      Then the antichrist can be revealed v.8. But it is the holy spirit who is the Restrainer. I know you don't believe there is a pretrib rapture, but I assure you there is. Churches are too cowardly to speak about it, or else they are ignorant of it - but it is satan who hates the idea that any will get away from his clutches, so he has poo poo'd that Truth. You should tell satan to go jump in the lake, you are not going to let him persuade you out of The Blessed Hope.

      Ch.17:1 says ''I will show you the JUDGEMENT of the Great Whore'. So yes, it is speaking about its Judgement; Yes, we already know that Whore exists.....That in no way indicates 17 has already happened. Im sure if you stop and think about that, you will get the timeframe on it, that it is yet to happen.

      In other words, everything is now just formulating. But book of Rev. is the culmination / results of all of this formulation. In fact THESE very formulations that we are seeing, ARE the Signs of the Times spoken of, that we can use as a guidepost.

      All those things in Rev. will affect everyone who is on the earth at that time. And that is why it does not affect the Bride of Christ because she has been removed.

    4. The Bride of Christ has not 'all' been gathered until many have been washed 'through tribulation.
      And yes i am quite aware you do not agree. And yet we do know there are first fruits, a first harvest.
      Many believe the seat of the antichrist was revealed many years ago. And all those who have taken their turn in this seat have spoken as the man we have been warned about.
      If this is true each and every generation has been affected in some sense?

    5. Correction, Abby, it is the church who is the restrainer who will be taken out of the way. This will be done as you say "via rapture of the bride of Christ". This confirms it is the church which will be raptured to be taken out of the way. The Holy Spirit will never be taken away from the earth and will remain here to guide, teach and comfort the new believers after the rapture and during the tribulation. Young's Literal Translation says: "for the secret of the lawlessness doth already work, only he who is keeping down now [will hinder] -- till he may be out of the way," 2 Thessalonians 2:7 YLT. Jesus said: "And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever;" John 14:16 KJV. This is further proof that the Comforter will abide in the earth with you (all believers now, during the tribulation and after the Lord's return) forever.
      There can be no doubt of a pre-trib rapture as confirmed by several corroborating scriptures.

    6. 1FreeMan, yes, the Bride of Christ must be ''taken out of the way'' but that is the same as the holy spirit, as He resides In the Bride. And that is what I was saying.
      That is when the antichrist will have his full reign, unhindered. Not even God or the holy Spirit will be blocking the AC from beheading those late-coming tribulation round up of 'saints'.

    7. aFollower, a pope is not the antichrist. A pope will however seems to fill the position of the False Prophet, according to scripture. And this would make sense, since popes think they represent 'spiritual matters' and have historically shown themselves to serve a god rather than God.
      2 Thes.2:8 tells us that the Restrainer must first be taken out of the way, before ''that wicked one can be revealed'' which is referring to the antichrist there. So right now I dont think anyone knows who the AC is going to be because that Time has not yet come.

    8. aFollower, yes I did see comments are turned off on the ''who is the antichrist'' Article.

    9. No, Abby, the church is not the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit is not the church or the bride of Christ. We are the church as the "out-called" saints and the bride of Christ. No argument there. But you cannot say that the Holy Spirit will be taken out of the way because the word says that He remains forever. He is a separate and distinct person of the godhead and is not bound to solely being in the believers. He is not blocking all the antichrists of today is He? So neither will He during the tribulation. But He will be here for the new believers born again during the tribulation. He will also raise the 2 witnesses from the dead by the same power as He raised Christ from the dead.

    10. 1FreeMan, what is so hard to understand about what Im saying? The holy spirit of God is Residing IN all true Believers, and all true Believers are The Church, The Bride of Christ.
      Therefore, when we Go, the holy spirit goes; and when the holy spirit goes, we go. We are ''joined at the hip'. Surely you know this. So why are you creating a mountain out of a mole hill.

      It does not matter what the holy spirit is doing right now, today. After the rapture of the true believers, things then shift into another gear. The bible does not make it clearly known to us just what the holy spirit will be doing after the rapture, but for sure, he will no longer be residing in anyone being anymore, as they have all gone by then. ALL of them.

      Before the day of Pentecost, the holy spirit was very limited in his activities. So why is it so difficult to think he will again revert back to that limited active stance. Surely, his role will not be what it is today.
      During the first 3 1/2 yrs. of the Trib, the 2 Witnesses will play the major role as we see in Rev. 11 and their tenure is not expounded on, that I can see. Neither do I see where the holy spirit has any role at all along with them.

      Regardless, that period of Time is without our participation at all, so it is really a moot point for ''us''. It will be the business of the 2 witnesses and Im sure they will do their job.

      But the holy spirit is the Restrainer, not the Believers. But the HS in us, is restraining. So yes, I do believe the holy spirit must be taken out of the way, to stop Restraining, and allow the AC to take his place, for his mere 7 years.

  9. I encourage everyone to read the links I leave they are full of information that you need to know
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  10. We have to take control of the banks and kick the IMF out of here period else none of this matters
    They are already taking control of water and electrical resources all part of their UN Agenda 21 plans
    Anna please advise how jural assemblies can take hold of the banks and the hidden governments they have set up nationwide (example CALCOG and NCTCOG) these are only two
    We cannot sit back and not take action against these banks, birth certificates or not
    Based on your many many years of research it should be more than evident that we have to take over the banks, print our own money
    And the current tell lie vision puppet isn't going to do anything
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. Shelby...finally someone agrees with me....Its true in my opinion, because we are at the precipice of either gaining freedom or accepting our slavery status forever...!@

      Now is the hour to strike, when financial systems are in disarray and divided...We have absolutely got to get control of our "monitary system" or nothing we do will change anything...!!
      It's there unlimited supply of NOTES that gives them so much power...!! And although I do not support a "fiat" system, it would work for us even better, as long as no usury is attached, and we are in control of an AI system, that doesn't need human input to do what is right...!!
      Good point Shelby..!! One we shouldn't be just shrugging off for another day...we can't kick this can down the street any longer...!!
      Are you guys aware that Amazon is actually trying to start their own "cryptocurrency", with blessings by the "deep state"...!! If t her is anything more important than getting out statuses corrected, it is our "monitary system "..!!
      To me this is obvious...!! The question is how...!!

  11. Can anyone on this board tell me how NOT to register my car? It was a gift from my son and has dealer plates that will soon expire. I have done my political status paperwork but do not know how to handle going to DNV.
    Any one? Thank you.

  12. just proved 1Freemans point..!! You need to focus on that passport...then it becomes a battle between giants, instead of us, because it comes from our own State Dept...!!And they will back you if push comes to shove...!! Right 1 Freeman..!!

    1. Right, James. They had to leave a way for people to be able to access the republic if they wanted to or they would have been hung for treason. The SOS is really the acting Head of State and as HOS must grant access to those who demand access to the republic. This why they have no choice but to issue a NCSN passport after determining you are a person without the US per 8 USC 1104(a). Once issued it is automatically registered on FBI/NCIC to list you on the DO NOT DETAIN list as untouchable. This is why you won't get traffic tickets any more but rather an apology for stopping you as they send you on your merry way. One cop apologized profusely and asked the passport holder if he would like an escort to where he was going.

  13. YES it feels so wonderful to have my name back on the land Glory to Yeshua and Yahuah I am alive on the land. Praise Yah for the truth. Bless you all in the various Jural Assemblies we CAN do this!!

  14. Skully you are on the right tract you got the creator and his son correct bless your heart you have your own mind