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Monday, July 26, 2021

Doctors Raise Awareness on Ivermectin Treatment for COVID-19


  1. i have read many times that the inventors already know the cure (or move the cure theyre inventing forward) at the same time they are inventing a disease state: the reason being, so that they have the antidote, if they inadvertantly catch the disease themselves.
    makes sense.

    really, all this does appear to be for "culling" purposes.

    1. a comment i was making got cut off as i was trying to post it at the same time that comment section was being inactivated, so i will post it here: its about culling too.

      "patriot58 or anyone who knows the truth/ or was there:

      im asking for correction on my info if it is wrong...

      the info i have is that:
      1. the US INC "lost" the Viet Nam "War" and the "War" in Afghan. on purpose.
      they were not defeated by sticks or rocks being used as defense weapons by the people the US INC was attacking.

      2. there was no actual "War" ever declared: it was just the same kind of Mercenary Attack on innocent nations and peoples who were living their lives without bothering others, very much like was done to indigenous Americans and to American state nationals and others.

      3. in Afghan. the Attack was for the pooppppppee flours and for the abundant rare earth minerals in that area, in particular, lithium;
      and in VietNam, the Attack was for position/ location in southeast asia.

      4. in both "Wars", our trafficked American men were not allowed to "win", because for one thing, "War" was already being used as a culling of the herd technique even back then; that is: a culling of the "vigorous bucks" who could impregnate many females... same as in ww1 & 2.
      1920, 1945, 1965, 1985-90... every twenty years or so, take out the young bucks to control the herd size?

      5. the Method was and is to lie and say another nation or people is a "threat";
      the first Objective is to give an excuse to go in and steal property and land that belongs to those people being lied about and attacked (false flag/other) AND the second Objective is to Control the number of "breeders" -- a two-fer-one "play" what is/may be being done here, now."

      i welcome correction, if any, from people who have other info i can verify to be true.

      im looking for the truth.

      thank you in advance for taking the time to share!!


    2. i just thought of something -- did the obamaadmin tell our men NOT to "engage" UNTIL AFTER they were engaged upon first?

      iow: you cant shute until AFTER youre shawt at.

      ....seems that there was alot of backlash about that.

      can anyone recall the particulars about that?

    3. All of this is a UN land grab by the families of Hollywood who created the FRB in the first place
      They created the stories to go with it too
      The Creature from Jekyl Island was their creation just as the fiat currency PYRAMID PONZI money laundering scheme
      They created the game of monopoly for Christs sake
      The Game of Life the game of CLUE the game of Shuttes and Ladders the fucking list is endless
      Astor from the Titanic was made up he was actually Fred Astaire
      They made the story up to fit the narrative including the sinking of the fucking boat

      The people have all been brainwashed by the very crooks that have been entertaining you and bilking you of every last note you have for the last 15 decades

      They are everywhere even all over the internet

      Santos is a member of the band Santana
      Flat Earth Man is Maurice Gibb
      Sasha Stone is also a member of one the the ruling families bands I have yet to identify him as yet

      They created the UN and the Economic Forum and the Swissy Land BIS boot bank they are your monopoly money printers and the thieves

      They also created the v to go along with the holy books and the end times to go with revelations
      It all lines up with the bible and it is not a coincidence either

      Hollywood has unlimited access to build sets and the props to every fucking movie you have ever watched
      They have unlimited access to the military arsenal because they created it it's the sheep who have no clue that the scribes, the script writers are the ones putting this end times in place

      You will get the blue dot banks and a universal basic income they control while you think you are setting yourselves free


      And Viet Nam was about control of the oil and all the other resources and putting the people in that imagi nation under their control which means control of the AIRWAVES television, radio and now computers and social media

      This isn't their first rodeo

      You think that The Who wrote and produced the song WE WON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN is a misnomer and they just came up with it out of thin air
      the world health organization

      The Rolling Stones and their back in the USSR that all of us used to sing at the top of our lungs after they killed off the USSR
      Back in the US back in the US back in the USSR
      And we the brain dead idiots were CLUELESS

      They didn't put that hynotic 75 inch television in your living rooms for entertainment it was to entrance the people and keep them from the real theft

      So tell me who owns it all through lies and deceit because it sure as hell isn't us

      You're being led around by the fucking nose and many are ending up in jail because of this birth certificate BULLSHIT

      CONgress just as it was back them is full of liars and actors
      They made this shit up to protect themselves and put the fucking scheme in place
      And the fucking lawyers helped them do it and so did the DA's and everyone on down the line
      Normal folk have no idea what the hell they are supporting by going to work every day to make a living - they are helping them reach the end game
      THE THEFT OF IT ALL and you will be left holding a worthless credit card that they can turn off with the stroke of a key on a computer
      That is IBM Q for Quantum

      Even Q was their fucking creation

      The plan to save the world my ass

      I can't spell it out any better than that

    4. Have a look at this character

      So what is it that he is doing?

      How about this team law?
      Says they are seating the true government too ot the fake ones we see presented to us?

      And this woman here makes a good point
      The new Madrid or SPAIN of which most of the desert west was all spanish territory back in the 1500's or so they say

      She refers to it as moon magic again we have the MM flip them on their sides you have 33
      The bible the two eclipses the next one in 2024 X marks the spot over the entire United States
      The first one of 2017 was the great sign in heaven written about in revelations
      That eclipse traveled through 7 towns in it's course from northwest in Washington to Southeast in one of the Carolina I believe all of which (WITCH) the towns are named Salem

      The seven sisters oil cartel

      Ever found the 7 sisters plan(it) in the sky?
      I have once in my lifetime

      Do you think we live in a plan(it)terrium?

    5. Dog Latin, SPELL dog backwards you get GOD

      SIRIUS THE DOG STAR - SIRIUS RADIO brought to you by the gangs in charge

      New stadium in Vegas nicknmed the Death Star
      Uniforms have pirate eye patches on them and the symbolism of the skull and cross bones on them

      The last supper

      Vegas and the Virginia city Ponderosa BONANZA series filmed on the edges of Lake Tahoe and ZION National Park in Utah
      The four corner states AZ being one of them and their fake ass election vote counting bullshit
      The same fucking thing they did with Bush and Gore in Florida counting the fucking chads

      And people are still dead the fuck asleep


      The CONstillations

      And there is a you tube channel called Cosmic Agengy that claims to have direct conact with this CONstillation and are working to free the earth

      Tygetta is one of the names they use in their videos - it covers all these 5th DEMONsions like the 5th Deminsion who sang the song this is the dawning of the age of AQUARIUS back in the 60's I thing

      Funny the woman who does all the Cosmic Agency videos looks like Shelly DuVall from the movie The SHINING?

    7. The Public Pension PONZI SCHEME (funny there's that PPP again)

      Remember the song COME ON TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN
      How bout the Devil Went Down to Georgia
      I wonder if ole Charlie is a relation to ole Jack Daniels that drunks up the cowboys every night so they too blind to see anything

      I could go on and on and on but the SIGNS ARE EVERYWHERE

  2. Now you want to talk about some sick shit has a listen

    So while these bozo's play around the people are the target

    Joe Manchin pictured at the beginning has been identified as Joe Theissman

    Still sitting on the stage while he bilks West Virginia and signs all kinds of stuff under an assumed name and hidden behind a mask

    And BLM another of their created alphabet gangs is in the game destroying farmer after farmer while they tell them they can no longer feed their cattle on BLM land??

    Excuse me but the land was taken under false pretenses for their profits and yet it's people getting tagged here as the environmental problem

    You're dealing with some sick ass people here - ALL OF THEM

    And well Forbes putting out the video should be a misnomer

    And while the speaker claims he does not support this nominee who is he really and who does he really work for?
    Does he not know about the UN plans and DEPOPULATION or the Department of Population Affairs?

    They're all in cahoots as far as I'm concerned

    1. And if I am not mistaken there is a Forbes on this here team here

      And check out that page you see that wave and turning the tide bullshit at the Mirgage in Las Vegas scheduled for next year already??

    2. Green Acres and sending the lawyer, Oliver and his brat rich wifey out to HOOTERVILLE and incorporating the farms this is how they stole the land
      They left new york for greener pastures and gobbled up every paper land record title there was to be uncovered along the way

      And the stupid goy watched the show and laughed and laughed and laughed

      And what you are building right now in this wave is the bottom rung of the pyramid and the thieves will stay right where they are

  3. Shelby; could you please clarify who is being referred to in these two statements of yours below.
    Is it our ignorant ancestors of the past 150 yrs along with all of US at this present time? If so, now that all of US have been well informed by you, along with many others that have brought to light much irrefutable data for the masses to peruse, and comprehend the situation all of US find ourselves in and yet very few have repented is it better to call them/US “brain dead idiots” or “dullards”

    “The people have all been brainwashed by the very crooks that have been entertaining you and bilking you of every last note you have for the last 15 decades”

    “And we the brain dead idiots were CLUELESS”

    What happened “goodE2boots”, how did that get past ewe? Is there some sort of double standard happening internally within ewe? Can ewe even see that Shelby has said the identical, as I posted weeks ago, and now nothing is brought forth from ewer end towards Shelby’s two statements must mean ewe agree. I forgive ewe.

    1. who says i need forgiveness?
      you? : )
      you the judge of peoples comments now?

      your forgiveness is not necessary and is not accepted.

    2. oh interesting.
      proving/admitting your intent to annoy and harass.

      talk about people being a dullard... smh.

    3. Just referring to ewer answer

    4. Oh, and by the bye it was ewe who initiated the instigation/ allegations, miss slick kitty. See ya.

  4. using "pauls" blog as a means to refer to women with sexually innuendo'ed/ suggestive name-calling:
    Kitten, slick kitty, puss-___...

    by foscolos00

    after also referring to "crime" victims by using insulting and derogatory name- calling:

    name-calling on your blog, in particular: referring to the women commenters on your blog by perverse- sounding names such as "slick kitties" and "Kitten" and after that, "puss"-anything, is beyond distasteful and uncalled for, its nasty and disrespectful to everyone, including you and "anna".

    i trust that you do not approve of anyone who is using such sexually- innuendo'ed intimidation tactics/ other on your blog, and will take the steps necessary to remove any and all nasty, ill-intentioned Commenters who may be misusing your blog to spread their ill-will to others instead of using it to respectfully express their point of view about the articles.

  5. Ewe been outed and exposed goode no one is coming, those euphemisms to describe ewe have nothing to with any sexually perverse innuendos it goes much deeper than that, and ewe know it