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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Q Anon and The Plan

By Anna Von Reitz

Q Anon and "The Plan"

Several people have sent me links to an excellent recent post on YouTube by Q Anon, telling us about a gallant "Plan" by agencies and military personnel to counteract the fraud and criminality which has infested our world and our government. I can only hope and pray that everything "Q" references is 100% true and effective.

That said, no matter how well-organized or motivated such an internal clean up and clear out effort is, our loyal military and agency personnel need our support and a fully functioning civil government to back them up and pay their expenses.

I have also seen---and discussed with a friend this morning-- numerous posts from people ranting about "why haven't the arrests been made" yet?

If only 1 percent of the population of this country is knowingly involved and participating and benefiting themselves from this fraud scheme, that's three million criminals that have to be addressed at some level of questioning and prosecution.

So how is a million man (including ALL enforcement and police and National Guard and related organizations) Army supposed to arrest, incarcerate, and prosecute three million criminal cases?
Military tribunals and resources alone can't possibly handle that kind of volume of inquiries and prosecutions. Sure, they can take out the ringleaders and dismantle the infrastructure supporting the problem, but in order to do the actual housecleaning necessary requires the rest of us to get off our duffs and hold up our end.

We have to get our house in order. We have to assemble our States of the Union, reclaim our assets and resources, restore our lawful court system, and "boot up". No sitting around the television set and waiting for Superheroes to come rescue us, even though there are heroes doing their best for us.

We are the answer we need. And also the answer our military and agency heroes need, too.

Remember that they depend upon our civil government to direct and finance their operations.

Go to: or send an email to using your County and State as a subject line.

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  1. We should start to see some movement once Trump replaces SC Justice Kennedy who just announced his retirement.

    1. He was one of the names listed in the unsealed indictments, all the way at the bottom....!!

      Since when does a supreme court justice just give a surprise notice that he is resigning...!! Or a POPE retiring, instead of dying in that pisition...!! They are all on the 3100 unsealed indictments out of 37,000 still unsealed and growing...!!

      Here's the list..!!

    2. James, these are not unsealed indictments but notable resignations.

  2. Yes, Yes, YES!!! "THEY" (Military&Potus) NEED our "We the people", support. NOT, WE THE PEOPLE (fearful sheeple) NEED THEIRS!!! We Will support ONLY those willing to Certify IN Writing on Their Oath(under stronger penalties, punishment by necessity) to actually SERVE and Protect the Living, Lawful American state nationals and our Private property estates, NO MORE DUALITY (SERVING 2 MASTERS!) Period!!

    It IS Time Now!!

    So Grateful! Thank you Anna, Team and every living soul actively BEing & Doing Now

  3. Would Love some feedback on this FOIA request letter from the learned please. !Freeman, C.Johnson would either of you put your uncertified john hancock sig as the author of this writing as it IS NOW written?? Many thanks in advance for your consideration!

    John Henry Doe
    C/O PO BOX 5555
    City [zip code] State

    BOX 55555

    This is a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request under 5 U.S.C. § 552 and appropriate regulations.

    This is my firm promise to pay fees and costs for locating, duplicating and reviewing the documents for information requested below. I am making this request in the classification of “other requester.” if costs are expected to exceed $50.00 please send estimated costs. If some of this request is exempt from release, please send those portions reasonably segregable and provide me with indexing, itemization, and detailed justification concerning the information you are not releasing. The information will provide knowledge and understanding of the rules and regulations of the agency, and will assist the requester relative to the policies of the agency. I understand the penalties provided in 5 U.S.C. § 552 for requesting or obtaining access to documents or records under false pretenses. I am the person making this request and my signature appears below. If the documentation is available in electronic form, that will be acceptable.

    Please expedite this Freedom of Information Act request.

    Please send to the requester a copy of the Oath of Office of all of the current IRS Commissioners, and Deputy Commissioners.

    Please send the Oath of Office and Bond information for the Agent(s) responsible for the transmission of the attached 2800c letter to EMPLOYER NAME on or about December 24, 2017.

    If no documentation or information or both exist in ANY files or records you have, regarding this Freedom of Information Act request herein, please send a record stating NO SUCH CERTIFIED DOCUMENTATION OR INFORMATION EXISTS within any files or records.

    If your office does not maintain any of the Information or Requests please forward a copy of this Freedom of Information Act requests to the appropriate department that does and notify the requestor of the appropriate department and that it has been forwarded accordingly.

    Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

    __________________________Doe, John Henry L.S.

    1. Kelli, do you have the agent's name? Is it on the letter? If so, I would use that. If not, use the code from the letter. Also, I would only FOIA one thing at a time for expediency or they will hold up your request or return if saying they cannot fulfill it. You can always send another FOIA for the other oaths and bonds.

    2. Thank you 1freeman, great points! How about my question of would YOU be confident in authorizing with your sig this writing as its written?

      questionable statements of concern for me are;

      1. "This is my firm promise to pay" ( PUBLIC debtor/obligor slave/servant speak)

      2. "I understand the penalties provided in 5 U.S.C. § 552 for requesting or obtaining access to documents or records under false pretenses." (I agree to be Subject to and the penalties of)

      3.I am the person making this request and my signature appears below." (affirming "Person" as in PUBLIC office of debtor/obligor servant slave and signing this "Promise to Pay" with a unrestricted sig or By:.....AR)

      A different perspective n these points is appreciated.


    3. your request, you are taking "liability" for asking for it, but you failed to "demand" they do the same thing with a wet ink signiture from them....and don't let them get away with saying I'm a govt employee working under some immunity clause or "limited liability"..!! No such thing exist for fraud....andvif they are truly the experts at accounting than request that they make a valid assessment and sign it under penalties of pergery And that you will expidit the payment of the "valid assessment" without further delay...!! Put them in the same boat...!! Your not disputing the assessment. All your doing is to ask them to validate it as the "TRUTH"...!! I hope I'm not asking for to much...!!! Because you stopped trying to be a "withholding agent" for the merchant marines a long time ago, because my accounting skills are so bad I could never sign your forms with my signature and take liability for it...!! I would rather you take it, the experts, and you will be paid immediately (not realy, but this way they have to perform not you)..
      And tell them you don't trust any accountants, because they don't take any liability for anything either...your the only ones I trust because you have all the records. I dont..!! Let's see how they respond...!! Oh, and P.S. under the laws of the UNITED STATES, I am also considered a govt. employee..!! So what is it your saying..that we are both govt. employees but I have to be liable and you dont...?? Where is the Equity there....!!

    4. No problem, Kelli. Just qualify your signature. This is all a monopoly game and you are playing with your pawn.

  4. I appreciated a YouTube comment[1] regarding this video and replied with:
    "Also: 'For our wrestling is not against blood and flesh but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the world-rulers of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenlies.' ...
    One way to advance our "struggle" is to completely withdraw all our support that the 'authorities' rely on - i.e. voluntary tax contributions when there is no liability!: "

    1. Agreed Chef-doctor, we must stop feeding and enabling this Beast IN EVERY way possible as their programmed "consumers" and voluntary contributors of this evil!
      We have supported and enabled this evil co-creation for far too long, and now We ARE waking up and taking back our own conscious minds and responsibilities! Go New World!!!!!

      Such a well done "theatrical" piece must have cost some pretty big bucks?? Very curious indeed. I Wonder "Who" funded this project piece?? Regretfully, I no longer "Trust" any "mass media programming" especially the ones that trigger such a "pull your heartstrings" reaction using "God" and "Patriotism" as its "sheeple" motivator. We've already been played that way once before (and to All of America's detriment), and we won't fall for it again!!
      NOTICE: We WILL Assemble. We WILL reconvene Our Courts. We WILL Manage our own State Lands and Parks. We WILL mind and grow our own trades and industries. We WILL Protect our Own Nation state Borders and people and help support protecting our neighbors Own State border's and their people as well, peacefully. All theactrical "Paid-triotic" puppets and "Actor's" are Now FIRED, YOUR Services are NO Longer entertaining or needed! Time's up!! See Ya!!!

      hahahah end rant.....

      Much Love, Gratitude and Peace Be Now

      l p

    2. Oh, and by the way, we arent filling anymore positions for those 19 delegations Of authority anymore...those positions will be on hold for 4 years until we are finished with our "housecleaning"..we will notify people of and when we decide to reopen those positions...."CLOSED FOR HOUSE CLEANING"...!!!

    3. Shut de do, keep out de debil
      You shut de do, keep de debil in de ni-eet
      Shut de do, keep out de debil
      Light de candle everything's alright
      Light de candle everything's alright

  5. Ok prove it, how does all his actions Benifit. the zionest?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Unknown, I guess you decided to remove your comment. Very smart. I never heard more diatribe and hogwash come out of anyone's mouth than what you spouted here. The Zionists are the embodiment of Satan himself doing his handiwork here on the earth through their more than willing hands and lying mouthpieces. They are the 'chosen people' alright, chosen by Satan himself. And it is not just them. There are plenty of Satan's chosen people around who are of the same evil spirit willing to even sell their mother down the river for a buck and some promise of power and illustrious gain. Don't worry, they will get their just reward. And so will you when you try to detract from them like a red herring covering up their ill conceived deeds. Just check the rotten fruit on their thoroughly diseased tree for evidence. You may very well be one of them yourself. Know this and be not deceived: God is not mocked. You shall sow whatsoever you reap. When you sow to this rotten flesh, you will reap corruption in yourself and not see the light of day but eternal darkness. However if you repent, and sow to the spirit, you will reap from the spirit joy and everlasting life.
      "Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting." Galatians 6:7-8

    3. *of course: You shall reap whatsoever you sow.

    4. Yes, and we know them through their behavior and deeds of HATE for the earth and all living people/souls on/in it, single minded GREED and LOVE of "MONEY" to POSESS and CONTROL "it's" creation of graven images, harboring ONLY ANGER, JEALOUSY, RESENTMENT AND ENVY against All those that posess pure truth, wisdom, character, integrity and real substance value within to know the difference.

      Much Gratitude, Love and Peace Be Now

  6. Arrest them all hold them in prison until their trial just like they do to most other people,if they sit there for 20 years then so be it

    1. Arizona Tent cities and lots of bologna sandwiches on cheap white bread too!!!! Maybe Kool-Aid to wash those sandwiches down, lol

    2. Holly....thats right..let them see the system they have created and protecting for the last 150 years first hand and up close and personal...!! From the "inside"..!! That's why I say, everyome, including judges and law enforcement, has to do time in our jails for at least 30 days to experience what they are doing to people's lives in there....!! Maybe then, we can get a jury of our peers and a judge with a heart....!!!

  7. You haven't been following his post obviously or you wouldn't be so fast to put him down. You could be a LARP for all we know. Why should anybody take your word for anything?
    Q has proven himself many times and the President has made several hand gestures during some of his speeches in different states. He also coordinates with the President twitter account at the exact time he says he's going to tweet. If your not on twitter, you wouldn't know this. We also knew the 1st IG report was going to be the redacted one from Rod Rosenstein. There are 3 different IG reports and one that has side notes. The unredacted version is the one were wating for, which RR must either come out with or be impeached or fired. You sound like a dumb-ass democrat. What are you doing on Judge Anna's site. Another paid larp working for Soros.

  8. Yes...A few years back, I tried to chase down the folks whom signed some items I received and were filed at the County from out friends at the irs by using Process Servers. After some time I was notified that these alleged signators were NOT in the irs data base nor could they be located through the Detroit Computing Center's Personnel listing. And just think... these phony Lien Notices filed at the County level are bogus since the signers DO NOT EXIST !! My-oh-my...

    1. Yes, robo- signers as "computerized products specialists" lol NO living Certified Authority exists!

    2. Of course not! Who in their right mind would sign as liabellant on millions of IRS crooked forms?

    3. their whole operation is beyond criminal its evil "personified"!!! People WAKE UP and STOP feeding this BEAST!!! I literally get physically sick going to their website and attempting to read their published doublespeak!!!

  9. Awakened what is a "LARP"? Thank you

  10. I agree with everything you say Anna, We absolutely have to get our own house in order, That being said, you don't have to arrest 3M people, bu tit would be good to make a key arrest or key issue out of a person/case that not best exemplifies and demonstrates an epic fraud has been and is being perpetrated. I don;t care about arrests and punishment, I care that the people wake up and get informed. They will act on what they know to be true.

  11. Amy, you don't care about arrests and punishment??? What is wrong with you?? Did you stop to think if there is no punishment for harmful behavior/crimes, then why should people ever stop doing what 'you just want people to be informed about''??

    P.S. My own house IS already in order; has been in order, and stays in order. Its all this shit 'out there' that is out of order, and will stay out of order since you dont want anyone punished or arrested.

    1. Abby,

      I dont think amy meant that she does not care about arrests and punishment but, she might be saying as George Bush put it
      If ever the american people find out what we have done to them, they would hang us from the nearest light pole. Or something to that effect.
      That being said i think she was saying that the people will help punish and arrest and perhaps take actions in their own hands as they see fit.

    2. Stang1st, makes a good point, Abby.

  12. If we can just get the good Ppl cause I would let the
    dregs of society stay in the Matrix .
    Realize the 2 demintional paper corporate statutory system .
    We want to reaffirm our three dimensional flesh and blood endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights common law thank god this is a common law nation

  13. Well , I will build the gallows.I am quite sure they will be well used . Treason ( against the People ) is a hanging offense .
    Continental Marshal

  14. Another Qanon fan^


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