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Sunday, January 22, 2023

Illegal Constitutions -- Example, Australia

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have been taught to defend and venerate and protect our Constitutions. 

All over the world, it's the same. 

But what, exactly, is a "Constitution"?    

A Constitution is a debt agreement, and a debt agreement can exist in any General Jurisdiction. 

So what does that mean? 

A Constitution is an agreement wherein one party agrees to provide goods and/or services and another party agrees to pay for the goods and/or services.  

Within the international land jurisdiction where our original Federal Constitutions exist, Constitutions take the form of Common Law Contracts and are undertaken between competent sovereign governments called "Principals". Constitutions are more binding than Treaties, hence, the Supremacy Clause and the familiar phrase, "Supreme Law of the Land". 

Within the international jurisdiction of the sea, Constitutions take the form of corporate charters undertaken by sovereign governments acting as contractors providing government services.  This is a substantially different and lesser kind of "Constitution", even though it is still technically a debt agreement.  

The 1787 Federal Constitution known as "The Constitution for the united States of America" is more binding than any Treaty ending a war, but the 1868 document called "The Constitution of the United States of America" is a corporate charter for a governmental services subcontractor-- a different kind of "constitution" under a different form and jurisdiction of the law. 

One Constitution is on the land, and the other "Constitution" is on the sea, but both are debt agreements. 

Most people have never known or been told the difference.  They haven't been made aware of the difference between land treaties and sea treaties, either.  

This has resulted in no end of confusion and no end of abuses and criminality, both. 

Whereas a land jurisdiction Constitution is fixed and difficult to undermine, a sea jurisdiction "Constitution" is inherently mutable, based on nothing more than a private corporation charter.  A land Constitution is lawful, but a sea Constitution is legal -- different rules and forms of law are involved. 

When a sea jurisdiction "Constitution" is secretly substituted for a land jurisdiction Constitution, the guarantees owed to people under the land jurisdiction Constitution disappear; both the form of law and its General Jurisdiction everyone is operating under changes, and the perpetrators responsible don't say a word. 

This is what has happened in our country and in countries throughout the world.  Let's take Australia as an example. 

Australia, meaning the organic land and soil we think of as "Australia"  was bobbling along doing fine as a country, but it was also defined as a British Commonwealth Nation.  

A country is different from a nation.  A country has land and soil, rocks, trees, and air space and maritime coastal waters.  A nation is composed of the people living within the borders of that country.  

The British Commonwealth as a whole suffered many setbacks in the 19th century and had many investment expenses as well, which resulted in the member "Nations" being impoverished and in debt to each other and to other non-Commonwealth nations throughout the world. 

Most of these Nations were in debt to The United States and when they failed to make their payments, this resulted in the bankruptcy of the Scottish Commercial Corporation doing business as The United States of America, Inc. (1868 to 1907) and a domino-effect collapse, which led to The Great White Fleet which sailed the seas from December 1907 to 1909. 

The Great White Fleet basically sailed around the world collecting debts and imposing new sea jurisdiction "Constitutions" on the bankrupt governmental services companies in Australia and elsewhere.  

As a result, a new, foreign, and so far as the Australian People were concerned, unauthorized,  governmental services corporation came into power as a Successor administering their day to day government services under a new sea jurisdiction "Constitution".  

Australia, Inc. was born --- backwards, under conditions of deceit and non-disclosure, but born nonetheless.  

The Constitutional Monarchy that Australia and the People of Australia were guaranteed --and the Constitution defining it-- was still there on paper, but it was, in practical terms, set aside without a whisper, and without notification to the People of Australia.  

The sea jurisdiction "Constitution" of Australia, Inc., became the "functional law" for the corporation's employees, and they gratuitously presumed their rules and codes and obligations on everyone else. 

Instead of functioning as a country populated by a nation of free people, Australia started functioning as a foreign commercial corporation dominating a land mass, and everyone living there was "presumed to be" an employee or a dependent of that foreign governmental services corporation, and therefore, not owed any constitutional guarantees. 

That's how the Australian people's identity was redefined and their constitutional guarantees were evaded and their lawful government overturned -- all without firing a shot and without anyone but a few schemers knowing what was going on. 

The same thing happened in America in the years immediately after the so-called Civil War, and the creeping cancer of Corporatism proceeded from there. 

After the Second World War another shake-up and redistribution of debt took place and Australia, Inc., farmed out its civilian service obligations to AUSTRALIA, INC. 

The clueless Australian people were "redefined" again as Municipal Corporation franchisees, all without their knowledge or agreement, and another sea jurisdiction "Constitution" was imposed on them, creating another layer of corporate legal chicanery separating them from their actual Constitution and its guarantees. 

The corporations got away with this, because nobody knew what was going on.  They and the conspirators responsible adopted a "cloak of secrecy" and only Mikey, Joey, Donnie, and Alfie knew what was going on and how they were working this fraud against the people of Australia and garnering wealth and coercive power for themselves. 

They have built up more piles of Odious Debt since WWII and been caught at it, so they have responded by trying to kill and/or maim their Employers who are in fact their Priority Creditors. 

We have responded by demanding the liquidation of all these guilty corporations, the return of their debts as credit owed to their victims, the punishment of all their officers, board members, and if appropriate, their shareholders --- and stiff damages to be paid by the Principals for every life lost or disabled. 

It turns out that we, the living people, the Employers of these organizations which have no natural right to exist, the Customers of their services, their Priority Creditors, and the source of all value in the economic system they plunder, were not being highly valued ourselves.  

We were viewed as expendable human resources by these ignorant cretins, who have been dancing around like two year-olds with a hammer, banging on their own toes, and then wondering why their fourth quarter earnings are in the tank and screaming wah-wah-wah and laying off thousands of employees, which just makes everything worse. 

They are having fun.  They think that they created this world and they have the right to destroy it, but in fact, we created this world and we  created the corporations.  We provided for their form and their charters and their bankruptcy protection and we can gut them, too. 

So, a change of management is in order, and they have planned for that, too, a plan that leaves the same unpleasant criminal elements at the helm after they have manufactured a dire economic and social collapse.  

This is what they THINK they are going to get away with: destroy everything, destroy the economies, destroy the social structure, destroy the family, destroy the soil, pollute the water, kill most of the people, and after they have done all this damage, they propose to step up and say, "See, you people are incompetent and can't manage anything yourselves.  We are here to save you." 

And sadly, unless the rest of us get busy, they might even get away with it. 

Getting back to Australia, see the latest round of their "Federal" plan:, the "Australian Federal Relations Architecture" 
which defines the structure of Australia's New Enslavement System projected by "Federal" Authority, which has about as much actual authority as Federal Express. 

This entire problem is taking place, jointly, in the jurisdiction of the Air, and the jurisdiction of the Sea.  It involves mental constructs -- corporations and companies that have no natural right to exist, preying upon the people they are supposed to serve.  It could be described as a grudge match between the British Crown Corporation and the Vatican, a final power struggle between the Red Dragon and the White Dragon. 

And neither of them come from China. 

Along the way, they've prepared all these narratives and distractions -- Joe Biden has a few of approximately eighteen billion pages of paper attached to Top Secret or National Security documents in his basement.  Oh, my. What color of toenail polish is Michele Obama wearing today?  Inflation, stock markets, border crisis, food shortages, death and diseases, ecological disasters, all of it engineered to scare and distract. 

There's a core of people on this planet -- a core that isn't scared, isn't fooled and is keeping score.  That core group of people is growing.  

Remember that when they scream and shout and gin up one of their emergencies, it's there to distract you.  It's there to draw your attention away from what they are actually doing, so that you won't see their actual crime.

When they report ugly, threatening, nasty news -- that's your signal to sit back and deeply contemplate the beauty of the natural world, the harmony of creation, and know that you are safe and part of it all forever.

When they create death and disease, know that your Father has the cure. 

When they encourage hate and distrust, that's your signal to love. 

It's your game and your planet, not theirs.   All the lies in Satan's long history can't overcome one solid truth. 


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  1. grace to you anna!, thank you ,

  2. Think about this as long as possible......"ARRESTS MUST BEGIN TO OCCUR!" Get all 33rd Degree Freemasons who were deliberately installed by the globalists as Police Chiefs, worldwide, REMOVED FROM ALL POLICE FORCES ASAP! This is fast way to defeat them!

    1. Thank you very much. Please continue educating us all on our world history.
      Maybe someday we could have a new History Channel on PBS.
      Best Regards,
      Semper Fidelis

    2. a1050a, you are right.
      they really should leave because they have already taken an Oath of Loyalty to a Closed Group of men. others serving ClosedGroups, too.
      ...because how can they impartially serve all the American people?... an extremely culturally- and spiritually- diverse people -- when they have already bound themselves by Oaths to their Closed Society and its doctrines and demands?
      they cant.
      jesuis said:
      Ref.: "a man cannot serve two Masters." Luke 16:13.
      i agree with jesuis.

    3. its really no different than one of their own Articles/Amendments to their "Constitution": that no men with Noble Titles will hold Public Office (or something similar)... an Art/Amend that was *removed*, i read.
      Esquire, Sir; anyone who has taken an Oath to be "In Service to Her Royal Majesty the Queen" cannot serve the *AMERICAN* people: you are Foreign. same with anyone having Oath to The Pope:Clerics, Court Clerks, youre Foreign.
      you cannot serve our people.
      you are already serving your own.

  3. Address the fact that when the form of "money" changes from substance to credit the rule of law must change also. How do you plan to get the people to use money of substance AND have "them" recognize it???Until you can enforce that you have a big fat nothing burger no matter how much secret sauce you put on it. Make mine a double please

  4. Our constitution was granted by the express will of the people of the states to unite in one federal commonwealth under the blessing of Almighty God. Queen Victoria was very clever and gave the inheritance of the Imperial Crown to the people of my Country to hold under God indissolubly. Every one tries to dismiss the Preamble which defines line of Authority and rule of law under God through the People unto the office's of administration.

    1. Lincoln's so-called organic constitution was and is fake .

  5. Anna you need to go and read Steven Spiers; Realm and Man. and; Commonwealth Realm.

    WHEREAS the people of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland, and Tasmania, humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God, have agreed to unite in one indissoluble Federal Commonwealth under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and under the Constitution hereby established:

    From this we can further summarise more factual statements.
    a)     The people of the States united not the States themselves.
    b)     The unity relies on the blessing of Almighty God.
    c)     The unity is indissoluble.
    d)     The unity is a Federal Commonwealth
    e)     The unity is under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland as at July 1900.
    f)      The unity is under the Constitution at Clause 9 of the Act.
    g)     A line of Authority is defined in God, King and Country.
    This will give you all a chance to look at what a bible has to say about Government and how God became Grantor to the ideal of Governance.
    Isaiah 9:6 Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)
    6 For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given:
    and the government shall be upon his shoulder:
    and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor,
    The mighty God,
    The everlasting Father,
    The Prince of Peace.
    The best way to advance from ignorance is to discuss this between each other and put all the information you have on the specific facts into one pot. From there you will be without ignorance and be able to determine through scientific method, or through the dissection of law the actual facts surrounding how we became a people in International Laws or Natural Law.
    This post will continue into Part 2 as we start to lay out many of the facts surrounding becoming a people, and how that was eventually conned out of us. And hopefully open the eyes of the people to be able to return home to it, as well as pass this knowledge on to others.
    The Lawyers and Solicitors are under Oath to God, but when we delve into the foundations of that God we are warned about the Lawyers who lie, and the Solicitors who solicit. For they are the ones who attempt to justify foundations through the laws they believe in rather than the foundations through God in which they take their oaths to.
    Luke 7:30 Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)
    30 But the Pharisees and lawyers rejected the counsel of God against themselves, being not baptized of him.
    Luke 11:46 Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)
    46 And he said, Woe unto you also, ye lawyers! for ye lade men with burdens grievous to be borne, and ye yourselves touch not the burdens with one of your fingers.
    Luke 11:52 Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)
    52 Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered.
    The irony here is that to be able to perform the actions of law, these lawyers and solicitors take Oaths of Office before Chief Justices whom are obligated to the finer details of the faith of god as the will and testimony to the estates of god.
    Participate in the comments below and discuss with each other these things so that we can move forward as a people. A people that know what they were granted by the Holy Spirit of their ANZAC, a people that one day might return to what was granted to them.
    The one thing I would suggest is to stop arguing with the Lawtards on facebook. It is very clear they either solely believe in man made laws, and not that testimony of the trinity of God which includes the Spirit of the ANZAC. And we were again warned clearly of this occurring.
    Acts 4:19 Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)
    19 But Peter and John answered and said unto them, Whether it be right in the sight of God to hearken unto you more than unto God, judge ye.
    Acts 5:29 Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)
    29 Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men.

  7. Dear Australians,
    In this difficult time, we ask that you look at what is going on and finally define what it means to stand up together as a people. In the months leading up to what was known to be coming in this end of usufruct. A merger of usufruct controlled by the United Nations is upon your doorstep.
    We turn our address to the Politicians and Leaders of this country, who whole heartedly believed they had by Oath taken to serve the country and its people. You have served a foreign power and taken oath of allegiance outside of the Commonwealth of Australia by technical definition and have in doing so desecrated the memory of the ANZAC and all they stood for in Peace Agreements at the Treaty of Versailles in 1919
    If you are a member of the Police Service, the Australian Defence Forces, the Parliament, the Judiciary or anything outside of the Executive Branches of Government we ask you very clearly to think about the position you hold and the value it is to your family, your home, your friends, during this demise of the very country we all live in and enjoy.
    Today marks a very dark day in Australia’s History. The State has blatantly and without remorse turned on its own citizens.
    With Rubber Bullets and Guns being pointed at unarmed civilians, weapons being fired at unarmed men surrendering with their arms in the air, all while Victorian Police taunt protestors to attack, it seems to be clear that as the State, you might be unaware of the Laws of Armed Conflict that are playing out before your very eyes. Laws that you are wholly complicit in, and obligated to, laws that demonstrate to you what is occurring before everyone’s eyes is an act of war, and could be at the Laws of Armed Conflict considered to be serious war crimes.
    In the recent year you have demonstrated your alliance with BLM when Police across Australia bend the knee to another power without even thinking of what it means to bend the knee to something, and yet today you have a full Nazi style power force pushed onto Australians under the guise of Health Concerns. Concerns which you have demonstrated to be complicit in creating with pre-emptive Bio Security Legislation that seeks to take control of not only the food bowl, but also business and manufacturing.
    Are you sure you have signed up for the correct Parliament and are you sure that the Oath of Allegiance you have taken is in line with the foundations of this country when you are seeing the Laws of Armed Conflict based in Hague and Geneva Conventions first defined in 1864 and sealed across the world in 1899 start to play out in front of your very eyes.
    It is from this standing that we have attempted for over a decade not only to inform you as politicians, but also warn you as Australians of the impending disaster that a usufruct agreement made by the political leaders in the fifties and sixties would make if you didn’t wake up very quickly to the fact that it was actually you, under Oath of Allegiance to a power foreign, displaying foreign crowns and foreign flags in the land, that had caused this demise.

  8. From Quentin Bryce to the current Governor General, through many Attorneys General’s departments we have seen the demise of social justice in this country in place of a militarised power grab based in Home Affairs. You have certainly become Nazi Germany over night, might it be because of your ignorance dipping into the IMF Reserve Tank instead of building the Commonwealth of the people. None of you wanted to listen, and now you are seeing first hand those Laws of Armed Conflict play out that you were constantly warned about.
    Instead of listening to us, and the concerns we had for this very Commonwealth of Australia under the Rules of Usufruct as per Hague Conventions, you instead sent the Police around like your private militarised Jesuit force to attempt to manipulate us into saying something out of context so that you could take advantage. You sent Police around to pregnant mother’s homes, you smashed through the front door of people’s homes for posting on social media, and you openly fired a handgun into a vehicle for refusing to stop at one of your Health Check Points. Yet you somewhat justify this because you are a Member of Parliament. It’s a complete disgrace.
    Have you now considered that you might be totally ignorant of the problem, and that you may actually be the cause of the problem in that ignorance?
    And now today, you have fired upon your own people for standing up for themselves against a tyrannically governing body obviously being told what to do under United Nations Smart Cities Agendas. While Premiers of these States attempt to shut down borders that were repealed in the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution, the people who are the naked owners of this usufruct agreement are being terrorised by those that took Oath of Allegiance to this authority deep in your own Executive Branches.
    It is clear to the people who their enemy became.
    This now begs the question as a Member of Parliament, as a politician that is supposed to serve the people, supposed to serve the community and all Australians, and especially in defence of and growth of this great Commonwealth of Australia.
    Who do you actually serve? What oath of allegiance have you made and can you be fully assured that your allegiances are based in the very foundations of this country. Because if you cannot, you may not only be committing war crimes against the people you may actually be committing acts of treason against the foundations defined at international law by ancestors of this Commonwealth of Australia.
    Now turning back to address all Australians, whether you are from another land, whether your culture is different or not, you all came here for the freedom from war and tyrannical rule of government. Some have crossed the seas at great expense, losing loved ones along the way, to join in the sacred land we all enjoy and call this Commonwealth of Australia. At this time, you are being treated as Prisoners of Warfare under the Laws of Armed Conflict. You are currently in lock-down, which is a prison term used when they lock all doors and put prisoners in their cells. This is usually because of riot, or something like an escape.

  9. I am asking you all to remain calm, I am asking you all to avoid the UN Force that is the State Police Force altogether. It is in your own hearts that you will change the future of this Anglican Protestant based Commonwealth wherein as brothers united we defend, it is in realising that you have been piggy backing off someone else’s money supplies and allowing them to control your trade routes. A Commonwealth where this Administration Government has openly undermined your ANZAC and attacked you in front of your Anglican Churches without a word from those bodies of Gods.
    When as a society we can return to the financial foundations of exchange in real value already defined in law instead of passing around debt currencies based on the Reserve Bank of Australia, a foreign corporate entity and national creditor; maybe we can address the actual problem of the United Nations playing Debt Collector.
    These politicians are not decision makers, they are merely a theatre in play to give you something to argue about daily while you ignore the problem that gives them an unusual amount of power in the first place. Consider that militarised state police forces often deny politicians because they know they are obligated to the Laws of Armed Conflict in play relative to Hague Conventions and the rules regarding the recovery of debt in accordance with International Treaty.
    In this time we have rediscovered the history of ANZAC and the Federal Red Ensign in use until 1953 when a foreign crown replaced the Imperial Crown and eventually took your Admiralty in 1967. We ask you to fly it proudly, demonstrating your heritage, your ancestry and your birth rights as all Australians of all cultures. A birth right defended and proclaimed by ANZAC on a World Stage at the sacrifice of 62,000 men.
    We have discovered the Compassing of the People done by this definitively occupying Crown and Governance and the links to the International Laws of Armed Conflict and the possibilities that Political Leaders and others in Command may actually be committing War Crimes at this time, recently demonstrated in Melbourne by firing upon unarmed civilians showing the international symbol for surrender by putting their arms high up in the air.
    We ask the people to stand together under the “Blood and Guts” of the Federal Red Ensign so dubbed by the very ANCAC you find your heritage in. In doing this we ask that you find leaders amongst yourselves that can speak on your behalf and not act like children protesting and scrapping to be heard. It is unity in strength with men that can stand up and speak for their communities that will help you in defending in each other merely by numbers.
    If you see Red, be united instead. It will be in helping each other, in defending and standing up for each other that you will start to have a voice against this now obvious military takeover of your Commonwealth of Australia likely to be forced into a Republic by the model of John Howard who has obviously demonstrated a direct act of treason by disarming the Land Forces of Australia in the very people, or has demonstrated he is the enemy of the Commonwealth with a want to destroy it and replace it with a different model.

  10. Your ANZAC volunteered to go and defend the very lands they occupied as a Commonwealth of Australia in 1914. Their memory has been desecrated in the removal of the very defence of the lands itself, and by the people of the lands by their own hand. To return to this ideal is to render unto Caesar all that is Caesar’s, and render unto God all that is Gods. This is to comprehend that Administration Government, its IMF Reserve Currency and its United Nations Trade Agendas and Models are that Caesar, and returning to what is being administered is that which your ANZAC left you.
    It is unfortunate to state that this predicament means that the foundations defined by ANZAC in International Waters are under International Administration and Arbitration leaving a single option on the table in returning to what was founded as a Commonwealth that is now under administration. All other options will leave you to fight a war you can never win against an International Body of Sovereign Entities that will have you play within the rules already agreed to.
    It is in demonstrating who you are as a people, a people occupied and under administration by foreign interests. A power that removed your Admiralty Ensign in 1967 in accordance with agreements forced upon the International World at Geneva and Hague Conventions from 1864 through to 1907. Once you realise that unity, you can demonstrate it to them. You know who you are in this International Theatre, you are occupied, you are prisoners of war in accordance with Geneva Conventions, you are under administration and you now remember who you are.
    This would then make you awake, as a society, loyal in one flag, as one people, just as Queen Victoria laid out for you when the repeal of all Colonial Borders occurred and you became one body politic. The States have taken this from you, and put back up those borders.
    You are being swept up in an act of Bio Warfare where enemy players have attempted to undermine your Crown and Country even further in an attempt to fully take it over. This Foreign Administration Government already put legislation in the Bio Security Act 2015 and built a fence around Parliament to protect itself from something that would be big enough to demand a fence. Might that something be an extremely pissed off population?
    I would like Politicians to explain why they need a fence around themselves given the current climate and our knowledge of the Rules of Usufruct. I would like them to explain why they required Bio Security legislation six years ago when we have been through two world wars, and the Spanish flu never seeing a government act this authoritarian. Is it because you are a foreign administrator in our lands?
    For an alleged, and we do say alleged, virus with over 99% survival rate, where there have been no deaths of the Corona Virus 19 in Victoria in 2021 but there has been 276 suicides from 1 January- May 31, there are no numbers of suicide for the last 3 months. Last year’s total coroner confirmed suicides by May 31 last year was 315 and a total of 713 for last year in total. What this demonstrates is that this government has caused a crime against humanity by stealth, and are lying to all of you, and what is worse, is that suicides are over one thousand times worse than this pandemic they planned to have over five years ago.

  11. Last year when BLM was destroying American Properties by burning and looting, Australian Police bent their knee to BLM. Victorian Police Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius has demonstrated his bias and selected side when he defends the destruction of property across the world for a corporate entity called Black Lives Matter, registered for fund raising in the United States, has his forces bend the knee to them. Assistant Commissioner is quoted to have said on televeision media that “Protesting is not unlawful, its a human right”. The current actions of Victorian Police against normal every day Australians of no demonstrated side, hurt financially by government, continue to demonstrate that Victorian Police are working for powers outside of the Victorian Parliament and a neglect for any previous statements they have made.
    It has become very clear that Police of the States of this Administrative Australia have chosen their sides, a side that seeks the very destabilisation of this Commonwealth of Australia at the very core. Again, under a Crown Foreign, Flag Foreign and Oath of Allegiance foreign to the foundations of this Commonwealth of Australia in a definitive and specific way. It is your families, your sons, daughters that have chosen to work for this machine in our lands.
    Last year, when we raised our Federal Red Ensign during Consecration Service at War Memorials across Australia, at the Shrine of Remembrance the Victorian Police at first attempted to stop us. We were asked to move on due to the problem that may follow on behind us. It is at this time we caught very clearly Channel Seven Media setting up a scene for Victorian Police wherein two people were forcibly masked by officers on camera. This appeared later on the six oclock news as front line story showing two citizens being forced at the hand of police to wear masks, a clear and obvious fear tactic and propaganda machine at work.
    So Fly Red Instead... Your ANZAC did not die for a blue flag with seven pointed star. This flag was not introduced into your lands until 1908 when the Commonwealth of Australia signed Hague Conventions, and even then it sat in the background waiting. In 1953 the Flags Act introduced Parliamentary Legislation over Admiralty Flags and eventually in 1967 your Admiralty Flag was lowered for the last time. You have forgotten what your ANZAC died for. And it lies underneath this Foreign Administration and its Blue Ensign. So Fly Red Instead.
    Lastly, Id like to say, my thoughts are with the two hundred arrested who have been harmed by the Victorian Police Force, and those that were injured by the State and its Paramilitary Force. Our thoughts are with the millions of Aussies of all backgrounds that have been harmed by this Administrating Government over the last seventy years.
    Recently, you have had the Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews directly threatening physical harm on Victorian People by telling them not to go out or they will “spend many Sundays in a Hospital” while in television interview on a major television network. You have had Kevin Rudd attack the Liberal/Nationals in their failure leading to deaths that don’t seem to be recorded by the Coronors Office, and you have a muppet for a Prime Minister that everyone remembers left the country during one of its worse fire disasters in modern history. A clear demonstration of not being in control.

  12. The disgrace that has become this demise of Australian Harmony and Solidarity is now before your very eyes. And for the future you have a choice. Do you stand up as De Jure Red Ensign flying Australians in the lineage of your ANZAC defining standing in International Waters, or do you let the United Nations walk right in through the door for the IMF wherein they already told you, you will own nothing, and you’ll enjoy it.
    The world is watching, and how you all speak now, will determine your futures. A Desert Flame will rise in this country, and begin to shine a light on all those around you as they begin to realise how they have been conned for the last century.

  13. Anna: "A nation is composed of the people living within the borders of that country." WRONG! The Islamic nation is not relegated to any country, as just one example.


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