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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Message for Cardinal Mamberti, Vatican Chancery Court -- 24th January 2023

 By Anna Von Reitz

It is well-established historical fact that the Roman Catholic Church and Roman Curia have created corporations of numerous kinds as business models to accomplish various tasks; it is also well-established that the Pope is responsible under Ecclesiastical Law for liquidating corporations that engage in unlawful activities that result in the death and maiming of living people and/or injury to their property assets. 

The entire world has suffered grievous injury as a result of a wide range of corporate activities, many of which have been supported by or even initiated by corporations working for or with the Vatican Bank.  

We specifically cite the 1989 admission via the release of Vatican commemorative coins, that the Vatican approved and promoted aerial spraying, also known as chem-trails, which have polluted vast sections of the planetary surface with incendiary chemicals that are by-product pollutants resulting from various industrial processes.  

Our scientists have detected and demonstrated the presence of poisonous lithium, barium, strontium and aluminium salts that are also highly incendiary being sprayed on the surface of the soil, which results in these poisonous pollutants getting into the food chain and posing a terrifying potential for explosive incendiary responses to forest fires, similar to what was documented in Paradise, California.

The Church and the Pope are ultimately responsible for this end result, and responsible, too,  for the existence of the commercial corporations responsible. They have all been selling their poisonous industrial by-products to aerial spraying programs, destroying the soil and destroying the health of the people and animals that live on the soil .  They have poisoned the environment, the food chain, and left the surface of the Earth primed to explode in the presence of even a brush fire.  

We hold the Vatican management and Roman Curia accountable for these and other destructive, small-minded, illegal, unlawful, unscientific, and in the end, murderous activities that have been promoted in the name of "ecological sanity".  This is not ecological and it is not sanity.  

Evergreen, Incorporated, has been the main purveyor and agent delivering these pollutants; its officers and board members have to be punished for this and their corporation needs to be liquidated for the benefit of the victims and the remediation of the pollution. 

All the other corporations that profited from aerial spraying programs also need to be liquidated, their profits seized, and the officers jailed.  

The same goes for the Plandemic event and the ongoing mass murder and genocide against most of the world's population.  Our people are dying in unprecedented numbers.  Grocery store parking lots are serving as outdoor morgues in England.  You are all responsible for this and responsible also for ending it.  

These guilty, vicious, medical profiteers must be punished and their corporations must be liquidated, beginning with the FDA, INC., the CDC, INC., NIH, INC., DOD, INC., and  Pfizer, Inc., Moderna, Inc., AstraZeneca, Inc., Johnson and Johnson, Inc., and all the other associated and affiliated institutions and commercial corporations that have profited from poisoning, murdering, and maiming the living population must be destroyed, their profits confiscated, and their assets must be used to comfort and provide remedy to the maimed and the families that remain.  

If you have any questions about these issues, please feel free to ask those of us, lawful governments and living people, who are bringing suit in the Jurisdiction of the Air and the Divine Province, mindful of our standing on these issues and the Pope's responsibility under Ecclesiastical Law to liquidate these corporations for unlawful activities and for murdering and maiming the living people of this planet.  Please move this claim and the associated issues forward for immediate consideration on an emergency basis, as this circumstance continues to claim thousands of lives every day and threatens to destroy the biosphere by forcing a return to conditions which have not been present on Earth since the Pleistocene Era and which are not natural to it now. . .  

                                                                                  By: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                                                                                   The United States of America
                                                                                    In care of: Box 520994

                                                                                    Big Lake, Alaska 99652


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  1. Once again Anna I would like to say a heartfelt thank you on behalf of all living souls and creatures. It is utterly deplorable that these creatures have been allowed to get away with their evil doings for so long.

  2. My name is not Anonymous as shown due to google it is Heather Arthur. See comment above.

    1. Thanks Heather Arthur best Danny

    2. dont understand, how or what is google doing to stop, and change what name your using to post here and on Pauls site? as far as I can tell mine is correct, and wasnt changed by GOOGLE, is/was it?

  3. Mike from Kentucky here... Six years ago we moved to Fairview Michigan. Being new to the area l took several scouting trips to see and get a lay of the land. A little bit of recon... After a few weeks of observation I noticed a flight heading W/NW almost daily... And on schedule. When it was straight overhead it would begin spraying the atmosphere. After several weeks of observation I pulled out my map and drew a line from Fairview E/SE... Bingo... Straight to Oscoda Michigan... We packed a lunch and went to visit the area... home of the Oscoda AFB decommissioned after BRAC.. 45 minutes later... We were near the flightline looking at an EVERGREEN 747 sitting near the hanger... 1 Airborne... 1on the ground.... That's all we could see...
    Take Care God Bless. Mike

    1. BRAC is part of the operations taking place under Gorby and the Gorbachev Foundation out of the PRESIDIO in California just outside the Golden Gate Bridge

      Bottom right corner of this document

      All part of the UN AGENDA to 2030/2050

      In this one - the Presidio and the connection to closing military bases as they role their plans forward
      He talks about the Bank of Italy which was rebranded as Bank of America
      This guy financed the golden gate bridge
      1989 base ordered closed and all military out by 94 based on alligations of ritual child abuse
      Couple of fires to so call destroy evidence and outcry for the closing of the facility???

      In this one
      1 hour and 48 minutes in you have reference to the Google Doodle
      All of this shit is linked to the friggin PRESIDIO


      In this one

      All around the Presidio all of this shit is going on and it just happens to be where silicon valley is located today

      In one of his videos linked above he talks about how one of the first things hooked up to the internet is CERN


      And check out those internet icons and applications being used

      Steve Outtrim Silicon Valley's Secret Weapon The Shadow History of Burners Pt 5a Burning wi the Man

      In this one - internet turned over/signed over to ICANN
      Steve Outtrim Silicon Valley's Secret Weapon The Shadow History of Burners P5b Burning with the Man
      2 hours and 13 minutes in
      The Department of Commerce signs internet over to ICANN
      EFF Electronic Frontier Foundation a front group until internet could be signed over to ICANN


    2. Mike Decker on you tube films air force and commercial airlines and UPS, FedEx and all kinds of others dumping these toxic loads all over wyoming
      Above ground world news displays how they are using ships in the ocean to dump all kinds of bunker fuel along with their air operations and dopler radar to create the massive storms and other 'climate change' bullshit on the masses

      Does NOAA not ring any bells with anyone
      They just respelled it from NOAH
      Recent US AIR FORCE dump

      Non of this is by accident the plan is to convinve the public that their godvernments are just awful and you must take action to create the new world as the plan states it was all along

      Meanwhile they continue the stack and pack move the herds of populations in to human settlement zones or fema regions - all they did was rename them to urban centers mega regions blah blah blah from RESERVATIONS

      It's not an accident

      WLA'a and ACTS to get them to where they need to go all the while having ground signed up paid idiots to help them get there
      Look up Councils of Governments COGS as in a wheel
      Hell they have 24 of them in Texas alone
      All non profit 501c3 non governmental orgainzations
      24 Councils of Government, 2 listed
      NCTCOG -
      WCTCOG -


      These plans exist all across the world for their World Parliament plans

    3. Check this one out

      Noe remember they offer college degrees in this shit
      Austin Texas is huge in this

    4. You see ICANN can block you ability to manage what you thought was your own website/portal aka port hole as on a ship

      How many times have you heard of the waters above and the waters below and you still think that the air waves do not count as an avenue to control the waves of communications that ebb and flow to a fro every single day

      In this one - internet turned over/signed over to ICANN
      Steve Outtrim Silicon Valley's Secret Weapon The Shadow History of Burners P5b Burning with the Man
      2 hours and 13 minutes in
      The Department of Commerce signs internet over to ICANN
      EFF Electronic Frontier Foundation a front group until internet could be signed over to ICANN

      The new age sign of Aquarius - information air'waves' and the ebb and flow of information and the overall control thereof

  4. Dear Anna and Paul, and James CB I sincerely would like to send your way a big time thanks with a super blessing power on behalf of all living souls/humans and all living species" (in a way paraphrazing Arthur)

    Dear TrueLivingGod, present in our DNA, Make America Free of BabilonianDogma, and Healthy, and Prosperous and the rest of the world will follow. m

  5. Do any of these pirates ever write back?

    1. They won't write/right/rite back
      They are not supposed to
      It is to be made appear that the actions of all this will result in what they planned for all along

      If you want to have a revolution or tranceformation you have to lead it yourselves and that is what they are doing with this site
      Soliciting the populace to help them bring it all about
      No accident they used the word MAN I FEST
      as in a SHIPS MANIFEST

      Do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself about
      That's what it's all about
      Do the hokey pokey


  6. Anna, Karren Kingston ( an ex Pfizer contract forensic investigator ) has gone through the Pfizer/governments contracts and says they are not binding as they "Pfizer" manufactured and marketed a bioweapon by design and released it on the unsuspecting people of the world to cause death and harm on purpose. What say ye. Be Blessed.

  7. Interesting article on the use of parallels

    Remember a few weeks back I said that If I didn't know any better I'd swear anon was actually Anna?
    Hmm makes you think about how those who speak out about this brainwashing that they are deleted or outright attacked and called a troll and whatever else

    I don't attack anyone I post the information you form your own opinion but the evidence at some point becomes overwhelming to say the least as to the direction this operation is moving when you put the pieces together?

    And if you don't see that, that's on you

    How bout this

    Until you can print your own money and carry on commerce and trade outside of their realm, you're still playing in their sand box

  8. I suggest you listen
    Gets real interesting around 20 minutes in
    See where they signing free trade agreements and the
    Economy 'Ministry' Foreign Trade Administration

    Maybe something like the
    Medici Vultures I mean Ventures
    'Ministry' of Lands and Natural Resources
    Headed up by the ex CEO of OVERSTOCK

    Signing MOU'se with all kinds of 'authorities' to
    The Memorandum was signed by Dr. Patrick Byrne the Founder and CEO of The MOU is with Medici Ventures which was formed to incubate, launch, and invest in blockchain investments in the most fundamental processes of that new aged, such as blockchain-meets-land-titling, blockchain-meets-central-banking, blockchain-meets-capital-markets, blockchain-meets-voting, and blockchain-meets-healthcare.

    Gee I wonder if we can tie this in with World Parliament and their activities runny in parallel with the shew we are being presented with

    And what do ya know Vermont and BLOCKCHAIN
    To keep your land and records 'safe'
    Gee I wonder if we can tie that back to Medici Vultures or I mean Ventures?

    You see that map on the right side about 1/2 down
    Thats there bayyle plans made up in the wake of the new and improved UN as they marched across the world slaughtering anything and everything in their path to get there

    And the end game is world parliament as the stage play advances their objectives going on behind the scenes

  9. Gee bout 30 minutes in he says the PRESIDO

    And what have I been tellin you about the PRESIDIO and it's connections to WORLD PARLIAMENT
    And it's not like it's not written all throughout their World Parliament documents either

    Gorby and actor aka Rod Steiger operating out of Presidio for decades and then I run in to this

    Ole Chinese pres is an actwhore too

    It's and MGM Grand Slam when all the fake leaders are on your payroll
    Shakesspear anyone and how the theatre and tell lie vison are critical to their operations
    Television mind control


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