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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Why Utah?

 By Anna Von Reitz

The unofficial report is that the "war" between the military and certain commercial elements has escalated with 259 dead in Utah; the unverified report claims that it was a clash between Blackwater and Delta Force.  

This comes on the heels of another unofficial report that Marine General Berger was abducted by CIA operatives and tortured, but was recently rescued by Marines from a remote CIA Safe House. 

Today, the numb people in Utah are asking, "Why Utah?"

I can give you an educated guess, based on Utah's history, the LDS Church, and legal actions presently underway in Utah.  And I can remind everyone that when General Berger was rescued, I warned that the clash between the military and the CIA and other alphabet soup "Agencies" would not be long in coming. 

For the perverts leading the globalist drive toward Corporate Feudalism to win, they have to subvert the values and morals of the Christian, Islamic, and Jewish populations in this country.  Their "war" is against religion in general, not just the Roman Catholic Church, which has taken the brunt so far and had a great deal of dirty laundry, both real and imagined, aired for everyone to see.

Now the Vermin are turning their attention to The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints, otherwise known as the Mormons. 

The LDS Churches have built a tight-knit family-values based religious community that has very firm and positive family and community values --- but also its share of corruption.  And it is all headquartered in Utah, where the LDS Church is the dominant social and religious organization throughout the entire State, and where they have, in effect, a theocracy --- a church-based government that serves members of their Church.  

The LDS Church has their own medical insurance companies and their own agribusiness regulation organizations, their own manufacturing facilities, their own historical archives, their own courts, their own colleges and educational curriculums, their own scientific research organizations, their own police --- LDS is a complete society within the framework of a State. 

Other than the Roman Catholic Municipal Government it is the largest, best organized church theocracy in this country, and now that the Catholics are waking up and cleaning house, the next target is The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints and the "battleground" is Utah. 

It is essential for the Vermin to discredit and overwhelm all the churches and religions but their own Canaanite idolatry. 

When we first organized The Utah Assembly to restore the traditional State Assembly in Utah (not in competition with the LDS's private services for members, but to bulwark the State Government that guarantees religious freedom for all) we ran into immediate trouble surrounding the activities of Child Protective Services in Utah.  

Our first volunteer Coordinator organizing The Utah Assembly was viciously targeted and attacked for her efforts to address the child-snatching, abuse,  and racketeering going on in Utah.  It got so bad we had to relieve her of duty as Coordinator --- out of fear for her and the other Assembly members.  

The FBI came in during the middle of the night and installed a bunker full of guns and other armaments on a remote corner of her farm, then violently attacked and arrested her.  It was a terrible experience for all concerned, and it was all because she was delving into CPS and child disappearances in Utah. 

This has been a major problem in Utah with many children going missing and others being institutionally abducted.  

Like most places in America, many members of the LDS Church have accepted civil as well as religious marriage, with the result that they have unknowingly entered into undisclosed Third Party Contracts with the State of Utah, which claims an "ownership" interest in the "products" of their marital "Joint Business Venture" ---- the children. This is how the State of Utah has been able to seize custody of children who naturally belong to their biological parents. 

This rampage of child-snatching and missing children in Utah has become a national scandal with far-reaching cultural, religious, and legal consequences. It has also, obviously, become Big Business, with Utah supplying children for organ harvesting, paid adoption, and sex trafficking, right under the nose of the LDS and sometimes with the cooperation of compromised Church officials. 

To quote one news local news source, the Community Support Foundation: 

"In Salt Lake and Utah Counties in the State of Utah, the Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) in conjunction with the courts have appeared to be relentless in an over-reach to violate parental rights and placing children in harmful situations and/or physically removing children from their parents and homes. Long time professional has commented that “they have never seen this type of behavior in their 40+ year careers.” One individual who spoke with me said that DCFS appears to be desperate in their attempts to generate a source of income."

This is exactly the kind of behavior that was already developing in 2019. 

It is more important than ever for the LDS to wake up and for the people of Utah to stand up and take back their "reversionary trust interest" in their birthright political status and their State of the Union.  There is strength in numbers and true political power that comes from undertaking the task of self-governance that our Forefathers bequeathed to us.  

Marriage licenses don't apply to the people of Utah and neither do the various forms of insurance used to bait people into accepting civil marriage--- which is how the State of Utah, Inc., has insinuated itself into the most sacred of our most private relationships as an undisclosed Business Partner. 

If they can dictate the custody of your children because you gave them permission by applying for a "Marriage License" they can also "legally" dictate the death of your children, because, after all, your children are just "property assets" (slaves) belonging to the almighty Territorial State of Utah, Inc. 

If the State of Utah, Inc., is tough up for money, why wouldn't they dictate the application of a bioweapon to kill your children and collect on the life insurance policies the State of Utah, Inc. took out on them?   You, parents --- and not only in Utah -- unwittingly gave away an ownership interest in your kids, which allowed the State of Utah, Inc. to buy life insurance policies on each and every one of them.  

So now they "require" a phony "vaccination" knowing that 14% of all children receiving this injected bioweapon will die immediately, and knowing with malice aforethought that the seven year survival rate is 1 in 40,000.  

You think these people wouldn't stoop to kidnapping children and selling them for production of adrenochrome and organ harvesting?  To them, you are sheep and so are your kids.  Barnyard rules apply.  

This has only been possible, because you have been asleep, because you haven't known what these cretins have been doing and saying behind your backs.  Did you know that "Marriage Licenses" only exist, because they were imposed on black people after the so-called Civil War as a means to cut down on "black proliferation"?  

Here's another reason that it is coming to a head in Utah: The criminal prosecution of the Corporate Vermin is coming down in Utah.  

Go to: and learn how your freedoms and your birthrights and your children have all been stolen by public employees working for foreign corporations --- people that owe you and your children  "good faith service".  

Learn how you have been forced to finance the demise of your own freedom and wealth by the District of Columbia Liar's Club and the Committee of 300, the UN CORP, and the 4,000 corporate members of the "World Economic Forum".  

Learn how millions of American children have been brutalized, stolen, and ultimately murdered by commercial corporations engaging in criminal medical fraud and racketeering, and all  operating under color of law.. 


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  1. so many of the Narratives now seem to include Intel about DarkOps, MKUltra, TimeTravel, LookingGlass and so on.
    im noticing that these programs focus on trying to separate people's invisible spirit/soul/ mind from their visible earthdirt physical body.... creating a "split", torn, tearing, a chasm between the two.
    people are on channels talking about different means used: getting in a "machine", drinking or taking something, deprivations, and abuse; but it seems to, literally, always involve getting the man or woman to detach their earthland-based body from their spirit/soul.
    i sense this is the true "Agenda" for the El-ites.

  2. Even though you may be able to get to prosecutenow with the .com domain the correct URL I believe is as you will see when you look at their URL. This was pointed out before in another article. Nobody I mean nobody bats a 1000.

    1. Shelby, its sad to read the things you say about the church that has help out the millions in need ariund the world. And there are 2 Utahs one the church had helped to start and the other opposing to the many great things that the Mormons stand for thats the one she was speaking of the the article
      Not the church of Jesus christ if LDS, and you seem to like to call them morons you sound so ignorant on the things you say about that church or any other church. And by the way you speak about church you probably dont have any affiliation with any Cristian church of any kind, and if you do please study the holy scripture more my friend. And learn about love they neighbor.

  3. I've read in the past that the Moron or I mean Mormon church was actually started and financed by the rotchilds and I've also read that that is not their real names
    They change their names and use alias' all over the place to hide their modus operandi

    utah is a critical piece of their operations

    And what better way to return man to being the salt of the earth then set up a whole mess of them in utah salt lake basin and the age of aquarius cleanses them of their sins and returns them to being the salt of the earth

    And wasn't that fake dude on the run who had 50 wives and 100 kids sent to jail a moron or I mean a mormon
    Why yes he was the Leader of the Pack
    I bet if we look deep enough he is not in jail and he is related to the clan or a military intelligence operative
    My guess is they launder all kinds of money through that 'community'
    Just like they do vegas
    My guess is during the lock down they stripped vegas and everywhere else of any valuables they could get their hands on including all those fake greenbacks they had hid in vegas
    During the lockdown they completed the ALLAGIANT STADIUM too home of the skull and bones las vegas raiders
    Read how the folgers and brofmans profit and finance these kinds of various operations and have been doing so for generations

    They preplanned the event in new york decades beforehand and if you don't think they could have wired any one of these stadiums or other facilies for shock an awe trauma based mind control you best thing the fuck again

    These cretins are shameless and that includes the ones they have crawling and trolling all over the internet too
    Trolling like fishers of men to see which morons they can snag up in their next three ring circus re SET

    Climb on board, sign up through the designated internet web port hole, donate, volunteer and that pot of gold at the end of the yellow brick road, if The Price is Right can be yours
    Agents are standing by to welcome you aboard
    Recruiters for jobs have port holes (portals) and what they call ONBOARDING as the worker bee signs up and takes a position within the company
    This is the intake process of doing a background check, gathering your I9 W2 your SS Number, your picture and drivers license etc etc etc

    The birth certificate from what I know was never intended to be a form of IDentification and yet here we are all falling all over ourselves over the birth certificate as if it will save us if only we get it to anna and her coordinators to verify our standing

    On one of their other sites Freedom Fest (almost like those fake ass Foundling Fathers of old) they decribed how the SSN was never yours it was a place holder so the godvernment could track and trace the avitar through their maze

    1. The rothies that changed their names

    2. Shelby, its sad to read the things you say about the church that has help out the millions in need ariund the world. And there are 2 Utahs one the church had helped to start and the other opposing to the many great things that the Mormons stand for thats the one she was speaking of the the article
      Not the church of Jesus christ if LDS, and you seem to like to call them morons you sound so ignorant on the things you say about that church or any other church. And by the way you speak about church you probably dont have any affiliation with any Cristian church of any kind, and if you do please study the holy scripture more my friend. And learn about love they neighbor.

  4. I do not believe anna has ever instructed anyone to use the 'birth certificate' as "ID". She states that the document (B.C.) is evidence of fraud and theft perpetrated by the STATE at the time when a baby was born. It is evidence of a crime committed and presented only in that way.

    The document does have historical info, however: the date the baby was born, the place a baby was born, the name of the natural mother and father, the name given to the baby by the natural mother and father.

    That info is relevant to determining who the baby is, who the natural mother and father is, where the baby was born and on what day and time. The fact that the STATE manipulated and changed that info into LEGAL jargon to create an separate DEAD ENTITY doesn't change the real info of mother, father and baby.

    99.999% of people born in America have had this document created for them. Family members or family friends who were alive at the time baby was born can attest/witness to the real and actual information relating to the baby WITHOUT using the LEGAL jargon or the converted STATE-created version on the information.

    This is what that document is used for other than providing evidence of a crime and fraud upon mother, father and baby.

    Just because the B.C. was created using CONVERTED LEGAL jargon info doesn't negate the fact that the original information used to perpetrate that fraudulent CONVERSION cannot be used as true information relating to the baby. The witnesses who attest to the baby's info at the time of nativity use American common law language regarding day, place, time and the name(s) of the baby, mother and father.

    A properly formed and filed witness account does NOT agree with or accept ANY of the LEGAL jargon, description(s) or fraudulent CONVERSIONS perpetrated by those who represent the STATE.

    The B.C. is used solely as evidence that there was a baby born on the day, time and at the place indicated, and that the STATE used that nativity and information to fraudulently create a DEAD ENTITY without the informed knowledge, consent or permission of the parties involved.

    1. Thanks for the response ANNA
      Still not biting or taking the bait
      Ever wonder why they wrote the book CAPTAIN HOOK
      Or gave us the song
      Old McDonald Had a Farm

      As I said Anna is ANON and responding and stirring up the mess

      Funny thing too if you compare the dates of when this Q shit and crypto came about and this so called now bankrupt corporation was founded you find they were created within the very same time frames
      FTX and BLOCKfi

      Hmmm I wonder if BLOCKfi can be at all related to the foundling of Medici Vultures I mean Ventures and all things BLOCKCHAIN

      Vermont and Blockchain Propy

      Ya know like the BLOCKCHAIN LRS gui (graphical user interface) that the ragtag bunch of coordinators programmed and gave to their flock to record your records and 'keep them safe'

      GUI, GAI ahh hell more of their alphabet games to keep the serfs in line

      With a quack quack here and a quack quack there
      Here a quack there a quake everywhere a quack quack
      Old McDonald had a farm

      Medici Vultures I mean Ventures or maybe thats a PHOENIX
      Dr. Patrick Byrne the Founder and CEO of
      The MOU is with Medici Ventures which was formed to incubate, launch, and invest in blockchain investments in the most fundamental processes of that NEW AGED aged, such as (GEE I WONDER IF THAT COULD BE LIKE AQUARIUS)
      What do ya know BLOCKCHAIN AND LAND TITLES

      That would be the UGAI according to World Parliament documents
      WLA (annagram it you get LAW), ACT #42

      FTX and BLOCKFI perhaps
      According to World Parliament documents take away their so called CORPORATE PERSONHOOD AND ALL WILL BE WELL IN LA LA LAND

      Hmm I wonder if BLOCKFI is related?

      I O I O so off to work I go
      1's and 0's - binary code linked to computers

      It is the WHOPPER of all WHOPPERS
      The largest EVER

      HIStory and the founding of a false savior
      The hidden bastard son of Pope BORGIA
      LINKEDIN is not an accident it all links back to fake ass LINCOLN

    3. CERN the World Wide Web VA VA VA, 666
      (also an abbreviation VA for the state of Virginia, VIRGIN)

      The WHOPPER COMPUTER as depicted in the movie

      The computer was designated War Operation Plan Response or WOPR (pronounced whopper) as Mark Wilson says, but to add to that, director John Badham came up with the name when he thought the NORAD SIOP (Single Integrated Operational Plan) was boring, and told you nothing.

      Do you remember the game BATTLESHIP

      None of this shit is by accident

    4. "Thanks for the response ANNA
      Still not biting or taking the bait"

      First: not anna

      Second: what bait?

      You are paranoid about "BLOCKCHAIN LRS"... so don't use it.

      It is not required to declare and record one's standing and status; there are other traditional options (non-computer, non-digital, non BLOCKCHAIN) to achieve same goal and anna has clearly mentioned and described what they are and how to do it for those not familiar already.

      not anna and no bait offered...

    5. US NWO ARMY
      29 minutes in - their intent is to kill the men

    6. AnonymousJanuary 26, 2023 at 10:25 AM


  5. Mormons in the 70s were described as a Communist Theocracy. Tho it can only work with capitalism since mormons have to give 10% of their income to the church not including anything over and above that as fast offerings. Weird term fast offerings. It was used as fasting offerings, but saying it without that context behind it makes it sound like just a "quick offering". Can't give to the church what one doesn't earn eh?

  6. Another interesting fact was the mormon church owned alot of swampland in florida at one time, not sure if thats still the case. I wonder if that lets them have a hand in DeSantis's stance.

    1. Still do evidently. Largest land owners in florida.,44%2C000%20head%20of%20beef%20cattle.

    2. "Deseret Ranches (/ˌdɛzəˈrɛt/ (listen))[1] refers to the ranching operations of the Corporation of the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Central Florida. The Ranches include several organizations, including Deseret Ranches of Florida, Deseret Cattle and Citrus, Taylor Creek Management, East Central Florida Services, AgReserves, and Farmland Reserve. Located 50 miles (80 km) southeast of the Orlando International Airport and 19 miles (31 km) west of Cape Canaveral, Florida.[2][3] Currently, Deseret Ranches is the most productive cow-calf ranch in the United States.[4]


      Deseret Ranches in St. Cloud, Florida
      This ranch, owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), spreads over the three central Florida counties of Osceola, Orange, and Brevard. Covering almost 300,000 acres (1,200 km2) of land,[3][5] 90 ranchers and their families live on the ranch. The ranch maintains 44,000 head of beef cattle.[3][6] It is a for profit operation and is not a normal part of the humanitarian efforts of the LDS Church. Gordon B. Hinckley, former president of the church has said, "We have felt that good farms, over a long period of time, represent a safe investment where the assets of the Church may be preserved and enhanced, while at the same time they are available as an agricultural resource to feed people should there come a time of need."[7]"

      Quoted from wiki

    3. Why Utah you ask?
      janmarie you need to watch asap
      Check out 35 minutes in but watch the whole thing

      Nothing like leading the faithful flock astray

    4. This one too janmarie

  7. we are at war, there is no doubt

  8. 20 years ago in New York I backed CPS down and threatened them back with physical violent reprisal if they went near my children. I don’t recommend taking the same tactic. At the time I was teaching Martial Arts and was well connected in that field. I also was pretty well read in law and had been part of this blog and had relationships with folks here.
    I told them we had no contract and my first and foremost duty was to protect my children even if it meant putting someone in the hospital and as far as killing. They took me seriously and left me and my kids alone.
    At the end of my divorce the Judge apologized to me, a bittersweet reward just for doing my job as a Father.
    Stand up, follow through and these cowards will back down and run. Know the limitations and stand on the ragged edge foaming at the bit.

  9. The Satanic intent was and has always been to weaken our men. Autism affects boys more than girls. Autism is vaxx induced brain damage. Testosterone is down 60% in the US. Fertilty was at an all time low back in 2016 even according to the CDC. Endocrine disrupting chemicals, wifi, vaccines; all toed to infertilty. Hell! Kellogs put shite in the cornflakes way back to prevent morning woodies. All slow kills. The Satanic Jesuit banker pedos are just waiting to get us too weak to fight. However, fight we will.


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