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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Poo-Poo the Poo-Poohers

 By Anna Von Reitz

It's always the same.  They pretend to be superior.  They pretend to be experts.  They pretend--- period.  But in the end, you find out that all these "experts" know nothing beyond where their paycheck comes from, and they will say and do whatever their boss tells them.  

Lie?  No problem. 

Cheat and steal?  They are down with that. 

Skew and deliberately misrepresent scientific findings?  Piece of cake! 

Murder....?   It turns out that so long as they don't have to get their own hands dirty, they don't care. 

Secretly alter the human genome and kill billions of innocent people?  Same story. 

At least some of the people on this planet don't deserve to be here among the rest of us, and that's a fact.  

Just like the Nazis before them, and still just following orders, these Bad Actors are doing what they are told to do, for a paycheck.  Phony experts and trolls by the thousands?  Look at my finger. Observe it closely.  

Their latest efforts are aimed at poo-poohing the discovery of graphene and nanotech in the vaccines. They claim that all sorts of scientific experts have investigated this and that no graphene has been found.  They imply that the people reporting this were just ignorant, ill-funded bumpkins without the equipment and expertise.... blah, blah, blah. 

This is what they always do to obscure the truth and delay discovery of their own tracks. They get out front and lie like racehorses, casting doubt on their opponents.  If they are too scared to do this themselves, they pay stooges like Erica Kahn to do it. 

Well, Erica Foolscrap Kahn, you explain 7500  "extra" Americans dead and the supporting discovery of self-assembling nanotechnology in each and every shot, and then you tell us how it is that dead people are transmitting MAC coordinates from inside their graves?  

Why don't you and all the other bought-and-paid-for "scientists" and "doctors" and "experts" out there try to explain that away?  And watch me as I shove your poo-poo right down your fricking throats.  


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  1. Let it be ASAP!
    DearTrueGod, our PrimalCreator TrueSource of Life, present in our DNA, Make America Free of BabilonianDogma, and Healthy, and Prosperous and the rest of the world will follow. m


    --Machiavelli, 1500th century Italian Philosopher who was hired by "Royals" to help them exert control over common man without common man rebelling.

  3. Ain't that the pot calling the kettle black...


  5. So, you’re in your neighbors house and he/she requires you to take off your shoes and medical intervention like a jab to be in his or her home and you don’t get why you have no argument when you enter his or her home? Or when you get sick from voluntarily entering his or her Emergency Authorization multi-patented experiment home? K.

    1. well Thomas-Michael,
      if that "home" they built was theirs, you would be right. but it isnt theirs.
      every stick of wood in that "house" was stolen from you, and you are the one who used your time energy talent building it for *you* to use, not your neighbor:
      you can lawfully enter it any time you want.
      you have right to tell the FalseClaimer what to do.
      if a man intends to harm you, he knows there are consequences.

      noone can help the man who sells his own self out by laying false claims upon what he knows belongs to another man. hes intentionally crossed moral and spiritual threshholds he knows not to cross but does it anyway.


    2. @ woman:janmarie
      It wasn’t stolen, it was given away and continues today. We are too lazy to govern ourselves or handle with big “man or woman” pants learning how. I do not feel for the willing worshippers of man as their demi-semi-god(s).

      If you or anyone else can’t see God is in full Noah mode, your in denial. A cleansing is before us like it or not. . . . “but I know oh oh oh, Lord I know, a change gon come!”

      If we’re not going to read the instructions or be open to learn from others and ready to defend it cogently with the faith we have acquired through intelligence rather try to carry the proverbial straws of emotional baggage, than we’re going to break stuff, some pretty important stuff.

      Stand tall on the real we put into life, get out of life in turn and learn from/survive the consequences!


      Intelligence vs Arrogance!

      God will sort it out!

    3. @woman:janmarie
      If even out of generosity I take my trees from my land freely, use their tools I purchased with their (monopoly) military scripts, the tools I applied/worked in their incorporated factories labor taxed and paid-in-full to design and to create (for them), rather than a family farm, take all over to my neighbor’s land along with my again compensated labor to help he or she build him another factory or a “registered” - “To prepare a security for transfer“ “residential” house for a “person” or registered “U.S. citizen” rather than take care of our own, then it’s their house and all the donations to boot! You just plain suck at over-standing contracts. Been there, done that, got up with the lessons and kept moving forward . . .

      Not a hard concept if you have ever had a J.O.B. you under-stand how it all works. 🤷‍♂️ You participate in any way, don’t define your property and over-stand how to keep it, you’re in their game!


    4. it most certainly was stolen.
      saying that it was given away over and over isnt going to make the theft, abuse, lying, merderrds, go away... no. it was stolen.
      and very unfortunately for the people who knowingly CHOSE to participate in those things, it seems that now the Masters have thrown their FORMER Faithful Grovelers under the buss in an attempt to save their own hides. perhaps theres not much need for Sir-s and Sir-vants anymore.

      and yes, you are right:
      to my honor, youre damn straight i know nothing about "Over-Standing Contracts"!
      you are *sure* right about that,... i *do* choose to NOT knowingly particiate in such an evil and deceptive and damaging system that goes against Gods laws for man.
      but i do know no man has to record anything with anybody. what does one man care what another man has unless he wants to take it?.. its nobodys business what a man does unless he causes harm to man.

    5. @woman:janmarie
      If you live in this world, you will never avoid contracts or defending your standing in and out of them.

      Two models of contracts, Expressed (the ones we participate in with wet ink autograph). The other, Implied (the ones others imply because of our deeds and actions throughout our lives by participating in the acts and play. Hence, Lincoln, in a theater? The theater did not die. Lincoln did and so much more! Kennedy was first shot in the throat to silence the world! And by our acquiescence, our silence, our tacit agreement, we are lumped into ”their game.” The Implied contract, as it were knowingly or unknowingly, it was by our own self-prescribed negligent free will. Yup, gave it all away. See with every second of our corporate labor, we GIVE it ALL away! DO NOT PARTICIPATE, Public and private do not mix! It’s a full life respons-ability!


      Bring Me The Horizon - Obey with YUNGBLUD (Official Video)

      Bring Me The Horizon - Parasite Eve (Official Video)
      “This isn’t a warning, this is a war!” (for your mind and faith!)

      Enjoy! 🙏

    6. 🤔
      Shinedown - What You Wanted


    7. Thomas-Michael,
      here, this is simple:
      1. no man is bound by an agreement he didnt intend to make.
      no man can bind a man but that man and
      no man can be made to enter an agreement he doesnt want to enter.
      2. no agreement is formed if an "agreement" is forcedy in anyway,
      is not freely made from two men,
      or is not made known.
      3. man can leave any agreement he *does* make, at any time, for any reason, or no reason at all:
      Example: he decides to... No explanation required.
      4. if man harms another man, man harmed has right to be restored.
      [ancient] common law for man. cant get around it.
      posting any unfounded insults seems desperate.

    8. @woman:janmarie
      Source of your here say? Nice concept in a fantasy world. Might even work in YOUR HOUSE not your neighbors’. Still their house, their rules!

    9. @woman:janmarie
      What would it take to defend the items you listed? Military Scripts in their house?

    10. Thomas-Michael,
      i furnish my references over and over:
      the source of common law i refer to is jesuis/"Jesus". his words are recorded in the Holy Bible. its easily accessible on the internet if you dont know where to get one.
      so, it should be easy now for you to look up and verify my references for yourself.
      hope that helps. :)

    11. no, i would say:
      man being honest, unafraid, and submitted to creators law should do it.

    12. @woman:janmarie
      Would love to be a fly on the wall seeing you put that to test in their house, their game and always their rules using their tools and military scripts. Best of luck with that 🙏🏻

    13. maybe i:woman do not agree to their FICTIONWORLD Construct:
      the Imaginations/ Term of Arts; Religion/Legends; Politics/ByLaws and so on that they make up.
      can they make i:woman agree when i:woman choose to believe, say, andor do something else?
      what authority do they have to make me?

  6. Lawful advice needed: Case 22-380 by the Brunsons will soon be under appeal to the Supreme Court in the matter of the Congress not doing an investigation into the 2020 election violating their Constitutional oath. Is there any way that our jurisdiction can join that case on appeal? Can a grand jury be called by the state or states and file an amicus to the plaintiff. If we are the employers shouldn't we have some kind of oversight of our employees?

  7. and what does all this denial mean anyway? Are they saying that graphene in the jabs would be bad....?

  8. Have a listen

    And those MAC codes I wonder if they are the same/linked to the mRNA which I believe is the Medical Records Number Administration information linked to the 'patient'
    Your medical records are assigned an MRN associated with the jabs?

    All links back to ANSI X12 Data elements that are sent electronically for the billing of the revenue for the procedure performed by the doctor, pharmacy etc etc etc

    And interesting that the TROH group assigns an NAC code to your address when you 'sign up' and come on board their ship so to speak
    Natural Area Code is what it is supposed to stand for I believe

    Again with all the alphabet soup shit

    1. mRNA as stated above is linked to the jab and part of your medical records

      Brings whole new meaning to your number is up

      Through the grid cell towers an electrocution shock can be sent to the patient via the airwaves and wala death?

      Make sure you keep those cell phones close to ya now they too have an assigned location linked to them so they could zap those too
      Some women carry these things around tucked in their bra for fucks sake

      This goes way further than anything you're being told

  9. Listen to this shit
    Its the same shit as red versus blue
    Its the same tactics as their fake elections

    And this is where this freak shew will launch their mental health BULLSHIT
    Bout an hour and 2 minutes in

    World FEDERATION of Mental Health (WFMH) launched

    Not a coincidence

  10. Colloidal gold disappears graphene whatever it's called( David Martin)

  11. This one here will BLOW YOUR MIND

    The three stars in ORIONS BELT across Calif Orion

  12. It is so hard to know what is happening and why. I go to work each day knowing most of the people I am taking care of would not be in the hospital if they had not been poisoned. I tell myself that I am in an ongoing battle on the frontlines. I comfort myself knowing I am making a difference some way/ some how. Plus, joining my state sssembly. However, narcissists and large egos abound in my state. Attacks and accusations are rampant dividing us all, even my sssembly. I am not afraid to die. The Lord has my back. He always has. Faith, compassion and courage are sorely needed in these dark times. Let us not lose faith that these Satanic parasites are brought to justice.



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