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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Complete Collapse of Everything

Pay close attention to what Rick Ackerman says about Gold and Silver.

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  1. Of all the Talking-Heads each of us tune into, very, very few mention the works or solutions of our Federation and the incredible Americans who have saved our bacon. I'm very puzzled why ALL the folks we think are the "good" influencers, aren't screaming from the mountaintops about the most appropriate solution to all of the Fraud committed against us that has been so meticulously laid out for us. I mean, all the heavy lifting has been done for us; I "see" Anna with two 500# dumbells, one in each hand as she's constantly doing curls. Then, all she asks is for us to go pick up those two 5# dumbells and start curling. They contribute to the distraction away from the truth that if anyone took the time to go through Anna's material, would make a world of difference. It's a shame these "influencers" know not what they're doing. Or, it would seem as so. However, one thing I have noticed by "tracking" the content of Anna's articles being presented by the TH's a few days later except that there's no credit given and one is led to believe that it's from the TH's own works or intel w/o ever giving credit to Anna and team. It's barely tolerable any longer. Too bad for them. The only comment I have for them is "Enjoy your suffering". The rest of us have a lot of work to do. I know I do.

    1. one of the main reason that some of us who look closely at "annas" work have serious and sincere questions is that:

      The United States of America formed from consent from the actual American people has never been a Federation.
      A Federation called The United States of America cannot be Re-constructed when such a Federation never existed to begin with.
      The "original issue" The United States of America has always been, still is, and will always be a Confederation; and that was done on purpose by those who created it who knew that:
      1. A Federation removes the sovereignity of the several States; while
      2. A Confederation is an alliance, league, union of *sovereign* groups, nations, peoples, states who retain and preserves the sever-al States' sovereignity, while they agree to come together pertaining to certain agreed upon actions: such as protection and trade.
      Any Federation that ever existed (if there ever was one) was only the pre-Declaration of Independence UNITED COLONIES: which the people of those same UNITED COLONIES chose to break away from being under British/Vatican COLONIAL RULE (that used a European Fiction named: Hereditary Head of State to Rule Over the UNITED COLONIES that "anna" claims was her husband, James', family, the French BelleChers):
      so then, logically:
      The United States of America being created to be a Confederation and *Perpetual* Union: never needs to be REconstructed: because it was created to function Perpetually.
      Never ending.
      so it is, might be, or might be speculatively- construed to mean that "anna" is RE-constructing the pre-Declaration of Independence Federation that was the UNITED COLONIES under authority of British/Vatican rule,... using the old family-line European-Titled Hereditary Head of State Fictional Authority that is being claimed by "anna" to be being Acted Out by the man, James BelleCher aka "Belcher". (maybe not his free choice?)

      The actual fact is that the actual original The United States of America doesnt need to be reconstructed, because it is Perpetual and therefore still, and always, perpetually up and running.
      They did that on purpose.
      Our grampas and gramma knew what they were doing.
      their intent, that they did do, is clearly declared and published in the original papers, and they made the world /mankind their witness.
      and so it is perpetually established for all man and woman who affirm (it is true) it.

    2. additionally, imo:
      a Federation under authority of such a Monarchical/ Ekklesiastically- created Fictional HHofState may work out swimmingly for some people... and to them i say: "Good for you!!"
      my concern is the unauthorized use of our Confederation's Name being used by "anna" (along with many other things) to (possibly) be deceptively Naming the European Monarchies' and/or Vatican RE-constructed Federated UNITED COLONIES by the Name chosen by the actual free and independent American people for the Confederated Perpetual Union of our Sovereign States.

      ...that would result in confusion masking deception, if any, that is quite similar in its nature to the unauthorized and deceptive use of our callings/"Names" on their Birth Certificate DebitCredit Bonds/"Money"... pretending, by Name, to be us or be authorized by us, the actual man or woman, when we were not even allowed to know anything meaningful about their system.

      it would be the same trickery.


    3. ...and finally:
      the whole concept of a Birth (or Other) Registration-type Slavery/Chain /Attachment System being the foundation of their unlawful system:
      that one group of man gets together and makes up reasons-in-"law" among themselves to secretly attack their brothers, sisters, neighbors, other nations /peoples, while pretending /masquerading/ *Acting As* the friends/ protectors/ allies of those same man, for the purpose of "stealing, killing, and destroying"; or any variation of that system:

      it is the cornerstone in the foundation of what they have built and its the keystone in the arch/over of unlawful ["de facto": in fact, but without right] authority they forced upon other man: without apparent conscience, even to the point of the death of those who resist. read DeclofIndep.

      the fact that theyve hidden what theyve done is an "unimpeachable" witness against them ever being able to claim that what they did was done in good faith or by mistake.
      ... for if they thought they were doing good they would have done it in the light and would have included us.
      But they didnt.
      and if it was by mistake they would have apologized and corrected it.
      But they havent. even looks like theyre trying to do it again.


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