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Wednesday, July 28, 2021


 By Anna Von Reitz

People have been calling, writing, and asking ---- the Assembly in my State was dissolved. What does that mean? Is my paperwork voided? Is everything else at a standstill? What can I do to help us get back on the road home?
First, the only States impacted are Michigan and Texas. Both of these State Assemblies have been dissolved as a corrective and protective measure, albeit, for different causes.
Second, this action does not change, alter, or void your paperwork. It is still safe and sound on the public record, according to my most recent information.
There may be some cases in Michigan that will need to be re-recorded, but your original paperwork will be honored and any necessary work will be done at no additional cost.
Third, the effort to reorganize and properly train new Coordinators and Recording Secretaries is in full swing. The new Coordinator Teams will be fully briefed and back in action soon, meetings will resume, and the people in both States will have a new chance and a clean slate.
Fourth, for reasons that I have explained most recently in "Success" we have a different business model and it is a model that hasn't been in common use for decades. As a result, everyone has to learn how their Assembly is supposed to function and how power is shared in an American Assembly --- which is different from anything we have experienced in the corporate world.
Fifth, these are Big Changes --- changes in the way we do business, in the way we treat each other, and in the way we view the world. There is no "power" to grapple for, no positional authority to seize and control and use as leverage over others and over the Assembly as a whole. These attitudes, activities, and assumptions have to go. If we wanted to live in Corporate America, we would have stayed in the District Assemblies and continued to operate as they do.
Sixth, in addition to people trying to employ inappropriate corporate business models to our Assemblies, we have some actual infiltrators trying to misrepresent our Assemblies as storefronts for insurrection, and to label us "domestic terrorists" and so on. We all have to mind our mouths and our business operations to make it clear that we are Americans doing our Public Duty, and nothing else.

Seventh, we are cleaning up the situations that developed in Michigan and Texas and inviting the people in both States to step forward and take back control of the Assembly apparatus with a clean slate and clear pathway going forward.


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  1. .
    Sadly the present democratic communistic government (UNITED STATES INC.) will not allow any UNITED STATES citizen to do anything that is against the law of necessity; established in 1871, along with title 12 sec 319; among a great many other documents (atrocities) placed against the thing – legal entity.
    The alleged “man” – actually the cake DNA (B.C.) owned by the Vatican must prove life; until then everything is just blowing against the wind.
    In the Bansters courts the people are a decedent, debtor, slave, enemy of the state. Is that correct? If not then why not?
    Say what you will……… If you decide to delete this I have a copy and second it won’t change the truth no matter how you try to hide it.
    Edward Mandell House had this to say in a private meeting with President Woodrow Wilson:
    “[Very] soon, every American will be required to register their biological property in a national system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging. By such methodology, we can compel people to submit to our agenda, which will effect our security as a chargeback for our fiat paper currency. Every American will be forced to register or suffer being unable to work and earn a living. They will be our chattel, and we will hold the security interest over them forever, by operation of the law merchant under the scheme of secured transactions.

    Americans, by unknowingly or unwittingly delivering the bills of lading to us will be rendered bankrupt and insolvent, forever to remain economic slaves through taxation, secured by their pledges. They will be stripped of their rights and given a commercial value designed to make us a profit and they will be none the wiser, for not one man in a million could ever figure our plans and, if by accident one or two should figure it out, we have in our arsenal plausible deniability. After all, this is the only logical way to fund government, by floating liens and debt to the registrants in the form of benefits and privileges. This will inevitably reap to us huge profits beyond our wildest expectations and leave every American a contributor to this fraud which we will call “Social Insurance.” Without realizing it, every American will insure us for any loss we may incur and in this manner, every American will unknowingly be our servant, however begrudgingly. The people will become helpless and without any hope for their redemption and, we will employ the high office of the President of our dummy corporation to foment this plot against America.”

  2. .

    Anna why not tell the people about being "Sovereign" from Harry - BigAl the Informer what he found.

    That should straighten it out............. Incase you forgot


    — And that the Constitution was for the Common Man
    by The Informer

    In reading the Book WAR POWERS, published in 1864, by Whiting, who was the Solicitor General of the War Department of The United States, it does not come as a shock to me that we are nothing but slaves of Congress, AKA the United States. Whiting was Lincoln’s point man and developed the basis for Lincoln’s justification of the War Policies. Whiting teamed up with Fancis Lieber who wrote the “Lieber Code” that we are now under. James Montgomery, a present day researcher, also has written extensively on the Reconstruction Acts and the Lieber Code and how they apply to Americans to this very day. After Whiting left office, the position that he held, was never replaced.


  3. Federation is a business model however the states are sovereign and its bottom up so we’re assembling dejour state citizens and state nationals. What right is it for a federal National Assembly that should be a servant to the ppl?
    Not my sand box
    Michigan Assembly seem to think the Alaska Governor is taking orders . Right
    And Donald has assumed control from Queen because Michigan Assembly told him to give the power back to the ppl.
    Don’t want to be pessimistic but let’s be realistic the Idaho congresswoman Scott basically said prepare the deep state is doubling down UN forces attacks non stop across the board the people see no option. Lisen to her she’s a congresswoman.
    They have the formula meetings in numbers .

  4. You can be right as rain the election proved that in the end the machine don’t care who you gong to call the vacant Supreme Court you could have a court order like in Charlottesville don’t matter ignored law fare .


    This is current with respect to the bicameral congress and it's attempt to set offs and the public charitable trusts.

    How did we get here? Omission with respect to attachment and assignment with presumed collateral: UCC 9-108. Who is the guarantor? Check your live stock certificate and you won't find federal anywhere, only your state franchise seal.

    You were given an assignment: Sign right here. Now all your property attaches as collateral. Welcome to the federal reserve system and fractional reserve banking in maritime jurisdiction.

    Read Anna's original affidavit. It's beautiful and simple. Claim the higher jurisdiction as your birthright under one heaven and the unum sanctum or solomons seal, but claim it as a preemption under natural and ecclesiastical private law. There is no higher law. Invoke the devine trinity and it's over. Or in God we trust is fraud.

    1. two points:

      dont forget them!:) im serious! dont forget them.

      1. there was no disclosure.
      there was no disclosure = there was no agreement.

      2. there can be no presumptions made without an underlying good faith agreement.

      they fit hand-in-glove:
      1: no disclosure = no agreement and 2: no underlying good faith agreement = no presumptions.

      practice saying these two points outloud.
      im serious.
      say them outloud until you can say them in your sleep.

      point #1:
      there can be no agreement without disclosure.
      now add point #2:
      there can be no presumptions without an underlying good faith agreement.

      where is the underlying good faith agreement?
      thats right, there isnt one.

    2. here, this is even simpler:

      no disclosure = no agreement = no presumptions.

      write it on your mirror.
      tape it inside your cupboard door.
      hang it on a shelf in your garage. :):):)

      no disclosure = no agreement = no presumptions.

      they even wrote that in their own UCC somewhere, then violated their own code... or maybe it is infil-TRAITORS who have violated it.
      i recall making a note of that several years ago...anyone know where that is in UCC? or how to find it quickly?

    3. xerces and maximus and others(?) have provided info that the Birth Certificated "thing" is the birth-day: mother-land/ mess/ mas mass/ cake/ afterbirth/ monster/ dna/ twin of the living son or daughter who was left behind and abandoned by "ward of the state", incompetent mother; and the motherland/cake left as a ward of the state by that unmarried ward of the state incompentent unwed mother, died in their care just a couple hours.....AFTER..BIRTH, so now, they are both the Executors (died with a will) AND the Administrators (died withOUT a will) of the dead AFTER BIRTH'S "worldly estate" because Mom abandoned "the mother-land" thing.

      so they registered that DeadBabyAfterBirthy land cake mess thingymaboober as property of the state... because they cant find its Mom to take care of it. shes lost at sea or something isnt she? along with the "twin" that lived... thats y.o.u.
      yure lost at sea or sumthin too.
      cant findja, cant hearya, caint seeya. yure dead. jus like yure mummy: yur mummie, the Informant, who donated her near-dead cakemess thingy to the kingqueenpope holy cause?

      "death certificates. the information on a death certificate is usually given by someone close to the ancestor called an INFORMANT."]
      MOM is called Informant on the Birth Death Certificate. the Debit Credit Bond(bondage: slave)ing System.

      now your dead twin monsters estate gets probated. by them...the ones who MADE ALL THIS UN-HOLY CRAP UP.

      and, of course "you" (who they cant find or hear cause you are still lost at sea or dead or something) have to PAY them to take care of your now-long-dead twinmess that your no-good, incompetent unwed mother mommy left behind...
      and *GOD* only knows where that freeloading male sire youve loved and respected and looked up to all your life, who got you a tiny black and brown puppy that fit inside your shoe and brought strawberries home 'just for you' and let you follow him around in the garage asking questions, who you called "daddy"... has made off to... God only knows where
      cuz .. that impregnator of unwed incompetent women never has showed up an' he left the state to take care of his spawn.

      an' its all true, cuz lookie here, they gotta piecea paper they made up, an' scribbled on, an' stamped a couplea times an' "*REGis*tured"... an' this here dude, calls himsef a ""Judge", *SEZ* its all true so its TRUE, an' ef you doan ShutUp, we will put you in a cage an' its all yure fault cause yore tryin' to take care of your family without askin fer nuttin.
      an hey! you never objected. you never notified us!
      you KNEW about it. you vVOLunteeered. and Registered.

      if this type of goings-on is true or mostly or somewhat true, (and all signs presently point to it being true) its easy to see why they dont want anyone to know theyve done this kind of heinous lying theiving trespasses. on the totally innocent, before their eyes even open.
      it doesnt get much worse than that

      besides, theyre tampering with "the dead", and that makes them unclean.

    4. continued:
      so, when/if WE say:
      "i didnt knowingly enter into an underlying good faith agreement upon which presumptions can be made",

      their PREMISE might/will be, "no, of course you didnt... youre dead/lost at sea... we cant hear you, remember? we dont see you standing right in front of us... [we genocided you on paper using the Birth Certificate].

      if they WERENT trying to keep it a secret among themselves that they paper- genocided all the American (and many other nations' babies?) for the purpose of stealing the babies' life, production, soul, name, and so forth, they might just go ahead and say it (if true):

      "WE entered into that necessary agreement, man-to-man between OURSELVES, *FOR* you, you arent necessary. we dont need your consent. and besides, you know... in your absence at sea or with the dead or whereever we makeup and say you were... we can do whatever we want. the kingqueenpopeother said so."

      so what i am saying is that
      the necessary man-to-man agreement they may be/probably are working their presumptions off of is/might be (the) agreement(s) THEY MADE UP/ FABRICATED OUT OF THIN AIR and signed BETWEEN EACH AN-OTHER, man-to-man, FOR you in your imaginary absence.

      its false claims/ "fraud".

  6. they have many different "stories" a.k.a. lies a.k.a. crap they made up that they have used to ATTACH themselves to our property...
    if we catch onto one thing, they just do a beatdown on the "serf" who caught them and change the story.... the Fiction these "men" call Their Queen said they could.
    theyre special.

    shelby quote: "I believe they did this because they got caught and they had to come up with more BULLSHIT to cover the lies
    Hence the word lawful or law of the land blah blah blah blah blah..."

    they get caught and they just change it on the fly or spin an entirely new lie.
    its what they DO.
    they dont WORK.
    they steal the fruit of YOUR labor and YOUR body, and use THAT instead of the ever going to work and actually producing something of worth.

    no, they sit around figuring out more ways to steal from the people, put the people into despair, create sicknesses, ruin crops, gin up one group against another group, and on and on as weve been seeing, if true, and presently it looks to be true but who knows when youre dealing with "men" who think its okay to be a liar to their fellow mankind because a Fiction they agreed to pretend actually exists said they could?

    but we have to start somewhere.

    1. the point is this:
      even in their fictionworld and according to their own codes they themselves write, they can only Execute or Administrate what belongs to (a) dead man.

      and i:man am not dead.
      and the "afterbirththing" is not man.

      does it matter to them?
      not if their codes are merely a smokescreen to make it *look* like theyre going to playfair.

      are they wellknown for broken treaties?

  7. Check this out - turning off things to hide the data and the actual happenings

    Anyone on the west coast including the states inland
    Yellowstone folks

    1. so where do we file or record our property that we purchase so we don't have to record with the county?

  8. So now that the basics {foundation(cornerstone)}have been revealed to all(knowledge that was actually brought forth over 5 years ago)who/what should be consulted? Hmm, maybe Kurt Kallenbach for starters, locate Romley Stewart, Rohan Lorian, Derrick Gonzalez, Backwoods Dan, or join your local state assembly? Because as it stands right now nearly all the whirlds population is stateless. Or would the best idea be to study everything about Jesus and then do it? Decisions Decisions. Now that you know, you can't play the ignorant card. Wisdom comes through prayer, and repentance. May this journey for the rest of ewe be shortened and more fruitful than it has been for me. Many blessing to ewe all.

    1. Yes, “They’re tampering with the dead” from the Corporation’s perspective the living are now tampering with the dead; something that is unlawful, “the heinous act of necromancy”. The “Dead” have already been put in their place, in a 2 dimensional whirld looked after by the Mere Corporation(Clearfield Doctrine), and all of its franchises/subsidiaries(Let the dead take care of the dead) it is their job to do this, but with all dead things that rot, and stink being able to get someone else to take care of it (like always) is most beneficial to the one who was designated to take care of this job in the first place. This is why “licenses” are needed. Once a license is requested by the living, and then granted the recipient is now bound to the Corps.(e) through their own volition. If the living now don’t adhere to all the “rules/statutes/codes…” they are considered a human trafficker/kidnapper. What are police(policy)officers not only allowed, but expected to do when confronted by someone that is a “human” trafficker/ kidnapper? That’s right, kill that trafficker/kidnapper on sight. This is also why most everyone who utilizes the highways, and byways is a practicing necromancer(unbeknownst to most of course). This is well known to the “scribes”. All those that profess to be God fearing, loving Christians are actually Necromancers, going into a Corps.(e) Court professing that they are. “All Rise”, The living rising for the dead? Not quite, better yet the living causing the dead to rise, and then having the gaul to speak for it.
      Is all this the proof that the evil one needs, to make its case against all of US?
      Ancestor worship: is it Biblical?;
      Is this why Neil Young was a minor for a heart of gold, and is still searching?
      Neil Young - Heart of Gold (Lyrics) - YouTube
      And then wouldn’t ewe know it the next video on cue;
      heart of gold Neil Young 1 hour - YouTube
      A one hour loop posted by, wait for it—"Necrozmayeeet TM"