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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Call Out to Rhode Island!

From Anna Von Reitz

In case you missed it, The United States of America [Unincorporated] has put out the call for the member States of the Federation to assemble. 

There is urgent business to attend to, and Rhode Island is the only State that still has not heard and heeded. 

We need you, Rhode Island.  Everyone else, all forty-nine other states of the Union, are already on the move. 

We realize that many, many years have passed since the last time this kind of assembly has been called and that many people are still waking up to the issues and necessities which now obligate us to act. 

If anyone reading this has friends, family, or property in Rhode Island, it's time to raise the flag and assemble the people.

Please go to or directly contact and use your County and State as the subject line to get connected to the National Assembly being organized now. 


  1. Your link is missing an "l"

    1. They either corrected it or not it's there now at least

  2. Texas had a common law court near Dallas.been looking over the rules avoid prison inmate cases they in practice are career criminals just looking for a technical out......!
    Court prefers sovereign in other words locals who they know.
    do not condone trying to void a contract you sign your name .your libel stop signing things you have not read and comprehend.

  3. Be able to act as common law claimant / honorable and try to settle by giving notice privately .
    demonstrate that file claim clerk of court summons go out man to man in court fight to face your accuser .
    Oral arguments and jury renders verdict.settle claim

    1. hey, bubbapatric, could you be a little more precise with your sentence structure and punctuation?

  4. If Rhode Island is holding out, you know there is a reason for it legally...maybe that will be the next capital building where Congress can claim immunity...!! And more control.. But they are soon in for a big least 3100 indictments have been "unsealed" out of 37,000 total indictments that will probably grow even further....!!

    Check out this list of people either resigning, being fired, or have been killed in planes going down or other mysterious ways...!! And they aren't all from the UNITED STATES...they are worldwide, in different countries...!!

    90% of them are CEO's who obviously know how to cook the books...thats why they got their positions in the first place...!!

    Here's the list...incredible


  5. I am more concerned with comprehending
    lots of data .
    Not writing a book.


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