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Sunday, July 25, 2021

There is Only One State Assembly

 By Anna Von Reitz

There are some people in Texas and elsewhere who think that whenever they are disgruntled or disagree with anything, including the role of the Federation of States (not to be confused with the “Federal” Government), they can split off from any oversight required during the assembling process and just keep on rolling —- but that is not possible.  

You are either in or you are out.

There is one body politic in each State of the Union and you either join it and abide by the jurisdiction it holds, or you are, by default, either a Federal citizen or a stateless person —and in either case, you are without any constitutional guarantees and without property rights and a foreigner on your own soil.

With the rights go the responsibilities.

The Texas Assembly stands dissolved and a new State Assembly will be formed by people who will cooperate with each other and who will follow the requirements of the assembling process.  

The new Assembly will inherit the land and pre-paid credit and constitutional guarantees which the people of Texas are owed. Those who opt out, opt out.

Anyone who goes rogue will be easy pickings for the Federal Agents.  We will not be responsible for them or what happens to them as a result of their obstinate misunderstandings.

Just as with the Colorado Nine, we have sounded the alarm, rung the bell, and told everyone the Truth.  

You have to stay in your own lane and you cannot involve any of the rest of us in your criminal misbehavior or represent yourselves as being in any way associated with us when you stray off course.

I am repeating for the “secessionists” in Texas and California almost verbatim what I told the Colorado Nine years ago.

Those who wish to fight, throw temper tantrums, desire to be “in charge” albeit, with no idea of the actual history or the requirements of the law, are nothing but a danger to themselves and to those others who wish to get the work done.

Members of our State Assemblies must be prepared to act as adults, cooperate with each other, and commit themselves to learning the law and the history upon which their standing depends.

They must work with the Federation of States to complete the assembling process and do the work to be fully seated.

We will be rebuilding a new assembly in Texas that is honorable, peaceable, productive, and lawful—- an assembly that is safely guided, committed to restoring the lawful government, enforcing the Public Law, and upholding the Constitutional Guarantees owed to Texas and Texans.

Any other aim or allegiance, intention or agenda, is foreign to us — and we will not allow anyone to use our Assemblies as a storefront hiding any illegal insurrectionist or secessionist activities, any incorporation, or any unlawful actions at all.

The Texas Assembly stands dissolved.

Those  who wish to preserve their lawful standing as Texans are invited to contact your new State Coordinator Team.  

We will dissolve as many Assemblies as necessary to hold the line against the entrapment and guilt by association schemes put forth by Federal Agents.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America


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