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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Situation Update, Jan. 28th – The Biden / globalist agenda to DELETE humanity through global extermination

(Natural News) To a person who doesn’t understand the overriding global plan for mass human extermination, the events of the world make little sense.

Why would governments intentionally weaponize covid lockdowns to harm their own economies?

Why would coronavirus vaccines be deliberately designed to cause rapid death and infertility?

Why would Bill Gates want to pollute the atmosphere to block sunlight and cause global famine due to crop failures?

Why has Big Tech been weaponized against freedom, abundance and truth?

The answer is blindingly simple: A global effort is under way to “delete” humanity from planet Earth. You might call it global genocide or a cosmic ethnic cleansing.

Joe Biden and his brutal regime against the American people are merely one cog in the global machine to achieve mass depopulation by any means necessary. This is why Biden’s policies are deliberately designed to cause collapse, destitution, enslavement and death.

These are not accidents. And this is why the US military must move against Biden and reclaim America, or face the total destruction of not just our constitutional republic but the very future of human civilization itself.

This global genocide agenda also explains:

  • Why the real goal of “climate change” is actually terraforming, which means altering the atmospheric chemistry of the planet to reduce CO2 (to starve plants) and reduce oxygen (to kill humans).
  • How “global dimming” projects will result in the engineering of global crop failures, followed by famine and mass death (in the billions).
  • Why energy prices are being deliberately raised by the Biden regime to cause food price inflation and collapse the national economy.

Just today, you’ve seen Gen. Austin (SecDef) announce that the Pentagon is shifting its priorities to carry out war against “climate change.” This treasonous act would de-prioritize America’s national defense and instead focus the entire US military on an imaginary enemy that’s nothing but a quack science hoax. (Will Gen. Austin order soldiers to fire their weapons at the sky to kill climate change? It really is that stupid…)

Today’s Situation Update for January 28th covers the critical news of the day along with revealing details of the plan to exterminate humanity. With Biden in the White House (for now, anyway), this plan is being accelerated against humanity.

Big Tech is in on it. So is the mainstream media. Their marching orders are to “exterminate humanity” by any means necessary. Once you understand this simple, horrifying truth, everything you see coming out of the Biden death machine makes instant sense.

Also, transgenderism is an attack on the sustainability of human reproduction, which is required for the human race to survive beyond one generation.


  1. I am so fed up with these wack jobs. If we the people have anyone with authority on our side. Then its time to end this ridiculous soap opera. If the military is not ruled by bidens regime. Then what are they waiting for. How much more damage are they going to be allowed to do? This constant back and forth crap. What the hell are they waiting for. More innocent people to be killed, arrested. We are all aware of the corruption, we all know the election was a fraud. But yet we just sit and allow it. Sit and wait for more illegal acts from these sick entities. How many illegal acts against the people must be done before its i)egal. Knowing and watching these puppets And predicting what crime they are going to commit next is insane. The constant pointing out of what is being done to us, is doing what? Watching free speach taken away, our guns taken away, is doing what?

  2. Paul Furber reposted

    “Do people realise that the fun being had on Wall Street atm will crash hedge funds, crash banks and go all the way to the Fed? The Fed will crash.

    Now realise that in March last year Trump made the Treasury the holder of all assets while the Fed carried the now UNSECURED debt.
    The Treasury gets the interest on the Feds loans AND holds the assets.

    When the Fed crashes - and it will - goodbye Roth’s and other scum.

    The dollar will become asset backed by precious metals, mineral wealth, GDP etc.

    Bye bye fiat/factional banking - hello true and real wealth owned by THE PEOPLE. BRILLIANT.

    “Great piece by Matt Taibbi on the Gamestop saga:” Suck It, Wall Street
    In a blowout comedy for the ages, finance pirates take it up the clacker”

    LOL…..”Dear Billionaires, You Will Own Nothing And You will Be Happy”

  3. A Priest's warning regarding the Masons 1/29/21

    AMAZING, emotional statement from a Catholic priest recorded walking the street in Rome. Covers the deep aspects of everything that's happening in the wake of the phony pandemic with the slavery and reduction of humanity. James Fetzer: Recommended Video (10:02) Priest’s Warning from Rome



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