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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Wise as Serpents, Gentle as Doves

 By Anna Von Reitz

Though it may have escaped your notice, the so-called Biden Administration is cracking down hard on “domestic violence” and trying to redefine “domestic” and “violence” to suit themselves.

Though these efforts are supposed to impact only Municipal citizens of the United States, they are being “liberally interpreted” to apply to everyone — and those of us who object to this presumption have a harder row to hoe because of these political and legal maneuvers.

We, Americans, are not “domestic” with respect to the Municipal United States.  We, Americans, don’t consider criticism of Satanism to be “hate speech”.  But the Lunatic Fringe is on a rampage and they are in their own vernacular “coming for us”.

The violent mistreatment of the January 6 Capitol rioters who are being beaten and sexually violated by Municipal Government thugs while in jail,  stands in stark contrast to the “Mum’s the Word” treatment given to last summer’s rioters, who destroyed billions of dollars worth of business and public infrastructure without as much as a hand slap.

Clearly, a double standard is involved and just as clearly it is a politically-motivated double standard.

Anyone who isn’t a liberal and a Democrat is in danger and is being directly targeted by the Municipal thugs, as they try to find scapegoats to blame for their own misdeeds.

As this Game of Fault proceeds, Biden and his Cronies are desperately seeking someone or something to attack as a pretext for starting a civil war—- some means to “get something started”.

They make money on war and they are being prevented from starting anything offshore, so naturally, they have turned their gaze toward starting a civil war to fill their coffers instead.

What better target than our own peaceable State Assemblies?

The Biden Administration’s desperate attempt to drum up some domestic violence has focused on racial tensions and, frankly, on us.  They wish to promote the idea that we, Americans, are domestic terrorists and violent extremists and “sovereign citizens”.

Their Federal Agents had already infiltrated several of our larger Assemblies with the aim of engendering talk of violence and insurrection and “contingency planning” and similar activities—- which they then record and use as an excuse to claim that our Assemblies are not “peaceable” and not centered on the Administration of our Public Duty to restore our lawful government.

They love it when ignorant Americans rail against the “Federation” and balk against the discipline we impose on the assembling process, because our self-interested Public Servants then interpret this as talk against the Federal Government, and more fuel for their fire.

Put bluntly— our Assemblies need to grow up and consciously protect themselves now that the Municipal Corporation is on a rampage.

When you hear someone ranting — shut them down.  

If anyone speaks of any kind of violence — shut them down.

If anyone goes overboard on preparedness — shut them down.

We have the absolute right to peaceably assemble and attend to our Public Duty, but there can be no taint of insurrection.

If there is, and even if it is coming from their own minions, they will use this as an excuse to attack our Assemblies, and all indications are that they would welcome an excuse to do so.

We have tried to put this message across in many ways to many people, and still, there are those who can’t or won’t read the tea leaves and act accordingly.

The leadership of The Texas Assembly is a case in point. Despite repeated warnings that they were off-track and under surveillance, they continued to fall for the trap.  One can only assume that they wanted to fall into the snare because they set the snare themselves.

This has led in turn to The Texas Assembly being dissolved and new leadership being sought to get the effort back on track and focused on the work that needs to get done.

If your eye sins, better to pluck it out than for your whole body to go into Gehenna.

Until the Assemblies learn to protect themselves and we get local leaders who are seasoned enough to recognize an entrapment racket, we have to correct course from the Federation level.

The Federation is being cast as the “Heavy” by those who are forcing this action, and they are blaming us for interfering in their affairs— but if they were operating properly and safely, there would be no need or reason for us to intervene.

There is no advantage for the Federation in having to scrap the prior effort and rebuild The Texas Assembly.  We are in fact loathe to lose time doing so and we feel real regret for the people of Texas who are forced to pivot and get back on the tracks.

That said, when your leaders are headed for a cliff—-let them go without you.  

Find new leaders and get the peaceable Assembly process in gear again.

Texans who want to do this and do it right are encouraged to connect with your new Coordinator Team.  Check the new contact information that will be posted at: www.The


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  1. It really is expected that 'they' see the Federation as a real threat ....we're about to take away they're 'golden egg'.

    1. the people are standing.

      does everybody now recognize that they need mankinds consent and were not giving it so they are moving forward AGAIN "as if" they have it?, and en-force-ing their fiction creations over us with threats and violence?

      thats all theyve got.
      they have no "standing", so theyre just forcing... to get what they want that doesnt belong to them.

      but they see us standing up.

  2. i thought you/"anna" wrote that the Foreign Municipal Corps-e was bankrupted and DISSOLVED on/around November 5, 2020.

    1. further, if it was dissolved, it couldnt be re-organized and could not be operational now. dissolved means its not there anymore. gone. empty space.

      looks like another example of keeping the people quiet by telling the people there are rules that ARE being followed, ...and then changing the "rules" later, expecting that we wont remember... but we do remember.

    2. that Testing is me, goodE2boots.

    3. theyve had to carry this on longer than it was built to support. the construct can only bear a limited amount of the story-line, being not true and therefore out of alignment with laws of nature that rule over everything.

      theyve had to disclose what theyve been doing so they could DIS-charge their Crimes, but even with doing so in secrecy (sealed indictments), too many katts are out of the bag. you cant put toothpaste back in the tube.
      now theyre dealing with awake good people, and here we all are watching them spin yarns for YEARS. because it was never supposed to have gone on this long.
      t[d]rump[f] was supposed to have been the last play?
      he WAS the storm. he was their trump?:
      trump: merriam webster:
      1 of 4
      a. (... or) FINAL RESOURCE.
      2:1, to get the better of;
      2:2 play a trump on a trick
      3:1a. trumpet;
      a jews harp haarp.

      harp: origin:
      earliest harps were developed from the hunting bow.
      -univ of central missouri.

    4. i sincerely hope before my creator that trump looking like a shill is the biggest hoax of all and that hes truly for the true American people... if thats even really donald trump the man.
      who knows at this point?!

  3. Love and light forgive and pray for all love is the key

    1. did "biden" really talk about people tore turring and drinking bbsblud... TWICE?

      if people are actually doing that, do you think that should be forgiven, and just lets all just have the attitude of: "move on... nothing to see here?"

      upon what grounds would forgiving that type of thing, if true, be appropriate, in your opinion?

      thanks. janmarie

  4. If we are still going to allow municipal and territioral citizens how are we ever supposed to clear up the situation we are already in...?? Even trump knows this isnt possible thats why there is going to be a " great reset" in monitary policy otherwise this fight would be useless..!!
    Either the statement that " where we go one we go all " is true or it isnt...!!
    What we need is a complete paridimn shift into quantum thinking or nothing will change..!! We need to go into this new reign with unity and love otherwise nothing will change and the best way to do that is make everyone equal monitaritly. Then and only then will people shift from agrueing to unifying which is going to take time...time is the only think we have that is on our side...!!
    Your still thinking on a conscious ( temporal) level when we are headed for a quantum ( subconscious) level. A totally different level that few if any of us can conceive of yet until it happens..

  5. 'Progessive', neo-Marxist, New Age, neo-Gnostic, neo-Pagan, monistic, Hermetic, pantheistic, Babylonian Satanism.

    This is the thought/belief system of those who think man is "evolving" into a "Greater Consciousness" rather than man being fallen from the original supernatural creation of the Almighty God's image-bearers.

    Upside down, anti-God, anti-Christ, counterfeit "spirituality" suggests that man can become a "god" or "god-like" through evolutionary consciousness, divine knowledge and/or enlightened "transformation" from the "evil" three dimensional material realm to the super-human and/or "quantum", 4th and 5th Dimensional realm and state of being.

    The Lie told in the Garden keeps being repackaged, but never goes away - there is nothing new under the sun.

    1. 11 Timothy 1:7
      For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

  6. we are supposed to be li,e little old lady grandmothers and not be strong, armed and trained.
    Being armed and trained and prepared is not insurrection, its smart.
    Ever hear of Viet Nam or Afghanistan ?

    1. they HAVE to stir up unrest, thats the only way they can claim authority to "come in and 'keep the peace'" -- 'keeping the peace' is their ONLY excuse for invading with 'peacekeeping' forces. there have been articles about the un peacekeeping forces abusing little sons and daughters. yes, it was THAT... i hope its not true.

      they seem to be going into overdrive now trying to gin up the unrest they need, and look to be getting noticeably frantic... IF the information were getting is actually true. but who knows?!
      they could just be "having more fun" scaring the "animals".
      or it could just be a beta test to see how well a psyop is working... 'mind controlling' the goy/cattle/ c(h)attle/res/ beef/sheep/ other is aLOT less messy than other ways.

      i think theyre full of sh¡t myself.
      pompeo said its a live exercise.

      i dont bet, but if i did, i *would* bet they cant pull off what they want to do and they know it, so, theyre just seeing how far they could have gotten.
      they will be back later to try it again though ...that i will bet on, because its a sure thing.

    2. theyve got all their ded-weight flunkie non-produers to feed and all the producers are fleeing the corps-e plantation :):):)

      The Slaughtering continues.
      Read this page comment,where ever you post make sure to leave a comment make sure it includes the word Slaughter.

      These are paranoid creeps! We are gonna make them nervous.

    4. missed the point....the "US" was defeated in VietNam by untrained farmers...imagine if they were trained ?.. same with Afghanistan...
      The pukes will never win. They have to wipe everyone off the face of the earth...then it no longer matters.

      Peace is a construct. You can have it when you are dead...maybe.
      ...and dont be cowards. Bullies dont expect you to fight back, especially when they are laying on the ground with a broken face looking up at you.

    5. Good logic Patriot58... untrained Farmers, taught by a Vietcong who understood calculus... on how to shoot down U.S. Inc airplanes..

  7. Texit 66% Republicans want out and would easily win a vote but the pharmaceutical baby Abbot to standing in the way .
    Yeah we want out of Union not to mention the republic of Texas Dejour has an complete Congress already claiming breach of contract. That’s how Lincoinstine or Springsteen actual name used to run out all state houses and outlaw all whites in government.thats were he got a boot by the confederate army by another name . And the people’s grand juries to bolt the door behind the BAR , carpetbaggers created 1878. And Reuters international propaganda mill 1868 to cover up war crimes .

  8. The good old days of total control of airwaves and print is over so the build up with capitol police setting up offices in nation states .
    Everyone see the double standard freedom of speech for reds only ACLU .
    Eric Holders’s DOJ telling his army of attorneys to only go after white ppl.
    Biden inviting the UN into country , the antisemitisim Czar , its total war on Americans the treasonous Desantos telling everyone to get the jab.
    All patriot media is under high tec attack jiggle,face berg, j tube ,apple, all on the attack . Hopefully we this will force people out of comfort zones and get some face time form militia’s .
    Look at south Africa the smoke screen of looting was to cover up the thieft of guns and ammo billions 9mm 5.56.
    Same reds setting up fake capital farce flag. The Kissinger kiss of death.

  9. There's No new age for old science that God designed long before your Jesus...

    Be careful about calling your Highest GOD Satanism.. Low vibrationeers...

    1. Keep bidding on your fiction games... 🤣😉😂😆🤩😅

    2. low vibrationeers...
      excellent descriptor.

    3. Religion is the oldest form of law for sure. No question. You don't have any standing in the eyes of the judiciary though in this society. Currently studying the dillon doctrine vs the cooley doctrine. Once you understand that the quild is just a religion, you will study only doctrine....i.e.polity between demoninations.

      This is the key to freedom and it starts at the local level, but everything is preempted now due to federal and state preemption, another doctrine. We were literally climbing jacobs ladder in the begging of this country, but the victorian era of british politics was incorporated here in the 30's, nobody knew what hit them. Genesis 1:2 Dei Mundi and Animuni followed. Now incorporate the new testament and we have the trinity.

      The doctrine of peace and exparte milligan are recognized by the military, and the and the rules of decisions doctrine. Original jurisdiction can be had, and Anna is testament to that doctrine. Power is the at the hand and at the end of the arm. The corporations have a dead hand as found in the statutes of mortmain and they must be preempted by piercing the corporate veil. Once your recording with the local or secretary of state is complete the proper injunction is a writ of prohibition.

    4. I bet some Christians forgot about Jesus self_contradictory teaching. Jesus did say to respect your Highest GOD,... Jesus went on preaching that you can play around with his Name, but Not with the Highest GOD..

      Now someone just misguided the world, to set all your focus on Jesus alone...

      So IF I was born at the time of Moses, Jacob... I knew the ONLY HIGH POWER GOD then And now I returned to earth. Some gooffies told me to dump my Highest GOD and go with their untested religious theories... Heck No.. I will stick with my tested GOD.. WHO communicated with me so strongly in this lifetime. 🤩😅🤣

      (I feel like so, and been told so by the Holy spirit... Not just my IF statement)...

  10. Hmm... I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life--no man gets to the Father but by Me; and if you know me you know the Father, the Son has revealed Him-- the words He spoke were (are) not His own, but those of the Father who sent Him and He enjoys the glory He had with the Father once again. Yehovah is known through the man, Yeshua, His o ly begotten Son.--as many as believe on Him are also sons of God. The natural man recieves not the things of the Spirit of God, neither can he know them, for they are spiritually discerned.-- If a man loves Jesus and keeps His commandments, the Father loves him also and the Father an He will make their abode with him.--- my understanding is many think god is in everyone and everyone needs to tap into this god consciousness etc... no one can really know god, except by knowing self--- well...that's NOT what the Father andSon teach...and they shall all (his elect) be taught of God--- rebirth of spirit by the Holy Spirit by Grace ye are saved... know Jesus, and you know God. But-- far be it from me to TELL you what to believe--- I'm just a man, and have no power to change a stoney heart to flesh, and certainly can't write His Laws in your hearts, your minds, and cause you to walk in them... it's all the work of Jesus. To God alone be all glory, honor and power! Amen!

  11. Reminiscent of the New Jersey boys and Wall Street booty facilitated by sleeper cells of Chabad.fedora dread locks gang .
    The communist party capitol punishment for antisemitisim. Remarks and in prison for anything said they deem destructive wise crack about the harsh vaccination end up in a gulag in Siberia for 10 years most don’t 1932 80 million Chinese were sovietized.
    66 million parishes in Russia 40 million in China
    Welcome to the NWO!
    Slaughtered 20 million Germans who like the confederacy didn’t want to fight .

  12. Paypal, owned by Marxist Jews, just banned Peggy Hall(The Healthy American)implying she's an extremist. If you want to see what hate speech looks like, just take a look at the Talmud. See Laura Loomer's comment:

    Laura Loomer
    "It’s really funny to me how it’s so “taboo” to point out how Marxist Jews are working hand in hand with the Democrat Party and Big Tech to undermine the US Constitution and destroy America. It’s the truth. And I say this as a Jew. The Jew’s worst enemy is the Jew himself. Does the ADL think that weaponizing financial blacklisting is going to make people more fond of the Jews? Idiots."

    "Why does a hateful Jewish extremist group like the ADL get to decide who is “extreme” and can make money on the internet?

    "PayPal "teams up" with the Jewish NGO Anti-Defamation League to "uncover and disrupt the financial pipelines that support extremist and hate movements," according to a joint statement.

    The "initiative" will focus on white supremacists and "those propagating and profiting from antisemitism, Islamophobia, racism, and anti-immigrant, anti-Black, anti-Hispanic, and anti-Asian hate."

    Notice they didn't mention anti-White discrimination.

  13. Andrew Torba

    "They want to gaslight us into violence. Don’t fall for it. It’s one big reason why we have always moderated strongly against fedposting and threats of violence. This is a peaceful movement and Gab is a peaceful community.

    We are builders, reformers, men and women of God. We do not destroy things. We build civilizations. We build roads, bridges, airplanes, space ships, and the internet. We explore the world and the stars. We spread the Gospel to every nation.

    God is righteously judging our county, but do not be tempted by The Enemy’s deception and lies. We are going to sit back and watch as the woke American Regime consumes itself. While this happens we are going to peacefully build.

    New channels of communication. New sources of information. New marketplaces. New economies. New cities. We will rebuild it all, just as we’ve done many times before.

    Get out of the cities, get your kids out of woke schools, stop watching controlled opposition media, stop using Big Tech services, stop buying Globohomo products, shop local, start a small business, get involved in your local community, and sit tight. God is in control."

    1. andrew torba sounds like he has the mark of the beast.

      "god is in control" is a sure sign of a marked person.

      any spirit that does not confess christ is of the antichrist. "god" is denying christ, the one unpardonable sin, those people go straight to hell for denying christ. they never knew him, and he never knew them.

      "god is in control" thats the other guy, unfortunately.

      as galatians says, law is cursed. new testament is grace not "law"

      [people, or anything else] "of God" doesnt mean anything. that is "controlled opposition".

      there is new testament christ is god (and a trinity, and baptism). there is old testament "the lord" is god. there is apocalypse/millenialism/worldly kingdom/fake heaven on earth/illuminism/marxism/2nd coming lucifer is god.

      there is gnostic monad noone knows who this is, or can know, is god. similar to masonic father in heaven, and we are all brethren, is god.

      the unknown masonic gnostic "God" is just one of many antichrists.

      no real "God" is watching america. it was defined that way on purpose. purposely didn't bind anything. luther's 2 kingdoms. purposely made sure nothing can ever be officially bound. compare new testament. america gets the god that it chose -- absolutely nothing. old testament "the lord" told people not to have a king, or he would not be there for them. america choose 1,000,000 "kings" and fell into the same trap -- psalms says put no faith in the son of man [old testament son of man, person who knows nothing, worldly/earthly person] or princes of the world, they cannot give any salvation. these are ancient types of idolatry, but all too common thousands of years later.

      unless americans wish to a) choose a testament b) choose a trinity c) choose a baptism d) choose grace instead of law...then it will always be masonry/illuminism, as it always has been.

      "god" is masonry/illuminism. at best, the all-seeing eye of gnosticism/masonry watches over america. not unlike the all-seeing eye of woke jesuitry. this is one of many reasons "God" is false opposition -- that is the exact same thing vatican II does. such is, one of many forms of the mark of the beast.

      the major choices are: christ or no christ, or wait with actual "jews" for their messiah (on hold, because won't show up as long as worldly israel exists).

      "God" is meaningless and is just another nickname for antichrist.

      the state assemblies chose "the lord" and his cursed, forever damned law, so have rejected new testament and christ. again, pretty much exact same thing the federales have done, are doing, and will ever do.

      there are many other choices, but the state assemblies have chosen "the lord" and his cursed/damned "law" so christ is the best cure for that disease.

      likewise, with so much "The Enemy" "Gospel" etc. nonsense, seems like actual new testament is needed just to counter all the fake worldly kingdom nonsense.

      in another world, one would not need christ. so long as old testament "the lord" is around, and fake illuminized "christianity" variants, actual christ still is effective lol.

    2. should be noted, "wise as serpents, gentle as doves" doesn't apply to people pushing the cursed old testament "law" such as that received at mt sinai. grace is new testament, "law" is the cursed/damned old testament.

      they are not under grace, they have no legitimate reason to quote new testament and impersonate it. christ is not under their "the lord" entity, and the devil (regardless of disguise) has no authority to try to govern new testament people either.

      such people who are enforcing cursed/damned "law" have no authority over new testament. the snakes need to stay in their "the law" and their "the lord" lane.

      galatians makes this clear. so, like pretty much all things "american" (code for: masonic, illuminist, gnostic) this is a good example of the dragon/serpent speaking with his forked tongue.

      one can only stand in awe at the power of lucifer lol. he's got the whole world in his hands. my my my serpentine.

    3. it is also against torah for any legitimate old testament people to try to "force the end" in such a manner as quoting new testament, while simultaneously pushing "the law"

      this, just like worldly israel, is another reason that apocalypse messiah will never show up. such is violating the rules of torah, as well as the new testament.

      such is the dragon/luciferian "merged" philosophy of millenialism/dominionism/apocalypse. such are the marked of the beast people.

      such duplicity also violates "thou shalt not do evil that good may come of it" which is what 'forcing the end' is writ large.

      there is no authority to impersonate other testaments. there is no authority from anywhere to attempt to merge law and grace, from either "side".

      these people are both fake old testament and fake new testament. they are double-marked in a sense. 2nd death as apocalypse calls it. trying to save themselves with their "works" of "the law".

      actual "jews" -- still are in "exile" use wayback machine

      actual new testament: there is no salvation by works or in the law. so that noone may boast.

    4. A few short reads;
      To bring only half the knowledge to the “sinner”/“wicked”/“evil person” does not absolve anyone.
      Ezekiel 3:18 ESV
      If I say to the wicked, ‘You shall surely die,’ and you give him no warning, nor speak to warn the wicked from his wicked way, in order to save his life, that wicked person shall die for his iniquity, but his blood I will require at your hand.

    5. Are we not our Brother's keeper? Should we not lay down our lives. What is the true definition of Love?

  14. A few short reads;
    To bring only half the knowledge to the “sinner”/“wicked”/“evil person” does not absolve anyone.
    Ezekiel 3:18 ESV
    If I say to the wicked, ‘You shall surely die,’ and you give him no warning, nor speak to warn the wicked from his wicked way, in order to save his life, that wicked person shall die for his iniquity, but his blood I will require at your hand.