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Monday, January 23, 2023

Clarity About NESARA

 By Anna Von Reitz

Let's be real clear about Anna and her personal history with NESARA.  

I grew up with General Roy Schwasinger at the dinner table.  My Mother was a loyal assistant working with the National Farmers Organization (NFO) in Wisconsin and Minnesota, trying to organize the multi-state awareness and participation necessary to bring relief to the farmers (this started out as "the Farm Union Cases" for a reason, folks) and put an end to the attack on family farms by big government and agribusiness corporations. 

For me, this whole subject was a daily conversation throughout Junior High School and High School and it continued on throughout college.  There are probably damned few people in this country who were at Ground Zero of NESARA like I was.  My Mother called me multiple times in 1979 and 1980 when the long court battle settled, and I can tell you for a fact that the Supreme Court wussed out. 

They basically said, yeah, you are right.  Unfortunately, the entities at fault are all bankrupt and other than standing in line with all the other bankruptcy creditors, there is really nothing you or we can do about this.  

They lied.  They could have removed the "corporate veil" and let us stand as the Priority Creditors, but they didn't suggest that and at the time, we were too ignorant to pursue it.  

A lone Congressman, from one of the Midwestern States (maybe Wisconsin, maybe Ohio? I don't remember his name after more than forty years) proposed NESARA as remedy due the farmers and he got laughed out of the Beltway.  No surprises there.  

The "Congress" responsible for the crimes and sins and errors was in charge of the purse-strings, after all, and they would rather spend our money on things like Vietnam and paying Dow Chemical for Agent Orange and more napalm.  Forget about justice for American farmers and workers in general.  

Much later, during the Clinton Administration, there were unconfirmed rumors that some special forces guys took matters into their own hands and held Clinton captive until he signed an Executive Order to force remedy owed under NESARA, but there was nothing convincing to suggest that that ever happened, and if William Jefferson was coerced at gunpoint to do it (as the reports themselves alleged) then his signature would be under duress and worthless for enforcement purposes. 

Now, as you or anyone else can see for themselves, the NESARA legislation has been stone dead in Congress since the 1990's, when some of the Rats decided to tinker with it --- not to pass it, oh, no, but to tinker with it, so that if it was revisited in the future, it would be pre-twisted around into something of advantage to the Rats instead of the farmers and other victims of this evil, out-of-control, criminal "System" the Vermin have going for themselves. 

So what stands on the books as "NESARA" isn't even NESARA any more, and only God knows what "GESARA" is, either, and whether or not it's good or bad. 

Now the military is putting out all sorts of "Hero Specials" congratulating themselves based on those very few and far between real life heroes like General Schwasinger and General Smedley Butler who actually tried to address at least some of the crap, and that's all well and good for the shirt-tail riders who weren't there patting Schwasinger on the shoulder and giving him a cup of coffee like my Mom -- and, anyway, I am not interested in blaming the military.  

Perhaps the military blames itself for not doing more, but the plain fact is that they were dependent on the political pukes for funding, so there you have it, the whole story, in a nutshell, from the days of Lincoln until now. 

If NESARA is finally going to be funded and all this hideous Bushwah straightened out, I'll bring flowers to Schwasinger's grave and my Mother's, and I will be solemnly glad to see them vindicated, albeit, long after their deaths.  But until I see it and see the good that they suffered for made reality, I remain skeptical and cautious and watchful.  

I have every reason to believe that the people behind this whole situation were treasonous, self-interested, white-collar criminals back in the 1860's, and I see no reason to think that their great-grandsons and great-granddaughters fell far from the tree.  Instead of mindlessly supporting something "called" NESARA, let's stop and take a real good look at what they are selling and why, and what "NESARA" in this present iteration, actually means?  

The NESARA General Schwasinger fought for and which that lone Congressman proposed, was profoundly good; but as I say, it was tweaked later on by the forces of evil in DC, and it now bears a lot of review before anyone starts dancing.  


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  1. Right on. I have heard more knuckle-headed comments for NESARA on the internet from too many clueless, ignorant people than I can stand. I'm educated and not one of those knuckle-heads can explain in a pithy, logical way what NESARA actually is or who is going to bring it about in a way that's good for humanity, without the banksters getting their fat, greedy hands in the pot.

    1. As the bible says trust no man but study to show thyself approved. I have seen many people who had a voice nearing the top who had good intentions have people with spiritual demons as their friends and each one of them at not here to speak today.

  2. I meant General Schwasinger inside. He informed me things were changing and how officers and other agencies were doing things behind the line. He was inside with me because of his stance as a patriot, like my brother and the other Freemen were. But, nothing he told me was able to be seen and although a great gentlemen, I informed him I needed to see things changing to believe all he was informing me. I recently saw Republicans sign for the IRS to be gone and some tax be changed, but no one states what that is. Patriots claim it is a 14% national tax, which is not of any Republic or the constitution. I hear people speak democracy, and claim we're a republic, but don't seem to have any understanding of either. Courts are corrupt, but I told Trump has put the new capital in Texas, one of the worse corrupt states there is. People don't know a "citizen of the United States" from a "United States Citizen" and all speak of the fourteenth amendment that enslaves people, and none of Article IV which affords political rights. I hear of common law courts, not none of them use the foreign judgment act to enforce their rulings, because we're foreign from the corporate U.S. but go into their courts and get ruled down as "frivolous." How can alleged patriots, who don't understand simple differences bring about something they don't seem to understand, I do not know. No white person is under the Fourteenth amendment and is a criminal to claim such, but all do cause they have to in order to get a job. Our colored brothers and sisters can all be under Article IV, as set by Texas v. White, but legislature needs to claim them so to have such rights, otherwise, their rights and rights of those claiming a "citizen of the United States" is only granted by government, not the constitution. Brown v, School district did not afford political rights, just that government needeed to afford rights tor equality. Corporate "S"tate versus sovereign "s"tate, not even Anna Von Reitz, an alleged judge understands. How can military of Trump change things for the better when none of them seem to understand a true Republic for of government. I wait to see, but keep fighting the best I can and hold my faith in the one sole and true God, Jehovih the I AM and cast off the brainwashing of religions, like Christianity which teaches people from birth a belief they cannot prove is true and not one has the gifts promised in their books if they had truth. So I rely on Jehovih the I AM, the Great Spirit for everything, which the Christian book informs is the living and true God, and not a man.

    1. hope you keep the posts coming. really appreciate what you are saying.
      weve been so over-fed Confusion: ReDefined Words and "Converted" Principles that they are DyingHard.
      you just sharing points you see where we're still in error is very helpful.

    2. anony746a, but....
      based on the highly-informed nature of your comment i cant figure out why are you tying [American] "Freemen" to either a "Republic" or to the Washington D.C.'s FOREIGN "constitution" that they wrote and only applies to them, not to Americans.

      1. its "constitution" does NOT protect the American governed from "NationalTax"; it sets them up for it.
      its the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union that PREVENTS "NationalTax"! ... and other methods of enslavement to "debt" created by UNELECTED Self-Appointed King Classes, who believe themselves to, by nature and God, be superior to the governed/ people/ common man.

      A Republic is just a RE-INVENTION of THE BRITISH WHITE SLAVERY FEUDAL SYSTEM.... they just put a different name on it and made a few minor changes. both systems silence the people. both fund the El-ite Kings using the life and labor of the people, without being held to having regard for the will of the people. [ ex.: "taxation without representation"].

      the united States of America, July 2,1776, being based upon all men being created equal and in authority over their own life and freedom: cannot ever be a Republic.
      the self-appointed Kings and their hand-selected ControlGroups/ Committees/ Convention Members who run Republics from the TopDown without regard for the peoples input, are forbidden by the people who ratified, unanimously, a Confederation of Free and Independent States to be their System of Government.
      so, what are you basing your comment about our several nations being a singular Republic on?
      and why are you still claiming a FOREIGN constitution, when no part of it is in authority over any of the American people, not just its "14th Amend"?
      thank you!
      woman: janmarie.

    3. Hey janmarie Ii really like your way of thinking!! Your words are truth written The Northwest Ordinance is also not to shabby. But The Articles and Declaration are all we the People need. I have ralph Boryszewski's books Treason and Theft Of a Nation By the BENCH and BAR and his first one The CONstitution that never was. He was a brave man and lived to be 103. He spent his entire life trying to educate others about the dangers of the fictitious nature of the CON and most importantly the pirates parading as Crown Lawyers. Have a blessed day!

    4. hi skully,
      great to know about other Americans who actually understand what our forefathers and mothers built through the several States. its not going to change.
      so hard to get through to people that its not "Our Constitution" when weve heard that all our lives.
      and yes, all we actually need is our UnanDeclar and AofC&PerUnion. bible is helpful too.


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  4. Darrel Schroder started the American Agricultural Movement along about that same time in an effort to save the family farms all across America. Some will recall the "Tractorcade" farmers from most every state drove tractors to Washington DC. It received very little news media attention. Imagine that! Anna did you know the late Darrel Schroder?


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