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Tuesday, July 27, 2021


 By Anna Von Reitz

If we want to succeed in life or in any endeavor we undertake in life, we have to be honest about ourselves, which requires that we know the truth about ourselves.
I might want to be a baseball star, but the fact is I can't hit a ball to save myself and have only limited talent as a fielder. So much for my career in baseball. I am better off going to the game and watching other people play.
I know that. I admit that. I accept that. And so I don't waste my time or anyone else's trying to be something that I am not.
Give me a game of chess and I am a real contender. Give me a bow and an arrow and a target to shoot at, and I will do fine. Give me a skeet shoot....or let me tend a hockey goal, and I will earn my beans and rice. I am even decent, though naturally height disadvantaged, playing volleyball.
There are things I am good at, and I have learned to know what they are, mainly by failing at other sports.
Many injured Americans are coming into our Assemblies and stumbling around like hibernating bears, just waking up. They are angry and some of them are scared and all of them are disoriented.
Those of us who have been awake a while are stuck with the job of helping them through the wake up process, and helping them find their bearings. Then, we have to help them find a place where they can contribute to the effort instead of disrupting it and damaging it.
And most of all, we have to keep focused on the game we are playing, or we will start out with croquet and wind up playing field hockey.
Recently, two Assemblies have been dissolved while still in the process of assembling. I have received no end of guff about this. I have had people whining that I've sacked all the "strong leaders".
Surely, this is a terrible mistake on my part?
I know this will be a shock, but we are not looking to build up "strong leaders".
We are looking to build up a whole large group of good people, who are competent to stand on their own two feet and work together, shoulder to shoulder, for the common good of their communities, their Counties, their State, and this country.
It's a different game and a different focus than what people are used to in Corporate America.
Imagine taking a bunch of professional baseball players and teaching them to play shuffleboard.
They are still great athletes, but it is a different game. It has different objectives.
It's the same with our Assembly process.
So far as we are concerned, we are willing to admit that Adolph Hitler was a strong leader. Fidel Castro was a strong leader. Chairman Mao was a strong leader.
But what good is a strong leader who leads you over a cliff? One who leads you to shove your neighbors into gas chambers? Hello?
"Strong leaders" are part of the problem we face, and are part of a game we no longer want to play.
As people emerge from the Corporate World, they are still strongly indoctrinated by corporate roles and assumptions. They look around for "the leader" and they expect "positional authority" to greet them and shove them into their pre-appointed "slot".
They are not only expecting this, they are desiring this. It's familiar. It's comforting to them to be just a cog in a well-oiled machine, because that's all they've ever been and all they've ever done.
Think about it. From CEO to paperboy, they've been cogs and wheels.
"Hi, I'm Jerry. It's my job to pour coffee." can seem a lot easier than, "Hi, I'm Jerry, and I am partially responsible for this whole mess."
The fact remains--- if we are to succeed in rebooting our American Government, we have to reboot ourselves. We have to change the assumptions we have about ourselves and about our world.
Our Assemblies are supposed to run on a completely different business model, and after 160 years in storage, it's a foreign business model to virtually everyone here.
It's part of our job to learn and apply this new model, and play the new game.
It accomplishes nothing to have the same old dog-eat-dog and cover-your-@#$# corporate culture and hierarchy in charge of an assembly. Such an assembly becomes another corporation with "strong leaders" and "gatekeepers" and cogs and wheels, calling itself an "assembly" when it's not.
That's not what we are here for. That's not what we are building.
In the American Government, everyone is a leader, everyone is playing their strong suit, and everyone is making it work. Together.
There's a sign that says, "We may not have it all together, but together, we have it all."
Don't let what appears to be lack of structure and authority fool you. The Committee structured business model of an American Assembly has plenty of structure and plenty of authority and far more opportunities for individual people to rise and shine.
In an American Assembly, you have to know your abilities, accept your own responsibility, and find your own place at the table----and that is something that the Corporate model doesn't allow you to do, but it is precisely what the American Assembly process requires.
Finally, we must all be aware that some people want a king to reign over them; they want to relinquish the burden and responsibility of self-governance to someone else. They are the ones desperately looking for a strong leader and a positional authority hierarchy to go with it.
When you see this "king-seeking" behavior, remind them that there is already a District Assembly and a Municipal Assembly they can join--- at the cost of losing their Constitutional Guarantees, being forced to pay numerous foreign taxes, and being obligated to obey eighty million-plus rules, codes, and statutes.
There are also those who want to rule over others, and instead of looking for a king, they "take charge" and want to run things. They, also, don't belong in an American Assembly.
When you combine those who want to be king with those who are seeking a king, you have a problem, because both are foreign to the spirit and concept of an American Assembly.
Until enough people in your State Assembly firmly know how an Assembly is supposed to function and how power in a State Assembly is shared out, there is a danger that the king-seekers and the king-wannabes will get together and create a corporate-style takeover.
At first, such a takeover may feel comforting, because the corporate model is familiar and it allows you to relinquish individual responsibility. It's easy. It's the Nanny State. But it's not an American State Assembly.
In both Michigan and Texas we had exactly this sort of scenario. In both cases, albeit, with different agendas, we had groups of people busily building a corporate model and creating power positions for themselves and going down the same old road to perdition.
We call it the Revolving Door Syndrome.
We set the prisoners free, they rush through the door to freedom, the bright light of the sun hits them, the fresh wind ruffles their hair --- and they are terrified. They want to run back inside to the safety of the familiar prison they've been in all their lives instead of facing the challenges of self-governance.
Let them go. Experience shows that being free, even for an instant, changes a person. They can't forget what it felt like. It haunts them. And they want it, even if they don't understand it, and even if they don't want to go out into that big, scary world where freedom exists.
In the end, freedom isn't for everyone. Some people need the structure and discipline that a Nanny State provides--- and that doesn't have to be a problem or a cause for controversy. We simply need to point them in the right direction and encourage them to join the District Assemblies instead.

If you see me standing on a baseball field looking confused, feel free to show me the way to the archery range instead.


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  1. Awesome Anna, I'll be attending the teleconference.

  2. Well said Anna. I believe I understand what's needed and what's not needed I'd like to be a part of this. This is Mike in Ohio.

    1. I pray for all the best will come from your endeavor to pursue this on the land of Ohio. Be forewarned, from our experience of over Ten(10) years, The State of Ohio is the most corrupt of them all. Perseverance, unwavering vigilance in acquiring knowledge on this subject matter, and most of all possessing humility will be what is required for starters. Also be ready to lose everything, and I do mean everything. Never lose faith, and all will be well.

    2. Mike in Ohio,
      It will be great to have you join us. Be certain to seek out the help of our state coordinator.

  3. Sounds very much like the ekklesia of Jesus Christ. Serve one another...with what God gave/gives you. Help, minister, teach, show...not lord it over. Many know how to teach someone to fish so they need not beg for bread. This is how I think-- I don't wanna be a boss-- but don't mind being there to help, and if I can't-- I'll at least help to find help... if one would be greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven, let him become servant of all.

    1. this is true, and is has to be this way for america.

      2nd coming/millenialism is "transfigured" off of christ, inverse of new testament -- christ for everyone who denies new testament christ. it is illuminized christianity.

      it masquerades as new testament, while trying to merge "law" and "grace" together for a worldly kingdom aka millenialism aka dominionism aka marxism aka "karma" aka metatron et. al.

      devil has to masquerade as christ, sky is blue, news at 11.

      going way back, the "religion of abraham" was pushed as "true christianity" by "illuminism" -- see galatians for actual split.

      this was done to strengthen "families" and patriarchy -- and weaken the church "family". this happened long ago, with luther's 2 kingdoms. the flesh and blood family was put in charge of "conscience" and "freedom of religion", while the "public law" would always (masquerade as) "secular".

      it was never actual judaism or christianity, but putting flesh and blood "families" at the head of things, weakened the family of christ.

      fast forward a few centuries, and these "illuminized families" are now seeking a globalized version of "illuminism". (with "illuminati families" serving as a useful distraction, while reality is entirely inverted from that model nowadays)

      there is nowhere else for america to go, this is all expected. new testament has nowhere to lay its head. matthew 24 says the one who stands to the end will be saved.

      it has to be this way, illuminism/masonry must masquerade as "christ" at least as long as there are enough "christians" left that might not bow to gnostic unknown monad "god".

      for america, this forked tongue "illuminized christianity" is how it always was, is, ever shall be.

      for kabbalah, this is the "all in all" mentioned in new testament aka hermeticism aka alchemy aka the bible is the furniture of the masonic lodge aka gnostic "father" above christ, no trinity.

      alchemy and hermiticism denied this was god, that was only nature aka yezidi peacock angel aka metatron aka elias/elijah et. al. aka idolatry.

      for america this is all correct, and the only possible rails it could ever run on. for new testament, one should "flee judea" and this fake merging of "grace" and "law" and this fake judaism "abrahamic" "patriarchic" new type of illuminized "family" where all of humanity is "brothers".

      in centuries past, there was paranoia about who had "jewish blood". aka eugenics. leading to naziism and their superman. and new soviet man.

      thus, there is a long history of "flesh and blood" trying to inherit a worldly kingdom.

      christ does not fail, however the world will very much continue idolatry as it seeks a worldly kingdom built on flesh and blood.

      ultimately, the choices are new testament grace or "america" and its "law". same choices there always were, little has changed over the centuries, just new types of flesh and blood "families" come and go.

      galatians or "law". same choices as always. "the world" or christ. millenialism/dominionism simply tries to merge the old testament devil and new testament christ for a new age of lucifer.

      matthew 24 says to flee judea, so that is the only christ choice at present for "america" is to wait as the sheeps and goats are parted. the "law" replacing grace is very much part of "abomination of desolation" and an inevitable result of the abomination -- not a cause perhaps, but an effect/result.

      millenialism/dominionism/2nd coming tries to merge the sheep and goats, so you get sheepgoats lol. 1/2 christ, 1/2 devil. lucifer. venus. morning star and evening star.

      this is how it has to be, so long as there is "freedom of religion" and luther's 2 kingdoms.

    2. the state assemblies chose "the lord" and his cursed/damned "law", as galatians says. it is only masquerading as "christianity" it is in actuality illuminism/marxism/masonry/gnosticism/hermeticism/luciferianism.

      the millenialist "gospel" makes a footstool of christ and the new testament, christ and the new testament is the furniture of the lodge -- the devil, with a new testament and new age built upon rejecting christ as the "devil".

      in the big picture, illuminized "christianity" rolls on through another century or 5, as "global illuminized families" seek their worldly kingdoms. "apocalypse" says their gold will not save them, we shall see.

      "illuminati" (aka the "american" religion) looks to be entering a new stage, having succeeded at local/national/country levels at destroying christ and grace and the trinity, now is ready for the next round, conquering the world with "law", destroying the "gospel" everywhere it goes, replacing it with the prophecy of ezekiel "gospel" and millenialist "worldly kingdom" "gospel" of heresy.

      secular humanism, the un model, is what serving man is. to the mason, god is our father in heaven, and we are all brethren.

      new testament christ flees judea and this abomination of grace,

      secular humanism jumps into babylon ready to serve the devil as brothers and equals, under the same "father" entity.

      it is true lucifer has to masquerade as christ, but this should surprise exactly noone.

      grace or law. never the twain shall meet. worldly kingdom on earth, or my kingdom is not of this world. never the twain shall meet.

      judiasm or "the state is god" idolatry.
      christianity or "the state is god" idolatry.

      never the twain shall meet.

      hyrum abiff's temple rises again, the submerged tower of babel restored. see jewish encyclopedia "hiram" "hyrum" etc.

      once again, like all of millenialism and the heresy of cerinthus, jerome pointed this out long ago.

      the meek babylonians shall inherit a babylonian earth and its "law".

      which version of the "10 commandments" "law" do the state assemblies do? is that christ or old testament? the devil does not say. same exact "accidentally misunderstand on purpose" as the vatican II does with their "holy spirit" games. this lets the devil alternate back and forth and selectively enforce his "law". not unlike "gnosticism" -- an unknown monad, who cannot say if christ is god or not.

      when "law" jumps in, grace/christ has officially fled/vanished.

      all that officially remains is the cursed/damned "law" and the damned. secular humanism is hell on earth, serving the king lucifer and his many minions.

      the gnostic monad has made a footstool of christ and the new testament and grace. same old masonic "father in heaven". christ and the new testament is now hermetically sealed/bound, officially no longer exists.

    3. christ is the footstool of the masonic lodge. hiram's babylonian temple rises from the ashes of earth. see jewish encyclopedia "hiram" "hyrum" etc.

      "all in all" babylon and "christianity" are now officially one and the same. such is the "abomination of desolation" that matthew 24 warns about. the only remaining new testament option is to flee judea and babylonian "law" and the gnostic "father" monad.

      yes, it is a success. mission accomplished. christ is the new devil, babylonian "law" reigns from sea to shining sea. thus is "karma" and "poetic justice" to the devil.

      hebrew 4:12 says the word of god is sharper than this 2-edged swords. as does apocalypse. we shall see.

      at the moment, christ and grace has fled judea, jews have fled worldly israel idolatry, and babylonian gnostic "law" of their "father" reigns supreme.

  4. Being an artist outside the Corporate world I can see the Dilemma, as an artist feels free when they create there is no one that they’re trying to get over on our compete with but their own self. To create a creation better than the last. Nothing more.
    DJ Poye

    1. That's about the best analogy, and approach that I have heard. This type of mindset takes me back to my youth. How awesome to paint a new fresh portrait, Sing a new song, construct a new...Thanks, DJ

  5. conquered throughly Jewish Communist from Illinois Springsteen and Jewish Roosevelt presidency and the army of unconstitutional alphabet gangs. 1932 sending treasury plates to resently Jewish conquered Soviet Union ten times more tanks than Germany had nuclear secrets heavy water uranium almost had the bomb same time Amerik did non stop stream of planes out our factories flew into Soviet Union . One hundred fully armed divisions today we only have three divisions in marines .
    Before that Vice President Hamelton aka Cohen who sank us in debt 4 times more than the war cost. For his wall street buddies and started the unconstitutional standing Armyband appointed himself in charge .
    With the deep state and media firmly in charge don’t need a actual Jewish president .
    Like Albert Einstein everyone knew he was full of it
    As Tesla call him “a fuzzy headed crack pot “.
    As professors drew a circle on chalk board and explain you could go back to future and meet your parents. Everyone knew it’s preposterous but the media could destroy a scientist.
    Like Congressman Paul McClusky two silver stars said American Isralii political action committee (((AIPAC))) terrorizes Congress 1945

    1. yes, and all that you wrote clearly marks the difference between government "from right" ["de jure"] and government "from force" ["de facto"].
      we and so many other nations and peoples, yes, have been under government by force that is: a government system that HAS NO RIGHT to be there!

      their big problem is and always has been that:
      the people didnt consent.
      and property taken by trespass never "changes hands" that is, it still belongs to the rightful owner.

      they have to give it back.
      they know this.
      right now theyre sh¡tting on their minions who were promised a piece of the stolen property.

  6. Absolutely Brilliant Anna exactly what we are trying to do in Ireland
    Much Love and great respect.
    Anna Harvey

  7. There are many who have looked at the gas chamber issue and don't see it as black and white.

  8. It took me about 4+ years to unbrainwash myself to their slavery.

  9. Sheriff joe so establishment actually want to prove Barry Sotoro was honest but found mountains of fraud .
    Never him nor sheriff MAC addressed the human trafficking 2.0 nor the code is not law Judge Isman wrote extensively on origin of it .statutes are for corporate federal employees otherwise know by our founding fathers as “bills of attainer “ a grievance in Declaration of Independence “you have created a multitude of governmet agencies and sent your officers out to eat out our substance. “

  10. A Jewish friend of mine once told me the story of Moses leading the Jews to the Promised Land by way of 40 years of wandering in the desert. The promised land was not 40 years away. The purpose of 40 years in the desert was to disavow these people of their belief system of being SLAVES. Remember the golden idol? They needed something to worship, something else besides Pharaoh to which to be a slave. being a slave was all they knew.
    God and Moses knew that 2 generations were needed to eliminate that belief system for good.
    I think Americans are in the same boat as those wandering Jews.
    I agree with Anna. This is going to take some time.

  11. Goodie two boots and Jim brought up the issue of municipal corporation in liquidation and in fact reboot no speed bumps nothing.
    That would have sent shock waves throughout the territorial US corporation nope .
    The crime is unreal the false flag on 6 th the suppression of all facts .
    Meaning we have no response none however it is commendable efforts made to creat litigation teams .
    Like even the president of the cooperate United States has to check with his lawyers to take a dump .
    The legal terrorist (((Henry Wiseman))) terrorized Enron innocent employees just doing a job in prison to scare and terrorize. Muller was a dumb front man Wiseman was the deep state crime boss .
    Admit it we have not wion squat and who know if we ever will they just act like pirates.
    No body is winning the brilliant Kirk and Christopher James get no traction hardly.
    Again good on litigation teams the templates maybe we can bring enough pressure to crack the monopoly the BAR is defending.
    Have no other way no contingency plans it all has to first be run through litigation teams .
    Just like the loss of pilots like John McCain if they could survive the first trip out then thair survival rate dramatically improved .
    The top gun school in Delmar California created to give pilots a taste of live combat and circumvent the rookie syndrome.
    That’s why our litigation teams need to be highest priority. In my opinion.