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Saturday, January 21, 2023

He Has Not Failed

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have all suffered on this road. 

Everyone I know has lost property, or spent time in jail, or both, because they took a stand for freedom and common decency.  Even those who thought they were "safe" by keeping their heads down and ignoring reality and paying tax after tax after tax, have suffered the unseen pillaging of inflation and lost their basic freedoms at the hands of corporations that have no natural right to exist. 

Right now, those same corporations and their out-of-control officers and board members and sycophants are meeting in Davos, Switzerland, self-importantly deciding how all the rest of us are going to live --- or die. 

So, we have to take action against these nameless, faceless, unaccountable THINGS and those who misdirect them, without further confusion or delay. 

One of the other common sufferings of those who have done the right thing is that we have been slandered by the corporate "in" crowd. 

In many cases, our own family and friends have been duped by the corporate media, to the extent that they can't think for themselves anymore and mindlessly kneel before the hired talking heads.  

It might interest you to know that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., has suffered this, too, right along with the rest of us.  He has been regarded as a kook by members of his own family who have succumbed to corporate policy drivel, and failed our common sacred duty to guard and protect our own children.  RFK, Jr. has not failed. 

He has stood firm in the face of the entire anti-child corporate assault, against the insanity of requiring 72 "childhood" vaccinations that destroy sensitive immune systems, and which are associated statistically with the development of cognitive impairments, like autism, and ADHD--- and even with the proliferation of childhood cancer.   

Often lonely, often subject to social ostracism because of his fight for America's children, and this, despite his honored name, RFK, Jr. has soldiered on. 

And now, he and others, like Ty and Charlene Bollinger who have not only fought cancer but the entire monolithic cancer-profiteering industry, and Dr. Mercola, whose name is synonymous with health and dietary supplement freedom, need our help.  

Regardless of whether or not they ever understand the fact that America is not a "democracy", these are our people, among the moral champions of this country, and they are fighting in their own arena to defend those who are too young to defend themselves. 

In this current action, they are broadening the fight to end censorship, monopoly collusion, and false advertising by corporate giants undermining basic First Amendment guarantees and public safety. 

This is a fight not only for our children, but for all of us. 

Times are tough all over.  Our State Assemblies need funding.  Our Federation functions need funding.  People are losing their jobs as the same corporations that colluded to cause all these problems are now jettisoning thousands of American workers. Between unemployment,  disease profiteering, and inflation, the prospects look grim. 

But we have to do what we have to do, America.  Like our Forefathers, we have to tighten our belts and hoe our own row now, and part of that "row" is supporting our lawful government and supporting lawsuits that defend us all from the overreach and coercive power of organized commercial corporate interests. 

Don't be discouraged and don't think that even a very small donation doesn't help.  If everyone in this country gave a dollar right now, The Children's Defense Fund would have everything it needs.  Please go to:

And please invest in the future for yourselves and for your children.  This is one of the best lawsuits in the public interest that I have ever seen. 

Anna Maria Riezinger 


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  1. I am only able to donate by PayPal, but there is no button
    at the advertised URL.

  2. Thank you Anna for your support of Children's Health Defense a great organization. I would also like to mention ICAN the Informed Concent Action Network with Del Bigtree with Del Bigtree and his show The Highwire. Anna, when are we going to see you on the Stew Peters Show? If Anna can't make it someone from the Federation should.

  3. I just tried to donate and got stuck in a loop when I hit the submit button.

  4. What, the Mutual Offset Credit Exchange (MOCE) isn't able to cover those costs? Woulda figured the law firms who got big sums handed out from the fed gov would just pony up and try to save the democratic republic, but maybe that was Shut up and go away money huh. Wouldn't want to spend that on saving the republic... course not sure where they'll spend it once the republic is gone... maybe trade it up for Yuan... ;)

  5. Is it true you loose your right to vote by becoming a state national? But you gain your free utilities to your home back? Seen on Telegram at Free Energy Nation wise. Are we pitting our right to vote or free utilities that are a right from our birth certificates? Only Ann knows!

  6. Free Energy Nationwide


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