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Saturday, July 31, 2021

CDC withdraws fraudulent PCR testing protocol that was used to falsify covid “positives” to push the plandemic

BREAKING: CDC, FDA faked “covid” testing protocol by using human cells mixed with common cold virus fragments… PCR tests are merely detecting the common cold


  1. soo much contrivance!
    people are sick of it.
    fake reports!
    fake "sickness"; actual bioweapon?
    stay at home.
    put on a mask, take it off, put it on, throw it in the ocean with the other billion+.

    1. "and this weathermess ...
      where im at, it should be in the upper 90s during the day and upper 70s/lower 80s at night! its mid 80s daytime and into 50s at night... for days on end. the intense, sustained heat is necessary to ripen and dry out the food being grown.
      floodings, earthquakes - 8.2? in alaska.
      there are reports that 600+ bbs bod ease are floating up from floods in ahr weiler/other, germany... not of german descent.
      even more floating up in britian.
      ganges river, india too. and others.
      some say DUMBS and tunnels being flooded; some say shallow berryal sites. probably both?
      LOTS of earthquakes, most (reportedly) taking place at the same depth into the earth; 10 km?typically following/tracking the route of claimed-known "underground tunneling systems".

      true? psyop? more fun scaring the "animals"?

  2. There may be Morgellons according to this and might be an issue.


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