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Saturday, January 21, 2023

A Situation Report -- January 2023

 By Anna Von Reitz

Our research proves that our country was pushed into an illegal Mercenary Conflict in 1860 by undeclared foreign agents including British Bar Attorney, Abraham Lincoln.   

Our government has been overtaken "in a custodial capacity" by a foreign Federal Subcontractor operating as the "United States of America, Incorporated" --- a British Crown Corporation in the business of providing government services, ever since. 

The excuse given for this "assumption of custodial interest" in European circles is that our lawful and actual Government is "missing" and in "unexplained interregnum".  

Now that we have returned to Session and proven our provenance, there are numerous self-interested parties trying to sing that same song and continue to excuse their breach of trust and their pillaging of our people and our resources in the face of fifty properly declared and organized organic State Assemblies. 

Our research further proves that since 1863, the U.S. Army provided under contract by this same interloping British Crown Corporation, has been functioning as an army of occupation under the direction of the British Government(s). 

One of the results of this is that our "honorable soldiery" has been unlawfully converted into the world's largest mercenary force with over 950 bases established worldwide and our history has been hidden from us via a plethora of similar names deceits and outright lies. 

Our "government", such as it is, makes its money from war. 

This foreign commercial corporation signs up our innocent young men and women for what appears to be an honorable military career, but at the highest levels of this foreign democracy that has commandeered our lawful government, they are sold to commercial interests as cheap mercenaries. 

That's why we have been kept at constant war and why entire generations have grown up never knowing that America has a peacetime flag. 

This is why our media resources have been gagged and trained and indoctrinated as propaganda outlets for commercial interests. 

This is why "America" is hated all over the world. 

And this is why we have been paying for western Europe's defense costs and dominating European politics ever since the Second World War.

The USA, Inc. war machine has become their defense services provider, too, and it has occupied all those countries in the same way they have occupied America.  

Even in places as far-flung as Japan and Australia and the Philippines and South Africa, the same surreptitious "replacement" of the actual Government by commercial interests has taken place, leading to a worldwide monopoly of commercial corporations pretending to be governments. 

Apparently, all their lawful land jurisdiction governments mysteriously disappeared, too, awaiting a "reconstruction" that never happens, because the people are never told that such a reconstruction remains to be done. 

And in the interim, people have forgotten how the system of law and jurisdiction and checks and balances is supposed to work.  They have forgotten or never knew the difference between money and credit. 

If we are honest, the gigantic publicity assault against the Roman Catholic Church isn't because of the Church's sins so much as it is because the Church remembers everything.  It knows how we got into this mess. It has the records of how we got into this mess. 

So, undermining the Church and the Church's credibility, is fundamental to the Corporatist's lunge for power.  This is why Catholics bear a larger burden than the rest of us, to clean up their clergy and clear their decks. 

America is meant to live in peace with its neighbors and no country is doomed to be the world's police force acting at the beck and call of self-interested commercial corporations, so long as we all remember who and what we are--- a necessity that is becoming more urgent by the hour. 

If you are an American, go to:
and we will help you remember. 

If you are not an American, go anyway.  Many other nations are gathering their customary and traditional governments together, too. Contact information is available at the TASA website. 

The effort to peacefully liquidate the corporations that are causing such problems and to punish their officers, board members, and shareholders (if appropriate) is underway.  

And everyone, please get a good gander at the difference between the news we are being fed as an inducement to war --- because war equals profit for these corporations and loss for all the rest of us---  and the actual news about Ukraine, via the credible and independent sources given below:


***Note this is from an independent Swiss source opposed to the Corporate Feudalism advocated by the so-called "globalists" collected at Davos. Considering the wide spectrum of our publications, we have withheld specific names that appear to be in private capacity--- not to deny or plagiarize authorship, but to protect precious people from attack. The coverage begins with an evaluation of "news" coverage in a story that appeared in RTS on January 17th.***

The RTS 1 daily news of January 17 2023: A text book case of Fake News (from 13 mins 30 secs)

From 13 mins 30 secs onward the programme suggests to us that the evil Russians deliberately targeted a nine-storey apartment block in Dnipro/Ukraine with one of their missiles. The real version can be found here: Ukrainian air defences diverted a missile fired at a military target from its trajectory.

In contrast, our western Swiss state television categorically ignores the fact that the Kievians are constantly bombing civilians in Donezk since 13 years.

Oleksij Aristowytsch, advisor to President Zelensky, confirmed the blunder of the Ukrainian air defence. He had to pay for it and was forced to resign. See here.

The same statist revealed in 2018 that the Kiev regime was determinedly driving its poor country into war with Russia, in close cooperation with NATO (see enclosure):

It can be concluded that the US Deep State has bribed a handful of puppets in this ultra-corrupt country to drive Russia to war.


Although the narrative that Russia attacked "democratic" Ukraine without provocation is an outright lie, we are being brainwashed and subjected to war propaganda by our politicians and old media.

The aforementioned daily News - a textbook case of Fake News - proves this to us unmistakably.

Let's forget the old media. Let's let our brain work and search independent sources of information ourselves. Here are my own in relation to Ukraine (type names into the browser of a search engine):

Thomas Röper, German journalist, living in St-Petersburg

Alina Lipp, German Journaliste. Living in Donetzk

Xavier Moreau, former professional French Army officer, living in Moscow

Patrick Lancaster, American Journaliste. Reporting from the Russian Front

Graham Phillips, British Journaliste, living in the Donbass.

And finally, I add 4 Swiss as independent and competent sources:

Jacques Baud, former Colonel of the Swiss Army and Strategy Analyste.

Daniele Ganser, Swiss historian, Peace researcher.

Guy Mettan, former editor in chief of the Tribune de Genève.

Peter König, former Economist of the WHO and the World Bank

And here are two representatives of the vanished Europe of the Fatherlands: 

Pierre de Gaulle, grandson of General de Gaulle

Willy Wimmer, former State Secretary of the FRG Ministry of Defence

---zum Ende---


See this article and over 3900 others on Anna's website here:

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  1. I'd really like to watch this 30 minute newscast but there are no English subtitles.

  2. Dear Anna Von Reitz you are 100% correct, and I have other sources as well for all the peoples to learn what really is happening in Ukraine, The evil politicians we have in america, are sending guns so the ukrenians kill innocent lives in Ukraine!

    here a few sources of info: ( two americans jurnalist that this gov is been harrasing to the max...)
    This is very informative in high tech explanations in terms of gun power, here you will learn the usa has no chance against Russia, and Iran and China.
    another American Journalist living abroad telling the truth about what is happening in Ukraine and also here what the retarded pentagon and moronic and ignorant CIA.
    also here:
    Ben Norton another awesome American Journalist telling the truth

  3. The translator doesn't work.

  4. Russel "Texas" Bently married a Ukrainian girl and has lived in Donetsk area years ago publishing what was going on there. 3 years of fighting as a soldier and now a journalist local with a family there.

  5. Dear Anna thank you for all of your work it really is stellar I do wish to say though I do not agree in defending the Roman Catholic Church at all nowhere in Scripture did Christ call us to be members of a pedophilic organization and that is what they have proven themselves to be no one has to prove it for them they have done that all on their own we are told in scripture to come out from among them and be separate less we share in their plagues I'm interested very interested in knowing your position on this matter when I signed up to be an American State national and then chose to become a citizen I did not do so with the intent to join or pay homage to the Roman Catholic Church in any way am I to understand that I am somehow beholden to them because I am an American state Citizen and wishing to serve of by and for the people please advise sincerely and regards Kami Reed Walter Ogden Utah 385-240-8553

    1. Hi there Kami: Anna has never defended the behavior of the RC Church and called them out each time. Do you really think anyone will admit their sins that have been ongoing since 1302 when Boniface created the first Global Trust in secrecy? Today, there are around a dozen of Articles shy of 4000 on her site. Perhaps you missed this one a few days ago.
      You may wish to start with the 1st one to Archbishop George from Chicago. His reply was to blame us, the American people for asking Congress for more benefits. Such BS when everyone knows it's the Congress barking nonsense Benefits to get elected.
      This search engine will also be helpful to find what you want.
      If you look at the Blog Archive on the right, there are 47 Articles for January, and the month is not over.

    2. Daniel 2:40-44 They are the 4th kingdom and anyone who has looked into the architecture of Rome knows darn will who they are. I had a dream the other night early morning seeing a serpent and a voice that came forth saying "We are the serpent".

    3. snakehead- looking auditorium.

  6. PS I am a born again Christian and I do have fellowship with the son of God directly he is my savior and I do wish to make that public

  7. My name is Kami reedwalter I did not wish for that to be anonymous

  8. Fact Check: The British Bar Association was formed in 1894, twenty-nine years after Lincoln's assassination in 1865. Lincoln learned the law trade with no formal schooling, rather by borrowing law books and tutoring by active lawyers and took the Illinois bar exam in 1836. Do you have any facts, to give any creditability to your opening statement? One cannot be part of any association that was not in existence during one's lifetime.

    1. I found this which seems to confirm otherwise.

    2. @David - There are many scholarly books concerning the Truth About Lincoln who was a tyrant and traitor. He was a big time attorney for the Railroads. He caught the eye of the Jesuits personally handling 77 Bankruptcies. Come out of the weeds when you want to research.

    3. Its probably too much weed that is the problem. It can make you lazy I've heard.

    4. David, if the BAR was formed in 1894, how could Lincoln take the Illinois BAR exam in 1836 which is 58 years earlier? Or am I missing something?


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