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Thursday, August 20, 2020

Facebook is Purging Oath Keepers and Other Patriot Groups Today


Facebook is Purging Oath Keepers
and Other Patriot Groups Today


This is an ideological and political purge. Oath Keepers does not engage in unlawful activities or advocate or incite violence. Quite the contrary.

We stand for law and order under the Constitution and defend people against unlawful violence. And that’s exactly why we are being purged.

Frankly, I knew this day was coming because the left is intolerant of opposing views and they don’t want us to get people prepared to defend against Marxist terrorists.

Which is why we created Oath Keepers chats that are owned exclusively by the organization.

Members can log onto our site and join our member-only chats. We have national members-only chats and state-level members-only chats.

Non-members can join the free, open to the public chats on

We have a free national chat there and free chats for each state. We will be building vetted, invite only chats there, as well as vetted patriot leader “round tables” for each state.

Our goal is to get patriots prepared and ready to defend their homes, towns, and counties from the ongoing Marxist insurrection we now see erupting and expanding nationwide.

We encourage you to spread the word to other patriots.

Stewart Rhodes

Founder, Oath Keepers


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  2. I boycotted FB 2 months ago and never looked back. really. We were here before they were. We did it before and we can do it again. F 'em


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