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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Dear Mr. Trump, On This Day

By Anna Von Reitz

Dear Mr. Trump,

On this 6th day of March in the year 2019, we wish to convey our sympathy and support against the outrageous and unauthorized actions of the Municipal United States Congress.  Feel free to exercise your options.

We realize that you are not responsible for their Bad Behavior and we are forwarding our Displeasure to those who are responsible for THEM.

We would like to see a directive go out to the United States Military to properly inform all members that just because they signed up to act as "United States Citizens" as a condition of receiving a paycheck, the rest of us are under no such obligation and must be left alone, not addressed, not spied on, not harassed, coerced, or made subject to any racketeering or unjust demand at all --- ever, with regard to our choice of political status or the exercise of our rights and guarantees, including our exemptions.

We have a nasty DOD-UN CORP-FBI and other assorted Municipal Alphabet Soup group being run out of Michigan calling itself the "Michigan General Jural Assembly" but in fact they are misrepresenting themselves as a lawful State Jural Assembly and are apparently aiming to set up a Municipal Corporation merely named after the actual State---instead.

A "Bait and Switch" Operation. 

We deduce this from the fact that their leadership all claims "United States Citizenship" or "Citizenship of the United States" and they continue to promote the idea that such "Citizens" have Constitutional rights and guarantees and tell people that they can retain such citizenship obligations at the same time that they are purportedly acting as one of our State Jural Assemblies.

Our States do not now nor have they ever allowed Dual Citizenship.

We protest against all of these continuing "similar names deceits" and against all of these various foreign corporate enterprises seeking to impersonate our actual States while being guests upon our shores.

We ask for your assistance in properly informing these groups and individuals --- some of whom may be well-meaning patriots who are simply confused, some of whom are no doubt acting as Undeclared Foreign Agents.

Among all the other Disinformation that supporters of this group are spreading is the idea that the "FBI" has approached me and asked me questions and otherwise bullied me.  This is not true, nor should it be.  As a Subcontractor of a Subcontractor, the FBI has no authority to address me and neither does the IRS or any other Municipal Agency. 

We wish for your Administration to make it completely clear that none of these contractors are to investigate, meddle with, contact, address, coerce, lie to, attempt to interfere with, co-opt, misdirect, or harm any American who is claiming their lawful birthright political status as an American State National or American State Citizen of any of the now-fifty States. 

We wish for all Military Contractors to be fully advised. 

We are the lawful Civilian Government of this country and we are fed up with the "Service". 

Any service organization wishing to get a contract or keep one needs to stop playing  games and do their actual jobs--- jobs which do not include running co-option schemes and psychological warfare operations on the People of this country. 

We request and require the full and explicit compliance of all military personnel, including subcontractors, to cease and desist all operations aimed at destabilizing, thwarting, impersonating, co-opting, misinforming, threatening, bullying, or otherwise interfering with our State Assemblies or mis-addressing our Lawful Persons.  

We also request and require that they cease and desist all operations seeking to establish commercial corporations "in our names" or the names of our States.  This is an unwelcome, unnecessary, fraudulent usurpation against the actual States and People of this country.

We are quite competent and capable of issuing our own charters and will do so -- an eventuality which is not the business of any Territorial or Municipal Citizen, nor any Federal Agent, Agency, Subcontractor, or Department.

Thank you for your service and patience in the midst of such injustice.


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  1. It will be interesting to see if the President responds. It would be an unbelievable blessing.

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  2. Above is an appropriate letter each American State National, whether choosing to become a State Citizen or not, ought to write to the local service providers of the County, Municipality, State of State Assembly members, the State District Attorney, as part of the process of carving out our rightful soil and land as owners of the geographically defined States.

  3. Oil for the texas refinery from Venezuela - who cares who it hurts sanctions - support the fraud unelected guy - So, who is the deep state? and will the deep state listen to common sense from Anna Von Reitz?

      And you can bet those jobs are not going to Americans
      They've trained the kids in their dumb America down schools for service industry jobs with low wages
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  4. Anon-not, Margaret notes that on reverse speech radio Trump says he's serving the snake-er-satan.
    It is good to read the words about our real relationship with these entities(FBI,for instance, which I translate as "(f)or (b)eing (i)nitiated into a ritual satanic entrainment device"
    Good all at the paperupnow:
    THE-LEDGER-BAIT. Wow .......programming via grammar...."...quiet wars"-er-wwthree.offer n acceptance does not contain consent. Wow.

  5. Anon-not Margaret: video I found following the two birth certificates video at paperupnow: HIERARCHY
    Thank Paul and Anna and the living law team n all, everything mine to do, diligence, and gratitude,. ....the spirits there of for all.