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Friday, January 20, 2023

GRID DOWN - What Now?

 A special report with Steve Quayle and Mike Adams on grid down communications using satellite phone and text devices.

A special documentary about surviving when the grid goes down, cell towers are offline and the worst case scenario has emerged. Predictions and analysis from Steve Quayle and Mike Adams. Learn how to maintain communications using satellite technology. See examples of how to have backup power options to keep your electronics, phones, laptops and flashlights fully charged, or even run small appliances.


Editors Note:  Even Satellite Phones can go down if it gets bad enough and you must be outside with a clear view of the sky to use them effectively.  Text is better for reliability because the burst of data can get through where the digital voice stream can't.

But satellite phone and satellite text depends on electricity for the ground stations that pass the signal to the normal phone and cell network. Those systems can go down with the grid or after their batteries fail if they don't have some kind of standby power that is not dependent on normal fuel, or by solar backup.

The best solution for communications is Ham Radio, but it takes some knowledge to make a good communicator, and the right equipment.  Here is an example of a Ham Radio station that is designed for emergency communications on most radio frequencies.

We will have the capability of passing on the information from many people across the country using many frequencies and many modes of communications. Our station is solar powered and has battery backup for continuous communications 24/7.  See the link for some pictures.

There are many ham stations like this, and bigger and better than this one, around the whole country. There are over 1 million ham radio operators in just North America alone, and they will all be on the air in any real emergency.

To get the flavor of what this radio world is all about go up to the search box on this blog ( and type in ham radio, and you will be able to see many of the articles I have written over the last 9 years on the subject of emergency communications.

What I recommend to get you started is this handheld unit. Every new ham should start with a handheld.

The Anytone AT3208U/V is a very good low cost solution to work local repeaters and get familiar with communications protocols on ham radio. You can own one and listen without a license, but you need at least a tech class license and callsign to transmit.

Call me for the details. These are in stock and will be programmed by your zip code before they go out.
You can order on that link above. Just click the add to cart button.

Thanks for your attention to our Freedom.

Paul Stramer  406 889 3108


  1. One way to reduce the cost of these sat phones is to adopt Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology, which replaces a large portion of radio hardware with digital processing. This technology is advancing fast, and suppliers should also quickly upgrade their radios.

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