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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Dr Reiner Fuellmich: Bombshell - Overwhelming Evidence That The Pandemic Is A Crime With All Backup

Powerful interview with trial lawyer Dr Reiner Fuellmich, who says they have the evidence to sue governments, health organizations, and the WHO.


  1. German Patriot's message to Patriots in US

    Doctor's Message:
    Tweet from Cliff high:
    "Just had a conversation with an ER doc. He said resuscitation is 'not possible' for many vaxed people he is seeing. He said some hearts are too 'stiff' to respond to the paddles even when zapped at the site of pick-up.  Probably micro clots throughout the tissue."

    "What is happening is not a massive medical mistake, it appears more and more like a crime."

  2. Its the endgame. If you must play, cheat. If you don't play they will cheat...liken it to a crooked card game in the old west...shoot first and ask questions later. Its about survival folks.

    1. ...and dont forget! its your own neighbors who are carrying this plan, if any, out against you! its the people AROUND you who are doing this!... not people in europe or wash dc or the mideast; its people in your own hometown, city, neighborhood, church, school, family?: so that while there may be figureheads who seem to be running things, its actually the people you are rubbing elbows with every day who have agreed to harm their own neighbors, including YOU!, in exchange for a "cut of the take" or for ruling position over others, and so forth.... if that is actually being played out and is not just a mind-frick psyopy thing.

      it could be either one.

      For example: Did someone transfer the rights to your LOCAL natural water source to "Foreign Interests"?
      HMMM? ya better know who did it and keep your eyes on them because if they participated in something like that, they have created "obligations" upon themselves that they will be expected to follow through on.

      im just saying WATCH. and be ready to function 'man-to-man', that is, ignore their Acting Roles *As* some kind of Fiction named an Officer, Agent, Contractor, Hireling for the Foreign Interests/ other and lawfully and as peacefully as they will allow, hold them responsible in their "capacity" being man for harm, if any, that they have participated in constructing against their peaceful and lawful neighbors.
      we have a right and a DUTY to do that.
      as peacefully, as they allow; and lawfully only.

      the deck of proof is stacked high and does not favor them.
      they have no excuse.
      there is no way out.
      they know this.
      MOST of them who havent already been evacuated from this land will realize their Masters effed them and that all that data they helped collect that harmed
      lawful and peaceful YOU????... well, shuckydarn, it was also collected on unlawful and unpeaceful THEM.

      they will have to give up FOR NOW.
      too many people are against them.

    2. America, DO NOT comply

      "This woman NAILED IT: our compliance is our doom. She saw that postal workers quit and forced the shutdown of a postal office because enough people quit their jobs to avoid the jab, and then it dawned on her: Everything is going to malfunction so badly the government will fail if enough people quit working avoid the shot. And this would also only affect employers who are asinine enough to require one. Then legit Americans who refused the jab will be able to take over the failures and run things properly."

    3. and i keep saying "dont forget!"
      ... but there are so many contrived distractions! :)

      so dont forget!:
      THEY are the ones who need to have THEIR [fake: "de facto"] "government"-thats-not-our government go into FAILURE!

      Their third 70-year claim of having a (third) constitution/debt obligation laid on the backs of American man and woman ended in 1999! they are already 22 years into the 4th 70-year (claimed/ presumed) "contract" constitu., that i guess was supposed to have been a sweeping takeover????: 1789, 1859, 1929, 1999.

      anyway, that thing theyve been calling "our government" has GOT TO COME DOWN...look at whats happening.. its not us people who are fomenting all of these "catastrophes", its THEM doing it! were peaceful and lawful, just as we have always been. they have no beef with us. we know were good people. we havent harmed anyone. theyre the ones ginning up the "civil unrest"... they NEED for their construct to be taken down. they need for us to do it for them because for one thing theyve pretended like WE built it/ allowed them to build it when we most certainly did NOT!!!

      seriously though, theyre in one hellofa pickle. :)


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