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Tuesday, January 5, 2021


Don't go off about who is saying this. I left the comments on because I want you to seriously consider WHAT he is saying, not who is saying it.


  1. Excellent! On Point! So articulate. Clear minded. Even points out Trumps culpability (surrounded by jews, including his Kush'ner & its dad newly pardoned).
    He says it, why are we so weak & brainwashed against self-defense??
    He seems to know its the jews, but doesn't say it, but calls out their names.

    Would really like to follow him. This is IMPERATIVE viewing. Wow.
    Looking for more of his work... not finding it yet. Please post anything of his. Thanks so much!

    1. Found the jewtube channel of the Friar Alexis Bugnolo. He says Pope Benedict is held prisoner, his own secretary is a Mafioso, & he is the true Pope. Says he received a threatening phone call from Archbishop Ganswine not to investigate the renunciation on Benedict as true Pope & to call Bergoglio the pope.
      Police arrested him due to Scamdemic said he was too dirty to sit in a bench, so had to sit on the floor. Too funny, ha ha ha, so Brother says to the police, pointing to a picture of St. Michael patron saint of police, saying now that you've done this to me, he's going to punish you, becuz St. Michael punishes sins. Says one of the police was terrified, saying are you cursing me?! Replied, no, but if you sin you'll be punished.
      Ok, so the big stir, since a tv crew was there & got publicity, had 2 lawyers come to him & he's going against the police criminal charge. So now he's the most feared Friar in Rome.
      ha ha ha this guy is great! Got St. Michael on their azz for sinning. Golden!
      Says Italy has whole teams of lawyers fighting with a united front against these insane persecutions, as police arresting people for this stupidity.
      Ha ha ha it gets better, he says priests should not close their churches & if the police come, tell them they are sinners & you give them a good homily & how they're going to hell, use your entire rhetoric, preach the word of God & make them fall on their knees & beg for forgiveness, then give them absolution send them home and you have tremendous power as a
      priest you have the holy spirit and hundreds of angels at your back don't be afraid.
      Later says everyone hates Bergoglio. A heretic! Says the Vatican is going bankrupt due to their scamdemic sin they're being punished! ... trying to make a church where priests can marry men , sodomites. They're losing becuz the faithful won't have it. They've given up on God.

      Says Bergogolio does the deeds, pushes the agenda for the psychopaths, Bergo is a psychopath, is NOT the pope
      Vatican going bankrupt, everywhere around are Nigerian mafia huxsters.
      YT doesn't want Catholics on it [jews hate Christ].
      I REALLY LIKE THIS GUY. This is a riot.

      So Club of Rome jews are paying their Popette Bergog' to dance, wanted him in to jew the Catholic Church... again. TIME TO ELIMINATE THE ENEMY OF MANKIND & GODS CREATION.

      This is fun. Holy Drama in Rome. his site FromRome.Info

      From Rome Info Video

      FromRome.Info -Video is an apostolate of Br. Alexis Bugnolo, as a member of the Ordo Militaris Catholicus, an international association of Catholics for the defense of Christians ( for more information)

    2. Ok listening to Brother Bugnolo's other recent vid, this is from transcript:
      so one point that needs to be emphasized and that is undervalued by almost the entire english-speaking world press is that pope benedict's renunciation was whatever he did on february 11th was without question >>>> done while the vatican state was under extreme pressure because the >>>> swift bank system which is a system of 10 500 banks in 215 countries blocked all transactions to the vatican <<<< and deutsche bank which ran the atm machines in the vatican blocked all transactions <<<

      now this is something extremely rare even isis while they were running their caliphate out of syria and iraq and had the control of banks >>>> their banks were not blocked blocked by swift <<<< swift allowed them to receive money from overseas but >>>> now the vatican couldn't buy or sell without what it was obviously without benedict with benedict remain pope because benedict no sooner resigned that the two days later the bank about deutsche bank turned on its atm machines at the vatican

      and when bulgogi was elected swift reopened the accounts and money flowing to and from the vatican through the international banking system so uh against a fact there is no argument that's obviously um extortion and if you're extorted to resign your renunciation isn't valid it says that in canon 332..."

      So will take a leap & say the JEWS running talmudic banking, decided to take down Vatican, same way they do it to all they wish to offend.

      Since the Vatican wasn't, as in WAS NOT, doing their bidding, they retaliated.
      It's said, this was the time Anna was working with Pope Benedict who WAS CORRECTING things, with Anna. A few months later Benedict was replaced with their jewsuit hack Bergoglio.

      So why would Anna have repeatedly said such horrendous things about the Vatican, Catholic Church (which is like blaming America for DC) as an insider who knew more than most??

      So something else was going on there. Some more that angered Anna. Was it that somebody inside the Church or Vatican said Anna's claims as owners of seals, or whatever else, wasn't as claimed?

      There's a reason why Anna did all that amazing work, accomplished SO MUCH WITH THE CHURCH, WITH BENEDICT, then burned that entire bridge.
      It doesn't make sense why she did that. All that work & accomplishment, the very things we seek today is help from the Church/Vatican.

      Well Anna foolishly, stupidly sure did pull the nasty, like some brat royal whose heirship is questioned.
      And from my own experience, those who are true royals, true heirs are nothing but hard working, usually farmers, doing all they can to sustain their farms & THE PEOPLE LOVE THEM for keeping their traditions & supporting them as well.

      Its the BRATS WHO AREN'T TRUE HEIRS, who did not earn their way, who act like Anna. And seems everything Anna says about Europeans is just to be nasty, destroy Europeans, which means Whites, which means Christians.

      Point is, why oh why say such stupid villainous, blasphemous things about the Catholic Church when in truth, she accomplished so much with the Church? And did so on a global forum? A bit more to this, one would think. thanks & stay sane


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