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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Trademarks, Trade Marks, Copyrights, and Patents

 By Anna Von Reitz

Apparently, some people are following a practice of putting a Trademark Notice, that is, a small superscript "TM" after their signatures.  This should not be done unless for some reason that person is actually using their name as a trademark in the context of whatever they are signing. 

As an aside, Please Note that in the international jurisdiction of the sea while conducting international trade, it's called a "trademark" and when conducting international trade on the land, it's called a "trade mark".  

There are two international jurisdictions of the sea --- Admiralty and Maritime (Commerce) -- and both use the word "trademark". 

It wasn't always like this.  Prior to 1881, there was no provision for incorporated businesses operating as commercial corporations to use trademarks.  That legislation allowing commercial corporations (involved in commerce not "trade") to use "trademarks" muddied the water, so that you can no longer tell if a "trademark" is being used in international trade or in commerce.  

It also creates the problem of "granting assumption" that when you show a "trademark" notice, you might be operating in EITHER trade or commerce, and that can give the attorneys a hook to misidentify you and deliberately misinterpret what you are trying to accomplish.  

A trademark is used as a unique sign or symbol associated with a business.  Logos are trademarks.  Brands are trademarks.  Unique signage can be used as a trademark.  And yes, it is possible to use a name as a symbol and therefore, as a trademark --- both as a commercial (public) trademark and as a private trademark. 

Example of a signature being used as a public (commercial) trademark --- the familiar "Eddie Bauer" signature that appears on all "Eddie Bauer" products. 

Example of a signature being used as a private (international trade) trademark -- my husband's uniquely styled "Artist Signature" which is nothing like his day-to-day signature serves as a private trademark on all his work.  

Back in 1881 when this conundrum of using "trademarks" in commerce began, a stylistic convention was adopted to sort things out.  The same convention applies to copyrights as well. 

If you are acting in a private business capacity and you handwrite the copyright notice (the small letter "c" in a circle) or the trademark notice (the small "TM" superscript) it is evidence that you are operating in international trade. 

If you use a machine printed copyright notice or trademark notice the result is ambiguous and subject to interpretation, but the use of a machine (typewriter/computer keyboard) to create the image gives weight to the presumption that you are operating in a commercial capacity. 

So, if you are going to use a copyright notice as a living American serving notice of your property interest in your autograph or signature, it's advisable to handwrite it.  

And if for some reason (artists and designers commonly do this) you have a special signature that you use as an identifying mark for your products, go ahead and handwrite the superscript "TM" after your handwritten copyright notice--- otherwise, if you are not using your "trademark signature" as an actual trademark, don't issue a trademark notice.  

You can get in trouble doing so, and you can also provide the ravening wolves an excuse to presume that you are operating in commerce as a Municipal THING, unless you are careful about the context and know the law well enough to clarify your use of a "special signature" as part of your "trade".  

Trademarks give you "defensible rights" --- meaning that you have to assert and defend your ownership of that particular trademark by being able to show that it is special and unique, and that you have been using it more than seven (7) years in international trade, or, if you actually are operating in commerce, have registered it in commerce. 

I have a special circumstance in that I inherited a name as a perfected "trade mark" that was recorded and also registered as a  "trademark" in 1855, prior to all the confusion.  Nobody should pattern their use of a trademarked name after me, because different laws and assumptions apply to my rather unique situation.  

Patents in this country have been "reissued" as "registered patents" and are always numbered; when they come from the Land Patent records they come as properties registered by the British Crown and held in trust.  This is obviously not where any American wants their land acquisitions to remain.  You can obtain the registered patent record and/or number and publish your interest in it and then record your interest in that patent, which returns it to the land jurisdiction and makes you, not the British Monarch, the owner.  

Ron Gibson has developed a complete, exhaustive, and correct --- and in my opinion -- an unassailable process, for people to reclaim and properly reinstate their patent rights, so long as you are recognizable as an American to begin with.  

Strange but true, only Americans claiming their birthright political status, can actually own land in this country --- but you cannot just assume that your patent rights will be honored. You have to take action and inform the authorities and publish your actual interest in the property, or the King's men continue to interpret everything in favor of the King and under the King's Law. 


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  1. if they think their DOCKyou ments need to be corrected, they need to get busy.

    1. who says we have to Sign Up in their System before we can use our God-created land anyway?

      what law requires we fill out FOREIGN DOCKyou ments before they "let" us use the land we are created by God from and naturalborn upon?


    2. My wife and I gave for the winter holidays both of our sons, multiple copies, certified by the bureau of land management of their land patents, which clearly indicate it is to “all heirs and assigns forever.”

      Forever isn’t over yet.

      As an example of its longevity, if I tried to remarry without rescinding my original marriage, my second marriage, or any marriages after the first would be null and void, just like any deceptions that were made, after that land patent, was signed by the President of the United States.


    3. And I agree with woman:janmarie in that we shouldn’t have to acknowledge anything that happened after the original contracts were created. Both with God or man by recording acknowledgment of said deception(s). The context of the contract should stand alone just as a binding marriage excluding an equitable agreement of all parties including the third party the State. The land patent parties are not of the living therefore stand in perpetuity!

    4. Definition/Synonym - SELECTED, also means as if "tasked for a sucide mission."

      Thankyou women:janmarie and Thomas Michael. You've shown your stuff. Now get out there on the front lines and mix it up! You are selected for your fervant energy, courage, and dedication toward laying it down on the front lines!

      We will remember you in our paper work (at least for a short while?)

    5. Thomas_Michael: I do hope you understand you don't take the original Land Patent and just give it to someone and that makes it theirs. That Land Patent must be moved forward through the chain of Titles to the current owner and there is a process by which it must be done correctly. Do not assume that having a copy of the original Land Patent conveys ownership. I highly suggest individuals/couples take Ron's Zoom Class, purchase his books and go through the process step-by-step or you will find yourself in trouble. Take note!

    6. We know it's a thankless job women:janmarie and Thomas Michael, but all those who love freedom also love those who consign themselves to being cannon fodder - get out there with your toenails your gums, your witless crumbs and defeat them bad boys at the tippy top!

      We wont be following you the front lines, when paper work is such a much more patient and ultimately effective way to win tomorrow for those we love (and will love!) today.

      Have a sip of saki before you go, and we will play the "kama kazi"
      kiss good bye, so that you know, we loved you!

    7. anony1114a,
      feeling desperate?
      my comments keeping you awake at night? :):):)
      relieving your anxiety by posting mental meanderings, helter-skelter, online?:
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      youll have to full-fill your own vile imagintions if theyre going to get done, im sending them back upon you where they came from. doubled.
      and it is so.
      woman:janmarie. :)

    8. how do you spell kama kazi. i heard it means "divine wind." hmm?

    9. "divine wind?" is that like the relief you get when you belch or . . .?

    10. anony1237a,
      posting Helter-SkelterDreaming about taking out people you cant control is not the least bit effective if its meant to make you look like a BadAss.
      youre powerless and you know it as to effecting anything.
      were not going anywhere. including to any kind of frontlines as you refer.
      nope. you go if you want someone there.
      were gonna stay right here, saying what weve got to say, the way we want to say it, without following a FOREIGN system.
      and its going to work too.
      it already is.

    11. burp!
      Where do you have her "sign" on? On to which "micro-printed" incorporated line?


    12. Ben Franklin - "Join or die" ?
      annonymous - "do your paper work, or join the assembly!" or give up joy and laughter forevermore.

    13. anony1249p,
      the AnxietyFilledWish for my "passing" it is not received.
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    20. anony125p,
      no i said your Mental Meanderings are Helter-Skelter.
      dont you have somebody who cares about you who you can talk to?
      you seem to be very emotionally needy.

    21. Definition: Perdue - hidden; concealed; obscured. noun. obsolete. a soldier assigned to a very dangerous mission or position. Also: perdue.

      One may wonder if a soldier who has been abandoned to an abandoned out post is on their way to "perdition?"

    22. Make haste women, make your way back home women:janmarie, to those who love you and who await your escape and return to the joys and laughter of living. . .

    23. no, janmaries not conformed.
      janmaries not in fury either.
      that kinda sounds like youre trying to define other people...
      if yes, youre not going to do it.
      youre blocked.
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      that crap doesnt work.
      well on me anyway.

    24. as i just said,
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    30. i've heard it said love and hate are two sides of the same coin?

    31. Like watching birds fly into windows . . . equally enlightening to watch them eat there own!

      woman:janmarie, Anon(s) are leaving you crumbs to keep you starving for more. Let the crumbs rot and keep moving on your path! Never look back. Be the window they fly into rather than another life-less bird.

      Arrogance vs Intelligence

      Have A Blessed Day!

    32. On most land patents, “to heirs and assigns, forever.”

      Black’s Law
      1. To convey in full; to transfer (rights or property).
      2. To assert, to point out.

      What seems ambiguous to the arrogant/naive, is obvious to the meek! Just need something between the pair of temples to articulate the contract(s) in honor (rather than argue in dishonor) when necessary. I believe in baseball batting 1000 is a good thing! Since 1980. JS

    33. Im pretty certain Annas lawn mower that she lent to pablo who left it for sally to finish up after he got hurt, who abandoned it after she was done with the job is the only item that can be stolen and no proof needed for anna to get it back, did I get that right?

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      i could not care less what low IQd anonys are doing.
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    36. Do your paperwork, leave dock, or put a sock on it traitors

    37. @woman:janmarie
      You were never the bird in my analogy. You were the images the bird was aiming for through your window yet they fell short in hitting said window! Now, proving my point you like the fight more than winning the war of minds. Anons are women too FYI. Sexist much?

      Have A Blessed Day!

    38. You who have failed essential "shiboleth" as code."
      You who prefer to "mis-dentify" yourselves are by default instead anti-mankind.
      You who refuse to defend all and one and other with open and plain record, knowledge, fact and act, and commitment to help family and man-kind, you who have self imposed upon your very life, are as out castes from survival. You who, in your stupor, you are traitors to man kind and life. Traitors to "the way, the truth, and the life.

    39. Oh, and great πŸ‘ job exposing the emotional weakness in the front line! So unlike our piece of man one ribbed species. Divided and conquered!

    40. This is your call to come home from banishment Thoma-Michael and women:janmaire. Tell us who you are, on the paper work of your county, in the comfort of your land and soil assembly and family, we urge you to not perish alone in the jungles of your impossible dream. No man stands alone, and for long in the jungle of your own mis-creations.

    41. This above all "To thine own self be true."

      Sadly Thomas-Michael and women:janmaire have fallen under the spell of the 'Noble Savage" narrative, which is so beautifully painted by the sleepy dreamy artisan Rousseau of, the late 1800's.

      Yes. Oh yes his paintings are enthralling and lovely. As are so many traps that snatch away those unwary. The most lovely "entrances" are baited by the very poetry about which "en-trance" is sprinkled the lure.

      Thomas-Michael and women:janmarie, will not ever know of us, as we will indeed and act know so well of them.

      Most sorrowful, is that these two will are not likely be retrieved from their self imposed exile - because they in not knowing their own hearts and mind, they can not ever be "to thine own self be true."

      May we draw you two home, to the hearths, families, and warmth of those who long to love you, as well?

    42. A room with a view . . . πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ πŸš›πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ¦πŸ•³========✈️

      Time to get out of the neighbors sandbox kids and get your own or face the old guy/administrative overlords shouting, “Get off my proverbial lawn or . . .” or what? Face it’s jurisdiction?

      Sweden is a country.
      Poland is a country.
      Africa is a country.
      France is a country.
      Germany is a country.
      China is a country.
      Russia is a country.
      Scotland is a country.
      England is a country.
      United States is a British front insurance corporation with a military.

      “Like an egg stain on your chin, you can lick it, it won’t go away!”

      Here, like a hankie? 🀧

      “No God’s before me”
      I seek no masters nor can/will I serve more than one! A citizen of heaven!
      Nor will I wear/display a symbol of his son’s murder . . . others will because others are jumping off that bridge. Others can remain con-science sheep while living like goats.

    43. πŸ˜‰
      Argument - Monty Python

    44. Thomas-Michael,
      215p well telling me not to be one of the lifeless birds hitting the window sure sounds like youre including me in your analogy.

      that women are "on the front line" proves ONLY one thing:
      the men arent there.

      yesyesofcourse, try to cover for the men who wont go to "the frontlines" by trying to mischaracterize the women who are stepping up to do the job for them why dont you?
      feel better now?

    45. anony559a,
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    46. anony 613a
      no man has to follow any Code.
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      so how about you just enjoy your Code and dont worry about what other people choose to do? :)

    47. correction: no, NOT 613a.
      that was for 620a.

    48. and 613a ,... for both

    49. 716a,
      1. i never left.
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    51. @ woman:janmarie
      Men do not NEED women on the front lines, you just keep showing up chasing their laser pointer looking up and saying your not.We just have learned over time to get out of their way and let their deeds speak for themselves. Although, we never get their through the incessant DrAmA clouds!

      I was trying (to keep you from becoming a life-less bird OMG! 🀦‍♂️) to be helpful to what I believed was an ally (of sorts) seeing them lead you like a cat “en trance” by a laser pointer losing any light on what you had enlightened. Yet, seemingly, just another self-serving self-defeating mouthpiece (Benjamin Franklin - “A Republic Ma’am, if you can keep it.” Mom’s raising generations? Nice work!) killing whatever adult credibility your actions / deeds represented irregardless of your gender obsession/identity.

      Focus, friend. Just sayin’! Peace be with you!

    52. "dothewobble" says the poster whos so unsure of their own words that they posts under "anonymous".

    53. yeh, well, veering off into cats and laser pointers and trying to attach that kind of nonsense to women who are doing the job too many men refuse to do shows how embarrassed and jealous men are of women who excel.

    54. benj frank was British.
      he also belonged to the British Secret Society called the HellFire Club whose Members reportedly got together for ore-gees using various and sundry "participants"; and he most likely did participate in the COUP DETAT of our Confederation.
      so quoting him is not impressive.

    55. Thomas-Michael,
      i do hear what youre saying though, comprehend your point, and sense there has been some friendliness extended by you (and me) in the past.

    56. Some of us are not the enemy. For me, after 62 years, I’m just a tour guide . . . born on a Friday the 13th, Mother named after Thomas Aquinas (martyr) and Archangel Michael (well, Archangel! Fighter!).


    57. woman:janmarie + Thomas-Michael
      Strange positions?

    58. anony448a,
      who's asking?

    59. strange bedfellows

  2. I guess the different state courts did not seek your opinion.

    1. who needs to check with present State Courts?
      theyre all FOREIGN.

  3. People that have not corrected their status to living & recorded a UCC trade lien & SPC should not use TM after their name....unless they have private business with their name... I have all above....

    1. I have my COL violations notices & fee schedules at ready!πŸ’•

    2. Good luck with that. Better to just know who you are and who they are. They're not concerned with anything other than that.

    3. Oh!!! Every de facto creep that has harmed someone will get to know my standing! Tribunals coming!!! Nuremberg 2.0!!!

  4. I expect common decency amongst world nationals amongst the living to assist & expedite & properly communicate so those law torts find true traction in the name of all that is holy & rigjt! God Speed!πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•


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